New Echota Treaty, Cherokee Civil War, National Council Bios. Fake Indians pt 2

Elias Boudinot 

Elias was born around 1803 to Oowatie, his little bro was Stand Watie, both brothers were conditioned since childhood at the Moravian Mission called Springplace, at the James Vann plantation. Born with varying Indian names like Buck, Elias Boudinot supposedly was a mixed-race Cherokee was born into a wealthy family in New Echota GA, one of 8 children that got his namesake from a member of the Continental Congress that sponsored him to go to missionary school Foreign Mission School (they even call it a mission, as in war games). Buck met Elias at a meeting including Thomas Jefferson, no mention of what the meeting was about but any mention of a fictional forefather outs everyone in the cast. He’s already busted for being connected to a fictitious historical icon, Elias Boudinot was a compatriot of Washington’s that met Buck when he was 18 and sponsored Bucks training in Connecticut in 1818. (Well all the number markers are hit right out the gate.). His fake political connections aside Buck Boudinot is busted for attending this school. It’s a mission alright. The mission of creating a new false reality for a whole world.  the Foreign Mission School, a place set up in Connecticut by the spooks at Williams College to train people to travel to native territories and convince the tribes to acculturate to Western civilization.  

Elias also attended the Andover Seminary School, both schools were helped established by Morse. Boudinot was a lead figure in establishing the Cherokee newspaper the Phoenix and helped set up hospitals and schools in Indian Territory. 

In 1827 he was named clerk of the Cherokee National Council, the problem they were facing was the loss of their ancestral land, the Council resolved that any persons found to be helping the land grab would be executed, this would come back to haunt many signers of the New Echota Treaty of 1835, which sold out the Nation for property west of the Mississippi. None of the signers had authority to do so and Elias was stabbed and tomahawked by opposing political faction on June 22, 1839.  

Boudinot and his family were among the first to resettle in the new territory and along the way reconnected with Sammy Worcester, the spook missionary with the printing press that was in jail for living with the Indians since the early days. The two would go on to print 13 million pages including religious, school, and children’s books. The printing press was set up at Union Mission in ‘35, producing the first book published in Oklahoma, Worcester established a mission of his own name in ‘36 at Park Hill, where Boudinot was buried following his assassination. 

The son of Buck and Harriet was Elias C. Boudinot who would follow the tradition of generational spook projects and become involved with politics after the Civil War along with children from the original cast. Young Elias was placed on the Confederate Congress. 

  • *See Also; Reset elder Jedadiah Morse founder of FMS and Andover Seminary. 
  • *Moravian history starts in 1800 
  • *Elias Boudinot, the Am Rev war hero, president of American Bible Society, which printed the Cherokee Bible designed by Boudinot the fake Indian 
This is supposed to be a picture? WFT wrong with her neck?

While attending the mission training school in Cornwall (much of the Cornwall stuff online makes the town seem snooty) , him and his cousin John Ridge would both go on too marry white women, causing quite a stir that two interracial marriages in one year. Harriet Gold 1804-1836 was from a politically affluent New England family of Yale grads. Geni has her line going back to one of the 19 signers of the petition to King Charles II to make Connecticut a state; they also marry into the Clarks, that started Rhode Island. Her father was the steward and brother were founding members of the FMS and her two sisters married into the project as well. Is this supposed to be a photo? Looks like someone took a picture of a painting and pasted it on a body, or maybe visa-versa. There’s so much going on here I’m just not even gonna start, you got eyes.    Cousin John married Sarah Bird Northrup. It’s always worth noting when someone doesn’t have a Ministry of truth-wiki page. Northrups of the military industrial complex belong here in this setting. Also there is a Charles Bird fake-Indian portrait painter for the War Dept, these families work on projects together for generations. Northrups scripted history also puts her ancestor as one of the founding families in Conn and connects her to the Clarkes as well.  

  • *See Also: Mound, Oklahoma founding and First Presbyterian Church of the Mound, Sarahs’ sister Eliza founder of both ‘mound’ references.  

