Roe vs. Wade, Mock Trial to promote the newly released Birth Control Pill, Big Pharm selected Justices

*Note: I wrote this last winter at the height of all the drama. I have followed the course of the eugenics program and birth control and population control and eventually reproductive control, not through divisive legislation but through sterilization programs you dont even know about. I dont have much time so this has been sitting in a draft folder and i just hit share with this asterisk, Some of the information maybe in incomplete, My understanding changes by the day and I dont have time to return to every article and make amends. This is only supposd to point you in the right direction and you do your own work, now on that note, here we go…

Now that we have the means lined up there’s always the pesky little problem of Rights, and laws, we have to get the legislation in place and in order to do that we have to choreograph some kind of bogus law suit, the courtroom drama, and to get there we have to stage a confrontation. Yeah, these things get kinda predictable once you figure out the Ordo ab Chao paradigm. 

In 1970 the case involving 3 plaintiffs was brought before the Supreme court to determine if abortion laws should be repealed or upheld. Roe’s given name is Norma McCorvey. Norma wanted to challenge the constitutionality of abortion laws. She filed suit against Henry Wade, the district attorney of Dallas that enforced the laws that made it illegal to have an abortion. Henry Wade was the Dallas DA from ‘51-’87. That means he was also involved with the Kennedy Project, He prosecuted Jack Ruby for killing Lee Harvey Oswald, so we already know this is another production, maybe that’s the reason the case was held in Dallas, the legal team was already set up… The legal team is set up everywhere.

The ‘Thin Blue Line’ comes in part from another mock case featuring Wade. Its originals go to the british uniform during the Crimean War, The Thine Red Stripe that held the Russians off. The Crimean War is code for the Great Reset, all wars are proxy cover stories but the Crimean War is extra special, That means the thin blue line sticker fad where everyone gets that shit all over the car is a New World Order sigil.

Wade was also the DA during another high-profile case, Randel Adams was a convicted cop killer in ‘76 but in’88 another Lifetime documentary ‘Thin-blue Line’ came out and had the case overturned and the prisoner set free. The Ministry of Truth has quite a lengthy rap sheet on this subject, which is a mark, they are boasting on their works. The story is a fairy-tale, false hope setter about an independent researcher doing a report on questionable ethics used by the prosecution, (which would’ve been Wade), when he meets the convict, he becomes convinced of his innocence and the focus of the video changes to the convict himself. Ultimately the evidence used to prove his innocence is gotten from the original testimony. This is intentional, now nobody can say they didn’t have all the facts or new evidence was introduced. Nope. It was made so there is no getting out of it. Prison reform has always been an indicator, I’m sure we will come across this case more than once. Collaborators include the Museum of Arts, PBS, and Harvey Weinstein.

 First of all you should know that no lifetime movie is going to overturn laws. Just the only people that beieve that shit are the people that watch lifetime documentaries

In early days Wade was Austin U and joined the FBI in 1939. He was BFFs with Hoover and his file says he was undercover in Ecuador. Wade’s role in the intelligence communities means he was intimate with the handler/informer relationship and generated concern when he cooperated with the Warren Commission. Hoover launched an investigation which was later obtained by the Dallas newspaper by FOIA, this document proved that Wade knew a whole lot more about things then what was led to believe. This don’t mean jackshit, as we have seen every single time the info from the FOIA is a movie prop. Helen Kellers file, Margaret Sanger, MK Ulitra to name a few, how many does it take before you realize it’s all for show. Once you are intelligence you are in for life. Even though he held other offices and titles he was mil-intel foremost, under 6 presidents. Ecuador and the small latin America countries were behind North America in development, the Banana Republic countries have been kept more or less as a slave pool and petri dish. each island is an isolated experiment. 

The RvW opinion for the Supreme court was Justice Blackmun. He was a Harvard mathematician, grad Class of ‘29, then law in ‘32. Hmm, be a Harvard lawyer in just 3 short years. He had a mixed political career. This case was his legacy. He determined the laws violated the 14th amendment to due process. Blackmun served as legal advisor at the Mayo Clinic, that right there tells us he was hand selected by Big Pharm to sit on the bench. 

