The Mysterious Disappearance of Barbara Newhall Follett: case closed. Updated.

the story goes that child literary prodigy Barbara had gotten into an argument with her husband and left with the equivalent of about $500 and was never heard from again. that is what it is in a sentence, one can pick your article, which is my first red flag. When you see a story thats pushed on all the sites like Wiki-spooks, Atlas Obscura, Learning Mind, Medium, NPR, Mysterious Universe, Dream Shore, StrangeCo. and the Guardian it is significant bc these are all some kind of psychologically oriented, borderline paranormal, thats meant to throw your natural thinking patterns off right off the top and you dont even know you’ve been manipulated. Interesting, but not surprising, the wikispooks link, as well as this infogalactic page, goes to a British politician by the same name that was born a Hubbard. (As in the Scientology freak but hes just the most common, the whole family is in on it).

Now that I think about it, I was turned onto this case by a seemingly random post on social media but after sitting on it for a few I’m pretty sure it wasn’t so random after all. The platform was called DMT World, its a psychedelics platform where you can learn all about DMT extraction and mushroom cultivation. Its also the biggest per-capita spook hang out online, except maybe a John Hopkins chat group. The psychedelics arena fits in with the quasi-paranormal groups in that its all mind-control, for the same reasons they use subjects like magick and hauntings and witchcraft the drug scene is full of people trying to target psychedelic users to pull over psychological events. Maybe they think the reader is so messed up they wont be able to tell bullshit from reality. Anyway, I just think that girl so excited to share about the new mystery she just read about was full of shit. I mean, sure its kinda far-fetched and a little strange but this is a hundred year old case, this kind of shit happens every single day, I’m talking voluntarily too, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of kids that go missing each year. What about them? The fact that this case is repeatedly inserted into mainstream discussion should be your first clue its faked. Its not really that interesting, it just has a good PR team. Even more interesting is how they fake it.

Another fishy smell comes from a collection of personal letter said to chronicle her life, I have found this is most common in fictional historical characters, Not only that but the letters are archived at Columbia University. Thats one of the big-time intelligence operation centers. I mean military-type Intel, not intelligence like schools. The whole network of Universities function as a single unit that was designed as a recruitment ground and operations command and research and development from the beginning, it wasn’t hijacked or taken over like some people suggest. Spooks at Columbia U were set up as a psychological warfare center, might as well be Harvard or Yale.

Father, Wilson Follett is another dead give-away this is a mil-intel psy-op, he graduated from Harvard and was a teacher at Brown, these are two more central command hubs, the prestigious Ivy League schools to the peasants, the more prestige the deeper they’re embedded. Wilson also was editor for the Atlantic Monthly. I have written extensively about these cats, everything they do is a mindfuck. Here is an open letter he wrote and published in May 1941 in Atlantic, it is not the words of a grieving father but a psychological manipulation tool used to insert propaganda and direct disinformation, and of course to name-drop other agents. Wilson was also a contributor for Harpers Weekly. this line-up may as well have been the National Enquirer tabloid, the only difference is Harpers is supposed to be taken seriously.

Her fake disappearence is still used today to sell papers, the latest difinitive work is mockingly titled, ‘the celebrity vanishing act’. They know 99% of people wont understand and nobody will listen to the 1% that do see through their bullshit.

Speaking of minfdfuck rags our good friends at the NY Times are the ones that supposdly gave Barbara the label as child genius and literary prodigy. They only promote their own.

House without windows is a allegory forthe institutionalized prison state of mind. Coupled with a cover image full of butterflys, a symbol of MK-Ultra Project Monarch, mind control program.

Her first alleged book was “The House Without Windows” that sounds too similar to “a room without a view”, meaning a prison cell, in some interpretations, the ultimate prison cell of the mind, its a mental prison, so the title is appropriate for the cast. Another thing is there is no continuity, each page is inconsistent with details about stuff like her age and the year she was born and when her books were published. The majority of places agree she wrote it at the age of 8 but it wasn’t published until 13. I have to call bullshit again, 8 and 13 are both numerical signals.

Her books seem to have a common theme of being published years after they are written, for instance her autobiography wasn’t published until 1964, about 2 and a half decades after her alleged disappearance. (People really fall for this crap?!) Another example would be her the book she co-authored with her mother while sailing the Caribbean in the late 20’s wasn’t published till ’32, it was titled Magic Portholes btw which bring us back around to the quasi-paranormal arena we started with

The content of the book is suspect as well, its about an imaginary world which she creates her own languages, kinda extreme behavior for an 8 year old huh? Almost every source plugs her to a literary spook named H.L. Mencken, H.L. wrote an ongoing satire about the American language, was an outspoken Atheist and political commentator… In other words he was a likely author for the childrens book and daddy had it published through Knop, where he was coincidentally and not at all connected in any way to Folletts success, a head publisher.

