Samuel Gridley Howe, Reset Agent and Oralist

Samuel Gridley Howe 


Sammy was a busy cat. Born in Boston 1801 to a cordage maker and shipowner. his dad was said to have lost all his money during the war of 1812. His family tree includes characters from several important chapters in American history. Elizabeth Howe was executed in the Salem Witch Trials, an uncle who was an ‘Indian’ during the Boston Tea Party. General Howe and the Battle of Bunker Hill, too bad they are all fictional. Everything this family is connected to

After graduating Brown he picked up a diploma from Harvard Med to match then, signed up as surgeon in the Greek Revolution. He went to Greece in the summer of 1824 and remained till after the naval battle of Navarino in 1827. Sammy was a fighter, said to be a doctor only after the battles stopped. Howe was also the moneyman. He raises and distributes funds to the war machine. Greek, Prussian, French, American, agent provocateur. Howe was said to be a philhellene, a lover of Greek things, In the public eye was fighting for his adopted country’s independence but in reality, he was a professional agitator. A mercenary. He is traveling around the World helping to install the central power structure.


Howe was inspired by poet Lord Byron to travel to Greece and participate in the revolution that was just revving up. While most articles and books claim they had a mentor/protege relationship I put forth they two were lovers, at least on Howes end, he is said to have purchased Byrons helmet and returned to the states with it. Byron was well known to be homosexual and pedophile. That mainstream sources push Howes admiration and devotion to Byron to me suggests he was a homosexual himself as well.

Howe was listed as a field surgon, they have special privileges and arent bound by the same rules as regular soliders.

Howe was given a commune island, Corinth, but left Greece after a dispute with local authorities. Was run out as a foreigner in Greece trying to make his own laws, right after an independence revolution. Commune or settlements is an interesting thing we see frequently in the reset class, usually theyre all said to end in failure but sometimes you can still see echoes.

You have to understand at this time all of the entire landmass of Eurasia was in upheaval. This was the Reset. History compartmentalizes everything so the children’s school books make each battle out to be isolated and unconnected from the one down the street but they are all the same cover. Map makers use invisible lines to help disguise things, the world is being remapped during this time.

Much of the war script comes from Gridley himself, in an effort to drum up war support he published a book about the Greek Revolution in 1828. It seems much of what we know today comes from this book even though it includes battles yet that hadnt happened at the time of its printing. (Maybe like the news lady reporting about tower 7 collapsing 20 mins be fore it fell.) Its a free pdf here, I mention it bc others have mentioned its descriptions of the Greek ruins as non-sentimental whereas other bards lament. I think they are writing a fake history for the ruins, that were ruined way before any Greek Revolution.

After defeating the Ottomans, he furthered is education in Paris and got caught up in the politics that led to the July Revolution in 1831. I’d say the Revolution was his education. Everywhere he went war seemed to break out. His story would have it that Howe was in Paris during the July Revolution by chance, before the war even broke out. The Franco-Prussian war. He was arrested in Berlin for aiding Polish political refugees from Prussia and detained for 5 weeks before the U.S. minister intervened and brought him home to Boston.  It was this intervention that places him at the new school for blind, being set up by his homeboy John Dix Fisher. Fisher offered him the job even though there were no buildings.

This guy says Howe dispersed funds raised by Samuel F.B. Morse, idk his source but it confirms my intuition. He also name-drops James Fenimore Cooper, this leads to the Bread and Cheese Club, an intellectual circle in NYC along with Member Morse. Cooperstown founder

*See encouraging comments to Florence Nightingale contradicts eyewitness statement

After the war

In 1831 he was appointed director of the board to the newly chartered Massachusetts New England School for the Blind, the first one in the country. Howe plays an important role in the Helen Keller thread and the History of Deafblind education.

After a year traveling around Europe to see some of the other models he opened up in Boston in 1832. Sammy may have been traveling around Europe but he wasnt checking up on some schools, Sammy is a warrior. Why would they make somebody like this the head of a new blind school anyway? Following the history of deafblind education and treatment this is a common theme, there is always some kind of secret intelligence undertones going on in this arena.

The governor had appointed three Commissioners of Idiocy to inquire about the “condition of idiots in the commonwealth and if anything can be done for them”. Only one of them was a physician. The commission’s report, written by Sammy, led to an experimental school being funded for three years by the state (taxes) and administered by the trustees of the Perkins Institution. The legislature incorporated it as the Massachusetts School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Youth in 1850. 1855, appropriated funds for a permanent facility, a site for which was found in South Boston. From 1863 the school was under the supervision successively of the Board of State Charities (1863-1879), the State Board of Health, Lunacy, and Charity (1879-1886), and the State Board of Lunacy and Charity (1886-1898). By 1898, it was placed within the jurisdiction of the State Board of Insanity.

In 1865 he became head of the first Board of Charities in America. In case you haven’t noticed these are all the same thing they just change a word or switch a word around to throw you off.

