Pre-History Deafblind Pedagogues: Rouchefoucauld, Le’Epee, Huay, Sicard, Pereira, Baphomet

Maison Philantropique De Paris and La Rochefoucauld 

The world’s oldest Philanthropical society, formed in 1780 in Paris This was a subscription-based system where members paid a monthly dues and received a card in return which could be given to a beneficiary anywhere within the city. Many of the members were also organizers of the International Industrial Expos, with names like La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, who would sponsor the world’s first public vaccine campaign, that would make the vaccine campaign a Reset project, after the past few years weve had Im not sure anybody would argue. The Society would spend a lot of time and resources dedicated to war orphans. In a time of Reset, this was everyone, these were the Inheritors.  

For some reason this class is obsessed with ‘helping’ the Blind and Deaf community. It was at the proposal of La Roche to relocate all the young blind and deafmute pupils to one location in 1790. The place is called the Couvent des Célestins, an ancient convent dedicated to the Celestine Order. These were monks that took their name from pope Celestin in the 1300’s…at least that’s what they say. If this was a special detachment to the Pope that would make them more like Jesuits or Templars, as we saw in Zurich with Ignaz Scherr and the seminary, the local office of the Order is connected to a school for the blind. 

Most of the Royal Tomb was destroyed. It was more like a statue garden where the rich people just decided to start burying themselves. Many people today claim the perfection cannot have been done by traditional means and suggest some poured type of resin or unknown cutting technology.

This is a picture of some of the few surviving pieces of statuary and what the place looked like after the mudflood and reset. Why would the newly established order give the best places to some deaf and blind orphans? they dont

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The cornerstone was found in 1847 that says the foundation was laid in 1365. Just because the chapel cornerstone says one date that doesn’t mean the convent is the same age. It is standard procedure to ascribe newer dates and names to older structures.  The convent was a royal sepulcher with only one other place known for the funerary sculpture art of such museum caliber. Some of the works have been preserved in engravings but most the tombs and statuary were destroyed during the French Revolution, which is a cover story for the great reset. The grave sites were destroyed as part of the Reset, stolen history. Some of the pieces were recovered, so we’re told, and moved to a new location. The quality is such that many people today doubt that techniques of the day couldn’t’ve made this possible and see evidence of stone cutting technology or poured concrete or resin.

My point is what is a blue blooded Resetter doing moving a troop of deafblind mutes to a location like this? Consider the timing too, this place was ground zero for the Storming of the Bastille just a few months before hand. So that means the place is demolished right? Then why move there. The ground itself has always been home to a military presence even before the Celestin Order it belonged to another crusade faction called the Carmelites. I don’t believe the crusades existed either, just another part of the Dark Ages myth that covers for the Reset. There was no place to go in Europe that wasn’t destroyed, even royalty of the day stayed in hotels. Hotels were the only things open for travelers. Labels were made up to compartmentalize everything to help disguise it, stuff like invisible land borders, language barriers… There wasn’t a slew of different revolutions spread out over a long time, it was one. One Reset event on a world scale. It didn’t all happen at once but they are all tied together, it’s still going on today in scenarios like Ukraine. 

The history of the Celestine Convent also includes housing the deafblind school of Abbe Sicard, student of L’Epee in 1791 and one of Valentine Hauy in 1795. Perhaps they are counted differently but are the same, I’m saying LaRoche placed both the schools there and funds came from the society, maybe he gave it to Sicard but he fucked up so three years later they tried out Hauy. I think Sicard was a fictional character and just an intro for Huay. LeRoche was fictional as well. There has to be a name and face ascribed to the deed being done. The person is not as important as the deed. Laroche is the Parisian George Washington, they even hung out for awhile, nobody from this time period existed as a flesh and blood person but were made up to give the Orphan Immigrant class a false sense of History.

In any case the Societies own records say they were the ones that paid for the school and Roche was responsible for placement but I think he just claims it, like they do everything, including the royal sculpture garden and necropolis. The convent was used to house militia both before the occupancy of the blind schools, and after they departed the army moved back in. So, what I’m getting is the whole show starts. I think it is relevant the Philanthropic Society printed their reports in the Journal Art. That helps fill in some gray areas connecting the art world. 

