Mud Flood Massachusetts Hoosac Tunnel. Ancient artifact from Pre-Reset World

Tunnel ceremony

Hoosac Tunnel

After spending some time on the Paw Paw Tunnel and C & O Canal Im convinced 100% there exist fingerprints from a different are just as old as the railroad and existed before the repopulation of North America. Colonial America and the Indian Wars and American Revolution were invented for the new class to hid themselves by giving the Orphan Immigrant as false sense of history.

There are many artifacts left over from the time before. Most are marked with a much later date and name, some they just tear down and pave over… So the stuff they say is really old is actually really youn and the stuff they say is brand new cutting edge advancements are the real old stuff. Canals, tunnels, aqueducts, Star-forts… There were even major industrial manufacturing towns such as Harpers Ferry and Carlisle PA. Sometimesthe town is the artifact. Hoosac tunnel is an artifact, so is the accompanying town of North Adams. So I seen this tunnel here and gave it a cursory glance and this is what I could find in 2 or 3 hours.

One entrance is the Pre-repopulation industrial town of North Adams, the fake-founding father tribute gives it away right out the gate. Its called a small village, these pics came out at the same time the tunnel was said to be completed. Its more like a ghost city than a small village.

One thing I want to point out now that will come back up is the landscape. There are no leaves on most of the trees, “OK, so its winter” many will say. Ok, so why isnt there smoke in one single chimney? I’m not saying its wasteland but it sure looks like it could be wasteland to me. There are no virgin primeval forests in North America. The shipping industry or controlled burns from Indians are the explanation but I dont believe that there isnt a single patch of old-growth forest bc of the ship builders and Indians is more laughable, they of all people would recognize the importance of old-growth. Plus I mean come on, NOT ONE? To me this is an unacceptable explanation. You cant have it both ways, a bustling New England industrial center with no leaves on the trees and no smoke in the chimneys. Not even the factory stack. This is a world wide phenomenon too, not isolated to this post.

Some bullet points to follow up on later:

  • Ben Latrobe II, consultant from the B&O RR. Engineered bridge into Harpers Ferry
  • Tunnel first mentioned in 1819… As originally intended to be part of a canal from NY to Boston. There is always a connection between those 4 things; Aquaducts, canals, railroads, tunnels. Kilns are another one but I havent broke through into that yet. There are some kiln sites outside the Harpers Ferry ruins on the list to check up on.
  • American Society of Civil Engineers Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1975. These guys are the Military Industrial Complex just the same as the Army Corp of Engineers and everything on their little list of modern marvels is similar nature
  • tunnel boring machine and new pneumatic drill tech
  • The last 16 ft was completed on Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is a tell. Fake Pilgrims and Indians and all. See my Thanksgiving Reports for details. its pretty good story
  • Oct 17, 1867 13 men were killed in a naphtha explosion. Victims include Cook, Fitzhenry, and McCormick. recovered bodies oct 18, 10/18 aces and eights
  • Construction records and media accounts are notoriously erroneous and incomplete, the M.O. of the Pawpaw tunnel and C&O canal overseers.
  • Nicknamed ‘Bloody Pit’ by critics bc of the 180 estimated deaths. check Oliver W Holmes comments, fiction character. Anything with a name like that that gets official recognition in public school history books has a hidden story.
  • Registered one of the most haunted places of New England. All that spooky shit are Intelligence indicators. Haunting, paranormal, superstitions, satanism. witchcraft. All that. Maybe bc if you instinctively feel this place is special they have something to counter, its called Full Spectrum for a reason.
  • Work was supposedly done in two sittings. It started before the Civil War and then after several years sitting some R.R. mill town politicians decided to finish. This is like what we find often associated with these projects, Washington Monument comes to mind. I think the site may have first been catalogued in 1819 along with the canals and such, then maybe it was surveyed before the war. Someone came out and inspected it for later, then after the war they start the excavation. The first go-round was just a survey. Wait till you see the old pics
  • Heres a modification blueprint
is this supposed to be a schematic or a Sigil from the Lesser Key of Solomon? There is even a note at the bottom that says the arch must be ‘inverted’ yep, there ya have it, its a portal to hell.
invert the arch. says it right in the corner

Workers headed down the elevator

Thats what it would appear till you zoom in and see they are wearing suits and ties, not exactly dressed for the part huh? A fucking bow-tie.

