Fake Indians PT3: Moravians and Slavery

Moravians , First Missionaries

-incomplete draft

They say they are over 500 yrs old. Their symbols tell us more truth than their words do. They fly the Templar flag and use the Morning Star as their sigil. This Morning Star is a connection for Jesus and Lucifer being one and the same although they don’t acknowledge that. 

They were among the first boots-on-the-ground missionaries in America along with the Jesuits. The jesuits are another potiential threat fear mongering tool, sure they exist in proxy but their works would be done whether they existed or not and many works have been attributed to him that were not their responsibility, they are the scapegoat for the profane eye. 

The jesuit missionaries were the first. America was decidedly non=catholic since the church and the state had to maintain the illusion of separation, in Europe there wasnt much to distinguish one from the other. The American fractal groups were still the same though; Methodist, Episcopalian, Lutheran… in Connecticut was Jedadiah Morse’ Andover Seminary and the Foreign Missionary School, the Jesuits had the original Foreign Missionary Society, their purpose was to spread the word of the church. Not even the word of god. it was the word of the church.

The Jesuit branch of the campaign for one- world religion was called the Propaganda Fide, for real, fact check me. The P. Fide was one of my favorite reports to research and write, dont want to spoil it but the founder was also a charter member of the Jesuits along with Loyola and F. Xavier, Vives was his name and he is most remembered for his role establishing a network in the Congo, the Heart of the interior.. This means they were slavers. what else would they be doing here? And not only here. the church is everywhere, in every corner of all the third-world Banana Republic country and South Pacific Island. Their sigils give them away. We know right away the open face story about saving the heathen soul is an insult to my intelligence. So what were they doing I ask again? How long do you think it took to dig out and prepare for the repopulation? 100 years? 500? More importantly, WHO do you think did all the work cleaning up, You ever seen the pics of chicago or san francisco after the fire, imagine that on a world scale? So I ask for the last time, what was they church doing in Africa? I think the Africans were here before the European repopulation.

The institution of slavery is an artifact just like railroad. It didnt come up and develop alongside population growth, it was always here as an established custom

1819 comments about the Cherokee leaders as if they are really the wild savages they are fantasized about and expresses shock at the agriculture and manufacturing developments. Moravian missionary Abraham Steiner (Roudolph Steiner) and Father Theodore Schultz in 1826. 

Indian Rights Association 

Founded by Herbert Welsh  

Congess of Indian Educators held in conjunction with the St Louis World Fair 1904. Indian Education much similar to the deafmute population. Estelle Reel- educator, modeled all indian schools after the Tuskegee Institte. Surveyed all govt Ind schools for Luepp cia director. Bureau of indian employment was responsible for sending grads to everywhere they are needed, Slave labor and Military Intelligence

Cherokees and slavery 

The claim that indians preferred the company of blacks over whites is a myth, at least to a degree. 

Anything reported before 1800 is a lie. Colonial America is a hoax. Indians are fake. Around the early 1800’s there were Inheritor class proxy Indians installed for the sake of illusion, (it’s all an illusion I.e., magick spell) This class of Indian lived no different than their white counterparts. Maybe they were ‘pets’ or maybe bastard children, they are just Inheritors, the parasite class. This includes the ownership of negro slaves.  

Back to when John Ridge escorted his Northrup wife to her new home with a four-horse chariot wearing gold trimmed britches he had a handsome black slave driver. Says so right in the newspaper. A proper investigation would include a check-up their parents. Sure there are legends about great war heros but they are all lies. It is impossible to trace the true origins of a people with a fake past. Theirs is like double fake. White people history is fake but they had to create another people with a fake history first in order to pull off the main squeeze. 

All the National Counsil members were slave owners, that’s why they fought for the Confederacy. Apologists and guilt pushers say the chiefs only picked up the custom from the white man but that not true, they were the white man. By white man I mean cryptojew inheritor. 

A series of laws were passed by the Counsil regarding the treatment and responsibility of slave and in 1824 a resolution was passed making a crime to marry negros punishable by public lashing. The act also included a resolution which prohibited negroes from owning personal property and for trading alcohol. No blacks were allowed to reside or work within the Territory without a permit from the counsil. Runaway slaves were refused safe harbor. 

James Vann, who had the moravian school on his property had the worst reputation for slave mistreatment. Vann reportedly killed one with a pistol and burned another at the stake. Vann is representative. The church is the worst slavers. They werent always called that of course, they changed it for virtue-signaling and told the orphans they were the church. then the told the orphans THEY were responsible for slaves. so much so we have a proxy civil war and go blow some old-world relics to smithereens.

Division through racism has always been a tool. Im not saying slavery wasnt a thing, of course there were slaves, the time frame and perpetrators are bullshit7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

Historical docs 

Captivity by Norton 1749.  

Fake history of Indian Wars by Hoyt, first industrialist of Batavia war wagon manufacturer 

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