1876 Centennial Expo (Philly World Fair)

Main Entrance

or International Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures, and Products of the Soil and Mine

Held to commemorate the 100 yr anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, what they really mean is the Revolutionary War. All the World fairs are in tribute to some kind of warfare or subjection. This was the first official World Fair to be held in the United States.

In their fake timeline history 1776 is also the year Weishaupt officially announced a certain group that this is just as likely to be a 100 year birthday party for the Illuminati as America.

The precursor would be the Sanitary Fairs in 1864, these were held by the Sanitary Commission of the Civil War at face value to promote good hygiene and cleanliness during the war. In reality this was a spy network. Military Intelligence but not for the proxy war of the North vs the South. The Sanitary Commission held members like Samuel Gridley Howe and Dorothea Dix (anyone called a Reformer or Abolitionist) and conducted movement in the so-called Underground Railroad. All circles within circles.

The fairgrounds, designed almost exclusively by 27-year-old German immigrant Hermann J. Schwarzmann, were host to 37 nations and countless industrial exhibits occupying over 250 individual pavilions. He compares the construction of Fairmont Park to the Towel of Babel. The context used is its meant toward all the different countries trying to organize a work force but its all paganistic undertones throughout the whole Fair history. Hermann travel to Vienna, site of the ’73 Expo which was a logistical disaster for foot traffic.

Here is a link to the Centennial Committee program. a written description of all the buildings and entries and participants. Its 1300 pages and contains anything logistical and statistical you could ever think to ask. There are other parts to the fair not within its boundaries such as the Deafmute and Blind asylum, the orphanage and the penitentiary. Each one of these has it own chapter in the post-reset world.

Philly was home to one of the Sanitation Dept Fairs during the civil war. Abe Lincoln showed up and sold autographed copies of the Emancipation Proclamation for 10$. Lincoln is a fictional historic icon, there are more than you think so set that aside for later if you’re unprepared. The Emancipation Proclamation is just a carnival trinket, at the time it was signed Lincoln was hiding out with Allen Pinkerton, another fake icon, then it was released in exclusively in Harpers Weekly. This is the foundation the World Fairs and all of society is built on. The Sanitation Fair was held in historic Logan Circle, a pre-Reset district of Olde World buildings. The Centennial buildings dont appear solid like other World Fair buildings, im not saying they are not either, just saying.

Site of the Sanitation Fair is a sunwheel from before the last reset


One things for sure there isnt many pictures out there of the exhibit halls and Special Buildings. This is common across the board as far as world fairs go but this one in particular. Photography was available and common back then and this was so big, an international spook reunion, with so many prestigious people there should be mountains of photos. The Smithsonian became the repository for all things govt at the end of the show. The pics should be at the Library of Congress but there not bc then they would have to be available to the public, so they are in private hands. This is still a common thing today, like all the military projects are done in Musks name so that they are exempt from FOIA (Freedom of Info Act).

There are many variations of woodcuts and engravings and a few charcoal sketches but no pics. Not only that but the pics that are floating around all have a common theme… just an underlining spooky feel like the few pictures that have made it through a century and a half of filters and censors are all the ones that are essentially what the Fairs are about. Subjegation, paganism/Sun/Ba’al worship, false-flag tributes, fake history… whoever scriptwriter/gatekeeper is responsible for going through the public access files knew exactly what they were doing.

Its like that in history too, with people and inventions. You can read 10 articles about a world-changing invention and none of them will mention that it debuted at a Fair. This is compartmentalization to an extent but the International Expo’s are even more so. Thats because these are special events that have a deeper meaning than what the program says. These are New World Order Extravaganza’s

There were only 6 Halls; the Main Hall, the Halls of Agriculture. There were the state buildings too to go with the participating individual country pavilions.

Here is a list compiled at the freelibrary that put together of all the state buildings.

None of the buildings were built to last and

Inventions/ Debuts

these expos provided cover for Reset projects to get together without causing suspicion. Here they could exchange advancements and ideas and control the rate at which things advanced.

Typewriters. manufactured by Remington, i.e., the Military Industrial Complex war machine. QWERTY layout

the sewing machine- in the thread of organizing the world labor pool (pun intended), sewing machine development would rival the combine reaper harvester

telephone- Alexander Graham Bell display. The Emperor of Brazil would answer the first telephone call.

dishwasher- shown at the Womens Pavillion

Bananas. Even the collective name of the Banana Republics shows just how important it is. The island and South American countries existed much as the American Indians, meaning they were just grouped together and given a fake name and history and language. Bananas were imported everywhere as a staple foodstuffs.