The Court disagreed with Normas ascertaining that a woman could terminate her pregnancy whenever and however she wanted. They never give up full control and stipulate the time frame and method. During the time it took to settle the case the child was born. 

She originally claimed to have been raped, but later admitted to have lied about the case 

Keep in mind the Pill had just been released and the birth control movement was at its climax; there was an effort to reform abortion legislation in nearly, if not every state. There were multiple cases going on all around the country. What was different about this case was it did not involve a criminal prosecution. The others were DV cases; rape and incest. They would’ve just been the white-noise, the warm-up. This case contained the three plaintiffs that “represented the class” (as in the Orphan class).  

A married couple and their doctor represent the health angle, the woman said birth control was a threat to her health, not only that but the pregnancy was a threat too. She had her doctor and husband back her up, thereby avoiding any wrongdoing or irresponsibility. She wasn’t even preggers but under docs orders she had to stop taking the pill and in the event of an unwanted pregnancy she wanted abortive rights. 

The other was a doctor who was under indictment for performing the operation. He had a moral obligation and his individuality did not matter either. Roe was a poster child for the everyday person that sought an abortion. Young and dumb and innocent. This was the trifecta, the trinity, that comprised the argument before the supreme Court. The couple were john and Jane Doe. Since Doe was already taken, McCovey was given the Roe moniker. 

Norma’s parents were Nelson’s, ( Reset Navy). Her married name came from Woody McCorvey who she married for a few years. She became devout catholic in ‘98, after years of pro-abortion work she returned to her childhood church. The Catholic thing again, just like Dr John Rock, of the Pill, Catholicism is used for dramatic effect, one extreme against the other. Oh yeah and her father was a Jehovah’s Witness, that makes absolutely no sense unless you come from the ‘Bread and Circus’ angle. JW cannot easily marry outside their religion, nor would a catholic priest approve of the ceremony, they rightly see JW as a cult and not a religion. Are you kidding me? In the Texas bible belt of the 50’s? Just a brief admittance like this tells us a lot of stuff about her real background, if her father really claims to be a JW that’s the mark we are looking for…eer, another mark. 

Currently there is much debate over Roe’s deathbed confession, whether or not she was really paid off by the evangelicals to change her position on abortion. Both sides have their points. Id say yes, pf course she was a paid actor, but not by the E-vans. This was just another chapter in the soap opera, people fall into the trap and this is the bait. The trap is still set today, look at the social climate now we’ve gone backwards but the thing is, that’s what it’s supposed to do. Of course she got paid, some nay-sayers argue she was poor. Lol, sure she was; money isn’t the only concession.  

 Another bullet point is her death announcement came from the NYTimes; the Times confirmed it on the 18th, the family didn’t until the 19th. That’s because she was owned by the media, created even, and her family members are probly stand-ins. The family statement came from Priests of Life. This is another huge red flag; the PFL is according to some, a pro-life extremist group that targets abort clinics and providers with violence and bullying tactics, tours college campuses with graphic images of botched abortions, partial birth abortions. The PLF distributes funds to other groups as well. For all their anti-abortion rhetoric about genocide and modern-day eugenics since they are a 501(c)3 org their tax records are available. In 2015 they funded the Center for Bio-ethical Reform with a $25,000 grant for “Program Support”. Now what kind of program do you think something named the CFBR has? On the website they claim to be a nonviolent anti-abortion group but I can assure you that is New-Speak. The Satanic laws of inversion. ‘Bio-ethical reform’ is genocide, eugenics. Priests for Life are in the headlines this week as Row v Wade was overturned, they are gearing up for ’Roller coaster’. 

So, we have an already admitted liar from the beginning seeking an abortion, then later she switches up and says she is against abortion, then on her death bed she claims she was paid off to fake a change of heart and even though she said what she was paid for she has always been pro-abortion. If it sounds like the script of a cheezy Lifetime movie that bc it is. Tax records show she was paid almost half million dollars, maybe not much but that part is irrelevant, it could’ve been one dollar. This has no bearance whatsoever about the legality and constitutionality; the lying about the rape and the deathbed confession, the law does not care about individuality. It’s the opposite of individual, its for the population, the herd. This was all part of the distraction trap, to get your feelings involved and steal your energy. It is all scripted drama, from the rape to the deathbed, just like one of those cheezy Lifetime movies or a whole season of General Hospital. They have been cranking the hype up on this shit for half a century; the media is complicit, not a word gets out unless authorized. The tax papers even, they serve as soap opera fodder.

