Maps of Tartarian Empire; Independent Tartary, Chinese Tartary. By Sidney Morse

Tartaria was a real place on real maps, so it would seem, but dont forget the maps themselves are coming from the same people that script everything about history. I just mean dont fall into the trap that every Olde World building is Tartarian or that they were the center off this vast world-wide advanced civilization like Atlantis. It was featured on maps and for whatever reason was removed and then we had fake maps. The original maps were just as fake.

I would like to see his boundaries superimposed of a map of the Great Wall. It wasnt Chinese. Who knows how old it is, the Wall is a tourist trap set up like a movie set designed to look a certain way. The sections you see in magazines like Nat Geo are newer than the rest, probs a few hundred years.

Sidney Morse was a mapmaker picking up where his father left off in establishing imaginary names and boundaries of a Post-Reset world. His maps of Asia include the Tartarian Empire.

Sidney also followed in his fathers footsteps of using a religious front by publishing a Christian newspaper, The New York Observer. Media control isnt a new thing. It was installed, not hi-jacked.

Owning a religious based newspaper and being a map-maker is a perfect way to prop up a fake narrative to control the population. Here we see both talents put to work on the same project, a map of the Wandering Jews trek through the desert

Brother of Samuel Morse, most famous bc his name is attached to the telegraph and code bearing his name. Prolific painter of fake timeline historic events like the signing of the Declaration. The art spooks wrote the narrative with their imagery.

Son of Jedidiah, Important Reset figure established Missionary schools and USGS. The missionary schools were an intelligence network that propped up the fake westward expansion and wild savage Indian hoax. The “father of Geography” was the first to catalog the landscape; rivers, mountains, towns… This meant he made the first maps of the post-mudflood territory and could write in his own “Indian villages” and then send in his own trained spies pretending to be from the church.

Jedidiah Morse

Born in 1791, to a Calvinist Preacher. Oh sure, hes a man of the cloth, that means he would never tell a lie or do a wrong deed right? His father Jedidiah graduated from Yale in 1783, and was a teacher in New Haven 

J. Morse is remembered as the ‘Father of Geography’, wrote authoritative books on American geography in the late 1700’s, cataloguing names of rivers, towns, mountains, streets, etc. In this way he was able to create or erase populated areas on demand. They needed new post-mudflood maps. Later Jed switched to writing children’s books. 

Jedidiah introduced the Bavarian Illuminati threat to America, for the first time, in a sermon delivered May 9th 1797. It was used as fearmongering a perceived threat, like covid, or space nukes or terrorism. His warning that there was an elite group hiding in the shadows trying to take over the world is a smokescreen, they were just beginning the installation already, he was one of them. He is said to have gotten his ideas from a newly published book “Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments in Europe”, published 1790 by John Robison. We have already touched on who controls the printing industry, this book never would’ve made it out unless it was supposed to. Jedi’s sermon was part of a broader potential-threat fear campaign with sermons coming from Institutions like Yale, Harvard, Brown and Dartmouth, Phi Beta Kappa schools, suggest it was standard smokescreen still used today. Furthermore, it is part of the ramp up to the election scandal of 1800, another tie that went to the house of reps. It is known as the Illuminati Election and the scandal was completely manufactured. Any explanations are political rhetoric that offer nothing useful. Anything Aaron Burr is associated with is pretty creepy. 

Big Jed also had sermons for the Boston Female Asylum, which appears as an early fem project, board members include Elizabeth Perkins, Mary Hubbard, Sarah Bowdoin, and Ann Green. The Asylum served as an orphanage and was connected with the Massachusetts Board of Charities. 

Also included is his chronicles of the American Revolution and bio of George Washington, both works of literary fiction. A general history of the Americas with short bios of individual leaders… sure.  

Jedi also wrote as an agent for the US War Dept on ‘Indian Affairs’; conditions and suggestions on how to improve ‘civilization’ of the American Indians. He catalogues more tribes, adding to our collection of a handfuls of people that scripted American History. In 1820 he toured the North West Territory for a summer to document the tribes. I doubt he went anywhere. In 1824 he produced another work in his Am Rev Annals about the Indian Wars on the east coast. His books were the foundation the Human Zoos were built on, the tribes went from written manifestations to visual. Transmutation. 

  • *See Also: Whiskey Rebellion and XYZ Affair 


Samuel Morse (R) depicted on the 2-dollar silver certificate, 1896. The left is Robert Fulton who is credited for inventing the steam engine riverboat, but when Mark Twain shows up at the World Fair in Jamestown to celebrate his 100 anno you know its all fake. 

