Birth of the Indian Residential School


In 1819 Thomas McKenney, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs (C.I.A.) had pushed through Congress the Indian Civilization Fund Act, with this is govt set aside 10,000$ to be granted to missionary workers for assimilating the savage heathen. It was signed on March 3 (3/3) to “eliminate Native military resistance and suppress Native traditional practices. Religious denominations are assigned to specific tribes. While encouraging the tribes to convert, the hired missionaries also urge them to adopt white styles of dress, housing, and farming.” This move is just one move in a set of many, it opened the doors for other agents working on the missionary end to get paid for their services.

In 1824 the Bureau of Indian Affairs was created by the War Dept for overseeing the distribution of funds. Our good friend McKenna was placed in charge of that as well. This act led to Christian mission schools receiving federal funds, the Indian boarding schools. It was common to hear they would rather spend the money to assimilate them then to forcibly remove them, for real though they just found another scam to steal money and a McKenna was behind it to make sure all the money stayed in the families.  

These federally funded schools opened the road for the residential boarding schools, reeducation industrial training camps. The first of these schools was the Carlisle Indian Training School. Carlisle is said to be named after the same town in England but I say its more likely they are both named after the Military Industrial Complex family. Carlisle is up there with Halliburton, who also makes an appearance in the fake Indian narrative (here is a link to a free pdf book about slave owning Cherokees that fought for the Confederacy, Read my own research for better info.).

Carlisle PA is built on the site of a Star-fort, said to have been found in 1751 by a french fur trader that went to live with the local tribe. It was the setting for pretty much all of the Fictional Founding Fathers from Ben Franklin and the French and Indian War to George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion. Its was a munitions supply house for the American Revolution, that’s what they say about Harpers Ferry too. Am Rev heroine Molly Pitcher is buried in the cemetery with many other notable folk hero’s. This must be another proxy graveyard with a few headstones. 

There was a provincial fort set up so they say in the 1750’s which became the army barrack. The fort is written down as a wooden stockade fort but Im’ all-in it was another starfort, this one was fully destroyed but the memory still was hi-jacked. The Carlisle in England is home to a Roman fort as well and a Fort Carlisle in Ohio has been dated to 2,000 years ago, I don’t agree with any time or explanation but it shows consistent old usage across the board. 

Carlisle was a big stop in the underground railroad (Intel network) and was bombed heavily by the Confederates as they were leaving the Battle of Gettysburg. This shares much of the same script as Harper’s Ferry, check for other connections like Garibaldi Guard. The whole entire Battle of Harpers Ferry was staged for cover of the destruction of the town.

In 1879 the War Dept transferred authority to the Dept of Interior, which handled the “Indian question” and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School was opened…By a Pratt (queue scary music). 

Richard H. Pratt

Richard H Pratt, according to his Ministry of Truth page is all I’m gonna just do a run-down for this jackass, they put forth great effort into white-washing this guy. He has the distinction of being the first person to use the word ‘racism’. Father killed in the ‘49 Gold Rush. In the Civil War joined the 11th battalion after 8 days, (Aces and Eights) something like that, the take-away is the number drop. Same with his extensive record with the Indian Plains Wars, the wars are fake, they exist for the same reasons the Cherokee did in GA decades ago. just the man you want to have running a residential school.

Also was in charge of the group remembered as “Buffalo Soldiers” lol, gtfoh, yeah, I bet he did that. First he was in charge of an Indian Prison in FL, Ft Marion (another Starfort) (Seminoles never surrendered) but he did so well there the military industrial complex decided to give him his own colony, they just called it a school. The Swiss Pedagogues would be very proud, this was their concepts coming to fruition. Pratt is buried in Arlington National.  

Member of the Loyal Legion, a military secret society formed in response to Lincolns assassination based on Revolutionary War groups of the same brand, meaning the scriptwriters just recycled the same old crap.  The Cincinnati Society. The Cin Soc is named after a Roman Warlord that was a farmer thrust into politics and became a warlord. George Washington first Prez, Hamilton Prez before dying in a fake duel with Burr in 1804. These were the caliber of people he ran with, just going off his wiki page he is one of the few people that were flesh and blood but were associated with fictional characters, most times they keep everyone in their respective group. 

Pratt opened the first Indian Residential School and many more followed, this was the cultural genocide. These were the descendants of the Ferals. After the survivors of the Reset had been picked through and classified by physical traits and broken with no history, they were orphaned in every sense of the word. AND then they went to get reprogrammed to do manual labor. The ironic thing is, their history that the Inheritors are trying to assimilate; the behaviors, the clothing, everything was scripted by people like McKenna. They gave them a fake history and went to erase it. They even made the languages up, then they were taught to the Indians, then the Indians were sent to camps to be reprogrammed to forget what was never theirs to begin with. That’s some shit. 

