Helen Keller Hoax Pt. 1 Anne Sullivan- Childhood, Tewksbury, Eye Surgeries

Anne Sulivan Background 

Anne Sullivan Macy, born Joanna Mansfield Sullivan. All the genealogy sites are cleaned up of anything useful. Both parents left Ireland during the Potatoe famine father has no record of family or date or location of deaths. It would seem like the most likely backstory for a person to appear out of nowhere, and the least likely that anybody would be successful tracking a person beyond that is the reason this was chosen, just like in Kellers’s origin story the patriarch is fleeing Basel from the plague. early childhood seems to be scrubbed, all sources parrot the same few sentences, mother, Alice dies from TB early and alcoholic father Thomas abandons them to the state almshouse, Tewksbury.  

Maybe Sullivan is not her real name, maybe it is. Maybe she was from a different branch of the Sullivan Spook Show and faked her death and reappeared here as a different Sullivan. I dont believe any of the celebrity child deaths, I think they just get sent out on a long game mission where they need a child for a role, she is an agent with a standard untraceable backstory.

Much of Sullivans backstory is chatter. All the geneology stuff is interesting when you know its going somewhere. We already know this is a dead end, I kept it in to show how its intentionally confusing.

Dad, Tommy, has no bio but there is an asterisk letting you know his profile is an ongoing collaboration in progress.  we run into a problem on wiki where its stated Anne was one of three children a sister Mary and bro James, however on Geni it says there was also a fourth sibling, and then a fifth, Ellen, and a john. Then on Find-a-grave there is listed a sixth, Nellie. So, we can’t even be clear how many there are. I scratch nellie and Ellen off right at the top, they are made up since they are reversed spellings.  Brother Jimmie died shortly after arriving at Tewksbury, the notorious state almshouse, and sister Mary was never heard from again after going to live with her aunt, named Mary Clohessy say some sources, an aunt Ellen A’hern and hubby Owen to others and Owen and Ellen Cloesey to others. Again, nobody can seem to get the details correct, because they are all scripted backstory and not real people. Mary seems to have been a conversation piece for decades,”What happened to the long lost sister?” I came across a note in one of the comment sections of an ancestry site that the road of little Mary ‘was a twisted path’, hmm, intriguing.  I bet there was even plans for a fake reunion that never played out later in life.

Mary has been lost to history and has been the subject of debate for generations. Geni has her linked to Annes page but there is no information other than the two were sisters, the source citation link for this is a 404 from Myheritage even the Wayback machine doesn’t have archived. No two sites tell her story the same. Mary ‘Mamie’ Sullivan McLaughlin is claimed to’ve had a daughter named Alice with no bio and at least one son that participated in WW1, James Joseph Mclaughlin. I could not find his war records but his own profile says he is the son of Mary Elizabeth Brady. There is no Mary Elizabeth Brady page, however if you do a keyword search for Mary McLaughlin though, her tombstone on Find a grave reads ‘Sister’, Professed July 25, 1925. Of course, a nun.  The years don’t add up properly but its close enough to pause, especially when you see she lived at St Elizabeths (one of the made-up names).   Find a grave proclaims the young Mary went to yet another sibling of Alice Cloesy/Clarey/Clohessey/Sullivan, a sister by the of of Ellen. Geni has listed Mary Clohessy as the daughter of Ellen and Owen cloesey, apparently nobody can get the same names. Or even relationships the same. If this is too hard to follow Id say its mission accomplished for the people that write this stuff. The harder you try to sort it out the more of a mess it becomes. There are no siblings. Her entire backstory is fabricated. The idea of a long-lost sister she’d never see again was all scripted.  

I came across a 10-pg. pdf a hobbyist genealogist wrote about trying to find Anne Sullivans long lost sister. She uses Anne’s autobiography as a reference tool and still hits all the dead ends and run arounds I did. Here we find the only info about Nellie, Ellen, and John she only says they all die in the short period between the mother’s death the father abandonment. Of course, how dramatic. This pdf confirms everything I concluded as evidence of a coverup. She comes so close, even commenting its like people are intentionally trying to throw you off the trail, but she doesn’t get it. At the end she just picks a name and stamps case closed. Even though her conclusions are incorrect she can word the search much better than I ever could and her methodology is good, shes just chasing ghosts and her research shouldve proven to herself that it was all bullshit but thats the type of psychological barriers we put up.

One of the main problems is all the name changes.  The same character has 3 or 4 names and separate pages each on Geni alone. There is one agent handling all the profiles for the whole fake family.  

This is the profile pic of the guy handling the dozen genealogy profiles of all the misspellings and dead ends and nonexistent siblings of Anne Sullivan. Thats a Mona Lisa Smile if I ever saw one

Anne Sullivan at Tewksbury

A 10 yr old little girl dropped off at the almshouse by a drunken father with a brother that dies within a few months… thats really the story, just as heartwrenching thing I ever heard and anyone that questions it is a terrible person.

