Helen Keller: New World Order Gatekeeper. Ep. 25. Fake Anne Sullivan Eye Surgeries Pt2. and the Ragamuffin Connection

In a previous article we examined some of the early eye-surgery narrative of the young Sullivan during her stay at the Tewksbury Almshouse, I’ll refer back to that for details but basically it is a fantasy bedtime story. Who piad for the surgery and 6 months private hospital stay? As if it was normal that kinda thing was normal. Super. Marsh was selling dead babies to the Harvard Red Shoe club.

Well I got an interesting followup story I just found today, this time near the end of her life. As Teacher aged her eye sight that bothered her since her childhood didnt get any better. All those free surguries you think it wouldve improved but she was mostly blind herself all her life.

On 29 November 1934 the NYTimes printed an article in their Thanksging day edition about it. Im not gonna talk much, I’ll let the story tell itself. If youre new to this website you need to understand that the NYT is a psychological warfare machine. This post will support that and theres more info if you look around.

The Keller article doesnt even say much usful, you have to look at the bigger picture, heres a free lesson on how to read the Times.

First off its signifacent bc of the date its. Thanksgiving day was completely started by commerical interests and has satanic pagan roots, santa/ satan anagram and the Macy red star. the parade is really a celebration of santa and nothing to do with pilgrims and indians. the santa parade is the echo of a Roman Empire military parade when a Warlord returning with the spoils of war sitting on this throne doling out rewards to loyal subjects. Pilgrims and Indians are a myth, theyre fake history scripted to prop up a phoney timeline. Their was no Roman Empire either for that matter but for sake of good-will lets play along.

Notice the 666 shout-out. A mortgage translates into death pledge, thats why they follow up with the word revive, cus thats what they do with dead people. “6660 mortgages issued by 18 title companies… Aces and Eights are always an Intelligence marker… “before Jan 1 and Oct 31…” Thats Halloween, another spooky tell. Jan 1 is 1/1. Eleven is double ones but also represents pillars. In some schools like Aleister Crowley its the double phallic symbol meaning homosexuality . “…valued mortgage at $33 mil…” Crazy right. How many people do you guess read right over that and had no clue what they were reading. How many of you didn’t catch it the first time and you were even looking for it!

This is the article above Keller’s. Its openly about determining hoaxes. The hoaxer is Gertrude Stein. I’m not familiar with her but the name is a good start. A glance at her Ministry of Truth page says she graduated Magna-cum-laud at Radcliffe and John Hopkins Med. In her spare time she was hosting art Salons in Paris. Her and Keller were probly BFF’s, oh, and she was a Jewish lesbian. The part that gets me is that they are talking about a speech disorder being the focus of the hoax. Have you ever heard Keller try to talk? This is a joke. It even defines a method of how she could be making the sounds. No way they could direct that logical thinking to the lady with her fingers in your mouth and grunting like an animal. Nah, that’d be crazy

The right flank is held up by tribute to Buchanan, war monger, and name-dropping Vanderbilt, who had aided in Keller’s projects substantially. Helen Keller’s article is sandwiched in between a war lord, a satanic numerology spell and a speech hoaxer… WTF do you even call something like that? These are not randomly placed articles, everything they do is and always has been about a mind-fuck.
Another article on the same page. the Medical Industrial Complex. “Dr.” Sachs asking the public to fund their own slow-drip poisoning. Federal Reserve bankster family Sachs print money, they dont beg for peasant scraps.
Another article on the same page. a “Ragamuffin Parade” and costume party? Sounds more like Halloween, but they mention Christmas… Could it be bc they’re all holidays are the commercial interests of satanists? I think so. There was a trend called ‘Maskers’ in the early 1900’s, Kids would smear their faces up with soot and dress up in hobo outfits and go door to door asking for change. The trend was supposedly stopped in part by the Macy’s Satan parade a few years earlier but it appears like echos made it past. probs can find something today, im sure it wont be black-face bums. It its just into the whole atmosphere of weird shit that surrounds Keller everywhere she goes.
Here is something about Macy and the Parade a few columns over. the 1934 parade was the first year that featured Mickey Mouse, along with Felix the cat is one of the most recognizable characters of the event. “Monsters… Grotesque…. Ferocious.” sounds perfectly acceptable for a celebration of family and appreciation. the kick-off is at 110th. aces and eights every time but doubles are even more desirable. This was Macy’s basecamp. *See Also: Clement Park Moore, Professor of biblical learning at Theological Seminary, these people are nothing without their titles. With a mouthful like that this guy is up to no good.
Another circus piece. All of these are on the same page as Keller, she is still the biggest freak of all of them. We haven’t even made it to the front page yet
Overlord of the Public Works Art Project, and Secretary of the Advisory Committee on Fine Arts? WTF do these people do all day?
Chamberlain was responsible for the PR campaign behind Keller. its appropriate that he is headlining her article…And in the Arts section. All this symbolism is an art form to them.

Royal Freakshow

Lets jump to a few pages in front, it covers a wedding between two Royal bodies, Duke of Kent and Princess Marina. IDK who these people are but Im sure I know what I would find if I looked. Here are a few articles on their page. The whole wedding production and the Crown itself for that matter is an extention of the creepy circus-world of the Helen Keller. These people have no real power and exist to placate the Orphan/Immigrant class.

Pic of Westminster Abbey, the Pre-Reset building that the Church attached their name to but impossible they built it. The black-and- white checkerboard floors is an nod in that direction
Another shout out to the central theme of witchcraft and magick, apparently the royal line still believes in “superstititions”. The point is the reference itself. The article makes it seem as if half the British Isles waited in anticipation to see if he would be cursed. A look at the origins of this superstition might make an interesting read. Notice they have just returned from the theater. Thats TV… self-promotion.
Even in 1934 they were beating the war drums, foreshadowing the coming so-called World War. Says here they have personal communications. The rest of the paper has foreshadowing comments peppered all throughout.

Best Article from the Royal Wedding

When I saw this I literally bust out laughing so spontaneously it made me fart.

Its the play on words that gets me. By pheasants they mean Peasants. Its a precendent to shoot and eat them huh, cant break from tradition. Now whether it is literal about cannibalizing some of the Orphan class or is it just a sick joke I really don’t care. The meaning is not as important as the utterance. It’s like Manifestation. You might want to look up Sandringham Estates, the royal hunting property where evidently they host the ‘Hardest Game’ parties. 800 pounds is the Aces and Eights mark thats been inserted everywhere. This article is representative of the NYTimes as a whole. Most of the papers I browse through contain the same themes.

Ragamuffin Parade

The best part is paragraph that speaks about the Ragamuffins and the Masker proto- trick or treating tradition. There has been some discussion about how this custom came about and what happened to it. Thanksgiving was taken over by the parade but the custom was rebranded and moved to a different time of the year, Full year marketing. Supporting this the article says participants are bribed with free sporting event tickets to walk in the parade. Not only that but they are hiring extra transportation just to bring out ot towners in. Not only that but it is sponsored by Sachs, the same guy that was just begging for hospital funds is paying for ragamuffins. Crazy right, I told you that guy is no good. Here is my Ragamuffin link.

And Thats How You Read the Paper

is helen keller a hoax? ppffftt, dont make me fucking laugh. There is a bigger story on the front page, more thanksgiving bread and circus for the masses, this time its Dillenger who is on the front page, Media coverage gives themselves away. Check on my page for details.

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