Tell-tale give-aways. The hand on the hips and knee bent , the ‘Captain Morgan’ pose, and one pants leg rolled up are both expressions of communication.

One of the most damning connections that prove the book and disappearance is fabricated is her relation to Salem Witch Hoax, Mary Walcott. May was one of the regulars in the fake history narrative, this is a dead ringer and has been outed twice, once for being a mockery set up by aristocrats but again for being part of history that was never reality to begin with. There was no Colonial America thus there was no with trials. It is impossible to be related to somebody that didn’t exist… unless of course you forged the whole family tree. Salem Witch hoax seems to be written as a signal for the women. In a mans world they need a different kind of claim. Every female spook project Ive covered so far has been related to the Salem With event has been on the maternal side. An early fem movement project. Its an American Status Symbol as well, meaning, I wrote this about a year ago and since then have come across fem projects that dont give two shits about the Salem hoax, they are the Mink Coat Mafia; Rich Jewish lesbians. [My link]

Mother was a Whipple

I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to an arguement between this married couple about whose in-laws are more fucked up than the others. This isnt all on daddy’s side, the mothers maiden name is a completely other rabbithole worthy of its own dedicated thread.

Mama was a Whipple, speaking of inserting your phantom relatives into a false timeline for self-validating land-grabs and generational wealth and prestige… Many of you might be lost. Its ok, this is alot to process if you’ve never been exposed to this sort of content. Guilt-by-association my friend. These are generational operations. It means if she is a Whipple and the Whipple faction does this and this and this she is complicit by her name. This might not seem very PC but thats part of the whole push for that movement; self-censorship. Did I mention the Thoroughbred horse simile yet? They name their offspring to carry each side of the parents name, in this manner you can trace their pedigree back to the beginning if you go far enough. It is a badge of honor they wear with pride. The titles are part of the binding-contract ritual black magick that holds the whole freak show together; without their titles they have nothing. How could they benefit from fraudulent documents like wills and deeds if they dont keep track of themselves? There are professional ‘researchers’ that their whole existence is based on ‘authenticating’ family tree connections.

If you ever meet someone that says they have an ancestor that fought in the Revolution keep your eyes on them. Im not saying they are all liars. Im sure someone reading this is like “Fuck you my grand daddy was a Minute Man”, chill bro let me explain. Id bet most people out there claiming that have grown up their entire lives retelling family legends about their many X’s g-grandfather fought for the militia. Its part of their identity and they could pass a lie detector test. That dont make it true unfortunately, it started with a lie somewhere. There was no Colonial America or Independence Revolution or any of that but with the nation being repopulated by orphan/immigrants and all that you could easily tell them whatever you want and they’d pass it on down the line for generations. [whats that old saying about repetition being a pillar of successful propaganda? I have met more than one person that swears they watched the 9/11 impact with their bare eyes. They have retold the same story so much it has become a part of their identity and they could pass a lie detector test bc they truly believe it. This is impossible of course because there was no impact. These people are not necessarily liars although it certainly started with a lie.]

Whipple is one such family that profits immensely from fraudulent history, the difference is they know exactly that its all fantasy history, its not an honest mistake. They’re signaling they’re prestige. The Founding Fathers are the closest thing to royalty in America, even in Normieville history even these guys trace their linage back to the aristocracy. Whipples are signers of the Declaration of Independence, dont get much better virtue-signaling than that. Whipple fired the first shots of the Am Rev in the maritime arena. War heros and martyrs and founders.

Samuel Whipple, b 1766, purchased 1000 acres and started a town named Preston where he engaged in manufacturing warships from local ore, launching the first 300 ton frigate in the area. This tells me a falsified deed or bill of sale was inserted into the record somewhere along the line to confirm this family had owned the choice real estate for generations. Not only that but they steal credit for the iron works which sounds like it was part of the pre-existing industrial zones helping prepare for the coming repopulation. Its how they steal history. They explain the existence of old-world artifacts by proclaiming: “This is the work of my grandpa, look, heres the legal docs to prove it.”

Another Whipple is recorded as an extremely devout Quaker in a quasi-cult-ish sect that was beaten, lashed, starved, and loaded with chain in prison but was somehow still managed to produce 7 full length religious texts revered by his followers. Nobody thought to question how he got the paper, pen and ink? or how the supposed books escaped shake-downs and were smuggled out of the jail. Quakers are cryptojews anyway, keep your eyes on them like you would someone claiming a relative in Colonial America. Not only a family of martyrs for the State, martyrs of the Church as well. If you didnt know what virtue-signalling was before now, it is that- doing a good deed for the appearance only of goodness, not the inherent goodness of the deed itself, and then using this to decieve or manipulate other situations in your favor.