In 1795 Hauy presented his case to the Society, he had been working on educating a blind beggar, whatever they were really doing must’ve been good. He took his presentation to the king and was given a post at Notre Dame. This was a recruitment drive, a big increase in students came with popularity. That tells me there was no blind beggar, well maybe an agent posing as one but the story is bullshit. Just about everything that happens in the deafblind education arena is built off this connection. It goes all the way back to the Beginning; This is the beginning off the Repopulation, its already in place helping hold up false history at the beginning.

The Philanthropic Society continued to serve in this manner until about the year 1795, when it had to fold bc of the Revolution. It continued under a different name to help survivors of the Reset, running soup kitchens and keeping furnaces running in the winter, eventually the group was reorganized and given its original name back around 1801… Or so they say, I think they presented a fake background as part of the bigger picture of a false history to an orphan class. 

1801 is the beginning of the current world. We have been in a constant state of refinment the control grid since this time. this tells me ALL the early members are fictional and the first part is scripted to give the return something to base itself on. They couldnt just show up and expect as much as to have such a prestigious past.

Ancient ruins built on top of ancient ruins

this is the La Rochefoucauld castle. I chose this bc it shows where one ancient structure is built on top of the ruins of another. The brochure says the same family has own this since for over a thousand years. What a crock of shit. The name was ascribed to the family to give it a self-validating prestige and illegitimate claim to power and authority. Roche was an original member of the society, the fabricated background part, strike 2. And 3, he goes and hangs out with the Founding Fathers, Washington and Jefferson, we will go over many instances that indicate that even if these people lived as flesh and blood humans the truth is so far removed from who they really are and what they did that school history books are fairy tales.  

Abbe Charles Michael de L’Epee 

Speaking of historic fictitious icons lets finally get around to L’Epee, there’s slot of gray area here, a lot of conflicting reports. On one hand you have the manualist camp, this guy is like their patron saint, developing the first system of sign language on which rests every single manual communications system in the world. On the other corner are the audists, the group that takes the signing away and replaces it with lip reading and vocalization mimicking, they claim their side derives straight from L’Epee himself. So, what could it be? Can’t be both, unless… 

There are a couple things I find extremely suspicious to say the least and I call this gentleman’s entire existence into question. Actually, I just made that sound more sensational than it really is. This one wasn’t that hard to tell, he exists only in lying history books. I mean he isn’t real, like all the rest, maybe there really was a person with this name that they are paying tribute to, its very likely. However, they are so far removed from the person in the history books as to be complete fantasy. 

Credited with opening the first free public school for the deafmute community around 1760. Epee translates into ‘Sword’, so we have the Father of the Sword. When considered as a weapon against his chosen people this sounds appropriate. Why else would he receive this title? 

Let’s look at a few things in his bio, his bio incidentally written by the Atlantic Monthly is a tell automatically. I write extensively about Atlantic and their role as a Hall of Records and gatekeeper for fake history and false flag psychological warfare operations, also NYTimes and Harpers Weekly, all of them I guess but some are worse than others bc they are aware of what they are doing, they aren’t a proxy echochamber, its not like they were hijacked or bought out, they were founded for this very purpose. The article goes all the way back to 1858 too, they are refining his bio, even all the way back then. The first part of the article is all build up, if you aren’t familiar with Atlantic that’s their Modus Operandi, to use really complex word groupings in an attempt to sound poetic but is really just to confuse the average reader so that even if they do fumble their way through the literature that meaning is lost, it just sounds so good rolling off the tongue who cares what it says right. The standard whitewashing job. 

The next thing that jumps out is his childhood, he is son of an architect to the king, Louis XV, in 1712. This would be a very high-ranking position. Some of the most beautiful architecture in the world is said to have come from this period and location, I think by architect they are using the code word for the ‘Great Work’. Freemasons call themselves architects, they call their god the grand architect of the universe, it holds special meaning in esoteric circles and secret societies, this is what they mean when they say Epee is a son of the Kings architect, it means it’s a special interest project for the elites, nothing at all about building design, unless you are talking about self-validating claims and attaching names and dates to another’s work, then yeah, he that kind of architect also, the closest he got to those buildings was chiseling his name over somebody else’s cornerstone. 

The fall out with the church is just foreshadowing, the scriptwriters have to explain why he has such a strong calling, they make it a religious experience for him. It’s interesting they repeat he uses in his own letters he must serve the church, not the deity, the organization, this will come back up later. Jesuits are just name-dropping; they are using the bad-boy angle most people associate with the Jesuits and add even more virtue signaling to ‘Epee by throwing in there the falling out was due to his refusal to join them. First, he goes to law school, then back to the church, then some more beef with the Jesuits, I guess they assume we already forgot he was supposedly the son of the Kings architect, this means he could’ve been in any post he wanted. Epee would’ve been a Jesuit by default if he was ever real; this people are generational Spooks and there is no initiation for such a high office. 

