Flat Earth Always Has Been Controlled Opposition on Both Sides

Ba’alers and Flatards are like reps and dems. It used to be funny to watch them argue, now its almost depressing when considering how much time and energy has been wasted on this single thread. Usually its the same person arguing with himself using a couple sock puppet accounts. The whole show is intended to get the seeker stuck in a hole which there is no bottom. That way people can waste entire years chasing the white rabbit instead of doing research that actually would advance their knowledge of the current position humanity is facing right now. I will tell those people trying to do some real progression to drop the FE route. It leads nowhere and is a negative energy generator.

That being said, contradictorily speaking, I wish I had’ve put more effort into this post, it was never intended to have far reach but since the FE debate is one the overseers decided to insert into mainstream conspiracy theory this has turned into one of the more popular posts. I suppose now I should have to go back and expand on a few things. Context is so important in innerstanding history. I can tell you about so-and-so that did such-and-such but unless you have some backstory those details aren’t fully appreciated

Foucauld Pendulum

This guy named Foucauld (Faux-could) set this heavy ball on a long wire and strapped it to the top of the Pantheon. The ratio of ball weight and wire length is supposed to confirm the rotation of the Earth by the movement of the pendulum action. Some results even claim the pendulum favors clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the hemisphere of the Earth you’re on.

This is some of the crazy ass parlor tricks that are used to trick the normie herd. I’m not here to attack the pendulum but the year it was set up in the Pantheon, maybe both. And some. Foucauld belonged to an aristocrat family of Paris. His ancestors include the first ever vax campaign in Europe and the first attempt at a central bank. He was also homeboys with Napoleon and once had to flee France for cowardice during the revolution, came to the States and ran around with G Washington and Ben Franklin. All of those are fake history and fictional characters inserted after the Reset in order to give the family more prestige and birth-right status.

The Pantheon is a giant Luciferian temple. It’s supposed to be a National monument but everything inside is just a celebration of different mindfuck projects similar in nature to FE. I have a fairly decent article about the temple and its contents, if you check the homepage its shuffled into the Antarctica post, which also has more FE shenanigans, so I wont repeat myself here.

1851 was the year the pendulum was installed. it wasn’t like an accidental discovery that made its way here after a period of refinement. It was, from the beginning, supposed to prove the earth’s rotation for no other reason than to prove it was in fact rotating. That means even back at that early time it was being pushed on the people. Foucauld was like an early FB Reddit troll.

Part of the way Fauxcauld’s pendulum works (as a mindfuck tool, not a science instrument) is by having people with self-validating authority make it seem more complex than it really is. Spooks everywhere from Researchgate to prominent institutes and universities like MIT, Smithsonian, Harvard, and of course the granddaddy of them all, NASA, and promoted in mocking psuedo-science propaganda rags like Popular Mechanics and Scientific American pretend to scratch their head (insert ‘Thinking Man’ pose) and throw around phrases like the Coriolis Effect, Mach’s Principle, Newtonian Laws of Physics, and Einsteins General and Special Relativity. The truth is, the average person is so dumbed down on fluoride, booster shots, and public education they have no clue what a single one of those means, which is the entire point. If they gave you a direct straight up answer nobody would fall for their dumbass bullshit. (Spoiler alert: anything with Newton or Einstein’s name attached for credibility is a bold face lie).

If this picture represents a solution to your question… Anytime the solution needs more of an explanation than the question a kick in the balls is the appropriate responce

“The well known Foucault nonsymmetrical pendulum is studied as a problem of sub-Riemannian geometry on nilpotent Lie groups. It is shown that in a rotating frame a sub-Riemannian structure can be naturally introduced. For small oscillations, three dimensional horizontal trajectories are computed and displayed in detail. The fiber bundle structure is explicitly shown. The underlying Lie structure is described together with the corresponding holonomy group, which turns out to be given by the center of the Heisenberg group”

If you ask how something works and get this as a reply do us all a favor and punch that person in the dick

Supposedly, as the pendulum swings the path will be circular, as the earth spins the back and forth motion will also move in a round pattern as well. You know how else you can tell this is a lie? Bc when you try keyword searches to ‘debunk’ it the only results will be pro- globe. When you do finally get a counter result it is from the fake-truth-flat- earth guru, who wont get a promo from me but I’m sure if you are reading this you know who im talking about. So there you are twice over, a microcosm of the whole, controlled op from both sides to make sure you stay in their trap.

You wanna know the big secret of how these things work? Motors, magnets, and hypnosis. Since the first exhibit at the 1851 World Fair, Fauxcould made some improvements himself by adding an electromagnetic motor to ensure the mezmerizing tactics maintained effect. This means even the guy that invented it knew it was junk. Of course he knew, it was a World Fair exhibit, it was at the Pantheon, and he was a Fauxcould. 3 strikes your out, bud. Not only was it at the WF but its grand entrance (In trance) was March 31. Thats a number drop, icydk, 3/31=333

Nowadays the scam has been modernized with GPS navigators mounted in hidden floor compartments, according to MIT anyway. (this link has recently been altered by the spooks on the other end, it retained the headline but now gives disinfo)

Looks like all the old links about the gps have been scrubbed. I found an issue of Scientific American from 1910 that explains how the pendulum only works for about an hour and gives a detailed walk-through about how it has been electrified since 1908.