Harriet Gold Boudinot is said to have died and buried at the New Echota cemetery which is a historic landmark. Some estimates put the number of graves at 300; there are only 3 markers. One for Harriet, one for an alleged daughter of Samuel Worcester that died at birth, and the third is the legendary Cherokee warrior, King Pathkiller. These are the only three markers bc there are no graves. These are stage props set up to support a false narrative. Sarah Northrup moved on to OK as part of the ToT and her house is an unofficial stop along the way. *Check for mission at the Ridge place in OK 

If these family trees were real it would mean their family spook associations would go back to the 1630’s. (The early a family line is back in America the more power and prestige that family claims, the best go to the 1630’s, the only bester one is on the Mayflowers itself.) This means the episode of them turning the whole town upside down with two interracial marriages in one year was all scripted. True, we already knew it was but this connects it over again. Another red flag is the American Eagle newspaper that pushed the marriages, its racism through the media. Racism has always been a manipulation tool. Reports say the town torched the missionary school in response to the incidents. 

The Mission School was closed later the same year, as in Elias was the mission and once they started phase 2 there was no need for the school anymore. Media reports of the time say the school was burned down by the locals after inflammatory editorials published by the MSM. This is an example of race baiting through the media going back to the very beginning. What a great backdrop for a media generated psy-op, the ancestor to modern racist scripted events all around us today. The newspapers are housed at the…wait for it…American Antiquarian Society located in Worcester, MA. This is a federal repository, that means Worcester is the de-facto authority and anything the Library of Congress gets its grubby little hands on goes to Worcester. They give it a fancy old-timey name, the Antiquarian Society, but the Worcester Complex goes deep into psychological warfare, that’s why all the Indian and Colonial newspapers are housed here. Not books and not at the Library of Congress they fall into their own category which is psychological warfare on a world stage, that’s why its housed at the Worcester Complex. 

Interestingly, but not surprizing is the authoritative book written about Cherokee slave owners was written by a Halliburton, of the war machine along with Northrup herself, Halliburton writes that John Ridge and his bride were carried off in a carriage driven by a negro and four white horses. Most of the leaders of the Cherokee were slave owners and lived in mansions and ate on fine china. 

The case involving Worcester and GA the Supreme Court determined Georgia did not have jurisdiction or authority to evict Indians from their ancestral lands but Georgia did not acknowledge their decision and kept up the removal. This behavior is what led to the delegation to DC to ask for Federal military intervention. What they got instead was Prez Jackson’s terms for voluntary removal, The New Echota Treaty. This delegate and those similar are the portraits painted by the War Dept. Meaning they are fake 

Sec of War Lewis Cass presented terms which included was a condition which allowed a small number of Cherokee leaders as long as they submitted to State authority 

John Ridge

John Ridge

John Ridge was interpreter and clerk for the Cherokee National Council which gave him the opportunity to travel to DC on numerous occasions and in 1832 traveled as part of a delegation to DC to meet with Prez Jackson to discuss military intervention. Patriarch Ridge, his Cherokee name translates into ’mountain-top walker’ and he was given the name Ridge in the army, was a war leader along side Jackson during the War of 1812, including Battle of Creek Red Sticks and 1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Jackson awarded him the title Major, which he used for the rest of his life. Interesting the concept of choosing name given during military engagements as an honor, similar to Viking custom which more and more researchers are coming to the realization the Viking history is complete fabricated as well. By 1828 the Ridges were living in a two-story white clapboard mansion and controlled the ferry and owned slaves. Yes the Indians were slave owners. Major Ridge was part of a contingent known as the Cherokee Triumvirate which was an elite political group of halfbreeds which identified as Cherokee. The family before this had names like Deer Clan and Wild potato clan. This portrait above was painted by Charles Bird, kin to Sarah Northrup that would be so central to the normie history. 