One of the most useful things about these kinds of articles is all the namr dropping. Everything is so compartmentalized people skip right over the names without putting the connections together. “They only mention their own and keep with similar classified persons; all the names associated with Epee in this article is a special interest project all of its own, but similar in nature or status. The story of how Epee gets involved with deaf education comes to us from multiple sources throughout the years, each one seemingly connected to either the phantom or the institution, this makes each account null and void since I don’t consider self-validation credible. There are inconsistencies between the stories, which could be expected from being so long ago and allegedly surviving the Revolution, but if you look closer each article merely bridges gaps in the others, making connections for the reader which the author can fill in whatever they want. For example, the story of the twins wasn’t officially ‘proven’ until 1879 with the accidental discovery of some unknown documents buried in an attic or something, (depends on who you ask) this discovery made it possible to ‘correct’ errors in previous bios. See how this shit works. Anytime history is ‘corrected’ by accidental discoveries you better take a good look at who did the discovering bc the are most likely fabricated. 

The story of the twins: l’Epee went into a house where a set of twins were doing needlepoint and refused to acknowledge his greetings. At first, he thought they were just rude then the mother comes in and gives some sob story about how the girls teacher recently died and blah blah blah. Epee agrees to take the girls to continue their education, the Atlantic article cites the eulogy of Babian, a teacher of Epee’s school written in 1819, he states, “Believing that ‘these two unfortunates would live in die in ignorance of religion if I made no effort to instruct them…’ ” So again, here we see it is not the object of worship that is important to him, he didn’t say ‘ignorance of God’, he says ‘religion’ this is a huge distinction. Overall, the story is very similar to Gallaudet finding the little girl in the woods, I guess the scriptwriters found a good one and stuck with it. 

Atlantic brings up another pioneer of the deaf education world, Jacob Rodriguez Pereira, who six years earlier taught a few high-ranking muties how to speak. A Sephardi-Marrano Cryptojew, Jacob charged outrageous fees while at the same time swearing his pupil to secrecy. It was the Society bearing his name that orchestrated the Milian Conference of 1880. His sons and grandsons built the first railroad and started an early central banking system… yeah so pretty obvious this guy didn’t exist as flesh and blood either. There is even some fake letters between the two, comparing each other’s methods. Pereira kept his secret and his life papers were destroyed in a fire at the same time he passed away., his methods remain secret. The Royal Academy of Sciences was deeply involved with both of them, which lends something to the credibility of those guys, but we already knew Rochefoucauld was a top member, so tis reinforces what we already suspected. I think Pereira is made Jewish in history books in order to make deafmute education more of a business plan. P- only helped those that could afford it. If every fake pioneer worked out of the kindness of their heart than it would be expected all the time, add a celebrity factor of the high ranking muties and hi-priced sales tags and future generations can make it quite profitable. It just fits better that he was a Jew. Also, he fits nicely into a slow evolving linear timeline model where he fits inbetween a higher and lower stage. 

Epee’s emissaries sprout open schools all throughout Europe and into Russia, he is known to have refused job offers in America. This is another instance of deeds needing a person to ascribe themselves to. The schools sprung up everywhere bc it was a centralized control grid.

There is a funny story about a 77-year-old Epee that refused to buy firewood to keep warm in the winter till the point his students threw themselves down at his feet did he buy the fuel which he never forgave himself for spending funds of the school. Is that garbage or what. Does anyone remember the part about him being born of aristocrat status. That story is complete bullshit. 

Statue of L’Epee idsguised statue of Baphomet. They try to hide it behind some books but I see you.

One major flaw in this story is the incontinuity surrounding his death. Most sources put it at 1790, or 1791, right at the end of the Revolution when his school is nationalized by the French Govt and his role at the Institute is succeeded by his protégé, Sicard. This Atlantic article puts his death at 1781, a decade before later biographies. A bronze memorial was erected in his honor in 1843. Only the real good scams get bronzed, Epee gets himself at least 2, one in Paris and one in front of St Mary’s Deaf School in Buffalo NY in 1930 by alumni Eugene Hannon. To the left is Epee’s bronze featuring the ’As above, So below’ hand gestures of Baphomet. They try to hide it by placing a book in his hand but you can still tell. The other bronze is located in the courtyard of the National Institute of the Deaf Youth, sculpted by school alumni Felix Martin. Martin won medals at the Paris Exhibition of 1889, the world fair that gave us the Eiffel Tower, and a knight in the Legion of Honor, 1879. 

