St Marys School for Deaf

St Mary’s School for the Deaf Pre-History

The school as an entity was first founded by the Sisters of St Joseph in 1853. Sisters of St Joe claim heritage going back to Lyons France.They started their first American deaf school in St Louis, home of the 1904 Worlds Fair.  The Sisters established Le Couteulx St. Mary’s Benevolent Society for the Deaf and Dumb (later, the St. Mary’s Institution for the Instruction of Deaf-Mutes) in Buffalo in 1853, which later became St. Mary’s School for the Deaf. Constructed in 1862, the four-story brick building was one of the earliest religious residential schools for the deaf in the United States. Ran by a Sister Mary Ann Burke. Burke is the takeaway name.

Le Couteuix was a family of banksters and Big Pharm drug dealers connected to Rochefoucauld, they also founded the city of St Louis. StL is an ancient artifact and Roche was a fictional character.

Amazing how a people equipped with little more than donkeys and wagons on dirt roads with no funds could build such a magnificent structure

Initially built to house 11 students, in 1876, a two-story brick building was constructed at the back of the lot with spaces to house adult workers, a stable, and a printing shop. As vocational and industrial training became a more significant part of deaf education in the latter half of the nineteenth century, the Le Couteulx school became the printers of the Catholic publication Union and Times as well as their own weekly paper for the deaf community, the Le Couteulx Leader.

By 1898 the school had grown overcrowded enough to warrent a new complex across town. By 1940 the building was used for WWII vets, indicating a military connection, all these deafblind institutes are connected to the military bc there is a war on the Deaf and Blind.

What would a strictly Oralist school would want with a statue of the direct opposition Manualist father I don’t know. Oh, unless it’s the statue is a fictitious historical icon and the school is really a front for military intelligence, then it would make perfect sense. Eugene Hannan’s sculpture of Abbe l’epee is displayed front and center. 

St Mary’s Deaf and Dumb Institute timed its opening to coincide with the 1901 International Expo that was in town at that time. The American Instructors of the Deaf held their sixteenth triannual convention there, presided over by Tommy Gallaudet Jr. Notice how all these groups and institutions are all the same except one or two syllables will be swapped, and who the hell holds a 16th triannual event for anything? That just sounds made up. Even better was in 1930 St Mary’s held the third World Congress for Deaf Educators. Up to 3,000 people from around the world showed up and this was the setting for Hannon’s Epee bronze unveiling. This school and all the ones like it had three parts: They had teacher instructions, teaching teachers how to teach. 2. they were command centers for intelligence operations, like training, recruitment, and debriefing. And 3., They were vocational training centers for the genuinely deaf blind and dumb. Sure, they did actual service work, right? window dressing, for tax purposes, lol. Maybe not, I’m sure even in the vo-tech centers were spook academies.  

Make note of this, this is important and will probly resurface. In 1976-78 the Kellog Institute of Battle Creek MI created the Special Schools for the Future project out of Gallaudet U. (Kellog has a convention center at the university) St Mary’s was selected as one of the six units to participate as demonstration and outreach center. The project ended in 1989. No, it didn’t, it never ends, just changes names. Kellog was a eugenicist with connections to the Tuskegee Program and birth control experiments, trust me, you don’t want this guy to be a part of the special future of anything but more about him later. 

  • *See Also: Eugene Hannan, deaf at age 2 due to scarlet fever. sculptor whose other works include Slyvia Yale, Bushnell, Eli Whitney, Charles Goodyear, and Rodger Ludlowe. Graduated Gallaudet College and Corcoran Art, Art school of Chicago, and Art Students League of NY (The one owned by JP Morgan that was always in the paper being harassed by Comstock… who was also funded by Morgan.) Says he was selected from an international pool of potentials to sculpt the Epee bronze. 
  •  Mckinnly assassination at the 1901 Pan-Am Expo 

Colorado School for Deafblind 

Every state would have their own branch of deafblind schools. Opened in 1874 by a John Kennedy, the Colorado school was given govt money before the territory was legally a state, which Iactly sure how that works considerng the terr.  

