Next up to the plate is Arturo Giovannitti. Born in Italy he was first a writer than the editor of Italian based Socialist Federation newspaper. This ties him to both the Carbonari and the Jewish Socialist Bureau of Agitators. The Socialist Federation was the Bureau in a different wrapper. His former occupation is even listed as a coal miner, the root word of carbonari is carbon (coal), this is the equivalent of a free mason listing his occupation as a bricklayer. He also worked for the railroad but I couldn’t find in what capacity or even what line. Went to school at Columbia. Helen Keller even wrote the forward in one of his later books. Self-described revolutionary and anarchist. Hes another character like so many we just will have to return later for a dedicated article. 

Ettor is admitted to have been organizing in Lawrence for some time before the initial walkout. They were there the whole time. Collaborating with the AFL, who would only support white national workers, the Lawrence arena was said to be so troublesome to organize bc there were so many communication barricades. We know ALL communications are spook intel platforms so while this was formerly used as an excuse now was cited as a strength. The two made a system based on race, two from each nationality chosen as representatives. This was the intelligence network. Meetings were translated into 25 languages. This is mass communication. All forms of outlets of communication are controlled. Ettor spoke several languages fluently, one was openly admitted Yiddish. This ties him to the Jewish Socialist Agitation Bureau and the Carbonari as well 

After the alleged shooting of Lopizzo the two were arrested even though they were known to have been across town speaking at a rally. The IWW accuse police of trumping up charges as an excuse to get the two off the street, out of the picture, where they were held without trial for 8 months. I say the two were never in jail and were free to do special ops with an official alibi. History books like to claim the IWW sent these two first and after their arrest sent in the celebrity big hitters. If you look closer however you see everyone arrived at the same time. In fact, as we will soon see, they were there before it kicked off. 

The trial itself was held in Salem, another tell. Giovannitti acted as his own defense, sure he did. An Italian anarchist immigrant was able to beata state prosecutor at his own game in such a high-profile case? You betcha. At one point the whole defense committee was rounded up and arrested in Boston. Debriefed would be a better word. A worldwide coordinated one day strike was organized, 15000 workers in Lawrence struck and countries boycotted goods and ports refused ship entry or ships refused US docking. The two were acquitted 2 months later and were immediately at another headline making precedent setting event remembered as the Paterson Silk Strike in nearby New Jersy. I assume this is where they were operating during their supposed jail time.  

Writer was counterpart of August Spies, flamboyant writer from the Haymarket Event. 


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