Colonial Dames of Crimea

In an inverted society maybe Dames isnt a reference to gender but to family

So I found these pictures of the Crimean War and they are all the same names as inserted into the history books except earlier variations; Thomas, Clark, Dickers… This one here is a Dames. And He is sporting the Garibaldi garb and it got me thinking about the Dames Society and maybe it’s the play on words Dames isn’t about being a classy broad. We already know membership wasn’t compromised by women. Maybe its reference to the bloodline. The Garibaldi Guard was in American to fight in the battle at Harpers Ferry. Im not saying these two people are related but they share similarities like the flamboyant uniforms and the hats. Garibaldi had feather hats. Im goin to expand on this at some point but for right now I just want to get it out into the multiverse.

Reset Warlord Giuseppe Garibaldi

World Fair Dames

I found this in a souvenir book at the 1901 buffalo Pan-Am Expo

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