Little Miss Lotti Sullivan and her teacher Bessie Veditz traveled to the St Louis World Fair to receive a medal for her school in its performance teaching deafblind mute children. This is another strange anomaly surrounding the World Fairs, what makes them so important as to warrant a spot at the show, and the money to open the school? And so important the trolley was built to stop right at the school? Helen Keller was the Highlight and spoke to the audience. Lotti was considered her rival but the history books are pretty blank. 

The Colorado school was also known for introducing silent screen star Lon Chaney and also Paul Hubbard, quarterback for Gallaudet credited for inventing the football huddle. Hubbard connects us to L Ron Hubbard but more importantly Mabel Hubbard, wife of Inheritor Alexander Graham Bell. Hubbard is a spook name, sometimes you just run across these families and everyone is involved and anywhere you see their name there must be some kinda fuckery nearby. There are a lot of connections to Gallaudet. 

World Congress for the Deaf

     The World Congress for the Deaf was held in conjunction with the Fairs, that would explain all the activity surrounding the events. We can thank George Veditz for that which we only found bc it’s his wife that escorted little Miss Lotti Sullivan to St. Louis. George was from Maryland school for Deaf, a Gallaudet grad that printed for the Deaf community publications, such as the Silent Worker, and the Jewish Deaf, which featured such content as travel discriminations for deafmutes trying to enter Australia. It wasn’t just OZ, the Immigration Act of 1869 applied to all UK commonwealths and required a special tax on captains transporting anyone ill that might be a ward of the state, including deaf and dumb. This included Canada, New Zealand and OZ. Oz was probs the strictest laws and the result today is it has the lowest rate of genetic deafness on the planet. Veditz used movies as a tool for preserving American Sign Language, his videos are still considered culturally valuable today. His comment “As long as we have Deaf people we will have signs, as long as we have our movies, we can preserve those signs in purity.” Sorry but that sounds like something a self-validating Hollywood Jew would say. They are really preserving the NWO sign language they created themselves. They are fighting for the right to use signs as their own personal method but it comes from the same source as the oralist campaign and not their own at all. He spearheaded a campaigned with other Gallaudet Alumni National Association for the Deaf, to challenge the Feds to drop their discrimination against Deaf people for employment opportunities. Wouldn’t let blacks join till decades later, calling themselves the National Black Deaf Advocates… they don’t advocate dick.  A social justice warrior for Deaf culture was struck by scarlet fever when he was nine… that’s the same story they all say, remind me to check how scarlet fever causes deafness so frequently. 

Canadian Industrial Complex 

  In every situation we skip through you always have to check the Canadian counter-part. Upper Canada consists of Onterio, Novia Scotia, Toronto, St Lawrence, Quebec, Niagara Falls, Montreal, and all points inbetween. They are broken up with invisible lines to compartmentalize, to throw people off the trail. They are the same people and same groups that install the Reset in America, the two work interchangeably bc they are one machine, usually on the sideline, like Americas little brother, there are also direct ties to Europe and from there direct familial connections to Australia. 

In 1828 entities in Quebec tried to establish a permanent Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, the principal in training was sent to visit American Models in New York and Philly and spent a year at Hartford being groomed by Clerc himself. This was truly a New World Order. 

The school didn’t stay open long though, there was some kind of payment scandal but the project was picked back up soon. Mid-late 1800’s deaf and dumb asylums sprang up everywhere, within each invisible boundry to gris a national grid, national boundaries to hide a world grid. 

  • *See Also: Orphan Asylum at Montreal 
  • *Art underbelly National Theater for Deaf, c1967 
  • ‘Deaf Prez Now’ movement, 1988 
  • History of the Postmaster Generals office and Committee of Correspondence 
  • History of Patent Office 
  • Militant blacks agitate for integrated schools, Brooklyn 1866 

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