Indian Family Illustration. By Gleason Dime Novels, and Other Fake Indian Paintings

Fake Indian Imagery published by F. Gleason in Boston.

Alex Gleason also inserted Flat Earth Map into Boston Public Library at the same time, sorry flat earthers, Gleason map is a fake, it even has a patent number, just the same as the Gleason Indian Family. Its a fake history narrative put on by the same families as all the other psychological warfare operations.

America was repopulated, not Colonized.

Gleason Weekly was prominent publisher of illustrations and introduced ’Dime Novels’, called the Father of Illustrated Journalism. These are the people scripting the American history, Dime Novelist and circus sideshowman. They only provide support for the script written by the original Art Spooks, crazy French Aristocrats.

Rivals with PT Barnum (by rival I mean partner) who propped up the fake Indian as entertainment, not just American Indians but all Indigenous Peoples and would eventually evolve into the Human Zoo at the World Fairs.

Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show was another form of entertainment that secured the Native American hoax as historical fact. Cody’s actors and performers would make up the army of ‘Indians’ that were later filmed by Edison to document all the details on the newly developed movie picture. This would take the place of illustrations like the fake Indian family.


Parson is another family of generational spook operatives. Had to include their contribution to the Native American Indian hoax. Note the ‘Hidden Hand’ variation, its a dead giveaway. The word ‘Indian’ must pertain to any group of dark skinned, no technology, subservient peoples. India was repopulated first so the derogatory term for the feral survivors was just used all over the world regardless of location, the word describes a class, not a location. We get some bullshit about Columbus should’ve made a left at Albuquerque and mistakenly thought he was in India so he called them by the word name and it just kinda stuck… or some shit. Truth is not that he never ‘discovered’ America, truth is there was no Columbus, period.

The Prophet

Another early portrait, this one featuring the one- eye symbolism is titled the Prophet. Any kind of paranormal religious person or experience is a marker. This is supposed to be some kind of spiritual leader of a group of combined tribes. Painted by Charles Bird for the War Department.

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