Moby Dick Whaleship ‘Essex’ was a False Flag Operation

First image of Essex disaster. Only 2 of which exist, one is protected by library in Geneva. This was International media headlines overnight, back then, just like today, nothing makes the news unless it is scripted. The oldest media account is the Aus govt paper, printed and edited by the spooky Howe clan. (starting at the bottom of pg 2 and carrying over to pg 3) Even in the papers back then the number games are still the same; eight skeletons, location is 118*N by 47*W, date was Nov 13 (11/13). Aces and Eights is always a marker, 13 and 47 too, some say 47 is referencing to the year the CIA was formed but thats incorrect, the cia was placed on the number, not the other way around, as evidenced in this occasion. [More about Howe’s, my link]

While we’re on the subject of spook family hoaxes from Nantucket I would like to toss in the whaleship Essex for examination. The first indication before you even know the rest that it stinks like old fish guts is that is a major motion picture. The spellcasters in Hollywood always pay tribute to their own works.  

I will keep this in a single paragraph bc I fear we have already ventured to far from our intended target however since this directly involves the Macy clan, I feel it is relevant under character analysis. 

The red flags associated with the Essex incident which show it as an insurance fraud similar to the Titanic or Hindenburg are as follows: 

  • The two main shareholders in the ship are Paul Macy and Gideon Folger. Macy is a founding family of Nantucket, related to Macys the Dept store and John Macy from the Helen Keller project. Folger is another hoaxer family most often associated with the Manson Family psy-op. These are major generational Reset families
  • The timing is correct. I place the Reset somewhere between 1800-1801 (Aces and Eights) the Essex was launched in 1799 and ‘stove by a whale’ in 1820.
  • There is a history report by the Nantucket Historical Society that points out discrepancies in the narrative. As most like-groups often do, they only provide insignificant differences like lat. and long. marks. The NHS is an offical cover-story group to hold up false narrative. See Colonial Dames and C&O Canal and Star-forts
  • Essex was old and small. At 20 yrs old it was at the end of a ships expected lifespan. It was also significantly smaller and lighter which means it could carry less and spend less time at sea at a time when whale populations were deleted locally ships were going farther and staying longer out than ever before. A new fleet of whaleships was almost complete and about to be delivered.
  • The boy that was supposedly shot and cannibalized was a Coffin. I don’t have the time to expand on who the coffins were, he would’ve been the very last one killed and eaten. Who knows what happened to the boy… a child agent groomed for lifelong position with no known name or background, and nobody blinks an eye. These kids come from somewhere. My thoughts are he was recruited for one of these missions and maybe we know him or his works by another name. He didn’t go far. The story is featured on the website Executed Today, a compilation of fake deaths and false flag operations. Im at the point now I dont believe a single one of celebrity child deaths, they are all recruited for projects somewhere else.
  • The ship was underprovisoned by Macy. Not uncommon here but worth note Macy only provided about half what he should have stocked according to contemporary accounts. Would indicate he knew they weren’t going to be out the whole time. [More about the Macy clan here, my link]
  • The ship Dauphin that supposedly rescued one of the life boats was also a Nantucket whaleship… Captained by a Coffin to boot. Another Capt. Coffin of whaleship Chili was last to have contact with Essex in Nantucket harbor the day they shoved off together. 
  • Heart of the Sea author Nathaniel Philbricks family tree is loaded with enough intelligence agents he could have a dedicated report on that alone. It includes Mark twain, Herman Melville, Greenleaf Whittier I will have to expand on Whittier at some point… The Greenleaf’s were also one of the nine original proprietors. That means the author of the guy that wrote the book is kin to the guy thar wrote the first book and the fake owners of Nantucket and the whaling industry. They only pay tribute to their own. Also in the family tree are the Macys, Folgers, and Coffins. Of course, the inbred fuckers are all related.  
  • Essex was nicknamed ‘Lucky’, maybe like as in the 3-legged dog. Other superstitions noted by Quaker elder Obed Macy at the time surrounding the ship include a comet and swarm of locusts. These two entries in the official town record make me pause bc they aren’t superstitious people, it is witchcraft. Kabballah by another name. All of the Colonial papers are stage props, the Macy swarms and locusts thing is inserted to make it seem creepy. That’s why all of Macys journals are behind paywalls at Spook University Cambridge
  • Even more Coffins, along with some Macys started the Nantucket Pheonix Bank in 1812. In 1818 they incorporated the Nantucket Pheonix Insurance company. They insured themselves, lol, self-validation is another illusion they use to manipulate the people. Banksters.
  • As ship stockholders and insurance agents they just collect payments from the other shareholders with nothing out their own pocket, the numbers aren’t published but the commercial whaleships in general are well known to be highly insured. Coffins would also start the first bank in Batavia, the industrial manufactory town. Bankster Reset Agents 
  • There were repairs done to the ship before departure, but only minimal and selective. Gideon and sons were expecting a brand new much larger ship, Aurora, did not want to spend any more than necessary on repairing a small, light, outdated ship. They copper plated the hull just to get it out of the harbor.
  • The incident not only has a major Hollywood production, which is an automatic tell but the story is also pushed by the Smithsonian, the Guardian, Executed Today, Nat Geo and more. All these groups are really the same entity pushing a false narrative with everything they publish.

This article is something I wrote over a year ago. Much of my understanding has advanced about how the world works. I no longer believe there were huge whale populations, like Buffalo herds of the plains. Notice how as whale populations just started to reach levels about unsustainable Rockefeller just happened to be standing there with new and accidentally discovered rock-oil just by shear coincidence. No fucking way.

The first reference to whaling in America goes right to the Mayflower itself. The whole Mayflower/Pilgrim narrative is fantasy. America was repopulated. Not Colonized

Im not saying there was NO whaling, just the history and numbers are fake. The founding of Nantucket says they just traded a few beaver hats and shit like that. totally humorist once you drop the veil. The whaling history of Nantucket was scripted to accept self-validating claims over land grabs and generational wealth. Colonial America is a hoax

I mean there were biodegradable plastics back in the 1800’s that were featured at a World Fair that the petrol company squashed and solar activated steam powered engines. We were forced on the petroleum diet, it goes with the medical system,, also brought to us by Rockefeller. these people are just names. The same things would be in place regardless of who the meat-suit happens to be.

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