Images of the Crimean War: Worlds First ‘Wag the Dog’ War. Cover for the Great Reset

[Spoiler Alert: Another World Fair Project]


My introduction to the Crimean war came as a cover for the Great Reset, supposedly it was a real battle but the narrative was a lie. Once I looked at the pictures for myself though I realized there was no battle, that is the angle of deception. Even in the earliest pictures, which were presented as ‘live’ as the battle is still occurring but if you look at the piles of rubble you can tell the destruction happened way before the photographer showed up.

Im not saying their wasn’t some proxy military exercises, sure some groups really went out there with their cannons and blew the already-destroyed rubble piles into smithereens, and posed for cameras beside the rubble piles that have been rubble piles for who-knows how long. Just like the Nazis did in WW2 and the Ru-skies did in 2015. They are still doing it today, in Ukraine right around the corner. Compartmentalization tricks most people into isolating every little event as a separate incident, that way the big picture is broken up into so many fragments nobody can see it.

This paradigm shift happened all over the world and evidences are still being erased today. Fingerprints of this vanished civilization are still found in infrastructural elements like tunnels, canals, aquaducts, bridges, dams, star forts.

The same thing happened with the French Revolution, there is part 1 which mainstream history says was between 1836 and 1848 followed by a coupe’ de’tat in 1851. If you look at the photographic evidence you can see proof the rubble piles have been there for much longer then a few years. this was the case all across Europe and in America too. The Civil War followed the Crimean War by only 3 or 4 years and professional mercenaries simply hopped across the pond and picked up where they left off, but the thing is, they didnt leave off anywhere, its all the same war, we are still going through a transition.

One example I can use is Harpers Ferry West Virginia, the entire town is an ancient artifact that doesnt fit in with the narrative, a special unit of soldiers under the name of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Garibaldi Guard, was a multi-national troop of veterans from the Crimean War and looking at before and after pictures of the town it’s clear to me the mission was destroying the town itself, just like Crimea and the French Revolution

The Crimean War was a mock up using real locations and ruins to appear as if there was an on-going war. That is what a wag-the-dog war means, it exists only on TV and the media. This allowed for the Reset class of Inheritors to play dress up in front of the camera and send pics back home of how great their bravery is and seemingly justify status elevation and prestige. These people are nothing without their titles. The pictures are presented to us with names attached, they are the same families that are involved in all the world’s major Reset projects.

The Crimean War was the first war to be documented by the newly invented technology called ‘Photography’. That gives us our first clue right there, the first of anything usually fits a certain profile, once you hit all the highlights filling in the details just leads to more supporting evidence.

Roger Fenton

The person chosen for this assignment was Roger Fenton 1819-1869, Born of a wealthy industrialist cotton merchant family, graduated from London School of Arts, noted as the world’s first war photographer. He started as a painter but became fascinated with photography when he saw it first displayed at the Great Exhibition (World Fair) in 1851 and within one year was a founding member and first secretary of the London Photography Society. This would soon become the Royal Photography Society (again with the titles). The story goes that he was a failed painter when he switched crafts but he already had pieces featured in Royal Academy exhibits, which isn’t an indication of talent so much as birth-status. He also got his licence to practice law and trained in Paris. OK, remember I just said about Paris, nobody is just traveling their to sight see, Paris is a DMZ at this point and has been for some time according to the pictures that came out in 1851. (Those pics were brought to you by a graduate from the Parisian deafblind academy, another World Fair project, but that report will have to wait)

When the Crimean War broke out in ’54 Prince Albert and other powerful authority figures urged him to go document the war for public support and to counter the criticism of newspaper correspondent printing negative commentary about the war. This tell us a few things. 1.) Prince Albert is credited with starting the first official world fair, its an automatic association he rounded up all the groups like the Art Society and put the word Royal in front of it but he really didn’t do anything that would not have happened without him. These projects need a name and face to humanize them. 2.) The newspaper guy is a plant too, theres no such thing and never was any independent or critical media. I still am not sure if the State belongs to the media or the media belongs to the State, probably there is no difference, they both represent the same entity. This means the war was put out in print first, maybe some woodcuts, but imagery is everything, on paper the pair are appearing to be competitors or share separate ideals but in reality they are partners, working together, regardless of their position on the war they are still pushing a fake war.

Fenton was urged to go by Prince Albert but was funded a publisher, Thomas Agnew. Reports vary on the role each play but all agree on the participants involved. The call was put out for someone to counter the anti-war write-ups in the daily newspaper. That would be controlled opposition since the same people own all the newspapers. The war could have been ongoing for years in the papers, as is often the case, the pictures would appear to prove the newspaper commentary wrong about its nature but what its doing is confirming the existence of a wag-the-dog war.

It is not impossible and probly more than likely the timing of the war was made to coincide with camera development. In real life nothing moves as fast as photography did for the war machine unless its pushed. Being debuted at the World Fair means it had a top-priority status so there was a definite want for it. The war had probly been planned the whole time and had been put on hold until the technology caught up. Photography at the Fair was a thing, take the link for more details, it was there but was kinda forced to sit the bench, The Crimean War was its first real contribution to the world. The war showed the distance between painting and photography. I would go so far as to say the war was the Reset elites celebration of the camera project.