The Treaty Party or Ridge Band of Cherokees was formed in 1834 and instantly recognized as an authority by the US govt for the Cherokee Nation. This party was made up of the affluent halfbreeds that wanted to take the buy-out. The Cherokee Triumvirate. The justification to their people was the only way to preserve themselves was to leave, so we might as well leave voluntarily. 

These are the people that signed the New Echota Treaty. They had no authority. This goes several layers deep since there was not even a real people, the Cherokee only existed in newspapers and govt docs, but even if there was a Cherokee people this group are outsiders within their own people. Major Ridge was invented to drum up support from old time Cherokees that trusted the old warrior, once he switched his position to the Ridge team the rest of the population was expected to follow.


John Ridge home

John Ridge home ”Running Waters” was very much a modern contemporary elegant plantation home, complete with 21 slaves, orchard, and ferry service. In 1828 this is what the house looked like. I put forth that major Ridge was fictional character used to explain the background and prestige of John Ridge. There are differing accounts of exactly how ’mixed’ john actually was but even from the most pro-Indian sources it was very little percentage, meaning he was white. The fake portrait of Major was overseen by McKenna in the War Dept, giving the appearance of authenticity. 

John Ross 

John Ross was the supposed Tribal leader from 1828 to 1866. Most of the real history begins at 1828, this is the same year the Ridge home was ‘completed’. Ross was the traditional full blood Indian though even he was known to be of only 1/8 Cherokee by the ‘blood quantum’ system that measured blood-ness heredity. 

Described as the “Moses of his people” by McKenney, leading them through their own version of exodus called the Trail of Tears. 

Ross was appointed US Indian Agent in 1811, in the war of 1812 he served with Prez Jackson in the Red Stick Wars… This is the same battle Major Ridge gained favor. After the war Ross would settle in Tennessee. This explains why the Cherokee capital moves from New Echota GA to Red Clay TN. This also explains where the capital is to the settlers that come in after the removal has started, there has to be a capital for the opposition which used to be where now they had a land lotto so they just moved it. Not that it was a thing to begin with but for the his-story books sake. Ross had a 170 acre tobacco farm including 20 slaves and was one of the founders of Chattanooga, originally called Ross’s Landing, founded in 1816. That’s the same time he was supposedly in DC and at a young age. The Normie timeline fucked up the continuity on this one. 

John Ross also operated a ferry from the Cherokee nation to the USA. Near Chattanooga. The similarities are many including the ferry operation. This could be a way to explain any pre-repopulation devices or populated or maintained areas. Check also the Harpers Ferry O.G. ferryman and possible ties to Harpers Weekly. 

The story goes that Ross first went to DC in 1816 bc he was bi-lingual and despite his young age was chief negotiator. When he returned home to Indian Territory he was elected to the National Council. The following year he became Prez of the Council. The Council members all shared similar traits; rich, English-speaking, western educated and mixed blood. shared tribal responsibilities with Major Ridge. His first action was to refuse an offer to move out by the feds.  

Ross led the National Party That opposed the Treaty Party and positioned that no buy-out would be acceptable. His-story says he attempted to stabilize the Council after the relocation to OK but the ever-divisive issue of slavery came between the nation. The traditionalist Ross believe participation in the ‘white-mans war’ would be disastrous to the tribe. Eventually he changed his position and signed a treaty with the Confederacy. Ross fled to union held Kansas leaving Stand-Watie in charge. After the Rebels lost the war Ross returned to Indian Territory and picked up the role as Chief. Stand-Watie was the last Confederate general to surrender after Lee surrendered. Ross went to DC again to renegotiate a new peace treaty where he died in 1866. Don’t think he was all on the good side, there is no good side with these people, he 

