Pets are Lightworkers Too

Highly Evolved Interdimensional Nomads

I dont really like to use the word pet to describe my companion soul brother. Not even care taker, whose taking care of who? I just feed him.

So heres the thing about us, Im pretty sure my ‘pet’ is a highly advanced spirit guide, incarnating here to help the earth’s evolution. Angelpie and i have been companions for along time, many lifetimes. Our souls recognize each other. I think he may be close to ascending from animal to human form in another lifetime or two. There is an energy transfer between us when he lays on my chest and purrs.

For some reason people dont think of animals when they think of old souls and Lightworkers but ive met humans that were less evolved than my cat.

My boy, Angelpie, is a 17 yr old Norwegian Forest Cat (long dense hair). He gets fleas every year, we live on the Chesapeake Bay (North Beach Wrecking Crew), a few things are just a part of life; mosquitoes and fleas and such.

Hes outside from about April till Sept, when temps drop he comes back home and gets fat waiting for things to warm back up. This year we had a bad heat spell, the whole world did (stop chemtrails), Angelpie has lived in the same yard all his life, I know somethings up when he misses a meal. He usually meets me at the door everyday when i get home from work he tries to extort a gravy pack from me. He missed dinner that night and thats not uncommon for him to be out doing cat stuff like saving the universe but when he missed breakfast the next morning it set some bells off.

When i got home I checked his usual spots, there he was, crawled up under some scrub brush with some dead leaves and dirt covering him up. He was trying to stay cool sure but the bugs were the real problem. He was so weak and lost so much weight I had to carry him to the tub and gave him a cool bath.

Angelpie is a bad motherfucker, or was back in his prime, i seen him whoop a dogs ass one time and he hung out with a family of opossums for a while too, but hes getting older now. Recently a new neighbor moved in along with their ugly ass cat. Smushface we named him. I think Angelpie finally got took. I was able to hit smushface in the head with a rock this one time.

The other neighbors cat is Ruckus. Hes kinda runty and young Ruckus and Angelpie hang out now bc Smushface wont mess with the both of them.

Ruckus. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Angelpie is ready to retire. Hes coming inside to the land of face rubs and gravy packs. He never minded the heat or the bugs before. I was concerned he was afraid of Smushface in his own yard but if you have never seen the way an animal acts with a severe flea infestation I’ll tell ya, it makes more sense thats the unseen force he was reacting to, he was behaving the same way inside the house.

One time a few years ago I came home after being locked up for 3 yrs. It took him a sec. That bullshit about cats not caring about their owners is just some Pro-Dog propaganda. Me and Angelpie had a reunion on the couch for 8 days. it took 5 days to cut off all his dreads, he would only let me do a little at a time bc they hurt so bad, he couldnt extend his front or back legs which means he couldnt even jump up on top the fence. Mama kept him alive while i was gone. I was at least happy about that, she fed him and kept him there.

Angelpie stretching his arms for the first time in years after i cut the dreadlocks limiting his mobility so he couldn’t jump on the fence.

I tried giving him the drops between the shoulder blades, he’d freak the fuck out every time and i wouldnt see him for a few days. I dont trust them either. the whole petroleum based chemical medical industrial complex can suck a dick. Im not gonna give him cancer trying to treat some fleas, and he was a young badass the bugs didnt bother him most his life.

Shampoos are kinda the same thing, who knows what the fuck they are putting in that shit. There is no regard for human life or health, wtf would they do to my cat? Dont even get me started on cat food ingredients.

And the vet? haaa. Unless his arms dangling… I mean ill take him for diagnostics reasons sure but no petroleum products.

A quick online search for treatments brings up the same mirrored squawkbox echochamber pages. They are Pro-Petroleum-Product parrots. They tell you little factoid style information like youre stupid


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