You can zoom in and read how they use soap operas to push heavy agendas like birth control. The spooks down at the NYTimes tell us in their own words exactly how they do it, They pretend its only happening in third world countries cuz. you know, the govt would never do that in America rights?

But Wait, Theres More!!

It gets even better at the end, just when you think you made it out alive, the court determines this is such a historic and monumental case they need to hear it from the beginning. See, there originally were 7 Justices on the bench, they said that all 9 must be present, so the case started all over again. The case is really spoken, the court is a ritual it must be performed correctly. We see in fake celebrity case over and over, there is a real court transcript. I don’t speak legalese fluently enough to understand everything but I understand I all need, the outcome is pre-determined; it doesn’t matter what they lawyers say as each side has valid points. They keep it an edge of your seat thrill ride. Not everyone knows, just the ones that are ‘in’. 

The states attorney Jay Floyd, opened with: “Mr. Chief Justice, may it please the Court: It’s an old joke, but when a man argues against two beautiful ladies like this, they are going to have the last word.” How classy is this guy!? He wasn’t so jokey the second time around. 

Roes lawyers were Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, Coffee filed the $15 processing fee to file the case at the courthouse. Wiki says she was born on xmas day in 42, which would’ve made her in her late 20’s at the time of the case. She was pushed through law school and had a state practice within 3 months of graduating. Admitted lesbian. Coffee is still alive today and has been outspoken about the overturn. 

She has a connection to JFK as well; she worked for the female judge, Sarah Hughes, that swore in LBJ aboard AF1 in midair as Kennedy was just assassinated. 

Sarah Weddington presented her first case to the SCOTUS before she was 30. Died in Dec 27, ‘21 of breast cancer. Her wiki bio says during her 3rd year of law school she traveled to Mexico for an illegal abortion. She couldn’t find a job so she joined a group of law students challenging anti-abortion legislation. This was at Austin U as well. It would seem her trip to Mexico is some kind of lead up to the law challenge, a dramatic effect, there was already the project at Austin. You don’t go from unemployable law student to winning a precedent setting landmark case by age 26. Nope. Not in the real-world sweetheart. The first hearing was a 3 judge panel in local district court. This was a national event; had to go to supreme. 

 Her name wasn’t really Weddington, (what’s up with that?) she was married into it. She was born Doyle-Reagle, by a Methodist preacher who graduated with an art degree from McMurray and a degree in divinity from Perkins School of Theology and Columbia U. So, the story writes itself. If he went to anything with Perkins attached to it he and anyone his name is attached to is thrown under the bus. Perkins is located at Southern Methodist University but we have already flagged the Methodist label. 

In 72 while waiting for decision to be handed down she was given spot in the House with Ann Richards, future Gov. In ‘77 she went to DC in Dept of Agriculture.  

Child Shelley Lynn Thornton 

The performing doctor had several prosecutions, Dr James Hubert (Hobart, Hubbard) Hallford, his background is scrubbed pretty clean but I did find out he is from one of the settling families of Texas, going back to 1844, when TX wasn’t even a state yet. His many-g’s grandfather was a charter member of the Lonesome Dove Church, one of the oldest churches in TX and at one point the farthest west church in America. Lonesome Dove was organized the same week TX was declared the 28th state. He also has a tombstone creepily similar to Sullivans from the Pemberton Mill false flag terrorist attack. SSHHHH, I don’t think this finger is pointing up to heaven, but don’t tell anyone.  

It might seem anticlimatic, it usually does. No bombshells because theres not supposed to be. They are very good at blending in, thats why you have to pay attn. Sure maybe I got a fact wrong or overlooked an important clue, i usually do, but its not enough to dismiss the article as a whole. RvW was, and still is a psychological warfare tool used to set orphan against orphan. Its part of the population control thread

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