PEMBERTON Mill Collapse was a Controlled Demolition Inside Job

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pschyological warfare, domestic terrorism and the Industrial Revolution

Pemberton was a mill that collapsed, part of the Industrial Revolution used to consolidate the worlds labor force and control industry and manufacturing,i.e., the economy. The Revolutionary part was the psychological warfare waged on the Orphan immigrant class. The collapse features the same families.

The city of Lawrence seems to have been built for these kinds of psychological terrorism projects.  It was built by elite industrialists which the surrounding towns were named after and they hidden-handedly controlled every aspect of what was known as ‘Mill Island’, there was nothing more than the mills and the workers boarding houses.  

Built by John Lowell and his brother J. Putnam in 1853, the building is only 7 years old. The contractor was Essex Corporation, under the supervision of Bigalow, I cant help but not the name Essex as its the same as the insurance scam whaling ship. Bigalow is credited with building a canal and a stone dam that made the town what it was, it had the nickname Mill Island. His mention is enough to know he didnt build anything. the massive stone dam is an ancient artifact and potentially a man-made island.

Bigalow was married to a Briggs another military Industrial family, Harriet, daughter of the late gov. Bigalow was charter member and first prez of the association of philanthropist that founded the Lawrence Free Library. Libraries are a big thing. Always pay attn to the people around them. Charles H Biglow is also credited for the construction of Ft Warren and Ft Independence with his time in the Army corps of Engineers. The Ft’s were starforts, ancient artifacts. the Corp is always trying to take credit for old stuff, this matches his=story claims of his stone dam, that are as old as the star fort Bigalow didnt build.

Heres an hour long doc about it but you can tell it is a mark by the terrible editing job. The editor cuts an unnatural amount of space between words causing… well, you’ll see. whoever edited this new they were doing it. Not only that but the actors reading the queue cards are fucking it up on purpose

The Army Corps of Engineers was involved that means whatever happens is planned. The factory collapsed bc of too much weight of the machinery. The building was not that old and the engineers and builders used second rate materials. They knew the stress limit was low, they made it that way on purpose and then just kept loading and loading till it finally gave way.

In 1857 the Mill was sold to George Howe. See Samuel Gridley Howe for more on his family, not surprized to see him here. The Panic of 1857 is cited as the reason. The stock market was just as rigged then as it is now. Theres an interesting story about the gold ship that was lost in a freak storm, potential weather machine. this incident is said to be the cause of the panic. Howe was the one to escape within an inch of his neck.

In 1860 the Pemberton Mill in Lawrence collapsed, January 10th to be precise, almost exactly to the day of the beginning of what would become the Bread and Roses strike in 1912.  (1/10, aces baby) with 800 employees inside, mostly women and children. 88 deaths

As the rescue was taking place that night a fire broke out. I’m sad to say this is a common occurrence with the Industrial revolution episodes. First there’s a tragic ‘accident’ then the rubble pile catches on fire. The media loves it and the insurance companies even moreso. The psychological effect is the important part.

  •  The first historian for the tragedy was Lawrence mayor and writer Robert Tewksbury (yeah Tewksbury as in the Almshouse that fake Agent Sullivan didn’t attend). 
  •  Tewksbury listed the death toll at 88, with injuries numbered at 176. We have covered the usage of aces and eights being used as intel markers in orchestrated events . Doubles are moreso.
  • The owner miraculously escaped at the last second.  
  • It is acknowledged by normie historians to be likened to the Triangle Fire. They always promote their own works. Gets ‘em every time  
  •  National headline news called it the worst industrial accident in history. Im not saying every national headline is a project, well yes I am saying that.
  • The city of Lawrence and Pemberton Mill declares bankruptcy in 1857. 
  •  Boston merchant pair buy mill at substantially low cost. In 3 years, they quadrupled output and insurance payout was more than they originally paid for the whole building. 
  •  No punishment or consequence was had by anybody even though it is openly admitted it was preventable and caused by greed 
  • The NYTimes supplied most of the details, which means it is guarded behind paywalls to researchers today. Still, we get a glimpse from newspapers of the day that the insurance claim was far more than they originally paid for the whole building. NYT name-drops a Gleason, from the Boston art-spook community. Times lists him as a mason (sure he is) and he confirmed the stabliity. (Im sure he did)
  • The site was closed to anyone except mill employees. No outside investigations. 
  • The new owners were Coffins… from Nantucket. Furthermore, it turns out Bigalow was given a nice cushy job in New Bedford. A promotion. 
  • SSHHH! Don’t tell anyone but I don’t think the tombstone below is really pointing up to Heaven like they tell you. I think it’s a signal, “We Were Here, but it’s a secret.” Tombstone of Ann Sullivan, alleged victim. no shit, No relation to our Anne Sullivan of the Helen Keller Project 

 From what I could find in a glance I’d say the Coffins were in it from the beginning and probly had a hand in the town bankruptcy. The mills were sold far below market value probly bc the payment was far more valuable than the mill itself. The middle man owner sold his share as soon as the insurance payout went thru. The insurance companies are in on it, shit the insurance was probly owned by the Coffins themselves. Remember the whaleship Essex, the insurance scam by the Coffins that paid his own policy using shareholders’ money. The mill complex was built by the Essex Corporation. Bigalow was the superintendent of the Essex Corporation and he was given a promotion to take the fall. Shit he probly built it flimsy on purpose to collapse when under a specific stress load. The building was only 7 yrs old. Bigalow and Essex are also responsible for building all the bridges and famous stone dam that made Mill Island what it was. They literally built their own slave Island. That’s the kinda shit the Army Corp of Engineers does I guess ay. That way it would be a legit looking accident, right? So they just kept piling up heavy machinery and ran a sweat shop until it finally happened. Then to make sure it was a total loss and also for the psychological trauma instilled on the people they light the debris pile on fire. Coffins don’t want to do any dirty work, he probly hired the previous owner just to handle from the bankruptcy purchase to the insurance payout. Now Coffin can come in with a brand-new textile factory the year our country enters its civil war. 

There is a specific paragraph in the memoir book about how hard it was for survivors to receive help bc of lack of proper identification. There is some examples of misspellings, brothers, mother/daughters… It’s a whole paragraph. It seems to fit except it is really just another marker. It is an opportunity to name drop Guy Fawkes. It’s a shout out to their own, to let others in the circle know they were here too. The author gives the example as someone name Fox, but it is incorrectly spelled like the Jesuit agent Fawkes on the original doc. 

am compelled to include it in my paper if for nothing else than in the memory of the victim. I did not include a lot of supporting evidence for time’s sake. The way the mill people treated the survivors and their families was less than human. Pretty much the only thing they did was ‘clad the naked’, clothing was determined to waste away naturally so replacement was not an option. They kept tight books for insurance purposes to the exact penny of all costs. Back pay was issued, the last pay was given 38 days before hand, survivors or families of the dead were given 38 days’ pay and nothing more. No pain and suffering or hospital bills or housing assistance. Thats why they always come back and burn the survivors. The average pay was 32 dollars for 38 days. The relief funds were all set up by the agents like the fucking Kellers and the IWW people who are on the same fucking side. They know exactly what it is, but hey they can virtue-signal like theyre good guys and skim a little off the top so what the hell.

Investigation committee

The investigators determine 3 causes. substandard building material. substandard construction methods. The walls were found to be too thin for their oversized windows and the overweight distributions. That has the army corps of engineers name all over it. The investgation was there to clear anybody of charges, like they always are. A cross section of the support columns show how ‘substandard’ it really was.