Only about 4 people have ever opened this file, kudos if you are reading this. Fiske is a highly ranked but mostly unknown family of spook agents involved in alot of the installation of the new paradigm. I first found out about them bc the name is chiseled into the keystone of the Paw Paw tunnel along the C&O Canal near Harpers Ferry West Virginia. That is an ancient artifact town, an industrial center that helped build the infrastructure before the repopulation and then bombed to shit during a proxy battle of the Civil War. . There is not much info out there that connects them to any other families or projects or even themselves, so I keep a little log of the places I run across their ugly mugs. This wont make any sense if a normal essay context bc thats not what it is, I will turn it into something more proper when the time is appropriate. Thank you for reading!

fake encyclopedia, Appletons edited with Wilson, tunnel borer and north adams hotel

C&O Canal, wright bro plane

may 18, 1853, NY Tribune

mount Fiske sierra Club The first ascent of the summit was made August 10, 1922, (8/10, Aces and Eights) by Sierra Club member Charles Norman Fiske, his sons John Norman Fiske and Stephen Burlingame Fiske, and Sierra Club member Frederick Kellett via the southeast ridge.[7] The first ascent via the class 2 Southwest Ridge was made on August 18, 1939, by Jack Sturgeon, also of the Sierra Club.[8]

Harvey E Fisk- unusal building, nyt

Fisk University at Nashville exhibit at the negro house at the jamestown tercentennial

fisk U history

The “Fisk Free Colored School” was started in 1866 in the abandoned former military hospital barracks (aka Railroad Hospital) located on 12th Street, becoming Fisk University in 1867. One of the original barracks, relocated in 1873, has been used by the university’s performing arts department since 1935, known as the “Little Theatre”.

The Battle of Nashville

The Battle of Nashville began on 15 Dec 1864 south of the city and away from Fort Gillum. The battle pitted the Confederate Army of Tennessee under Lt. General John Bell Hood(Cullum 1622), against Union forces under Major General George H. Thomas(Cullum 1028). General Hood had been a student of General Thomas at the United States Military Academy, received instruction in artillery from him. The Union forces prevailed and the Confederates fell back with heavy losses.

Fort Gillem was abandoned in 1865 at the end of the war and eventually the fort site became a part of Fisk University and some of the fort buildings were used by the school for a time. Fisk University was founded in 1866.

Current Status

The site is now part of Fisk University’s Jubilee Hall.

USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Database Entry: 1680783

Board of Indian Affairs 1874

POW Camp Fisk

Fisk tire and rubber

tire and rubber manufacturing with Boston Associates. rubber manufacturing was military technology

David Fiske, prolific author with the New York Almanac that writes fake history of slave trade and civil war era

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