St Magloire and the St Jacques du Haut Pas, Home of the First Blind School

St Magloire and the St Jacques du Haut Pas  

The Institute started by Father of the Sword was permanently moved to the seminary of St Magloire after spending some time in the royal catacombs. That’s a pretty big move, this will be the home base of the whole movement for the next two and a half centuries, they don’t just happen by chance. Lets take a peek at the Ministry of Truth page for this guy. 

two clear visible ages of construction, who built it? the guy with a donkey and wagon?

Magloire was born in the sixth century to Welsh royalty, made an abbot at the local monastery before a visiting angel told him to relocate to Sark Island where he opens a community of 62 monks. If that doesn’t set some warning bells off just you wait. One of the miracles attributed to Magloire was he cured the deaf daughter of Nivo, of Guernsey, after which he was given huge amounts of land. That’s another commonality, land grabs. People use fake history to steal the choice lands and buildings. Its fun to read all these old histories even knowing they’re all fraudulent; sift through and find whatever breadcrumbs are left behind. Noteworthy is that the legend of the patron saint involves healing a high-status deaf child. Farther on there is an account of Viking raiders sacking his monk community of Sark, once they tried to open the tomb of Magloire they all went blind and attacked each other. So heres a blind and deaf reference to the guy that 1500 years later would open the first deafmute school in the world. Any details will have to be translated 

The Jacques in the name of the church is in reference to the Jacobin Club in the area at the time of the Revolution that did most of the agitating. It was also the center of Jansenism; Jansen was the Augustine movement that opposed Jesuits. It was Epée’s ties to Jansenism that got him blackballed from a career path with the church. The church contains the tomb of the introducer of Jansenism, which Im sure by now that when they say ‘tomb’ they are talking about the 200 miles of catacombs that exist under the city. It was also home to the first printing press in France. There is more but my point is everyone can claim ties to this magnificent structure when they’re writing their own history. The fucking de Medicis even had their hands in it when they housed a troop of Benedictine monks in the 1400’s. It’s all fairy-tales, look at this mezzotint from 1808. More ancient structures built on the ruins of other ancient structures. Who built it? No way that a horse-and-wagon culture could ever build something like this. 

The relics of St Magloire were found in the 1830s during construction on a new alter, experts say they were buried about during wartime and forgotten. Whatta crock of shit, the relics were planted there so the discovery would farther validate their illegitimate claim to power and made to prop up a fake history. They have to be planted bc history books are nothing but bed-time stories. 

New York Institute for the Deaf and Dumb 

Private school chartered the same day as Gallaudet’s school in Hartford opens, completion doesn’t happen for another year, making New York School for the Deaf the second oldest school for deaf pupils in America. 

Started in an Almshouse behind City Hall. 

In 1817 the financiers included names of Rutgers, Clinton, and Stanford, also an unnamed high-ranking official in the Treasury Dept. In 1819 it was receiving aid from the state in the form of lottery taxes. The history of the building does not fit their timeline. In a NYT article dated June 27, 1867 a semicentennial ceremony was held which gives a history of construction; expenses and corner-stone laying date 11/22/53. In this series of woodcut pictures, you can clearly see the building with a domed steeple, possible suppressed-energy tech spires, which was removed over the course of a few decades. You can also see where somebody has gone back and hand-written a year besides each phase, giving the impression of normal construction where the builders add a base to the structure and then add the spire to the base.  At any rate, the last pic is picture taken with a camera which puts it at the end, not the beginning and the dome feature is not there.     

 Sammy Morse served on the board of directors from 1861-1863. He would go on to marry Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, a teacher there. Griswold was decended from the prominent Livingston (Levi) family that included members that signed the Declaration of Independence and served with Washington at Valley Forge. Age aint nothing but a thing, Sarah was 26 and Morse 57 when they were wed, on top of being second cousins. Sarah is said to have been struck deaf at the age of 1, um-hmm. Morse never learned to sign and said he wanted little communication with his wife. their son wrote a two volume bio on his father and never mentioned his wife was deaf. So maybe they just came up with that detail later on. So that’s AGB, Morse, and Gallaudet all hearing and taking deaf brides? NYSD was a private institution with Tommy Gallaudet Jr on the board here, as well as a dozen others that really just make up a network of entities but really are just one single beast. 

You can also tell 

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