The left entrance is said to be where the tunneling machine conked out and was stuck for several years
Image of the Wilsons Patented Stone-Cuttig Tunnel Machine stuck in its hole. Its an engraving. means it could be an artist rendition based on witness testimony (bullshit). For one the shape of the hole doesnt match the shape of the borer.
  • The tunnel-bore thread is a whole new arena. Now your talking about like tunneling under the Thames in 1819, the first tunnel machine usage. Thats the European Reset, America wasnt repopulated till after Europe. So 1819 they can go under the river but yet they cant get thru 10 meters half a century later? and leave the machine stuck there for years? The second entrance could be anything and nobody would ever know, the whole landscape has been altered, filled in, covered over, and reforested, made to look however the narrative says so, kinda like the Conservation Committee and the starforts. you cant hardly see the tunnel till your right there, its on private property
  • The Town of North Adams is where the Final 16 ft was punched through on Thanksgiving day. Town history is seated in pre-revolutionary America. Heres a history of the town published in 1885. Ephraim Williams surveyed in 1750. Any time you see a town history established before the 1800s remember the American Revolution is a cover for the Great Reset. These places were already functioning at the time of repopulation so Colonial America was scripted to present a false history. Industrial manufacturing sites connect all of Appalachia even far into Canada. Williams of Williams College. Kin to yale and Harvard and Brown. the New England universities are command centers with a self confirmation and validity.
  • Original Main street was an old Mohican footpath. I’ll take it even farther. It was probly connected to the old world Appalachin Trail, like its companion town Harpers Ferry…Absolutely correct, look at the sigil for the overseeing body. AMC, Appalachin Management Committee. All this time it never occured that most if not ALL of the important populated areas before the repopulation are split through by the trail, including and especially Worcester and Williamstown. We can add trails to our list of potentials; canals, aquaducts, tunnels, bridges, star forts. The infrastructure… Hmm, The worcester chapter is said to have started in 1918… but the trail wasnt supposed to have been concieved till ’21. 18, aces and eights
Black Magick Sigil of the Appalachian Trail Management Committee at North Adams

Mudflood pics

I think these are the oldest pics. the very first before the Big Dig. Look at the way logs and rocks are strewn about everywhere, none of that was put there with any kind of intention, and I mean everywhere. Zoom in on the background forest, it looks like wasteland. Could be winter but the only house has a small tree with leaves. Must be an evergreen. Oh yeah and only one small house? the magnitude of this project would’ve been enormous but theres only like a horse barn and a farm house. Everyone is in suits, this aint no immigrant chain-gang like they say built it. The people that put that log retaining wall up are not the same people that built that stone artifact. That crane on the top is for the log retainer. Wonder who that guy is

A Reset Romance

These come from a similar time period, shortly after bc you can tell the outhouse looking shed has been pushed off to the side. probs with the crane, which is all that thing could do.

This is a wedding scene. See the small children flowergirls on the top, that one is barely small enough to make it up there. A bride and groom at the mouth of the tunnel and well-dressed guests on the upper terrace. The Tunnel is on private property, could be these are the owners. More likely some early railroad or mill barons

This is the oldest picture I could find. Not nearly as refined as the completed project but look at the ground, not only is there too many boulders to work around but theres a stream or creek that still cuts through the immediate vicinity. You’d think the water would be diverted and the front entrance would be cleaned up but it isnt. I say the tunnel was pre-existing and part of the canal system which could not be repaired. All the work being done at this time on the canal systems are said to be construction are repairs. Whatever happen during the Reset the canals were either way way old and in ruins from neglect or they were targeted and destroyed. The cartoon explanation we are given doesn’t give them any edge for credibility

North Adams

Its a ghost town. in better shape than Eureka Springs at the same time. just waiting for the repopulation
The mule and wagon culture did not build any of this

