Samuel Worcester. Fake Indians part 4

Samual Worcester 

There was an episode in the political ring, going up to the Supreme Court and Presidency. Prestigeous family connections, unauthorized tribal spokesmen… This was the legalese binding-contract ritual. One Supreme Court case is titled Worcester vs Georgia. Worcester is a spooky family that has an MK Ultra insane asylum named after it in Massachusetts. This should be good… Starting off, all the fraudulent historic docs like the ones above are in possession of the American Antiquarian Society, which is located in Worcester Massachusetts, Worcester as in the MK Ultra Psyicatric spook town, Of course they would be a federal repository for historic docs, its psychological warfare side project, this is its own compartment, that’s why the LOC directs traffic here 

The case is about Samuel Worcester, Worcester is one of those names like Hoffman or McKenna; just his very association gives it away. So Sammy collaborated with a Halfbreed named Elias Boudinot. They printed a paper called the Cheroke Phoenix, the first Indian newspaper. Well that’s a coincidence! 

The Ministry of Truth says that Worchester was a missionary along with 11 of his buddies they claimed to be delivering the gospel to the heathens and refused to get a permit for inhabiting Native ground. The four were arrested and sentenced to the mandatory 4 years of hard labor, all were pardoned except Worcester and one other guy. They refused the pardon with the intent of taking the case to the Supreme Court. This tells us right away the case is bogus. Whatever Sammy was doing doesn’t matter but what he wasn’t doing is preaching to heathen Natives. This case was going to the court in one vehicle or another. Its deeper meaning to what this is really about is establishing control, boundaries, legalese contract magic. It’s a binding ritual. All these precedent setting landmark cases are similar, usually involving casts from the same families, this time it’s a Worcester. There’s always a buildup too. I bet if you looked at the circumstances to how the law got passed which Sammy was in violation of you would find the same thing, these things are set up many moves in advance. They were setting up legal jurisdiction over the territory right before the gold rush and land lotto, i.e., the repopulation. 

See the thing about wiki is they can’t help but to include links to other factions and projects. In the Wor v Geo wikipage they fill us in that the case was brought about with the help of Sammy’s sponsor, The America Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. (Lol, yeah, they were on a fucking mission alright) The ABCFM was founded by some Massachusetts Williams College alumni (add Williams to Spook U folder) as Americas first Christian Missions board. Sammy Worcester was the first secretary-in-command. This was a worldwide Reset-Intelligence project. All the missionaries were involved in similar nature work everywhere they went. The Board would travel around and help set up the centralized global* infrastructure, working with proxy governments to lay foundational laws. Their first missions were sent to India, then China and Africa. In America they were responsible for building a network of missions all over the country. One notable one is the Oak Ridge Mission. A Seminole manual labor training center. (Reeducation camp). These missions would be instrumental in perpetrating the Indian hoax as they compartmentalized the feral population down to a few diff tribes on reservations. 

Check the History of Hawaii. theres alot of references to the Sandwich Islands, far as I know they were annexed by the Dole family but no confirmation yet

The hostile Indians were used as just another potential threat to keep ‘free’ men contained without them even knowing. Also an excuse to keep a military presence active. From the Supreme Court case above we find a quote that makes it very clear any white person found within Indian territory without a permit is guilty of crime and punishment not to be less than 4 years imprisonment. This sounds like a threat to keep people far away as possible. Most of the supposed Indian lands is where the supposed gold mines are of the Georgia gold rush starting 1829. History is written to make it appear the discovery of gold is what unofficially drove the Indians from their lands but after they were evicted all the land which citizens were to be locked up for four-year mandatory minimum were now given away by state lotto. I say there was no gold or no Indians. The Indian threat was used to keep people out then a sensationalized gold rush was used to draw them in. I’d like to see the land recipients from the lotto, I’m sure it was transparent and honest, also the names of the most producing gold mines. 