Prison Reform

In 1843 Howe read the report written by Dorothea Dix about conditions in the prison and asylum system to State legislatures. This lead to prison reform across the board. the changes were gonna come with or without Dix and Howe but these things need the appearence of human intervention.

Controversally he advocted for solitary confinment treatment for prisoners, whats known as ‘Philadelphia’ treatment in front of the Boston Prison Disciple Society.

Founded the Boston Society for Aiding Discharged Convicts according to the Social Welfare History, although according the 1847 writings he is not on the Board and the Prez is Walter Channing

Howe Blind Printing Press

Howe was a connection between the education and the war and the medical fields of the parasitic system. Howe developed his own method of dimples and bumps that was the system in place before Braille came along.

Howe designed his own form of language to communicate with the blind.

The Howe embossed lettering system, also known as the Boston Line Type was used in the language war against the blind for decades until Braille became the standard, which it never did really, event still today there is conflict over what the official language should be.

Howe set up the First printing press for blind publications in America. Anyone with a printing press is bad news. In 1835 he commissioned Steven Ruggles to devise a printer for his textile books, the printer would be used till 1881.

Ruggles’ printing press also created this tactile globe. Spanning 13 ft and set on checkerboard flooring this is a clue why the blind would be targeted. Their tricks are useless if you cant see the lies

Sammy, Sanborn and Sullivan

Howe founded the Board of Charity that was involved in the Tewksbury investigation led by Sanborn. Having been involved in the Greek, French, and polish revolutions Howe was admired by the younger Sanborne who considered him a mentor. They were teacher and student. Sanborne even titled his bio ‘Samuel Gridley Howe: the philanthropist’. I guess the word means the same back then as it does today.

The main street story credits Sanborne for Bringing Sullivan to Perkins in 1880 but this is disputed even by Sanborne himself. Anne Sullivan reportedly threw herself at Sanborns feet and begged him to take her to the new school she had heard about at Perkins. Within a month she was on her way.

Sanborn and Howe are tightly linked, the former even wrote the latter’s biography, a common pattern we see much of as we go, literary agents providing a normie cover story for other agents.

They were ‘Secret Six’ co-conspirators in the fake failed slave revolt, both fled to Canada for a short time after as the system he is a part of doesn’t recognize the same boundaries we do.

Howe lost his bid to corner the market for deaf education for himself and help found the oralist Clarke institute for the Deaf with partner Horace Mann who we’ll run into later. Sammy and Horace were more than just colleagues, they led the assault on the deaf culture. They story goes back to Brown U when Mann caught Howe pulling a prank and didnt turn him in to authorities. Howe maybe started out believing in blind equality but by the 40’s he was a eugenicist that had his school separated sexes to prevent relationships forming. They believed speech and only speech was what separated man from beast. Education was all that was needed to turn even the most unfortunate into a productive member of society. His view changed as time went on and he got some real experience teaching disabled, his Perkins school was a failure. 15 yrs after he started this project, he titled his 1848 Perkins annual report with bold capital letters ‘THE BLIND, AS A CLASS, ARE INFERIOR TO OTHER PERSONS IN MENTAL POWER AND ABILITY.’  

Laura Bridgman

In 1837 is when he brings Laura Bridgman onto the scene. Bridgman was the Proto-Helen Keller, the fake deafblind mute he would use to raise funds and elevate his own status.

Charles dickens wrote a promo piece for the pair in his American Notes which eventually led to Helen Keller’s family reaching out for assistance


Helped fugitive slaves escape. participated in Anthony Burns protest at Faneuil hall. Burns looks like another episode to drum up public excitement over the coming Civil War, like John Brown this is an abolitionist underground Railroad movement.

Sammy Cool Cat was also on assignment to relocate Blacks to Santo Domingo after the war. These abolitionists don’t really care about the people, they had an idea to ship them all out of country on the premise that they would be happier. The idea was shot down by Charles Sumner, his homosexual lover of the fake caning incident.

Started the Boston Vigilance Committee to fight for escaping slaves. The Committee of Vigilance was involved with a bunch of hi-profile cases that resulted in riots and unrest. they were all of the John Brown sort of run up to the Civil War beating the drums of racism. Three of the Not-so-secret six were also the BVC so it safe to say all of these cases were proxy

together with wife Julia they edited an abolishonist newspaper, Boston Daily Commonwealth. started the New England Immigrant Aid org to help antislavery movement in Kansas. this wouldve been part of Bloody Kansas and John Brown episode.

Sanitation Dept

Howe was also a member of Dorothea Dix Sanitation Dept, they were in charge of distributing funds and resources during the war.

