Benefits of Coconut oil for Pets: Detangler and Coat

if you have long haired pets you know its a thing. If a long haired animal is neglected for even a short amount of time they will develop mats and knots. Who isnt time-strapped these days? One way to help yourself is to use a handful of virgin unrefined coco oil if it has been a while since the animal has last been groomed. Like if its a new pet or you been in the joint for a few years. It doesnt have to be virgin, i got the wrong one before i knew it was a thing but it worked just fine, its a general rule, the less tampered with the better.

Dreadlocks might look cool on some animals but really most pets shouldn’t have them for a few reasons:

Limited mobility. When i came home after lock up for a few years my boy had dread locks across his armpits and rear hind legs that prevented him from jumping on the fence. the fence is the highground. In the summertime he builds a nest in the kudzu and stays up there for days.

Overheating. Pets will overheat fast af, if you’re hot, so are they. Long groomed-hair is tough enough, unkempt matted knots hold all that heat in and need to be removed. Put some fresh water out for the strays.

Fleas. Do I even have to say anything? Hey did you know the term nit-wit is about flea infested wigs? True story. Fleas are very painful and can lead to some even worse health problems. Fleas change a pets entire demeanor, if you start to see diferent behavior patterns check for flea dirt. Likewise if a stray or new cat acts skiddish for long consider it might have fleas, esp if it has dreads or nappy fur.

Fortunately we have coconut oil, which helps treat all the above and more. It helps get the knots out and then helps prevent them from happening again. Coco oil is one of the best natural moisturizers out there for hair, adding shine and soft and fluffy.

If you are treating for fleas you might want to keep reapplying, each application is good for about a day and a half, thats when it will start drying out enough for the little bitches to get him again. After you figure youre end-game youre going to want to wash the cat off. it will all come off eventually but it becomes dirty after about 2 days and after about 3 applications it might be time for a rinse off. Many of the other sites say to use coco oil for the reasons above but then say to wash it off shortly after, using harsh cleaners to remove the oil you just put on seems counter productive if you ask me. Leave it on till its ready to come off.

The fur coat will smell better too, none of that ‘wet dog’ smell

Ok lemme tell you a backstory I was locked up for a few years. I never thought I’d see my cat again. When I got home he was strictly outside cat, he stayed with my girl. I was happy he was alive to say the least. what Im getting at is he was neglected those years. His dreads covered his whole body. They were tight, all the way to the skin. Alot of areas are sensitive, especially the stomach and back of the hind leg. They were very painful so he wouldnt let anyone touch him. My girl thought he was mean because he wouldnt let anyone touch him but he only did that bc his dreads hurt him to touch which is what made him mean… see how that works. It took me 8 hrs a day for a week to give him a shape-up. when he finally was able to stretch he laid on his back and held his arms straight out over his head for like an hour.



  1. What about shaving the animal, or at least trimming the fur down shorter (trimmer with 1/2″ attachment or similar)? Seems like that would get rid of all the old nasty problem fur instantly, any fleas in it, and make all the subsequent washing, drying, and many more coconut oil treatments much easier. Thoughts?


    1. So one of the best benefits of Coco oil is skin treatment. In a severe infestation like I had it would be best to remove as much hair as possible but it depends on the animal. It would cause more distress trying to use a shaver then worth it. I cut his hair down little at a time as he allowed. It’s all relative to each case. Whatever works best for you and yours. The most important part is to recognize how your pet is trying to communicate. Looking back my cat was trying to tell me he was having problems way before things got so bad but I just didn’t read him. Could’ve avoided the whole situation. Also to wash thoroughly. Sometimes I didn’t always use soap on his legs and tail which made all the fleas go there and it really hurt him. He’s good now, still hasn’t gone back outside yet and not one flea. Thanx for reading my pet health post. I think you’re the first one. Maybe I’ll go back and clean it up and expand on some things now that I have a little writing experience. Have a good weekend old friend


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