  • *See Also, Red Stick War; veterans thereof 

The Cherokee Civil War 

I can say without a shadow of a doubt this is the only time in history I believe these political leaders were truly assassinated. Not a single time I ever seen a celebrity historic figure that really were killed. They always fake it… to retire, reassignment… who cares. Details are… i dont wanna say trivial… I mean when you finally wake up to the fact every single thing is a lie of some sort and instinctively dont even question it bc you already know. You can argue if so-and-so did this and that but its a distraction. Some fake truthers will spend so much time focusing on the details bc its just chatter and they can ramble on and on without saying anything. If you need to prove it to yourself a few times in the beginning I get it. but dont get to caught up in the details. Im saying dont waste energy trying to determine if something WAS a lie Im telling you right now after years and years of borderline obsessive research its all fake. People like Crrow777 and fake truth guru agent miles mathis like to pretend we live in a solid world with the occasional false flag. Everything is bullshit bc the key point is history. I am right. the details on my pages might be wrong, te year or location but it so big even if i get a detail here and there wrong Im still right about everything else.The important parts are the connections No good fake death is ever wasted. A political assassination at that. I really believe he answered a knock at the door and got the tomahawk stuck in his skull a few times. They all did. I dont know if its my place to say they deserved it or not. They seen it coming, hell they did it themselves although I do not believe the first acct was authentic, they still knew the rules… You’ll see what I mean

In July 35 the Treaty Party member John Walker Jr. (Walker as in George W.) along with several other party members were assassinated. Walkers Ancestry page tells us there are 3 men by that name and are mistakenly used interchangeably, two are father and son. This leads us to John ‘Chief Jack’ Walker murdered after a Council meeting in Red Clay. Red Clay is a prominent staging area for the Eastern Cherokee campaign. Here we find an old news clipping: Cherokee Indian James Foreman was tried for killing Walker in McMinn County, a celebrity case in early TN. Anything dubbed ‘celebrity’ means scripted. His father, Major John Walker, also fought under Jackson in the Creek Horseshoe Bend Wars and was given the tract of land that the town of Calhoun was laid out on. It seems all these O.G. Indians fought for Jackson. I guess that’s supposed to mean they are on our side. At a basic level the scriptwriters can use this to prove obedience and loyalty. Don’t forget the land grab. 

The case made it all the way to the Supreme Court (another giveaway) which the paper clipping repetitiously reminds us the scotus took the pains to show legal documentation the land title of Tennessee traces all the way back to the Pope. Lol, gtfoh. I told you that’s what the whole thing is all about. It wasn’t just a sense of patriotism that made the Scotus document the title history on record. Nor was it coincidence the paper brought it back up, keeping it fresh. The *global population is kept enslaved by binding-ritual contract spellcraft. That’s what a title, deed and will are. 

The defense was that the murder took place in Indian Territory therefore U.S. had no jurisdiction. This is a common media manipulation tactic used to make people demand more jurisdiction, in the name of justice. The National Council used the event to scam a sizable amount of money for their defense but there would be no trial as the Removal Act swept everyone out. I guess that means Ross gave the money back, right? 

Foreman was released and reportedly had a role in more political assassinations before he was murdered himself. What they don’t tell you is Foreman was the sheriff of the I.T., if anyone could pull off a hit or a false flag it would be him. He was also commander of the Light Horse Company (check…Light horse first comes up in the American Revolution associated with a Rutherford; also, near-simultaneously in Australia and India, both with their own Native question. Its recycled material, this light horse. The whole chapter is a poorly scripted theater. Joseph Foreman was also a signer of the New Echota Treaty… he’s killing members of his own faction now? Major Ridge was also a commander of the Light Horse Company according to his daughter’s letter to the newspapers. I told you it is recycled material’ the scriptwriters are lazy. Not only that but Major Ridge along with Charles Hicks, both signers of the Echota Treaty, performed a political killing years before. Chief Doublehead made personal deals giving up ancestral land which the punishment is death. John Ridge is supposedly the one who wrote the law. 

Funny you should mention theater, Walker died on Sept 11, the next day Ross wrote to Ridge about the incident while a petition was passed around asking the impeachment of Ridge. He was found guilty of dishonoring the land of his fathers and forced to leave. This would lead to the break-away sect of pro removers that would sign the New Echota Treaty without authorization. Foreman would go on to be murdered by Stand Watie, brother of Elias Boudinot, in a grocery store in 1842. Watie was acquitted of murder by a lawyer named David Walker. Yep, Watie killed the killer of a Walker and then was acquitted of the revenge-murder by another Walker. 