What I can see plausible is survivors of the Reset were stranded across the land, they would’ve banded together, thrust back into the stone age they developed to whatever time allowed before the repopulation. These tribes of feral survivors are what modern people call Indians. One of the first priorities of the Inheritor parasites would be to remove this class since they shouldn’t be there anyway, unless they were counted upon to help the repopulation effort. Children were taken to the orphanages; adults were taken to the asylums or industrial residential schools. It would only take a generation to reacclimate these people back into the matrix. They already were a people without a history. Those that would not go peacefully were kept in the prison system and insane asylum complex. This also explains why we see an overdeveloped network of such institutions in the 1800’s. I can even see the grouping of Feral’s based on genetic characteristics. (Like the Nazi that was documenting the isolated mongoloid peoples while searching for the root of the Aryan race) The classifying of people based on genetics would serve multiple facets, most projects do. The international slave industry would serve as a cover for genetic classification operations on a world scale, what are humans but another commodity or resource? Ferals with similar traits shipped to the same parts of the world setting up the global stage much like American Indian reservations were set up in a smaller scale. Later these groups would be displayed at the Human Zoo’s accompanying the World Fairs. Everything about these living exhibits were scripted; the dress, the language, the history, and even the tribe itself was composed of features some spook somewhere determined should be an identifying feature, so everyone with that feature was sent to that group. This would explain genetic anomalies today like isolated jungle tribes being closely related to the Aus Aboriginals and natives of Caanda being connected to South America. 

Worcesters’ fake supreme court trial was the lead up to the Gold rush and also established precedent on where authority drew the line. This meant it had to keep pushing the non-existent potential threat farther and farther back, always on the cusp of ‘modern’ civilization.  

*Fake Docs: Appeal of the Cherokee Nation-  Clearly NOT written by “Indians”.  This quote from the second paragraph gives the whole paper away:  

“Soon after the war of the revolution… the Cherokees looked upon the promises of the whites with great distrust and suspicion; but the frank and magnanimous conduct of General Washington… and especially of Mr. Jefferson… nearly banished anxiety in regard to encroachments from the whites.” 

This doc presents a linear timeline history of political events; treaties and legislative acts to military campaigns. Linear timeline history is psychological warfare. 

Another remark that jumps out is the comment that the land of Arkansas is so unfamiliar to them they would most certainly fail a healthy transition. I don’t see how somewhere so close so could be so alien to a people if they had lived there since the beginning of time. True it’s not just a day-hike but in the thousands of years the Cherokee supposedly lived in the same parts I’d imagine at least a few would have made the journey. The ToT is a literal trail, in some places paved with gravel and wide enough for two wagons to pass each other. This could have been a Pre-Repopulation trade route, maybe something like the Silk Road. The Appalachian Trail is coming to mind as well. The ToT could be part of a larger network of travel routes. The Indian Removal Act so early in the game provides an explanation how the trail came to be. The Appalachian Trails’ official history doesn’t start till 1921, no mention is allowed before this time even though it obviously existed at least back to the Civil War as the John Brown script at Harpers Ferry calls for an escape route through the mountains here. There is even a megalithic site overlooking the town with a scrubbed history now named Jefferson Rock. (The name gives it away) Its not a stretch to include the ToT in the same network as the A.T. 

*See Also: Lewis and Clark expedition. I don’t think that’s an actual trail though but I havent looked. The name Clark is a flag, I have written much about Clark that got the King to sign off on the colony of Rhode Island. Both fictitious historical icons. 

See Also: Fake Gold Rush script- North Carolina 1804, Georgia-1829, Cali 1849. Orchestrated mass-migration events to trick people into moving and repopulating areas. Them when the orphan-immigrants arrive to a developed city or town they can be told anything and whose gonna know? Who’s gonna question it? They’d be thrown in one of the overabundant insane asylums. There probly was no, or very little gold in these supposed rushes. Maybe some flakes left over for the common person to find in the bottom of a pan but I’m sure if you look at the big mines and/or the lucky first-timers that walked into the wilderness with a shovel and stumbled over humongous ore deposits are just as fabricated as the mine stories. I’m sure you’ll find something like they served as a cover to hide generational wealth. The mine owners weren’t really producing much if anything but the state-controlled-before-there-was-a-state media kept pumping out sensationalized headlines to keep the immigrants coming. *See Also: The Comstock Load. The two on the east coast being the practice runs, the rehearsals before the big one of ‘49 moves everyone to the west coast. 

*See Also: Seminole Wars. 3 wars which the Seminole tribe resisted relocation by hiding in the Everglades swamp. Andrew Jackson role. 

*Charles Bird King. War Dept indian portrait painter 

* On October 23, 1819, the Pioneer Company of American Protestant missionaries set sail on the Thaddeus for Hawai‘i.  There were seven American couples sent by the ABCFM to convert the Hawaiians to Christianity in this first company. 

*Mormon colonizing the West to Christianize heathen Indians 

*Real military troops that go out and get in fake Indian battles during the westward expansion. (like the troop that supposedly got Bin Laden) 

*Williams college and relation to Salem Witch hoax 

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