Wilson Hotel

One of the most recognizable structures was named the Wilson Hotel,

  • named after Allen B Wilson, veteran of the Sewing Machine Wars. This is huge. The sewing machine was a World Fair project to centralize control of industry and manufacturing, pillars of the International Expo. Inventions like the combine harvester/reaper and the sewing machine were mad-dash advancements followed by a standstill bc of the patent office they were able to control the speed and direction of development.
  • Around the mid-1870s, Foster E. Swift became the proprietor of the hotel. he subsequently purchased the hotel in 1880. It appears to have been a foreclosure sale of some sort, because he acquired it from the Adams National Bank for just $65,000, barely half of the cost to build it 14 years earlier.
  • The building was owned by the Sullivan brothers at the time. John F. Sullivan not the famous martyrs though, just looking at the numbers in their file and the location they were said to have died was a fake battle, not even proxy, Guadalcanal was a wag-the-dog battle… note the name contains canal. follow up The other famous Sullivan was Anne, companion of Helen keller. Whatever branch of the Sullivans was responsible for the arson attack doesnt matter, its a family business.
  •  1880 census, there were 40 residents living here as boarders. The majority of these were railroad employees, including nine conductors, two clerks, two agents, and a railroad contractor. Nearly all of these men were listed as being married, but they were evidently working and living away from home at the time when the census was taken. This mirrors the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, built and utilized by the RR Syndicate. Not just yard hands either,agents and contracters of the railroad are some of the most powerful people on the planet.
  • National Registry Historic Places.
  • In the center was the dry goods store of Tuttle & Bryant. To the right of it was a small postcard shop, and at the corner in the foreground was the Wilson House Drug Store. The post card shop sold pictures of Reset Events and Mudflood buildings like the ones I showcase on this site. The Drug store was from the Crescent script too with the quack doctor paying service.
  • The Empire theater, check relation with radio program at Crescent, both form of entertainment
  • Wilson was also the name of the steam borer that got stuck in the tunnel
  • Could seat from 800 to 1000 people per show, 100 guest rooms and eights shops on street level. aces and eights all day.
  • Destroyed by fire (arson) in 1912, estimated damage is $13 mil.
  • Theodore Roosevelt made a brief campaign stop here on April 29, 1912, reportedly the largest audience for a political speech in the city’s history, and Roosevelt himself remarked that “It was a bully crowd, it was a fine gathering.”
  • See Also: Ashtabula River railroad disaster of 1876, one of the deadliest train wrecks in American history, (the bridges collapses so the train falls in the gorge then robbers come out of the woods and start murdering survivors and then the train catch fire and kills almost everyone, for real it says that, oh yeah, it happened on 3/22)
The people that built this structure are not the same people with donkey and cart and painted wood signs. no way
Wouldnt ya know, destroyed by fire.

Printer Works

This is supposed to be construction but this looks like the Big Dig to me. The American Flag is common in these early-repopulation photos. I always wondered what’re the odds a crisp new flag would be waving in almost every shot. Its product placement, a stage prop. I bet it has gold trim. The fellows with the beaver hats are a marker too, almost makes you think every person in town is walking around with a beaver on their head. In the history of Nantucket their is an interesting albeit fake story about the original 9 proprietors of Nantucket Island insisting on a new beaver hat included in the deal. The early beaver hat is a symbol of the Reset. Look for American Flags and beaver hats

A layer of black soot and the missing roof suggests there was a fire on the top floor while the bottom floor window extend beneath the ground level. This build was excavated. Whats up with the creepy guys in suits and top hats that are in so many ghost-city and pre-repopulation photots. Theres an episode in the land-grabbing histroy of Nantucket the original proprietors insisted on Beaver hats. its a status symbol, the beaver hats are the Inheritors

Trees or No Trees?

Note that the trees in the distance have leaves in them while the trees in the town do not. The presence or lack thereof of leaves has always been a point of conflict. This is the first picture I have seen of both in one. a two-fer. Again I ask, where are all the people? there is smoke coming out of the stacks. dosnt industril waste have black smoke while this is white?

Berkshire Hill Sanitarium

The North Adams Sanitarium has the cancer research doctor Brown as in Brown U. This is one of the biggest families out there. Check cancer quack doc at Eureka Springs Cresent Hotel, these two mudflood towns share much of the same script. See American Medical Journal.

(1896 – 1918), the largest private hospital in the nation for the treatment of cancer.

Doc Willie Brown is said to have gone through a painful childhood operation that lead to him being a cancer doctor. His son picks up the other half, Wallace Brown. William Wallace, its a tell, the guy never existed.

Wallace attended Bellevue College in NYC, add them to the Bell and Spook U categories, where the father son team beat his cancer again so the pair return to North Adams in start a practice in 1888. National advertising campaign claiming to cure cancer. See North Berkshire Medical Society.

All of a suddden they decide advertizing medical treatment is unethical and pull out which banksrupts them in a few years.

His secret cancer treatment is lye inside petroleum jelly.

I want to get back on the trees for a second. Lets zoom in on this pick with the only trees I’ve seen in a picture with a building. I can’t tell if it’s early photoshop or not. The windows look boarded up and what’re those dark spots? The trees are my biggest concern, one side they are over grown right up to the joint like they’re overgrown and the next pic they dont have any leaves at all and you can see the little pits in the ground where it shows they have been manicured

The concept of having a doctor stationed at an old hotel or building like this that was treating ailments before Big Pharm was established and afterwards labeled a ‘quack is repeated at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, another mudflood city, and the goat testicle transplant guy, texas/mexico border.

  • See also Oct 29th NYT article about Lindbergh cheese cancer cure. possible shout out to Agent Lindbergh baby.
  • Philip Schuch, Jr. 1898, He spent eleven months in a Venezuelan leper colony doing research.  
  • Alexander Graham Bell from flight to a predecessor of geodesic construction.  In 1906, experimentation was done to use radium in the treatment of cancer.  .
  • building Drury High School and Mount Williams Reservoir.
  • Hotel Flanders 1918 NYC
  • his wife’s family, the Stewarts, in Blackinton Village

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