MudFlood Eureka Springs

1895 Construction or Big Dig?

I found this pic on tripadvisor. 1895 Eureka Springs. Lets zoom in bc I see this thing is a textbook example of what a mudflood clean up would look like.

Heres a similar shot from a fresh angle

I see stairs that lead to no where, foundations with fireplaces exposed. Well-worn footpaths through empty, yet fenced in lots. Empty pilings where houses used to be. The road is literally cut into the side on the mountain. you would expect that normally but that is fresh. Oh yeah wheres all the trees? this whole mountain top is clear. And wheres all the people? If this were a up and coming town there would be people right? I see canopies which to me is like an ‘open’ sign. It’s obvious some work has been done. just enough so that if it were repopulated you could tell the immigrants its beginning to be built. I think all of America was like this. Excavated.

Looking like a dig out on Main St.
Mudflood stairs going to no where. Look at the size of those trees growing out of the steps, it ddnt happen in a year or 2..

the thing that brought me here was a bio on one of the first settlers. All the history books make a big deal he was on the first roads planning commission. That’s bc he was an Inheritor. They inherited the earth after a great reset event. this was an energy technology that did this. the DEW. the Inheritors use false history to self validate their own importance. Power, Wealth ,Authority, Prestige. Colonial America is a Hoax. Repopulated.

The history of Eureka Springs is centered on the Crescent Hotel. Its an Olde World building, probs the only one spared judging by the look of the town. Supposedly it was built as a secret getaway for railroad tycoons to go hide out in the mountains but theres just one little problem with that is theres no railroad stop Oops. At one time there mustve been bc you can take a tourist loop around the mountain, like an hour ride, the only way to get in town is to take the train to Little Rock about 4 hrs away.

Cresent Hotel fin 1886
Undated, provided by Smithsonian. has a whole wing on the right not present in the other image.

Another fable in its construction is the masons and architects had to be brought in from Ireland. The walls are 18 inches thick with no mortar. As the project was wrapping up all the architects and stone workers were killed in a freak accident. Any time some body dies in a freak accident they are lying.

Carneige Library construction. I mean repair, 1910


Thank you to my new BFF Chloe, she was the second person to mention to me underground passages, potential catacombs, The catacombs of Europe have always interested me. Theres two main places and theyre foundationally different.

The catacombs under Paris were said to have been installed in the late 1700’s, around the time my research shows a paradigm shift for humanity, supposedly all the graveyards were fulled up from dead people and the city stunk so bad all the corpses in all the cemeteries in all of Paris were dug up and the bones were cleaned up and stacked nice and neat in little piles. Entrances were all throughout the city in the beginning but as is the way of the new paradigm they were all destroyed and controlled so now there is only a handful. According to the BBC there are over 200 miles of passages. There is one section opened to the public, its like a museum with guided tours. While I would like to take the tour I am positive the area for the public is just set up like a movie stage, The peasants get no truth. I have found supporting evidence that they do indeed exist, not like it is just a 100 yard tunnel set up by some World Fair art spooks and the rest exists only in brochures. I have found entrances researching the early philanthropic society, specifically the fictional character Abbe l’Epee, the first teacher of the deafblind is given quarter to house his school in the royal sepulcher. IDK if I believe there are 200 miles just bc of the source.

Entrance to the Grotto Spring cave.

The catacombs of Rome are completely different. They were absolutely staged, set up to support the false history narrative of the Catholic Church. The Catholics were suppoesedly the All-Powerful authority coming out of the Dark Ages, In reality there were no Dark Ages and the Catholic church only stuck a mailbox outside all the biggest buildings and gave a false background. The catacombs was the long- lost crypt of all the early non-existstant saints that the church was built on. Now there was seemingly credible evidence to support this. Its all fake.

So you will have to forgive me for my hesitation when I hear the word catacomb so far the 2 I have looked at were both deceiving in some way. I would love any further information, just leave me a message on the web page, I post to social media sometimes to direct traffic here but I dont interact, sorry. The idea of an network of underground tunnels is very plausible, and likely. Even the normie history books say the underground springs are what brought the first settlers in. There is much mention of a cave system around the town too, I even found a section that is connected to a local business that used the tunnels for bootlegging during prohibition, you can take a guided tour. Im sure it is a mockery like the Paris catacombs. These sources all nake it seem like there are only short dead-end root cellar type tunnels.

Some where a little bigger and had inhabitants, the big spring was called the Grotto, a caving term.

The entire city is on the Natioal Registery of Historic Places. Thats a flag right there, those bitches are treacherous. They set up fake narrative locations and protects them.

This is the type of stick built shanty towns you’d expect to find
Doesnt match the wide, clean streets of the ghost cities, huh?

Eureka Springs is nicknamed Little Switzerland of the Ozarks, Switzerland is a spook capital of the Post-Reset World


St Catherine’s

My friend made a suggestion I dont know how I missed it. There is a church on site, downhill from the Crescent, its possible this is the artifact and the hotel is the distraction. Certainly some segments of the hotel are new. Let me know if you can find some different pics.

Baker Hospital

 In 1937 it becomes the Baker Hospital. Norman Baker claims to have a cure for cancer. The colorful mailers and brochures he sends out refer to the area as the “Switzerland of America,” under the cheery banner, “Where Sick Folks Get Well,” and promise that cancer is curable without the knife or radium or X-ray. But Norman Baker is a quack. That’s why the medical board ran him out of Iowa, then chased him down to Mexico.