The comment made by Heinrich Keller that he learned directly from Epee his methods on instructing deaf to vocalize goes directly opposite to what his namesake represents. The thing is, this comes to us from a third party so you have to keep that in mind, not only that but a Hoffmeister, anything they are associated with you can bet is a psychological warfare operation. First off, I’m sure Keller never existed in flesh and bone, as is the case with anybody that is connected with one phantom their own existence is in question, these spooks are inserted into fake history for self validating claim to entitlement. Hoffman is propping up one lie with another, one fictional character with another, as is their Modus Operandi. Or he could be lying about Epee’s methodology, trying to tarnish his good image or insert oralism into a positive spotlight like Epee was an audist all along and it was the manual camp that is lying about Epee’s system, If Epee is good and Epee taught oralism than Oralism is good. I think its just supposed to just muddy the waters and add confusion. none of this part of history is real, Hoffmeister himself is an insert by someone from much later that put their own name in. Other spooks all throughout history will see his name and know who tagged it. Its a type of Graffiti.

Another note comes to us from Bebian, another acolyte of Epee two generations or so down the line. Bebian writes the eulogy for Epee and coming from so far removed from the source it is plausible he just printed this from thin air just to support his own camp. He just attached Epee’s name to the doc and nobody ever questioned its authenticity. In fact, there would be a concerted effort to promote the doc regardless of its contents, they are promoting a fictitious character, or cares what he says as long as HE said it, right? A partial translation comes down to us from the internet translation deity. Epee’s lost work is titled ‘The Art of Teaching the Deaf and Mute to Speak”. This provides us with a window of his methods:  

“When I want to try to teach a deaf-mute person to speak something, I start by making him wash his hands, until they are really clean. So, I draw an “a” on the table, and taking his hand, I bring his fourth finger into my mouth to the second joint; after that I pronounce strongly, and several times, “a”, and I make him observe that my tongue remains quiet, and does not rise to touch his finger. Then I write on my table an “è”. I pronounce it several times several times strongly, the finger of my disciple being always in my mouth: I point out to him that my tongue rises, and pushes his finger to my palate: then removing his finger, I again pronounce this same letter, and make him observe that my tongue widens and approaches the canine teeth, and that my mouth is not so open…” 

I don’t see any mention of signaling or gesticulating. Seems like writing and lip reading to me. I guess his mother never told him about putting your fingers in another person’s mouth. You can see my confusion here, there is no continuity so somebody is not telling the truth. Wait a minute, this is the same creepy thing that Alexander G Bell said he did to his dog… he stick his hand down his throat and manipulated his mouthparts to growl in a certain manner so the dog appeared to be speaking. Crazy right, We’ll talk more about this later. I bet this is where it comes from, when I read the story I thought what an odd thing to record. AGB was one of the most vilified characters in the Oralist camp, why would he jump from Epee’s script unless they were from the same school? 

Toward the end of his life he was moved by Rochefoucauld and the Royal Academy of Sciences and the Maison Philantropic to the Celestine Convent. All that is fairy-tale history. The Convent was a necropolis, ossuary for the Elites, not even part of the regular catacombs, along with the Pantheon. No way some artspook would use this for a deafblind school. At the royal catacombs? Yeah sure. 

Once it become nationalized the Deafblind institutes home-base elevated even farther to the seminary of St Magloire, where it still stands today. 

Valentin Hauy 

 The school was the first of its kind devoted to the education of the blind. Founded by Valentin Hauy in 1785. Born into a family of weavers Hauy was the son of a full time Loomer that also held a position in the Premonstrant abbey, Premonstratensians were a catholic order dating back to the 10th century and claimed to form the cradle of a ’new order’. Hauy is said to have spoken 10 languages and earned the titled of Interpreter for King Louis XVI. That’s a big one, any kind of direct relationship with communication is a clue, and royalty, this guy hits them both.