Scientific American is regarded as a mainstream authority on all things Normie. On what credentials is never addressed, in fact they are one of the primeire spook disinfo rags of all time, going back to 1849, S.A. is up there with Popular Mechanics and Atlantic Monthly.

I tried to find the issue in the archieves. The SA library is highly organized bc they make you pay for your disinfo. 40$ a year.Im not paying 40$ for a half-page article, sorry. Even the JSTOR edition needs valid login, if anyone has access either from jstor or SA please download this file and hmu.

Heres a screenshot, should suffice

Heres another mocking reference by gatekeeper whores at the NYTimes. A book titled, A Conspiracy to Rule the World, about the pendulum. The part I like is that the humanoid is using the pendulum as intended. hypnosis mechanism. I also see he has a winged lion variation. See my report on that if you want to step your game up.

Here is a pdf on how penulums are used to make people do whatever you want. Well, not really, dont you know tv is fake? What it does is gives the victim a focal point so the mind is open to the suggestion of the perp, in this case you are supposed to stare at the pendulum while the repetition of “earths rotation” imprints itself on your mush brains. This is the secret to how the manipulation tactic works. Sucker.

Gleason Map Breakdown

Gleasons map is another shot coming from the other side. but except its not the other side they are the same side and as long as you are listening to them jerk asses you are not paying attn to whats going on around you.

The go-to map of the Flat Earth Jump-Squad by spook intel family Gleason
This stamp from Boston Public Library is a signal to other agents that this fake doc is a psy-op. Boston is the spook capital, forget Langley, anything stamped by them is automatically flagged. They have an extensive photo archive of false flag history, just a forewarning, their possession alone indicates general fuckery
There are no 1-5. It starts and ends with 6. In the numbers game a ‘1’ is equal to whatever it stands beside, There is also whats called the ‘Satanic Laws of Inversion’, the “As Above, So Below” concept people like to throw around with no comprehension of what it really means. In this manner 9/11 is how you arrive at 666. Not really relevant here, just a free lesson since we’re on numbers.

Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving are a marker as well, though not many would recognize them right off the top, they are Big Wigs at the Pan-Am Expo of 1901, the Buffalo World Fair. This one featured the fake assassination of Prez McKinley [Note to self: Check for McKinley and McKenney family connection.]

*I have completed a paper on the Pan-Am Expo from the point of view of the fake deafmute intel agent, check the search bar

Check some history on the Patent Office and what their true purpose is and role in directing, by directing I mean diverting, or outright halting, the speed of progression of the whole society. Their inclusion is noteworthy. Also the date, this is just in time for the 1893 World Fair of Chicago

Sun Burst and Pyramid of the Flat Earth map

My favorite part is calling out the easy ones everybody missed. Yep, heres your most common well-understood-to-be-the-bad-guys sigil in the pictographic language of the Reset Overlords. Right at the top, front and center in bold capital letters and even quotations- to let you know they really mean business. How did nobody catch this before? Mass hypnosis bro.

and Fake indians

This is really about fake history, we’ve already wasted enough energy on the FE psy-op. I just came across a pic I had to share. I was researching fake Indian tribes to cover for the Reset. The was no colonial America. America was repopulated, not colonized, therefore there were no Indians. What I think was here before the repopulation wouldve been survivors of the Reset event, a Mudflood in some places but not all. Survivors wouldve banded together, thrust back into the stone age surrounded by great ruins. These people formed the Feral Class. Along comes the Inheritors claim ownership of the buildings and bring the Orphan Immigrants. Get in line or get sent to one of the disporportionate insane asylums or re education school.

The imagry of the Native American Indian originally come from spooks at the World Fairs and specifically the Human Zoo’s. This was done on a world scale as well as American. Buffalo Bill Wild West show and PT Barum helped out. The media was always complict in using the invisible threat of indians like they still use the threat of fake nukes and terrorism and viruses. The Trail of Tears has a full chapter Im almost finished and goes back fake indians used to justify a permant military presence and then then Indian eviction. led to the Georgia Gold Rush false flag to repopulate the area formally called Indian Territory, they even had a land lotto. Id like to see the lucky winners of the choice property. The whole thing was a cover for land grabbing. trail of tears was used on many levels but thats just the intro today its about the fake Gleason map.

Indian stereotype imagry circulated by F. Gleason of Boston
Boston Pub. by F. Gleason 2 1/2 Tremont Row

gleasons weekly

Frederick Gleason is guilty of publishing fake illustrations to pass as factual history. He is called the ‘Father of Illustration Journalism’ but its just a step away from comic books. One of the forefathers of the ‘Dime Novel’. Gleason’s Boston based rag was one of the popular illustration publishers of the day. Freddy counted as his rivals PT Barnum, who also had a big role in pushing the Indian hoax, by rival I mean partner. Buffalo Bill and the Wild West show were some of the biggest ones on the World Fair circuit.

A. Gleason vs. F. Gleason

Im sure many people will be yelling at their screen by now at me that the two inserted fake docs are done by two dif people and that doesnt prove anything. Ok, sure, whatever you say. Im not here to convince you. Even though they both are involved with major psychological warfare projects from Boston in the mid-late 1800’s, both have connections to World Fairs, and both share the same name. Im sure theres a logical explanation for this, right? Oh yeah, ‘Coincidence’.

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