I guess they did such a good job reprogramming them even their complexion started to turn white. Before and after shots were popular to show case how civilized Ferals were. Stereotypical features like high cheeck bones were found and then a little face paint and a few minutes in the costume dept made for pretty convincing Indian

The symbols tell the story without using words. normie history says the imagery is thousands of years old and spread to every corner of the world through the Mystery Schools. Thats bullshit, the scriptwriters made up all the religions for the ‘Native’ people and inserted their own symbols. The hand under the hat and the one tucked up under the other hand are both variations of the ‘Hidden Hand’ gang sign

*See Also; Dames of the Loyal Legion. Dames of the Colonial Wars.  

First ever recorded use of the word ‘Racism’ used by a Pratt at Indian Residential School Carlisle.
Not only symbols but numbers tell their own story as well

See the numbers? 322 Skull and Bones. Oct 10th is Aces and eights. Don’t know why he didn’t say 33 instruments, maybe 2 got left behind. I love how he notes they marched with military and semi military of the “higher race”. This statement from the 1892 annual report reinforces the fact this is a military operation. Marching band is a military drill exercise.

Having a military troop of Indians march in honor of Columbus discovering america 400 anniversary is spook humor. Not only did the Carlisle Indians march in racist military parades in NYC, they also played for the Prez at the World Fair in 1893. See other World Fair posts.  Marching Band is considered the lowest form of military drilling and its mention in history is a marker for themselves to identify each other.

Carlisle was the model for many International Expos, what he calls the Indian Bureau, I’m assuming the post started by McKenney a generation earlier. Expos at New Orleans, Madrid, Paris and Chicago. The World Fairs were a big role in selling the American Indian imagery and narrative. The Bureau managed to get an unprecedented number of Indian Nations to attend and camp out in their tipis on expo grounds/ Historians don’t mention the human zoos with the international community of Natives being volunteer hostages. Indians sung and danced and took pictures for money.

McKenna set the Bureau up to be in charge of Indian trade profits. I see a play on words; its Indians as a trade like carpentry or printing, not Indian trade as in “I’ll give you this for that. Ever notice how all of the portraits are taken in a studio and hardly no pics of Indian housing; wigwams and ti-pi’s far as the eye can see, nope, bc they didn’t exist except for photo-ops like the community at the World Fairs.

*See Also: Mexican band at New Orleans World Fair, Pratt comments in 1890 about the upcoming World Fair to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs (C.I.A.): “Indians will be the Mexicans” and “Latin countries must work as partners with America to ensure a contiguous exhibit”, He means they need to keep their stories straight. The World Fairs represent an opportunity for Reset leaders to get together w/o drawing attn to themselves, like Bohemian Grove or Bilderbergers.  

TJ Morgan

The C.I.A. was a T.J. Morgan, TJ is for Thomas Jefferson. Anyone named for a faictional founding father is a spook. TJ was a civil war general most noted for enlisting African American soldiers. His buddy Pratt was the HNIC of the troop known as the Buffalo Soldiers, Morgan and him go back to the good ol’ days. TJ wrote in the NYTimes his outline for the future of Indians; it reads like the outline for the immigrant orphan population set forth by the Prussian Common School to make citizens into manual laborer robots. Compulsory school was the law and withholding support was openly used as a coercive measure to force families to send their kids to school. The target is always the children. 

Im sure you probly noticed by now the Officers commanding Afro Americans during the war would control Indians afterward.

Morgan wanted to change the paradigm of Indian Education from residential to the ‘Common Normal’ system.

A YMCA at the Carlisle facility connects us back to Comstock and JP Morgan, their pet religious front project. 

The title of this one is about the girls exercising with ”Indian Sticks” idk what an Indian stick is but I know those look like jester sticks that the clowns juggle. I think we been had. 

 Heres a good article about a researcher named Red Star, (Get it, Red Star like the magick sigil) that was putting together a tribal photo album and noticed early photoshopping and props associated with the Expo pics. She pretends she doesn’t realize what she has stumbled into and barely acknowledges the implications. Of course they’re faked, silly goose. It’s in the AtlasObscura website, they do know about the Indian psy-op, which is why they printed the story to begin with. Modern gatekeepers M.O. is to point out flaws in old narratives and smooth them out, its probable she did know about her fantasy background. Spook status would explain how she got the exhibit at the art museum in the first place. She is a representative of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, another JP Morgan connection. Of course she knows they’re faked, thats why she wrote the article.

*See William Clark of Lewis and Clark, was head of Bureau of Indian Affairs, timeline conflicts with McKenny. Lewis and Clark was a fake expedition and the name Clark is like a brand. 

*See Also: Molly Pitcher  fake American Revolution heroine

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