Mink Coat Mafia


Katherine Dexter McCormick, Helen Taft, Elenor Roosevelt, Anne Morgan, Elsie DeWolf, Margret Sanger and Gertrude Stein are a few representing the MKM

Here is a good point to introduce another side-project. It was a philanthropic group of the country’s wealthiest and most influential women of its day. A bunch of rich bitches. Most are Jewish lesbians. Everything they do appears to help societies unfortunate. Labor rights, bc most unskilled labor were women, children and immigrants they had a big hand in this arena. Equal pay, the right to vote, freedom to fuck whoever they want, abortion, birth control that kinda thing. We will see them quite often so they make for a good beacon by the

The term Mink Brigade was given by Rose Schneiderman but not till 1967, as far as I have seen they were unrecognized in the day, except amongst themselves. The few women wealthy enough to afford mink, it was a status symbol but more than that it was an identifying feature. A form of Communication. There was no official beginning or end and no name tags for members.  If you were a member it wasnt like you needed a name tag or paid dues

We will note members as we go along, not a major side project but worthy of mention, right now I’d like to bring a few key players to attention: 

  • Cettie , Abbie Rockefeller mink coat mafia. Jane Addams. Elsie DeWolf. All jewish lesbians. Started interior design as like art and architecture mixture for women. Created some of the mainstream outlets for the normie culture like Home Design and Ladys Monthly. The original HGTV. The Guilded Whore of Babylon. 
  • Jane Addams started Hull House, a charity boarding house. Anne Morgan, daughter of baron JP created the first women’s org, the Colony Club in 1903 and later created the American Committee for Devasted France after WW1. Frances Perkins and her New Deal. Margaret Sanger and her birth-control pill and partner Katharine McCormick. Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller. 
  • Sophie Breckinridge went to law school in Chicago and worked on social reform laws with Jane Addams at Hull House where she lived for several years. Sophie worked for Suffrage, child labor and juvenile delinquency laws, immigrant protection and NAACP. Was a member of the Womens Trade Union League, the WTUL that was involved with the 1911 Triangle Factory fire in NY. Sophie and longtime lover Edith Abbott were involved in almost every social welfare reform from the civil war to the cold war. Sister of Frontier Nursing Service founder Mary Breckenridge.
  • Edith Rockefeller donated the land for the Brookfield Zoo to be built on, the story goes that it was to avoid paying taxes on it. I think that’s bullshit, the Reset families don’t tax themselves, stupid. Just as fake as her legal team included celebrity legal actor Charles Darrow. She paid for Carl Jung to be translated and printed in multiple languages. Brought Chicago their first opera house. Married and divorced Harold McCormick in high profile soap opera marriage. 
  • Gertrude Stein was among the el-ite uber rich jewish lesbian art spook underworld. See her role and the town she lived in during the WW2 narrative.
  • Elizabeth Duane Gillespie was maybe a little before the MKM, or maybe her role is just separate, while the MKM all change the world in their own way they also function as a single unit, Gillespie is in a totally different arena. (*By change the world I mean to further establish the world as it is.) She claims to be a direct decedent of Ben Franklin, which is complete rubberish, Franklin is a fictional historic icon. He never existed so everything about this character Gillespie is a lie, whoever she really is is up for discussion, I havent checked. What I have come across is that she was the one who advocated and got Flag Day pushed through legislation at the World Fair in Chicago ’93. She organized and ran the Womens Pavilion at the philly Centennial Expo in ’76. She also was president of the Colonial Dames of America, PA chapter, and a founding member. Here is her bio but Im telling you its total bullshit, read it for entertainment if you want, these are where you’ll find the best leads. She wasnt Mink Coat Mafia but she needs to be under observation.

The Mink Coat Mafia was responsible for much of the humanitarian efforts in response to violent and destructive nature of Man. It was the same coin. The men would go in somewhere and blow it up and the women would come in and rebuild it, they were all blood relatives in many instances. 

*See also: Helen M Todd. Teacher from Chicago, 1910, social worker, hull house. Participated in suffrage auto show. Organized women suffrage in San Fransisco. 1913 McClures had her interview 800 child workers on factory conditions. Check claim- validity of ‘bread and roses’ catchphrase. New York state envoy for ‘Suffrage Special’, which toured US. Headed ‘Committee of !000 Women’ that urged the release of the Silent Sentinels. In 1920 she formed the Woman-to-Woman committee. Helped families of deported Russian Commies. Worked with Sanger on the birth control movement. Started low-income housing for artists in Greenwich Village with O. Kuhn and S Untermeyer, Twin Oaks. Man this bitch is all over the place, a major Reset figure for out west. A major part of the ‘circus’. 

Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan (center), two of the most deceitful cunts in living memory sport their minks with pedo movie creep Charlie Chaplin

Francis Perkins

Frances Perkins, the Sec of Labor who shortly after getting married her husband developed dementia and spent their entire marriage in an asylum, the woman stood near the whole time but was a known lesbian.  There is a story that on the day she signed the Social Security Act into law in D.C. she got a call from his care providers in NY that Paul had wandered out of the hospital and was wandering around NYC, she fled the ceremony immediately after signing the illegal doc and rushed back to NY on a train where she found him wandering around the streets aimlessly. More likely they met in Times Square to celebrate that they just fucked the American People. Or maybe she fled DC bc she was worried about ‘being strung up from a light pole if the American people found out what they did.’  They had a daughter together. 

Stanley and Katherine McCormick’s would reuse the script too. Lucy Parsons would also use it (maybe earliest) on her son who she had committed to a Chicago asylum when he turned 19, none was ever in the hospital anyway, not like they say.

She was longtime companion of Mary Harriman Rumsey who founded the Junior League to help the poor. So, these are rich influential politically connected lesbians that work to better the less fortunate. That has Mink Coat Mafia all over it. Volunteered at Hull House with Jane Addams. 

Frances first enters our story in 1911 in the Triangle Factory Fire fallout but she has always been close. She grew up in Worcester! Originally from the Boston branch of Perkins but moved there when she was two. Graduated from Columbia Spook U in ‘09. Early Socialist but didn’t stay till but before the ‘12 election. Lived in Greenwich Village at the time of the Triangle Fire, was eating lunch with girlfriends around the corner and witnessed firsthand girls jumping out the windows. Arsonists always stay at the scene. She knew it was going up. 

Perkins married Paul Wilson in 1913 and fought in court to keep her last name. This was a big thing in its day as women were expected to take the husband’s name. She says it’s to protect him from her activities considering he was NY gov secretary but Perkins is just the bigger name, Opposite McCormick’s circumstances it seems she only got married for his namesake. In 1935 she was instrumental in firing up the Social Security Act, in fact she is considered the architect of Roosevelt’s entire New Deal. *See also: Wagner act and the Fair Labor Standard Act. She can hardly be the one to take credit. All she did was institute the slogans of the whole Industrial Revolution; the 40 hr work week, 8 hr workday, minimum wage, child labor, unemployment. She is given the glory to look like the hero what about all the women and children burned up in the last century of false flag industrial ‘accidents? Perkins was with Roosevelt most of her political career by its more likely it was Elenore that got her in the door. I bet they were lovers. 

Perkins was in some controversy over Harry Bridges deportation and Unamerican Activities Act which seem to be a black cloud over everyone we come across. Harry was a communist Longshoreman union organizer and she was accused of protecting communists and impeachment papers were drawn up. 

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  1. Good intro article. One key figure/agent in this group was Elisabeth Marbury:


    “Lesbian” mentor and literary agent of the interior decorator, actress, and British secret agent, Elsie de Wolfe, Marbury also agented Oscar Wilde’s 1882 American lecture tour on interior decoration, then Edith Wharton’s “The Decoration of Houses” (1897) and Elsie’s “The Decoration of Houses” (1913). The whole interior decoration/design racket is, of course, a spook creation invoking transsexual black magic. These alleged male homosexual designers are biological women. And all the “heterosexual” female designers on YouTube appear to me as biological males.

    Jump ahead to Paige Rense, editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest magazine and wife to US spook, Arthur Rense, father of CIA disinfo artist, Jeff Rense.

    Marbury and Anne Morgan—sister of JP Morgan Jr—helped Elsie rebuild Villa Trianon, a house at Versailles purportedly once belonging to the French royal family, thus propping up the history of the fake Versailles.

    BTW, “Jews” and Judaism were created after Christianity, not before. Hebrew, like Latin, Greek, Sankrit and Old Church Slavonic, are artificial religious languages created after 1600. The so-called Jewish nose is really a Celtic, Crusader, Gaulish or Frankish nose. The mainstream Rhineland Hypothesis says that the Ashkenazi came from the Near East, settled in the Rhineland, then spread out to Eastern Europe. The reality may be that there was a mass conversion from Christianity there in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    Ladies and gentlemen, these are fake Jewish lesbians. But to be fair, I still find some of them charming and did some good works.

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