Kudzu- displayed at the Japanese pavillion, originally meant for shade once the Army Corp of Engineers decided it would make good for erosion control the plant would consume the South and devastate the native ecosystem

women rights/ early feminist movement

Women were a big part of the original Sanitary Commission fairs but were not allowed to display their exhibits here so they set up their own pavilion outside the official zone, the ‘Womens Pavilion’, which featured 80 ‘woman only’ themed booths featuring gadgets designed to make less housework and more leisure time. This whole thing is a psychological operation. This is a set to the coming women’s rights/suffrage/birth control movement that was being laid out now in the early steps. Of course they would be allowed to set up, it was made to exaggerate women’s role in society, it was a political statement. 8’s are a mark as well, Aces and Eights.

So they weren’t allowed to set up inside so they set up outside Fairmont Park limits. This was a move also pulled by Buffalo Bill Cody who supposedly wasn’t allowed inside so he set up outside the gate and was of the most popular attractions. Whata crock of shit.

Elizabeth Duane Gillespie led the Womens Pavilion, she claims to be a descendant of Ben Franklin, there was even a court case regarding his will. Gillespie also is founder of the Colonial Dames Society, an invitation-only group that makes up false history, for example they have erected tombstones in fake grave yards and memorial plaques on Starforts Gillespie also is the founder of Flag Day, a false-idol worship ritual.

She is above the self-dubbed “Mink Coat Mafia”, probably one of the baddest bitches I have come across. These were the ultra wealthy elite class women that spend up all their husbands ill-begotten fortunes on expressions of philanthropy which only farther kept the orphan immigrant class enslaved.

At the request of Spencer Fullerton Baird, Assistant Secretary in charge of the U.S. National Museum, and over the signature of Secretary Joseph Henry, the National Academy of Sciences asks the U.S. President to recommend to the U.S. Congress the transfer to the Smithsonian at Washington of the Government collection at the Centennial Exhibition as well as the continued support of the collection. Eventually some 20 railroad cars of materials from the exhibition will be transferred to the Smithsonian. This makes the Smithsonian a federal repository. The Smithsonian designed and put together all the govts displays for the expo. This is significant because this is all fiction, history and science and everything about it, the Smithsonian shadow-workers are the scriptwriters, Even the govt is a part of their display. this pic with the big ass cannon is only another display like the Indian tribes at the Human Zoos.

At this point the Indian Exhibits only consist of trinkets and toys. In the future expos like St. Louis ’04 and the fairs out west like the one in Ohmaha their would be complete mock villages and human zoos to display the imagry concocted by some crazy french aristocrat 200 years ago.

The statue of liberty wasn’t completed till 1886 but the torch was assembled early in time for this event. the unveiling of the complete statue was at another expo.

Indendence day at Independence hall electric display

Military parade under the arch is a symbolic pagan ritual. Templar flag. Frank Leslie’s Illustrated was another scriptwriter/ gatekeeper rag like Harpers Weekly and the Atlantic

IDK what Mrs Maxwells Rocky Mountain Museum is all about yet but they have an entire display of stuffed owls, representing Molech. Maxwell is a common spook family name, think Ghislane and Robert.

“American Volunteer” Statue was placed at the Battle of Antietam site in Sharpesburg. The Battle is supposedly the highest casualty fight on American soil. My research suggests at the very least it has been drastically exaggerated. The whole war is a cover for the Great Reset and the Emancipation Proclamation is a stage prop scripted by Harpers Weekly. No telling what all the Jew stars in the background are for, they weren’t placed there unnoticed.

Agriculture Hall

The race to complete the do-all harvester-reaper is what lead me to the World Fairs. It was a Post-Reset project to control the worlds food supply. The World Fairs break down one of the biggest barriers these elites have put up, that is compartmentalization. The reaper project has an American version and Europe has their bedtim stories. Australia is barely on the map at this point, so they say, but they are entered here with a Reaper. Even Russia has several reaper entries, I guess they can get along well even to compete in the fair huh, just like the fake space program and the Antartic Treaty.

They are all on the same side yall. there is even an Alexander Bell farm in Russia

*check Hoffman and Hoyt copying presses

You might have to zoom in if you want to see the details, its Gammon and Deering’s entry in the official program. a product description of how good their reaper harvester is. Its just an advertisement hype, almost the longest entry in the 1300 pg catalog. Also adds anticipation to the twine-binder implement that is still in development. This is a Reset project to control the Worlds food supply. Notice its listed alongside Mann. He was a veteran of the Reaper Wars too, not one of the big ones though.

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