 In 1839 a band of 25 Ross faction soldiers set up a raid which assassinated John Ridge, Major Ridge and Elias Boudinot in retaliation for signing the New Echota Treaty. In 1845 Waties other brother was murdered. Watie would get some satisfaction burning the new tribal building and Ross’s home during the war in 1863 

Reports say he was the last confederate general to surrender and the most highly decorated officer of his rank Brigadier General. He fought against the 1st Kansas negro infantry and captured the Steamship Williams. In March 1862 he led Battle of Pea Ridge for Freemason guru Albert Pike. Pike was the Indian Commissioner for the Confederacy. Pike commanded 800 Cherokee which would later tarnish his name as he was charged with Inciting Indian atrocities against Federal dead and injured, even after his death he is being whitewashed by modern writers. Arguments over how many people were scalped and some mercy killings. 

Nobody has personal ties with Albert Pike and no skeletons. Watie was a leader in Pikes Special Interest project called the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret group of guerilla warfare mercenaries dedicated to opening up parts of Mexico for the slave trade. The war record appears the were a band of pirates, their high marks are taking over the steamship and a wagon train. Pike would help Watie be initiated as a 32nd deg Freemason. By their own words Indians could not join the lodge. Maybe the Prince Hall lodge. Maybe that is why he made it too the 32nd deg but not the 33rd.  

 KGC is associated with Lincolns assassination, not only that but in particular an incident involving Allen Pinkerton is credited with thwarting a kidnapping so the KGC could install Breckinridge as Prez. these events are historical fiction and bc for the most part the fake events are grouped with the fake people. This plus their cameo in a Disney Hollywood production leads me to believe the group only existed in name only, the contemporary media created the boogeyman, and as in the case of Pinkerton they create the savior too and have a whole series of proxy cat and mouse chases. Furthermore the account of the plot to kidnap Lincoln and a detailed acct of the initiation ritual was printed in the diary of John Surrat after the fact, this suggest it was scripted later. The Knights of the Golden Circle, the Surrat conspirator, Allen Pinkerton, Lincoln… All of it scripted narrative fiction. The other branch of the KGC was the Quantrell and James gang, this suggests the raids were domestic terrorism and false flags 

 These plans are not secret to the Inheritor class and there was no resistance. The line between power struggles within the factions is up for debate but this was never revealed to the Orphan Immigrants. The army head an investigation and published a report so long it ensured nobody would ever read it. In 1864 they would reorganize themselves as the Sons of Liberty, this is another cover name that only exists in the media, ever since the Stamp Act around the Am Rev, organizing the Boston Tea Party and the Committee of Safety coined the term No Taxation Without Representation. There is also a Hollywood series called the Sons of Liberty, they never existed so heres another example of how they try not to mix the paint between the phantoms and flesh and bone. 

Stand Watie 

Stand Watie is important enough to get him an obelisk, bronze Templar cross, and a stamp

Educated by Moravian Mission in Springplace at the Vann Plantation. The Moravian connect him to the Bohemians. This suggests he was groomed since childhood for his role. Perhaps also why his relatives that went to the fancy-pants college and married rich white girls were all murdered once their role was over. Sacrifices maybe. The rest of the Family was also being trained by the Missionaries in the north, this was an intel network which coordinated with all points internationally. There was even mention of the Moravian Mission in the Boston newspapers, so they were connected in more ways than one. 

Stand was chosen as part of another delegation, this time in 1866 for the reason is post-civil war politics. Other members include John Ridge, Saladin Watie, Elias Boudinot, children of the original Cherokee delegation. Shoulda seen that one coming 

Watie married into the Bell clan, Sarah Caroline Bell. On the Treaty of Echota there are 2 other Bells listed on the Treaty of Echota doc, S.W. Bell and John A. Bell. John Bell is Stands brother-in-law. Schermerhorn is representative of the Feds. John is Committee of Indian Affairs (C.I.A.). Stand also was married to a Hicks, another name frequently seen. J. Bell was head of the Committee of Indian Affairs in 1830, meaning he chaired the meetings that introduced the Indian Removal Act, I think this would be some kind of conflict of interest or something. 