Anne Sullivan never attended Tewksbury. No fucking way. It has a dedicated post I didn’t even touch on the filthiness, everyone in the wing bathing in the same tub without changing the water, the rats eating people left to die in their ‘rooms’ naked and starving, the rotten food and sour milk. Overpopulation, capacity was 500, they beat that the first week and by 6 months there were 2000 people there. Lemme ask you this, If Anne really had 2 eye surgeries here who paid for them? This guy Marsh was selling babies to the Harvard chapter of the Red Shoe Club. Sullivan is a whitewash job to hide how bad things were really there. The Congressional investigation was to hide how bad things were really there. Nobody could survive there for 6 years, a lone 10 yr old little girl? Sure ok if you say so.

Supposedly she arrived with her little brother James who got weak and died after a few months there is no confirmation Bro James was an actual person either. He has no entry documents for himself and is listed only on Anne’s intake papers. The paper itself says nothing useful like how they got there and what about their belongings? But it does a good job at propping up the scripted backstory except yet again all the names are different and the father is said to be alive. Jimmy is mentioned only that he has health problems.

Lets break down their entry ticket. Its being addressed to MMudd, idk who that is but i dont like seeing the double M’s like that, and bookend doubles at that. Anne and James share the same ticket, thats out of the ordinary. the body doesnt say anything, not even about the father it just adds possible war. Doesnt say which war, even in normie history books the whole world is at war, they are all related proxy wars to cover for the Great Reset. scriptwriters can add whatever they want. While Im certain the whole country was populated by Orphan Immigrants thhis card screams stage prop. The best part is the post-it note attached to the bottom. It points out the two-fer and adds the original is missing… lol, get it? its missing bc there never was one. the prop was inserted later.

There’s an official list of peoples that died at Tewksbury, Jimmys name is on it but information can be added by anyone at any time so this doesn’t prove anything. He was invented to pull heartstrings and created a backstory for Anne. In her later years she spoke of playing hide and seek with her brother in the area used for housing the dead.  this is bullshit too, the only rule this place seemed to enforce was separating girls and boys. (because they were breeding programs)

Eye Surguries

His-story also says not only did she live there for 6 years but she had 2 eye surguries during her stay. And who did the procedure? The doctor that turned a labored delivery into a botched abortion with a rat tail file? Well, the surgeries were said to be unsuccessful.  Again, whose paying for all the travel expenses and the outside doctor to perform the procedure? These things arent cheap. One she got in-house and the other she was transferred.

The answer we get is here, let’s look at this hospital Soeurs’ de la Charite. First flag is there is no wiki entry. Every name and place associated with Helen Keller are lit up with links, if famous for nothing else but being part of Sullivan’s backstory, so why not this place? 

A keyword search leads us to a Soeurs de la Charite Ottawa, this is a Canadian based evangelist mission. Its webpage tells us in 1860-1880 a group of nuns opened several schools teaching the youth. Nun missionaries, not regular schools. One of them was indeed in Lowell, however it wouldn’t become a hospital until 1930’s. The place we are told Anne Sullivan made a brief exit from the proto-eugenics lab to have another free eye surgery doesn’t even exist. I think it was chosen in part because of its location. The website says the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa was originally brought into the community at Haverhill.

  • revisited the Charity group. I originally wrote this at the beginning and missed it. A missionary group of nuns setting up hospitals across Canada and new England, thats huge and this is a good example of how your innerstanding progresses you must go back and amend things. It does not mean my original statement is wrong, its just incomplete. The Sisters trace back to the Congregation of Notre Dame which is an umbrella group sending out world missionaires that set up all the schools and hospitals for the Native people. Sounds good but guess what about all the piles of bones they found out in the woods, they were from catholic residential schools. I have not looked for a direct connection though, any research should start here. Sullivan may be a part of this group, that’s why the name drop. So far its the closest thing to a lead to her real past I have found.
  • …Add to Morse file: On a side note it just occurred to me at the time Morse was drawing up boundaries on the maps there was a fully integrated system in place along the length of Appalachia up into Canada. At this time the Morse’s were the govt mapmakers and founded the USGS. He drew a line halfway through the system and divided it in two, but only on the maps for the Orphans, they were still a single network. This way he could compartmentalize themselves, thats their camoflage

Didn’t take long to blow that one out of the water. Moving right along, his-story tells us after her unsuccessful eye operation she was going back into Tewksbury…well some bios completely omit the Soeurs hospital altogether. Still others say she arrived at Soeurs in Feb and stayed till July before getting yet another free surgery at the city infirmary. She stayed gone a total of 6 months and when she returned was reclassified to be housed with young mothers instead of with the insane. The many hospitals and operations are impossible to organize by researchers bc they didn’t happen. It is part of a fake backstory just like all the siblings and name variations, nobody can get it right bc its bullshit.

Well we can get it right bc those ‘researchers’ do nothing but muddy the waters anyway. Make sure NO researchers can organize her residential, medical and family history. The scriptwriters do a good job giving her a good backstory. Anne Sullivan is the example I use when trying to highlight how people can pop up in history with no background, she could have been a fake death of a famous persons baby. Alot of upperclass babies suddenly die but i think they just go underground for a while and come back up like Sullivan. The name is important too, you dont necessarily have to born into a family, she could have been recruited from anywhere 

 By whichever account you want to go by it was during one of Franklin Sanborns visits during the investigations which led to Anne throwing herself at his mercy pleading to go to Perkins. Within a few months her wish was granted. I call bullshit on all accounts. This is where I introduce the Perkins Institute for the Blind, the Board of Health Lunacy and Charity, and Samuel Gridley Howe.   

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