Another branch of the Whipple’s crosses over into the common territory of the war on the deafblind thread. Daddy had deafmute children that were the first in America to learn to communicate via lipreading. Several generations created a system of characters used to represent different positions of the vocal parts enabling speech. These are Oralist features. The children are never deaf, thats recycled script used over and over, more virtue-signaling. These fake deaf kids are used to prop up an unnatural method of communication. Oralism takes away the instinctual method of hand-signing (Manualism) and replaces it with lip-reading (Oralsim). Even more concerning is their claim that it has been an essential teaching tool. This is referring to the war on language. In reality they are inflating their own importance. I have done extensive research into this field and sure I saw their name come up here and there but that was only bc they were included because of the birth-right I was just talking about. They werent one of the major players.

So thats Moms fam. Her family is just as likely to be responsible for the status needed to pull her little mysterious disappearing stunt.

Also noteworthy is her plug for the Appalachian trail, her travelogue guide was written shortly after the Ancient footpath was said to be born, her guide was to prop up a fake history. You can tell by the central pyramid in the sigil who controls the A.T. The story about the A.T. is near the top of the list but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Briefly, The official story says it was conceived and built by a single person in the 20’s, Follett wrote the cover story. Thats bullshit, The trail has always been here, like the railroad and the canals, Pre-A.T. history even admits it existed but they compartmentalize it into multiple Indian trails, anything with the word Indian attached to the history you should look twice at bc there were no Indians. America was repopulated. The trail extended all the way up into the U.C. (Upper Canada) but when the map makers came in at the beginning of the repopulation they drew a line right through it and instantly was cut in half, it only went down from there. Compartmentalization has been one of the most effective weapons. Im sure if you check the old sources for Indian footpaths in Florida I almost guarantee it went farther south then northern Georgia. Probably down to the Everglades, the Seminoles supposedly never surrendered and the prisons down there were old starforts. I’m just thinking aloud about that part, I could be off but I doubt it, the truth is always better than I imagine. These people are nothing if not predictable.
Heres one from the family album of young Miss Follet, but wait, who is that portrait of on the desk, looks like the father of communism that lead the Bolshevik Revolution Lenin to me, why would a Harvard educated professor have a frame picture of a commie dictator on his desk. Keep in mind it did not go unnoticed, meaning you are supposed to see it. the sad thing is, most people that see it have no clue who Vlad Lenin even is. Update on the Lenin angle at the bottom.

Lets talk about her NYTimes disappearance notice. This isnt even close to the year she supposedly vanished. Looks like they had her scripted as a run-away for a long time. This instance didnt plan out the desired effect so chalk it up as predictive programming, a rehersal. The NYT is comparable to the Atlantic in that it only inserts other agents into its narrative. Yale professors (Skull and Bones) New Haven spooktown orchestra participant and the Hawai’ian Islands were a slave plantation (Banana Republic) owned by the eugenicists Dole family, (the fruit company)


Another lead I can pass on to any body interested is the town which this supposedly occurred. Brookline is ground zero for Intel Ops. Situated between Worcester and Boston and Lowell, each with a background too extensive to start here, take a look at some of the local hospitals and their participation with human experimentation, specifically with radiation and again with the birth control pill development. Subscribe so you can catch my posts when I publish them, They’re already written it just takes time to transfer everything from word docs to word press, revisions. Brookline is home to Harvard’s personal petri dish, Free Womens Hospital where ‘Dr.’ John Rock and Greg Pincus experimented on poor people with chemicals and the details about the radiation experiments are in my Psychedelic Industrial Complex thread. Worcester is home to the insane asylum where the Mk-ultra research was done. Its incidental home to the Antiquarian Society and the federal repository for Colonial American newspapers. Get it? Most people don’t. The Colonial papers are housed at the insane asylum bc Colonial America is a psychological warfare operation. For reals. More about that in my Fake Indians thread.

Just like some people are red-flags,”guilt by association” most of us use it regularly and understand sometimes you come across people and it doesnt matter what they do it is some kind of project or operations, places are like that too. A place will connect events seemingly unrelated and generations apart, multiple events all happening in the same location but bc of our good friend ‘compartmentalization’ the majority of the population walk around thinking everything is random and isolated. Look all im saying is if you ever meet a girl that says she grew up in Brookline just run away.

Nickerson Rodgers

Also a professor at the inner circle of central command hubs disguised as institutes of higher learning. Teaching physics at Dartmouth and Exeter. He was involved with Polaroid and had a large hand in instant photography. Photography was a World Fair project and thats a pretty exclusive club.