I research alot of World Fair Project inventions, they are all somehow related to the enslavement of humanity. The combine reaper for example allowed for a handful of people to do the manual labor work of a literal army which opened up commercialized farming. Anything commercialized can be centralized and control. It was a project to control the food supply. I’d often seen the camera and photography listed in the notable inventions page but this is the closest I’ve got to it. This right here is what makes the camera so important. Until now they had to relie on the artist to provide the picture for the orphan immigrant; painters, sculptors… Thats why the intelligence world hides behind art world. Look at art of the Renassance, now compare it to some shit you see in a modern exhibit, its puke. and the money values attached it the puke isnt real, just a way to transfer money, once you get to a certain level there is no money. Money is used to control the orphans, they print the money, they dont spend it, and they certainly arent going to pay billion dollars for some art fag to puke on canvas. Now realize there was no renassance, the dark ages are a cover for the Reset. The art work cannot be duplicated, some people say its poured, like a resin or concrete, some people say its energy technology for cutting stone. Personally idk but if you look at all the early reset figures they are artists bc art was used to deliver the visual. Now with cameras everything changes. The Crimean War was the party

Fenton is also known to be the first person to photograph St Petersburg and other parts of Russia as well, which I’m not buying either. If Russia is such the boogy-man he is made out to be why would he allow someone so close to the thrown to be invited in his country to take the worlds first outsider pictures, he wouldn’t, and if he was there than the Russian boogeyman narrative is bullshit too, but we already knew that huh? Another tell is his famous for taking the only picture of Westminster Abby under construction, all it shows is some scaffolding from a distance but they want you to think its real, like the war in Crimea.

Arguably, the first picture to make a lasting wide-spread impression on the world is titled ‘Valley of the Shadow of Death’. It has been surrounded by controversy since its such an obvious mock up even the normie historians have a hard time keeping a straight face when they say its an organic scene. They are forced to admit Fenton set the stage by scattering all those cannonballs in the middle of the road.

Normie historians admit the first photographic images of war are also the first fakes, but stop short in saying the entire war is staged outright. Instead they confess in their own mocking humor, the book titled, ‘The Ultimate Spectacle...'(the sarcastic title should tell you all you need to know, yeah its a spectacle alright) also informs us this is the first media war as each outlet provides pictures to support whatever narratives they want. They are all fake so they can insert whatever narrative they want, as long as its about the war, nothing else matters just as long as the war exists. The only reason the picture is in the headlines anyway is to protect the rest of the schtick. If you throw this one under the bus you can single it out and pretend to lead the charge but saying one is fake really means the rest are genuine. This image made the list of TIME magazine top 100 photos that changed the world, considering TIME’s role as gatekeeper and Hall of Records it looks like this one was set up from the beginning for some controversy, you gotta build something up before you can tear it down.

The angle of the book is more discrete than most, more deceptive. It has a list of inventions new to the world during the time of the war.The one thing it doesn’t mention is the camera. “Chloroform, telegraphy, steamships and rifles were distinctly modern features of the Crimean War. Covered by a large corps of reporters, illustrators and cameramen, it also became the first media war in history.” Oops, I guess he didn’t know the camera was new, or that cameramen need them. Thats how these people operate though. Ahh, the author is a Keller, thats why it was noticeably more sophisticated. See my Helen Keller stuff if you want some info on how messed up those freaks are.

Get this: The person that ‘discovered’ the fake cannonball pics is Errol Morris, in another of my articles I out him as a character in the Roe V Wade mock abortion-rights courtroom theatrics. Among other things he is credited with popularizing the phrase “Thin Blue Line”, they say its about police integrity but the Ministry of Truth tells us the Thin Blue Line originates as the Thin Red Line, which is in reference to the uniforms of the soldiers during the Crimean War, ‘The Thin Red Line pushing the Russians back.’This means the guy that popularized the phrase knew its origins, he knew it was fake the whole time. Morris was assigned the Crimean War project probly bc of his lineage, I got a few photos of an officer named Morris, probly a distance relative. That also means all the ‘thin blue line’ stickers you see plastered all over the statists bumper are NWO, Great Reset sigils. Hey thats just how these things work. Generational spook projects. Check out the RvW breakdown here.

In this picture its the cannonballs but in other pictures piles of the cannons themselves has been strewn about. Keep an eye on the surrounding land too, theres nothing for miles. No farms… say you really have an army of 20,000 people, how are you going to feed them in a wasteland? and the horses? you cant just run through the drive-through real quick. There is only tee-pee’s set up for miles around, which brings me to another point, we know the technology was available back then now so why do we not have the same type of pictures from the Plains Indians of America? Sure we are told about tee-pee villages of this magnitude and herds of buffalo too but there are no photographs of either, why? Well bc the Native American Indian was about as real as the Crimean War. Another World Fair project.