His idea to create a place for the education for the blind is said to have come from a humanitarian standpoint, thanx to a group of Blind being humiliated for entertainment he was compelled to give them their own books to read. Well, that is noble. he is teamed up with Epee, father of the National Institute for Deafmutes, but i could find no direct relationship. Huay devised an embossed writing system and taught his first blind student how to read. The success was published in the French national newspaper and applauded by the Academy of Sciences. The next year the National Institute for Blind Youths was financed by the first royal Philanthropic Society. The Society was subscription based where the donor would receive a card to be honored anywhere within the city for any services necessary. The names of the founding Philanthropic Society are also the names of the early International Expo organizers. This embossed language seems to be the key to this place. It’s not blindness but the language that connects all the people surrounding it. Of course, it’s a cover for Military Intelligence, they don’t actually care about blind ppl, it’s about the all forms of communication are psychopathically rooted out. Hauy traveled to St Petersburg at the invitation of the Czar and opened a school. On the way to Russia, he had a meeting with William III of Prussian and opened a school in Berlin. This was the first school for the blind in Prussia, ran by Johann August Zeune, another geographer and linguistics master. This shows a coordinated international structure, all these countries are in on it, they are all the same. This would include the Zurich chapter overseen by Heinrich Keller. So here we have this product of an ancient religious order traveling all over the world opening schools at the behest of all these royal families, that teaches a method of transferring information that you can use in the dark… nothing creepy here, the royals just really got caught up in blind-awareness back then. That’s his monument to the left, anyone worthy to be remembered in statue form is one of them, they only remember their own, you can see here the finger resting on the jaw ’thinking man’ pose gives it away. It is clear Hauy didn’t devise the first embossed language, that thread goes in many directions, what he did was got the first free public school opened. These institutions were vocational training centers more so than academic places.  

The Pantheon Club was comprised of 1%er Jacobin revolutionaries, they directed the ‘Reign of Terror’ segment of the French Revolution which got 10’s of thousands of people guillotined. They get their name from their headquarters was the Pantheon in Paris, a powerful scam with an Olde World megastructure on top. The crypt is said to the resting place of Louis Braille coincidentally. Reign of terror is where we get the word terrorist today, Hauy was labeled a terrorist and arrested and released several times during the French Revolution, He is removed from his position at the school but still given a paycheck? Makes no sense, this also is right before he went to found schools in Prussia and St Pete, like some kind of Johny Appleseed. 

Charlie Barbier 

This is the school that Louis Braille was ‘awarded’ a scholarship to but the story of him meeting a traveling soldier there as a child and adopting his ‘night writing’ are bed-time stories. Both braille and his mentor are both fictional characters. Charlie Barbier would be what we would call today an early cryptographer, specifically developing a type of communication that could be read in the dark. History 

 says he fled to America during the French Revolution; his military record shows he served as captain for 2 days before resigning. Sounds like a intel mission to me, especially when Napolean offered amnesty for the draft dodgers. He recruited from the aristocracy and wouldn’t really send his own kind to the front-line. In America he wrote to Washington for a job in the military citing 8 yrs of service for the French, the letter is held by the library of congress, Washingtons reply is not. Well duh, Washington was a fictitious character. Eventually Barbier ends up in Kentucky. A lot of power players center around Kentucky, more than you’d might expect a backwoods mountain town. There are some deeds for land in primo location suggest they are fake as well, Inherited. There is a wide gap of missing time from 1800-1808 then a book appears with his name in Paris about a form of shorthand writing and includes mention of a series of creases and cuts in the paper as a method of communication. There is also a blunted punch and slotted rule system as well. No mention of using it for the blind, hes still strictly mil-intel.  

This is the same time frame Hauy is Appleseeding blind schools all over Eurasia which means Barbie probly reappeared bc of common interests surrounding the blind language.

  • In 1815 he publishes another book with numerous methods. The object is to create a simple method to communicate without writing implements and can be read in the dark. 
  • In 1819 he makes his presentation at the Louvre Products of Industry Exhibition, which is the fifth World Fair according to some people, there a confusing by-laws and guidelines as to what actually considers to be recognized as a WF and what is just an ordinary industrial exposition. The debriefing at the expo indicates it is high on the list and had been in development on a world scale for quite some time now, these things don’t just appear. 
  • By 1821 Barbier had had his method introduced and in use by the NIBY where the students could take notes and reread them later. Before that time the school was still using the Hauy system which was more of a raised letter instead of a point mark. Louis Braille, who was only 12 when he was attending the period where he was taught both methods. There are numerous correspondence letters in possession of the Institute today that document the relationship between Braille and Barbier, they would indicate braille didn’t make improvements on either system but developed his own unique method. 
  • In 1834 Charlie writes a book about using the nursery schools of the working classes to prepare them for their ‘intellectual emancipation’. Teaching the children of the Orphan class to go out and teach more Orphan children. He also suggested NIBY to be a central school, where grads would go out and teach everyone else. Considering Hauy had taken his show on the road two and a half decades earlier I’d say this is either a fake letter or he is covering for them. 

