My Conspiracy Stamp Collection

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Stamps are something put out to commemorate certain people and events. everyone knows that, but look at the themes and look into the history of any stamp you can find anywhere on Earth you will find they all pay tribute to some person or invention or group that some how advanced the current New World paradigm. Spooks, the easiest way to say it is anybody on a stamp is a spook, a false flag, a proxy war or fictitious historic character, a military industrial project, a psy-op… Every single stamp ever made in history. They put some nefarious shit on stamps. Sure I could keyword search and find a bunch more all at once but that takes all the fun out of finding them randomly during research, like an Easter egg hunt. I try to include a link to which article fits each stamp but Im sure you can figure it out.

Information is power, isnt that how it goes? The Postmaster-General is the top intel agent alive, like a ’00’ status, at least they used to be.

One of the thing about stamps I find the most amusing is these are what is used as currency in prison, at least in the Maryland system, idk about the Fed joint or other States. See, a book of stamps is a hundred dollars, you can buy or sell anything with stamps. Dont let those walls fool you, if you can get it on the outside you can get it on the inside, its just gonna cost you more. Say you have books and books of stamps and you might be thinking, “Well so what?”. See those stamps are redeemable on the streets. That means after you hustle a few books of stamps you can send them home to your girl, who can take them back to sell to the post office…for real money. Ive never looked into it but no way this happened organically. America’s prison population alone is enough to ensure the stamp business will never go out of business.

More to be added as they appear.

:(… All my captions were erased