Even Napoleon gets in on this one? Nah, hes historical fiction as well, his existence is used to explain the Great Reset as well, all the destruction in Paris is blamed on him. Say you want to believe in Napoleon, that’s cool, whatever works for you, Then explain why an Emperor Supreme dictator would sit down for a photo shoot like one of the peasants? No ceremonial garb, no servants. no nothing. Cuz that bitch aint real and you need to wise up Skippy. I got a zoom-in on his face though, compare to other pictures of Napoleon, I’m sure they don’t get the actor right.

Did I mention the Sanitation Committee? Check the French Revolution and other wars for Sanatation Committees, During the Civil War the Sanitation Committee was comprised of reformers and abolishionists, they were all agents in real life though, their idea of freeing slaves was to send them to Haiti, for real, but guess what, check Haiti’s timeline and they had an episode of the Reset themselves. Maybe youve heard about the only succussful slave reebllion and the only war which Napoleon lost? Nope it was the Reset. Anyway the Sanitation Committee sponsored a series of industrial expos to drum up funds for the Union. They were the proto-world fairs. This connects all the same families twice over. It is literally a script. The Public Safety Commission is a big one too. In Crimea we have a Sanitation Committee before so we know where America gets it. We’ll try to track it further back when we get a chance bc it sure as shit didnt start here. They will tell you the Committee was there to spread information about the importance of cleanliness during battle time. Of course they say that. Its virtue-signalling.

Heres a single I had to pull out for show and tell. Its a selfie from the photographer dressed up in the Zouave “costume”. (Zouaves are the North African French, like Algeria) This has huge implications not just to his credibility but to the Zouaves as well. He’s letting us know theyre all actors. Not to mention his “Thinking man” gang sign, similar to the hidden hand.

Pay attn to the names involved here, Thats the take-away for me. All this is just a show for the same families in America to justify their status. Clark, Dickenson, Morgan, Butler, Walker, Swain, Howe… These are old power-house names. These people would not be there if there was a real threat, they would have the orphan class go out and die in their wars like they always have done. There are so many elite names here bc they know its all for the cameras. They even stick to their usual roles too. like the Parsons are the clergy. I cant even count how many ‘hidden hand’ gang signs are thrown around. This is what people think war looks like, all these guys do is lay around drinking. Even at camp there is work to be done.

I find the pictures of the railroads most revealing, they are totally destroyed but the captions say they are construction photos. The railroad bosses have the only permenant structures in the whole show. The underground entrances go on for who knows how far or how deep but im sure there was a detail troop that went around setting up cannons so some spoiled brat can lean up against it and have his picture taken in uniform. the cemetery is too fresh. Im not talking about like the guy died and was buried a few days ago, I mean its just a stage prop. Also present are the Highlanders, theyre a Scottish division connected to the Royal Art Society and thus, the World Fairs and full-spectrum-control grid. The French Zouaves are present as well, these are the guys that came over and fought in the Civil War right after this one. I know they were present at Harper Ferry, which was a proxy battle to erase the ancient artifact town, we must take a look at the other battles thet participated in.

Its obvious to me, something very big did happen here at some point in the distant past, but theres not fuckin way these ruins are new. They are using a fictional war to cover a real event, the Great Reset.

Another person thrown out with the rest of the trash now is Florence Nightingale, she developed her skill set in the Crimean War and is remembered as the mother of modern nursing practice. I’ve been meaning to get to her bio for some time now, she was already outed bc of her acquaintanceship with Samuel Gridley Howe, Reset Agent that was supposedly arrest and spent time in a Prussian dungeon before the US embassy came to the rescue. Once you realize they are all fake and the people they connect you too are fake too then its a whole lot easier to decipher these little blips. Guess what else, Sammy Howe was on the Boston Sanitation Committee. And so it starts all over.

See, heres a screenshot of another Howe trying to get in, its a family gig. The Howes are who are partially responsible for Nightingales role as top nurse, although honestly, she was probly going to be famous no matter who she was friends with. Thats how it works in the real world

Linear timeline history is a trap. Nothing is in a straight line, ESPECIALLY history. OK now you’re welcome for spreading a little love, now share the article and sub to my site for more kickass shit. No for real though, thank you very sincerely if you read the whole article. Its ok even if you dont agree, it takes time to process new information like this, I get alot of initial resistance even within the community. Its all true though is the thing. I know Im not getting through to most people. I only want to plant the seed. Im not changing anybody but Ill help create the change thats needed. Theres nothing one person can do it will take a collective effort. The solution is the same on the microcosm as the macrocosm, just dont participate. Dont go to watch their movies. dont listen to their news, dont vote in their proxy elections. Its impossible to do it all the time but as long as your aware, it all starts with acknowledgement, once you are no longer part of the herd there aint no going back. The only thing you can do is opt out. Its one of the most powerful things you can do energetically, thats what its all about. Negative energy vampires creating little neg-energy generators to parasitize. Little acts of defiance matter. All I got is truthin and moonshinin. I dont even drink but its the act that is beneficial. Every prepper should have a still anyway. unlimited water purifier, sterilizer, preservative, fuel source, medicinal value. Even if you arent a prepper you should get a still and start making hand sanitizer. You’ll feel better

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