The Sanitation Dept was responsible for organizing the proto-World Fairs, the Sanitation Fairs were similar in design to the later, larger International Expos. Held in Boston, New York, Philly, Chicago.  The one in Chicago featured Abraham Lincoln slinging autographed copies of the Emancipation Proclamation, I know it doesn’t belong here but I cant help it, thats the funniest shit I heard all day. They prolly even had a guy in a hat to sit in doing it

Love Life

In fact I did uncover the many lover letters of Sammy to Boston Senator Charles Sumner. Sumner was very much in love with Howe and didn’t take it well when Howe was married. Many love letters still survive today but the the majority were cut up or burned over fears they would fall into enemy hands. Howe admits to having burned all the love letters in case they fell into the wrong hands.

Married Julia Ward, daughter of bankster sammy and Julia Cutler. Sarah jane Cutler is also wife of Gammons, same location and time frame. This would make Sammy Howe and Elijah Gammons connected by marriage.


He opened the first school in his father’s home with two young sisters, Sophia and Abigail Carter from Andover, Massachusetts. Within a month the enrollment had reached six students, ranging in age from six to twenty years old. Since he needed a larger place, Thomas H. Perkins, one of the School’s trustees, offered his house. The school moved again in 1839 to the Mt. Washington House Hotel in South Boston and changed its name to the Perkins Institution for the Blind. Howe would open schools in 15 states during his first few years.

Perkins was a slaver, opium smuggler pirate. His name is attached to the school as if he was some kinda saint but the school was never about helping disabled children.

Andover school would connect him with Jedidiah Morse who was setting up the first missionary school in Andover.

In 1848 he was placed at the helm of another social engineering project, Howe was partnered up with Dorothea Dix and presented her report to legislatures who granted him funds for 10 student and themselves the ‘Mass School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Children’ headquartered at Perkins. Howe used state (tax) money. A few years later in ‘88 it moved to its own location and given the name of its third director. The Walter Ferndale Developmental Center is the poster child of the eugenics program at its height of the 20’s. They did experiments on people, I won’t go into that the reader can search on their own but you probly heard of one of the ones that leaked out, The Quaker Oats Radiation Experiments. In the 1950’s some guys from Harvard, along with researchers at MIT decided it was a good idea to secretly dose a couple dozen retarded kids with high levels of radiation. They were told they were joining a science club and were promised Red Sox tickets. Quaker Oats was also charged for feeding the kids irradiated oatmeal. They sent permission slips home to the parents claiming a nutritional program and if the parents didn’t object the school was counting their participation. This is the place Howe founded, at least was given authority of. Lawsuits were settled in 1998 but supposedly it was uncovered and leaked by the Boston Globe. No way that happened organically. This was another Tewksbury, another Worchester. 

Perkins Institute was named after Thomas Handasyd Perkins, another Boston aristocrat ‘merchant’ that amassed a fortune as a slave trader in Haiti and opium smuggler in China. He also owned a fleet of vessels during the war of 1812 so it’s likely that Perkins and Joseph Howe knew each other, either as competitors, or associates. They were both from the same town, were the same age, same elite class of merchant families. The story goes that Perkins donated his property to be used as the institution grounds bc he was a ‘philanthropist’ and starting to lose his eyesight. Thats the default answer, it is never the default answer. I’d be more inclined to believe he donated the property to a partner’s son that he watched grow up to be use to set up a spook training and recruitment center. Part of the full-spectrum-dominance control grid. 

Howe sewing machine

Elias Howe, of the famous Howe Sewing Machine is not claimed by Sammy and Co. as relatives Elias was from right down the street in Spencer MA and he worked in Cambridge and Boston, this puts him in the immediate vicinity and timeframe as Sammy. Mainstream industrial machines were starting a technological advancement that would lead the country, and world, to what’s aptly remembered as the Industrial Revolution. The Howe clan played a part in the beginning of the textile arena with the Howe Sewing Machine. It was the first machine of its kind in the new world though not the first patented. There were so many patents and so many lawsuits over infringement it would lead to the Sewing Machine War of 1856. It is also called the first ‘patent thicket’ in America and lead to the Combination. The field was gridlocked due to litigation so all the big wigs got together and agreed to drop the lawsuits against each other and join forces and split each sale, this was at the international scale remind you. The importance of the invention as the sewing machine is to the industrial revolution is so important and necessary, I say it was a race, consider it the days DARPA challenge. Leaders of the world labor force need a breakthrough invention to commercialize their supply, they can create the demand afterward but they need the supply first, so word goes out to all the agents in manufacturing that, ‘Hey we need a machine that is capable of doing this’. So, all the companies are working to the same end but making it appear they are independent and having a competition. There are several ingredients to this thread, one of them is the sewing machine, we will get to another one much later, the combine reaper, which ushered in the commercial farm, was born in a similar manner. Keep this thought on the backburner. 

 *Singer sewing machines were owned by the Clarks. This is a significant bc it shows the status of both parties. The Sewing Machine was a huge post-Reset industrial project, paved the way for Orphan Class wage-slaves, commercialized (therefore exploited and centralized) organized labor. Clark could be a Reset class Maritime-contract magician or an illegitimate self-validating claim to authority that never existed. Maybe one day we will find the answer but for right now its noteworthy that linear history has made the connection for us. 

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