In 1878 Braille was featured at the Paris International Expo, alongside the head of the Statue of Liberty (the torch was featured a few Expos earlier and the rest followed not too long after, so the story goes.), a human zoo, several sewing machine displays, the typewriter. Alexander graham Bell with his telephone, Edison with some of his hi-jacked patents, the megaphone and phonograph. The of the most popular displays was a solar powered steam engine. The world largest parabolic mirror was designed to focus sun beams onto a kettle which heated up and the steam produced energy. The gold medal went to a variation that sent directed sun-energy to a kettle that was a heat activated refrigeration system… a solar powered ice-maker. Are you familiar with the frozen water trade that was monopolized in Boston and the necessity of ice in developing countries? This is death ray technology and clean energy alternative that is 150 years old, where has the advancements here gone? 

The World Fairs where a cover for a lot of the Reset infrastructure is to be installed. Specialized groups and their clandestine counterparts could have reunions and debriefings and plan the path of development in the post-reset world. This is no doubt the context of the first deaf congress prior to Milan. For the blind experience this was in the form of the International Congress for the Amelioration of the Condition of Blind People, whew, that’s a mouthful, even though Louis Braille died in 1852 of consumption his method was the one chosen, or at least his name was the one attached to the decided world system in 1878. America still used multiple techniques. It would be 1917 before the system was centralized in the US and an international standard wasn’t completely effective until the 1930’s. This is partly because of Howe and all the work they had put it at Perkins. Not only was Howe a prestigious name but they already had a Ruggles printing press and had started putting out books. The books were a Boston Line Type/Ruggles tag team. Also, the dot wars were part of the overall attack on the blind community. In just a single lifetime the official language went from Boston Line to NY point, NY Point to American Braille, American Braille to Revised Braille 1.5, RB 1.5 to grade 2. Simon Pollack is said to have brought Braille to America for the first time in 1860 after seeing it in practice during a trip to Europe. Pollack was also a member of the US Sanitation Commission with Sammy Howe and Dorothea Dix during the Civil War That’s bullshit, history just had to have a place for him somewhere just so his family could be included… and at the St Louis chapter of the Missouri Institute for the Blind. Same with Bell, superintendent of the private NYSB, the Wait method was another Bell project, even his NYTimes obit reminds readers he descends from Mayflower passengers. William Bell Wait devised his technique in the early 1860’s. This is not saying that these people are the most qualified or experienced, they have their names in history books bc of their ancestry and any contribution period was going to be praised. Wait method was known as New York Point, it received medals at the 1873 International Expo in Vienna and ’75 in Chili. 

  • the first deaf congress in Milan is where it was decided on a world stage to ban sign language as a method of communication for deaf people

* See Also: Blind pianist Maria Theresa Paradis 


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    1. Thank you for the kind words. I’m getting better at writing so it is easy to understand. I also know what to look for now that I missed before. It is an easy concept once you get a few parameters down. Our world culture is very young. The ancient heritage and first nations people are all scripted. The World Fairs are one of the most important aspects. Please subscribe so you catch my next article. I always thought India and China were the first places to repopulate and therefore the oldest cultures but it is the opposite. Some regions of Asia weren’t available to the West until 1950-90, when they hit the rest of the world we were told about how old they were but really the ancient temples were only like 75 years old. Built by elite art academies in Europe. They are still coming out with new sites today that are only a few dozen years old. The challenging part is that there are so few records but that also makes it the easiest bc so much less bullshit to sift through. The same outline used to insert first nations in north America is used to insert ancient cultures on the international stage. Fake a war to keep outsiders away and recruit ‘indigenous’ people to build the site and their ancestors protect it by calling it holy sacred ground. Survey expeditions and engineering groups are an important element too. .. idk how far from publishing, it keeps wanting to branch out in every direction the hardest part is staying focused on one thread. You need context, the more you know the more you know.
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