Grover Shoe Factory Boiler Explosion 1905: 3/22 Attack, Psychological Warfare

Brockton Massachusetts in 1905, About 300 workers present. Around 30 stores in the chain… they mean 33. it was specifically the 20th but close enough for govt work

Robbins B. Grover- factory owner, military industrial complex shoe manufacturer for the Union army.

Manufactured Emerson Shoes. Emerson is a big name in the area. not a coincidence

Shoe references are a tell. Cobblers, shiners… Havent found the origins yet but goes back pretty far, to the ‘Wandering Jew’ paintings in the Basel Art Museum

State Inspector green lighted the system 5 mins before explosion. The factory just got a new state of the art system only two years before, the new system was unexplicibly shut off that morning

18 missing and unidentified, Aces and Eights, always insert that somewhere.

The fire inspector came in from Boston immediately, resulting in an overhaul of standards and codes… Control.

Pic of the factory before the explosion, another potential old world artifact brought down and one the day after. All these industrial ‘accidents’ are psychological terrorism events.

This picture is on the Ministry of Truth site. Any time a Pratt is involved theres some kinda fuckery afoot. I’ll kiss your ass if this boiler exploded and flew across town and landed miles away in a Pratt house. No fucking way. In fact, this issue of Engineers’ Review in 1905 calls it the Hood House, so the Pratts really did insert themselves. Dead giveaway.

Furthermore this issue came out in April, just a few days after the explosion, theres alot of technical details in here, maybe a steam engineer could make better sense of it but all I know is the case should still be under investigation at this point. Reminds me of the ‘burning jet fuel melting steel beams’ kind of science that was being pushed before the buildings hit the ground. Its entirely too early for such a definitive report to be released, unless they had it sitting on a shelf somewhere like they usually do

just in case you werent sure, any time the NYTimes speaks of a “mystery not cleared up” they are talking about one of their own jobs. Its mockery. The Rockwell faked his death, maybe it was an early retirement, maybe he was reassigned. Another thing, why would anything be under armed guard?

One more just to seal the deal incase you still mightve thought all these were coincidences. They dont put an arch and obelisk monument up for victims unless its one of theit jobs… Not only that but the cemetery is registered haunted place. these are spooks. referrences to haunting are talking avout themselves

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