Rough timeline of Sammy Morse: 

1810 graduates Phi Beta Kappa from Yale 

1811 opens lady’s academy 

1813 won gold medal for sculpture by Arts of Adelphi Arts Company 

1825 founded NY Drawing Association 

1826 founded National Academy of Design (Society of Fine Arts), first Prez for 19yrs 

1835 he is art teacher at NYU 

1838 develops dots and dashes code with Alfred Vail 

1839 on a return trip to Paris meets Daguerre and is early promoter of photography in the US press 

1840 files his telegraph patent 

1842 Morse and Colt link underwater cable to Manhattan Brooklyn and jersey 

1843 obtains 30k from congress to run cable from Baltimore to DC, supreme court chamber to train station, ‘What hath God wrought’ 

1854 supreme court case, patent rights victory 

1861- founding trustee to Vassar womens college. 

1908 SOS code adopted internationally in Geneva. 

*Friends with Ellsworth at patent office 

One way Sam Morse continued in his father legacy of writing a false history was thru art. Morse was a well known portrait painter and did such pieces as the landing of the pilgrims and an oversized Hall of Congress and portrait of Marquee Lafayette. He also did the pagan gods Dying Hercules and Judgement of Jupiter 

  Sammys invention of the telegraph included Leonard Gale, fellow NYU professor, and Alfred Lewis Vail. Vail is the person that conceived Morse Code. Morse wanted a system of numbers but Vail utilized the dots and dashes method. Another connection we might get to one day is the participation of his cousin Theodore Vail, founder and first Prez of AT&T. 

History says he failed to get capitol hill behind his telegraph invention in 1838, then he went to Europe to failed to get their approval, when he returned in 1840 all of a sudden, he had political support and received his patent. He already had established contact in Europe, traveling to study ‘art’ in his younger days. 

In 1850 the telegraph was caught up in a ‘patent thicket’, 5 companies were developing the machine but the Supreme Court decided with Morse as the inventor.  

Amos Kendall grave site

 Amos Kendall reenters here where he joins forces with Morse and Vail to create the Magnetic Telegraph Company, to install personal telegraph wires. Kendall appears as their lawyer in a precedent setting landmark case. It seems the case was about controlling the preexisting telegraph lines. I see the telegraph lines either were already there, much like the railroads, they were just claimed and not built, or, the infrastructure was being put in place regardless of who is in control, much like the 5G grid. The person politician that originally funded morse was Frances Smith, who also happened to be head of the company in the Supreme Court case, Western Telegraph Company. It seems this company was created only to gridlock the court system. This is Frankie’s sepulcher in the photo above 

Speaking of the railroads, they adopted the telegraph in 1851, there is some bullshit bedtime story about scheduling conflicts and safety and efficiency but they are the same force. The telegraph project is a subsidiary of the RR Syndicate. There is a bronze and granite monument dedicating the spot where the merging of RR and telegraph took place, most gov monuments are bedtime stories, esp. the bronze and granite. Or marble. The bronze portion was 6ft x 3.3ft and a 13 ft granite base. It’s all in the numbers, right? Contributors were Tommy Edison, Andrew Carnegie and Theodore Vail, but most funds were said to come from employees. Harriman donated the granite. Dedication included hundreds of school children waving American flags. The plaque was stolen by a rail company in an effort to ‘protect’ it and pressured to return it in 1980. By 1990 it was missing again and remains so to this day. The monument suffers heavy vandalism and the remains sit in an abandoned track bed.  

The famous first words ‘What Hath Goad Wrought’ was taken from Numbers 23:23 and credit goes to Annie Ellsworth, daughter of Patent Commissioner Henry Ellsworth. This could be a clue as to how Morse was chosen to win the patent thicket, bribe the commissioner with such a roll for his daughter, to pick out the first words ever transmitted. Although, here again we find that these in fact are not the first words. In earlier test runs the words transmitted were “A patient waiter is no loser”. The rest of the transmission was about Henry Clay nominated for US Prez. This occurred on May1st, May Day, Feast of Beltane… we’ll get back to that later. 

In the 1850’s Morse was received by King Frederick VIII of Denmark, who bestowed him honor of Order of Dannebrog, just another UK chivalry side-piece, for window dressing. He was also given window dressing medals from the Prussian king and was made a Chevalier in the French Legion. That’s a pretty common one we’ll come across. 

Kinda strange he got all them awards considering how pro-slavery he was. His paper ‘An Argument for the Ethical Position of Slavery put forth that slavery is not a sin, it’s a social condition ordained since the beginning by the Divine Wisdom. He also was anti-Catholic and anti-immigration; he wrote a paper titled Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the US’ which he attacked ‘popery’. This also would go back to his father and his role in the anti-illuminati campaign.  

Sammys second wife was Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, married in ‘48… The Morse family tree doesn’t fork so naturally if you know what I mean, father and son of one family married mother and daughter of another family, that of Henry Livingston, choosing Locust Grove as their home. Locust grove was accessible by Eerie Canal. Sammy has a bronze statue in NY Central Park. 

*See Also: Charles Minot Esq  

‘What hath God Wrought’ monument

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