My Conspiracy Stamp Collection

The thing about stamps I find the most amusing is these are what is used as currency in prison, at least in the Maryland system, idk about the Fed joint or other states. See, a book of stamps is a hundred dollars, you can buy or sell anything with stamps. ANYTHING. Dont let them walls fool you, if you can get it on the outside you can get it on the inside, its just gonna cost you more. Now the plug has books and books of stamps and you might be thinking, “Well so what?”, well silly, those stamps are redeemable on the streets. That means after you hustle a few books of stamps you can send them home to your girl which can take them back to sell to the post office…for real money. Ive never looked into it but no way this happened organically. America’s prison population alone is enough to ensure the stamp business will never go out of business. They be putting some treacherous-ass shit on stamps. Heres just a few that have come up and I dont even be looking, sure you can run a keyword search or two but that takes all the fun out of finding them.

Stamps are something put out to commemorate certain people and events. everyone knows that, but look at the themes of the stamps I collect. They put some nefarious shit on stamps. Sure I could keyword search and find a bunch more all at once but that takes all the fun out of finding them randomly during reasearch. More to be added as they appear

450 year anno of the Vatican Swiss Guard
Pitman and his family invented shorthand script methods, translation: they were language makers
Sven Hedin, the Nazi Swedish fake-ster that discovvered the Ginger mummies of China
Chicago World Fair in ’33, not the big one from 1893
Lincoln is a historical fiction and everything attributed to him is bullshit
First stamp from Tibet
Yosemite was surveyed by J.W. Powell, appointed by Abe Lincoln. Its your story, tell it however you want.

Russia Commemorates first International Polar Year

Fake polar explorer was head of the Signaling Corp, in charge of the Corp of Engineers during the Indian Wars

Tribes were created after the construction of the pueblo cliff dwellings
Horse Tamer, multiple statues with the same name. Ancient Rome is a lie
Antarctica is a fake ass bitch
Most false-narrative Indian imagery was provided by military industrial complex families like Remington
CCC created a network of false history sites as roadside tourist traps and State Parks
Dinos are all fake but even the Bronto more than the rest bc even normies admit it. Even so, the post office got in hot water in ’89 when they issued Bronto stamps after it had been pulled from the science books. they said it was an accident and the media sold alot of papers. I just learned the Bronto was being brought back as a distinct species. This is just some bullshit to keep the Bronto name in the paper, and thus all the fake dinos stay in common conversation, just like it has always done
These bitches are scandalous
Starfort with fake history
Satan loves deaf babies
Cherokee slave owning Confederate General of Special Ops troop
non-existant physical manifestation of the hidden psych war against the deafblind population using communication. The light bearer is Lucifer
Never existed
fake archaeology site created by Army Corp of Engineers and William and Mary College to support false history
John Smith and his map are fake
founder of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Jesuit missionary. The Jesuits were slavers. Their early missionaries were about establishing a slave trade. Later, they just virtue signaled their way out of it.
Felix the Cat, an original MK Ultra symbol brought to you by Otto Mesmer, where the word Mezmerized originates. Felix was the first Macys Day Parade balloon. Yeah its combat insignia alright, psychological warfare combat
The Arch is a representation of Ba’el
San Fran World Fair of 1915, the Pan-Pacfic Expo says its the 400 anno of the Pacific and completion of Panama Canel. Thats some bullshit. [Stamp history, explains how nobody ever found it by water was because of fog., Thats some bullshit]
Chinese stamp celebrating the 100 anno of the Paris Commune removal of the Vendome Column
Buffalo World Fair, 1901
Pan-American International Expo inverted stamp. Pan is Lucifer, Satanic laws of inversion, they said it was an accident and ran a public apology in the media just to it hype up.
Bihar, India, born by Binding-ritual contract on 3/22/11. Installed the swastika tree on the 100 bday

Lucknow was home to Reset battle in India. The museum was set up by international bankster Jesuits to prop up fake timeline with fraudulent artifacts

Laddakh, fake cookie cutter tourist trap monasteries
Volcanoes and meteorites
kaaba stone is a meteorite
Footrace to North Pole. They were all media fakes.
Russian agricultural exhibit in All Russian World Fair 1896
Russian Oil capital
antarctic ship
Brussels 96 World Fair
Amundsen North Pole explorer
Brazil Industrial Arts building
I guess weaving carpet is a thing for undeveloped groups of people. This is from the Balochi people that reside in todays Pakistan and Iran
4 Lion capital on the Pillar of Ashoka, Fake ancient India culture
First postage stamp from the newly created ancient land of India
Artist of India, art school of Calcutta, worked on ancient temple complexes
De Rossi was perpetrator of the Catacomb Saints

Inverted CIA stamps, light of Lucifer, truth

Inverted Jenny
Check Fort Bliss centennial (starfort?)
Elections are a joke
Sandy Hook Lighthouse
CDC is a combination of religious, public, and governmental finances working to save the world by eliminating climate change. Long-Term Investing they call it.

This is the CDC building pictured in a postcard. The condition of the building does not match other pictures in the timeline trap, which show it destroyed. The figure in the stamp is Marianne, an embodiment of France herself, like a combination of U.S. Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam

Couberlin, founder of the International Olmpic Committee housed in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Olympics were like the World Fair of the Athletic Industrial Complex
Fake Colonial Historic doc, Flushing Remonstrance, destroyed in the arsonist attack at the NY State House
Colonial Expositions are always a treat, also known as Human Zoos or Anthropology Days, these showcased fabricated gropus of people with scripted customs and histories. Started as a side-show to the World Fairs the Colonial Expos focused mainly on the people, Check Portugal, 1934
NWO agent eugenicist and National treasure to India, Tagore was tight with the Margaret Sanger crowd and started a public university . Started the Art School Oriental Society
Britannia riding seahorses. Britannia is Britlands version of Uncle Sam, decked out with Spartan helmet and trident and Union jack shield
Tom Sawyer is a brian-child of Mark Twain, pedo Inheritor class, famous by birth-right only. 8 is a marker.
Columbus ‘discovering’ the New World, Impossible to include all the fake history tributes like this one, similar to Jamestown Colony.
The ‘Thinking Man’ pose tells us we should take a look. Born in Hillsboro to Chinese missionaries, contributor for the Atlantic, friends with Sanger. Opened care provider for disabled children… Eugenicist
JFK on the 13c stamp, just a coincidence right?
French Sudan featuring the Triumphal Arch of Ba’al and the Ouroboros, snake eating its own tail. France was big in establishing boundaries in Africa
Meteors and stamps
Winged Lion obelisk and urn at Pantheon
Olde World seat of Power
symbol of New World France

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