Section of the Berlin Wall. I dont think that yellow structure is set up in the background by chance. Its been in every picture taken since day one

Last year, sirens sounded more than 4,000 times in Israel within 45 days of fighting in the Gaza Strip. Ducking for cover is commonplace for Israelis. *How about Palestinians?

Now, visitors can see what an Israeli bomb shelter looks like. Two missile/tornado shelters have been delivered from Israel to the United States in recent days, one to The Great Passion Play and the other to The Gospel Station Network headquarters in Ada, Okla.

“We are excited to display these shelters for the public to see how southern Israeli families cope with the daily bombings in towns north of Gaza City. It’s hard to imagine how they must suffer each day in fear of being hit and in fear for their children,” said Randall Christy, founder of the Gospel Station Network and CEO of the Great Passion Play. “The first time I went to that region of Israel, we had to make a mad dash to one of the bomb shelters, as sirens blared. I found out that people in those southern cities drive with their windows down so they can hear the sirens, immediately pull over and jump in a shelter such as this one which are found on most street corners.”

Christy talked about how Israeli children play in their yards until sirens go off, then run to the nearest shelter–either in their yard or on the street–and wait until the danger passes, then go back to playing.

“Earl Cox, a dear friend and colleague of mine, who serves as Benjamin Netanyahu’s ambassador to the evangelical Christian world, introduced me to the owner of the makers of these shelters, Rabbi Bowman, who donated these shelters to our organization,” Christy said.

Cox recently spent a few days in Eureka Springs touring the area and the Great Passion Play. Christy said Cox was amazed at the beauty of the area and the epic play production and fell in love with the Ozarks.

“We will have the shelter at the Passion Play open to the public, with a display of information explaining its use,” Christy said. “I think people will be interested in seeing it. They can also be used as tornado shelters due to their extreme weight (22,000 pounds) (*11 tons!)and their aerodynamic shape. We have placed it by the Berlin Wall display near the Christ of the Ozarks for the public to view.”

Its an outhouse. Nukes are fake

The shelter also will be featured as part of the Behind the Scenes Tour and lunch package being offered this November through April where groups can visit the Passion Play grounds and receive a guided tour through the backstage area, Holy Land, art and Bible museums, Jerusalem Chapel, Berlin Wall, Church in the Grove, Israeli bomb shelter and gift shop and eat a lunch custom-prepared for their group at the Great Hall.

“We are working hard to bring more groups here during the ‘off-season.’ We have a lot to offer and a fabulous chef. And we will have some beautiful Christmas lights,” Christy said.

‘Christ of the Ozarks’ is a 100 ft monstrosity set up by Jews to mock Christians in Eureka Springs


  1. The grotto has a Latin plaque written above its opening which also jives with previous civilization and not the settler boom town lie they peddle. Even in 1890 the photo of the entrance already looked ancient, original photo at the historical museum.
    The tours are all “official story” tall tales but there is something here…Magnetic Spring was said to heal people. Legend says it was considered healing waters by the Native Osage too. Vortex like Sedona is correct and also haunted. Not the hotel, the town itself. Ghosts are common.

  2. There is even more than what you covered. The entire small “settler” town sits in an elaborate tunnel system that connects the buildings.

    1. Another reader said the same thing, said she spent a few years giving underground tours, like its a tourist attraction. The few articles I could find close mentioned caves, but made it seem like shallow storage chambers not vast tunnel systems. I can tell its like a vortex spot like Sedona. I have more info about the early ‘development committee’ check the Frontier Nursing Service post. thanks for stopping by. If you have something you want to add or post you can just let me know and I’ll give you a page. Goes for anybody else too, If anyone sees something I need to revise pl just tell me, Theres so much to cover and understanding changes all the time as introduced to new information, hard to keep everything updated

      1. I am boots on the ground so to speak…so I can tell you that you are correct and ADD that the Crescent Hotel is not a mud flood building. They build that ON an existing foundation of limestone slabs but the building is falling apart….not built well and would vibe with 1890’s construction. However, St Catherines next door IS a mudflooded old world relic with observation dome (aether generator) and rose windows (cymatics) and I would bet dates about 1300’s. The tunnels below are catacombs, elaborate and NOT on any tour. They connect the buildings from below. There are spirngs that they altered and changed here but the one’s that are original look ancient in their 1880’s photos and are written in Latin called The Grotto. Feel free to reach out if you want more info. 🙂

      2. I am familiar with St Catherines, vaguely, you can see the dome in the background of many hotel pictures. I found it on google earth. there is a house with steeple and spire in some of the old pics next to the dome. I thought they were connected by the femenine and masculine but thats just intuition, I couldnt find any support. I called the hotel and spoke with the museum curator about it’s ‘construction’, the thing with these people is I can never tell if they are really believing the stuff they say. There is a story about the imported archetechs that died in construction accidents right when it was completed. The building supposedly has 18 inch think masonry without mortar, if this is true I dont see half-assed building methods, could just be an aces and eights marker. I use the term ‘mudflood’ loosely, mainly bc its most familiar to alot of people. of course I would like to reach out. hey, theres another article here I wrote about the Hoosac Tunnel and North Adams in MA, there is another hotel with similar narrative as the Crescent, check it out. it was one of the more fun reports to write. i’ll reach out sometime this weekend. Thanks again

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