Nicky boy didnt exactly act like a worried and grieving husband. Her disappearance wasnt reported for 2 weeks and wasnt pushed for several months. 13 yrs would pass before a ‘serious’ call for investigation would be talked about. (13 again) This is bc nobody was missing and nobody was worried. the 13 year mark was name dropping to sell headlines.

Nick Rogers throwing up one eye symbolism gang-signs. Corporate logos are black magick sigils

Attack of the Normie Gatekeepers

This article was so-far the most fluid one Ive written; I came across the subject in the morning and by lunch I had a finished report. This doesn’t happen most times. I used to read this shill named Miles ‘little pee-pee’ Mathis who always makes it seem like it is nothing to spit these papers out. Maybe if they’re half bullshit it might but a real article takes time. It gets faster as you go since ‘the more you know, the more you know’ but not that much faster. Even if you fly through the material and get a comprehensive paper chances are most likely you missed something. You ALWAYS miss something, even when you take your time. People are more prone to making mistakes as well when rushed as well.

None of this should be a surprize when I say that’s probly why I made a mistake. Look I make mistakes everyday, thats another way to call out a bullshitter bc if he has a report out for like 15+ years and wont make revisions then he hasn’t learned a motherfuckin thing and is most likely lying to you about something. My understanding changes daily but i cant go back and correct everything everytime.

The thing is, I’m right. I got it. Even if I’m wrong about one thing its not going to negate everything else. My thesis is correct and everything else is supporting details so even when I’m wrong I’m right. This is why I invite all criticism and pre approve comments. The stupid gatekeeper people dont realize they only make my position stronger till its too late.

Such is the case today, I got a rude comment that made a mistake but listen to this, it wasnt that the person could’ve just been like “Hey bud, You might want to double-check that link over there”, some people are just assholes. Im not going to go over proper etiquette right now anyway. The person picked out the photo caption I made about the picture of Lenin on the desk, she mockingly told me it was Joseph Conrad, as if my whole case was going to crumble bc of an insignificant error like this.

That is standard operating procedure for all the trolls and shills out there, they will find something with no consequence and try to spin it like if this is wrong than everything is wrong. Sorry hun, it dont work like that. I could’ve said it was Santa Claus in that picture and my report is still tits, everything I claim has supporting links.

Naturally inquisitive I checked the profile of my new friend, she runs a place called Farksolia .org. At first I had no clue what that meant, remember, I wrote this a year ago in between breakfast and lunch a year ago but after 5 mins broswing her content I realized this was the name of the fantasy world Follett supposedly made up. The site was showcasing all the personal letters of Folletts and her diary or some shit.

These people are nothing if not predictable, so little missy-pants gatekeeper cant help but drop another lead, they only mention their own and Joe Conrad isnt a household name, who else is gonna get so triggered over some obscure polish… I just read his ministry of Truth page and still dont know what he did to deserve such loyalty.

Lenin next to Conrad. You can tell who the latter is emulating, false idol worship. Lol, excuse me for being mistaken. Thank you Miss Farksolia for throwing another one of yours under the bus, next time you want to try and protect someone you should just keep your fucking mouth shut like the good little slave you are.

Joseph Conrad

Im not going to spend alot of time here, if I find something good it’ll get its own post, this is just a quick run-down the Ministry of Truth page for this guy. I was also right about this pic being some sort of product-placement, even if the guy in it was only a gangeldopper, or is it a doppelganger?

Remembered as one of the best writers of the English Language of all time in the first sentence but didnt even know english till he was in his 20’s in the second sentence… I can tell you its not looking good and only goes downhill from here.

but wait I thought it wasnt Lenin? Done by an Epstein for fux sake. this shows the true nature of the portrait gallery as well. All of them, National is representative.

Conrad is remembered as a good writer bc writer is a code for agent, or operative of whatever you want to call it. All professional or noted artists. These are the people that presented the false narrative. Fake history is told by artists.

Another classic give-away, the ‘thinking man’ position. Might as well be the Hidden Hand gesture.
Oh excuse me, the Hidden Hand is the benefactor
Cover of TIME magazine, Man he’s really hitting all of em here, this is the National Enquirer for people that think they have high I.Q.

Thats all the time Im going to waste on this guy. This is the kind of people they promote with their picture in the backgrounds of their little photo shoots. It was advertising. My apologies if you dont know what any of the symbols mean. I can only offer to bookmark this page and come back when you do a little reading. Theres alot here to help get started, this is not one of those posts unfortunately. I blew this guy to smithereens without even reading one paragraph lol, excuse me if I missed something. Good job Miss Steph from Farksolia for letting me know I had one almost slip by.

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