Tranny Diva’s. Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

Im not gonna comment a whole alot. The pics say it better than I ever could. I just want to get it out the way and say upfront that however one choses to live his or her life is nobodies business but their own and I do not begrudge anyone for trying to live happily. This does not excuse the deception. Its not isolated to some dumbed-down form of entertainment as the WWE where everyone knows everything is fake anyway, the deception goes all the way to the White House with Big Mike. Thats what I have a problem with, also that people turn their head as if it isnt happening. It bothers me most when people lie about it, thats like a double whammy. Anybody tells you there isnt a transgender agenda is lying or misinformed… A trans-agenda. lol, get it?

Becky ‘the man’ Lynch

Becks says she got her name from her rivalry with Charlotte Flair. In a very perverse way she is telling the truth. Its also textbook mockery, I’d say it goes past the normal everyday kind of mockery nobody even recognizes, these are some sick people that sell their soul for fame and fortune then turn around and laugh at you to your face and you dont even know.

Loving up on her 33rd degree handlers. The WWE sigil also is the pyramid with truncated capstone (inside the lower ‘W’)
she likes to throw up the devil horns
yes becky, we know youre a clown
Welcome to the freak show. The clown nose is a mockery, the ‘All the Worlds a stage’ mentality
Poor kid looks confused. Thats a creepy looking dude with the red weave throwing up satanic gang signs
Nothing about this is feminine. Im sure there are some 15 year old boys with this poster on their wall bound for an identity crisis at some point in their life.The pitchfork is a phallic symbol.
this magazine tried to use a lookalike. good thing for the ginger on the right with the amazing ass she looks nothing like The Man. You can tell Beckys hips are below her belly button, a professional photographer knows how to shoot angles that hide this, like the pose above.
Heres another one that uses a model to pose next to Lynch. That woman on the end with the beautiful ass is not Becky, Guess they figure the only people that will look are the 15 year old boys and they wont make it past the ass to see the face isnt even close.
Taking the mockery to the next level Becky is pretending to have a baby. this looks like another fill-in, the hair doesnt match and the head and face are completely cut off, could be anyone.
compare next to this one, this is a joke? thats the worst photoshop job i ever seen. People really think this shit is for real? At least the fake baby provided cover for several plastic surguries. they can shave the adams apple down to help correct her little problem
some people still wont see it
hitting all the basic signals

Charlotte Flair

Now hold on to your hats. If you thought those last pics were risque wait till you see Charlotte. I warn you it may cause some nausea.

that is a man. the skeleton. I mean its obvious, why would they even post this? Its mockery, I found out while researching this post the tranny porn industry knows exactly what Charlie Flair is. There is an endless amount of movies dedicated here.
Heres the One-Eye symbolism that offers a clue why they would post this. Its more mocking, they know its obvious but nobody will see it. Look at the love handles. Hips below the belly button is a biological male. I was going to post a close up of the post-op pussy but its disgusting and inapropriate.
The sad part is it seems she is some kind of child abuse survivor. I know its common for celebs to raise their kids gender confused but this goes back to the 80’s, not a new trend. Even the child looks like a happy iittle boy with ribbons in his hair. She has multiple plastic surguries as well. Med tech is advancing so rapidly its getting harder to tell.
Illuminati satanic tranny whores


  1. What do you think is the purpose of this recent Saturation Propaganda about trannies and “gays”?

    Why do they push drag queens and “gay” and “gay pride” as good things?

    1. So I don’t respond to questions that are troll-y. You know perfectly well what the purpose is. However I haven’t had a comment in a while and I think I can skirt this without leaning on the subject. It’s only part of a larger scheme. If you have a real question about something relevant to my site…
      Well there’s no single-paragraph answer, these things got more layers then a wedding cake..
      The children are always the targets. A young mind not fully developed is easier to manipulate and program. This is a psychological war. Back in the day when a little girl went through her tree climbing and scabby knees phase she was called a tomboy. Every girl is a tomboy for a summer. Nowadays she is told she is a boy with the wrong body but don’t worry, they make pills for that. Same with the boys, push homosexuality at a young age to normalize it if nothing else so they are more accepting whenever the line is pushed further back. If someone is trying to keep a population as mentally off balance as possible the appeal should be obvious. The battle is generational, which means when these kids grow up and have their own the conditioning will be that much more extreme and the parents won’t care or don’t notice .
      It is an attack on the family unit. They want full control and well defined natural laws are an obstacle. How many times have you heard some one say something about defending their wife and children to the death?
      Another common thread is to cause as much division, and distraction amongst the people they aren’t paying attention to what you are doing in the shadows.
      Another layer is the symbolism. Baphomet is a tranny. It’s a big satanic ritual to turn as many people into sexless androgynous robots, the hive mind.
      Another thing is the media. Every one knows the gatekeeper outlets are pushing agendas but think their alternative news is better. No it’s not. I have found about 99% of online sources either actively pushing the agenda with mock outrage or passively pushing which means just bc they have not educated themselves enough to know what they’re doing they are still doing it. Ignorance is no excuse to break the law, right. If the news you get is gender issue related you need a new news source.
      Other than that bro I gotta get back to spackling this sheetrock. I stay away from tranny talk

      1. What’s troll-ly about asking a question that’s exactly regards the topic of the article?

      2. Hey. I get a lot of people ask questions they already know the answers to. Sorry if it’s not you. Mainly anything about flat earth, tranny’s, or Mathis I assume are trolling me. No biggie.

      3. Okay, just read your reply. Great answer! That’s very helpful.

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