Excerpt from a letter from John Adair Bell and Stand Watie to the Arkansas Gazette on the murders of the Ridges and Boudinot: 

On Saturday of the same week, it being the 22d of June, a party of 20 to 25 Indians proceeded to the house of John Ridge, on Honey creek, in the north part of the Cherokee nation, and having surrounded the house with their rifles, three of them forced his doors, drew him from his bed amidst the screams of his wife and children, and having given him 25 stabs in his body, left him dead n his yard.  Maj. Ridge had started on the previous day, to Vineyard, in Washington county, Arkansas.  He stayed on Friday night at the house of Mr. Ambrose Harnage, forty miles south of his son’s residence.  He was waylaid about 10 o’clock on the same morning, by a party of Indians, five miles west of Cane-hill, and shot from a high precipice which commanded the road.  It is reported that about 10 or 12 guns were fired at him; only five rifle balls, however, penetrated his body and head.  Thus was the aged chief murdered from am ambush, without knowing the dastardly hands who sought his life.  The murder occurred in Washington county.  About the same hour, four Indians came to Mr. Boudinot, and after a friendly salutation, asked Mr. Boudinot to walk from where his hands were at work, and give them some medicine.  Mr. B. who was ever found foremost in acts of charity, obeyed the summons.  Shortly after he left the workmen he was struck by these Indians in the back and head, and brought to the earth, with tomahawks, and then stabbed several times in the back with a Bowie knife.  These are the circumstances attending the deaths of these individuals. 

Be wary of anyone you see on a stamp. Stamps go up there with bronze statues as far as spookiness go.

  • *See Also:
  • John Payne- wrote Home, Sweet Home. Linked to Thomas Payne and the Quakers 
  • William Wirt-Lawyer for 2 Cherokee cases at the supreme court, including the Worcester case. Former Freemason chosen as anti-mason nominee for election 1832. Lawyer against Aaron Burr in his trial for treason in 1807 

Add Parsons to the list of spook reset families involved with the Indian psy-op. Indian portrait painters commissioned by the War Dept. Francis was a director and treasurer of the Society of Artists, fore-bearer to the Royal Arts Society one of the many branches that would soon unite as the International Expo (World Fairs). The Society is based off the French Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture, which in turn was based off the Italian (Roman) Academia’d San Luca, whose predecessor is the Compagnia di San Luca (Luc= Lucifer). Parsons also connects to St. Martins Lane Drawing Academy, which connects to the International Expos a second time over. Cunne Shote was a war was part of a 3-person delegation that traveled to Britian in 1762 after a series of wars between the British and the Cherokees. The painting debuted at the Incorporated Society of Artists Spring Exhibition in 1763, it’s a thing in the art-spook underworld. Cunne Shote is the son of Cherokee folk-hero Pathkiller, brought back to England by a Timberlake for the sake of diplomacy. Timberlake connects this to the Virginia Company and the Merchant Adventurers, which connects to the City of London banksters. The Virginia Company also is responsible for bringing back Indian princess Pocahontas at a much earler time. All these connections unraveled means some artsy-fartsy bankster cryptojews in Europe scripted the America Indian narrative. 

The Two Grave Sites of Pathkiller 

So this cat is supposed to have two resting spots. Heres the kicker, he is a fictional character so both spots are fake. One is at the New Echota Historic Cemetery there is a potential megalithic site with his name attached to it. It would be appropriate if a cemetery was built on top of a much older sacred burial site. A cemetery is supposed to hallowed or sacred ground Clearly his marker is from a later date than what’s called a table-top tomb. Pathkiller is the fabled father of Cunne Shote, Standing Turkey, the Indian featured in the painting by the proto-World Fair Art-Spook. 


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