Manufactured Weather Event, Hurricane Ian

Chemtrails and HAARP Waves

This is going to be a short post I only have a few pics to share. I dont pay much attn to the weatherman, it’s easy enough to get a rough idea by the human activity in the sky. Even if I hadnt overheard everyone clucking like chickens about a storm brewing I wouldve seen it coming. The amount of particulates in the air from all the chemtrailing just had blanketed everything. It was so bad you know how when the trail projects a shadow unto the sky above it. Yeah, shadows on the sky, its a thing.

On a side note one of the craziest things I ever saw skywatching was a pair of trails projecting shadows like that but one shadow was to the left of the trail and the other was to the right. To me this is not possible if the Sun was really 93 million miles away both shadows would be on the same side. This is evidence of a localized Sun, or a Sun Simulator, or something I am not yet familiar with. Too bad I couldn’t get pics that day so lets leave it, I just wanted to mention it so other people out there that see it know they are not alone as I myself read about it in some comment section way before I saw it personally.

So the whole entire week before the superstorm we just got sprayed like bugs and the air was so saturated there was nowhere for the particulates to go so they just kinda created a hazy metallic fog you could see a copperish hue reflecting off whatever was dumped into the atmosphere. I’ve heard this called an oil-can rainbow, I call it a chem-bow. I had to pull over and snap a picture just for my own records.

The day after the storm had passed and all the bad air got swept out the spraying started right back up. You can tell it is not the same type. the elevation is higher, the ‘clouds’ are thin and wispy. You can watch them come out of the aircraft in a persistent line and slowly drip down and disperse till its just a gray smudge in the sky. The color was different as well, not the heavy dark gray soup like during the build-up, the post-hurricane spray is almost white. BTW, I’m on the mid-Atlantic coast. Chesapeake Bay region. Always include the date and location with your Skywatch pics.

Look mfkr, if you dont already know, those ripple patterns you see in the ‘clouds’ come from frequency waves. HAARP waves. The spray some shit into the sky and then blast it with some kind of frequency which excites the particulates, this excitement causes friction, the friction causes heat, the heat can be used to increase or decrease energy in the storm, steer storms, depending on whats in the cocktail being sprayed they can create flooding or drought. This is probly the worst explanation ever given but its all you get in 3 sentences. Yall should already know this stuff already. I just wanted to show the pics. People want to walk around pretending these storms are occurring naturally and no type of weather manipulation technology is even possible, let alone being used daily.

Whats the death toll up to now? Property damage? This is murder. Hmm, maybe if we add some new taxes the weather will fix itself.

I think acknowledment is the first step. Once everyone is on the same page we can figure out the next step but it will take a collective effort for any type of change. First we have to get rid of so much of the denial. Who am I to make such suggestions anyway?

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