Ancient Rome is Fake, Pt 1. Heinrich Keller, Ancestor to Helen Keller,

Origin Story

We get out first clue about the nature of Keller’s real family history on the first page of her first book. She proclaims a distant ancestor was one of the first deaf blind teachers in Zurich and published a book. She calls it a “singular coincidence”, thats how you know shes lying. Its’s never a singular coincidence. She’d’ve been better off not saying anything if she was going to lie about it.

The education of the disabled is pretty well recorded [my link], however much slanted. You have to pick through the weeds, and in a place with a stature of Zurich it probs wouldnt be too hard to find this unnamed relative if he does in fact exist. Sure enough, there was an article published by Gallaudet Press (this is important later) from the American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb in the year 1882 titled The Origin of Deafmute Instruction at Zurich, Switzerland. Bingo.

Heinrich Keller

So the thing is, all the information comes from a Hoffman, which means he’s lying, I dont care what he says, the thing is to find the angle. This time it’s S. Hofmeister the President of the Committee of the Zurich Institution for the Blind and Deaf and Dumb, he is the ultimate authority and it is from him we are told of Heinrich Keller’s contribution. There probly is no such Institute but if anybody was to come asking they would just be sent to Hoffman. Gallaudet knows it too, thats why theyre publishers. If anybody comes looking they get sent to Hoffman that gives the same old wealthy-deaf-kids script and sends them on their way.

The arguement or the point of interest is usually about the oralist or manualist teaching methods, lip-reading or sign language. Its a thing for sure, part of the war against the deafblind culture by taking away their language while pretending it give it to them. It carries on another level too as the whole human population is regarded as blind and deaf and dumb. A persons natural inclination is to communicate via signing and gesticulations. For some reason I have yet to fully comprehend after much study, the Reset class has waged a hidden war against the deafblind, taking away their language has been one of the biggest weapons. Its all psychological warfare with these people. I think they feel threatened. A person that cant see or hear isnt falling for their bullshit so theyre kept perpetually off balance. I’m sure the signing part interfers with their own sign language. Spooks use sign language all the time, what do you think the Hidden Hand and devil horns are, its sign language.

Helen keller is used as a weapon arguably the biggest one against deafblind culture by advocating for the unnatural method of communication. That bitch was not blind or deaf but she was held up on a pedalstool as a shiney example of how much better one method of teaching is over the other. Psychological warfare guys, not guns and bombs.

We are told Heinrich takes charge of two deaf children of a wealthy local and he travels to Abbe de L’epee directly to receive instruction on how to teach them and how to teach the parents how to teach them. Abbe de l’epee is a fictional character. He was invented to give a face and fake history, to humanize a system. The same old story about find two affluent deaf children is used repeatedly in this arena, the same story is told about Gallaudet. Its Gallaudets story, Hoffman was just inserting Keller for posterity, bc thats how they operate. They stick together and only mention their own, the Inheritor class.

So now we must continue our journey elsewhere. Hoffmeister is the only source that ties him to deafblind education, everywhere else he is either portrayed as an artist or clergy. The two are often the same. This link here is a 3 or 4 paragraph bio.

Finally we found something a little more our style. An 88 pg bio written in 1891 by someone close, this book here I was finally able to run through a translator and get back something that makes a little more sense. I’ve been sitting on this file for over a year but couldn’t get it translated, it was written in the calligraphy style old German and the free ones wouldn’t recognize the characters. Finally I signed up for a pay translator, its 300 dollars a year which is fucking crazy but the free trial period gives 20 translations so I put it through and ta-da. The source is some University student that is paying tribute. I dont think he has a clue about who he is talking about. Or he probly does know, this is the official cover story. The cover story writers always know, that how they write the cover

This tells us Heinrich is the eldest son of Kaspar Keller, also confirmed by Helen Keller in her book which gave us the lead for Heinrich, a colonel and an architect that also owned an art gallery. See also Hans Heinrich Fussli, brother in law. The scene painted by the author shows us that all authority around the end of the 1700’s was military and clergy, there is often no distinction here either. Keller mingles with the both but is most enamored with the tales of artists returning from travels in France and Rome. Zimmerman is a familiar name, the family still pulling off operations in the media like the Wisconsin shooting. Gessner, a big name in printing at the time, printers and painters are important bc they serve as the Hall of Records. Heinrich travels around all the Universities of Switzerland; Bern, Zurich, Lucerne, and later all of Europe and Rome studying the ancient artists and philosophers. I think they were still in the process of writing the so-called ancients, Kellers had a hand in writing ancient history.

Some of the others in the circle include an Abbe Koch, as in the Koch uber bankster family, at this point he is labeled an abbot, a virtue-signalling title. Two members of the Jacobin National Assembly offer Koch a Bishop-hood which he denies. The Jacobins are from the recent Reset event known as the French Revolution.

There is an episode where he sculpts busts out of blocks of butter: the Pope, the Emperor, and the King of Prussia. There is also a butter-sculpting exhibit at the World Fair, maybe this is like a thing, keep your eyes peeled for butter sculpting. These arent imaginary ancient subjects either, these are 3 of the most powerful people on the world at the time, giving an indication of the rank the Kellers status.

In 1794 Henry travels to Italy and sends home letters describing the art exhibits of Leipzig, Milan, Tuscany, Berlin… He writes of museums trying to match up sculpted body parts and specifically recreating a new body for the head of Alexander the Great. There was no Alexander either, all these people they are painting and sculpting are fictional historical characters. Keller and cohorts are taking old art pieces and creating a new narrative.

He Travels to Rome with a Hess and stays in contact with an Escher, ancestor of artist M.C. I’m assuming, climbing in and around the ruins and museums, the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel. He writes to a friend about the profound experience witnessing the Last Supper. They took up anatomy at the local hospital in San Spirito, that’s code for he was dissecting corpses and stayed at the Academy. It doesn’t matter which specific kind of academy, there is only one.

In 1795 he becomes acquainted with an Angelika Kaufman. Kaufman is a name most people would recognize today still in the same circles as over. I read somewhere the name Kaufman translates in merchant. I guess they can make it translate into whatever they want huh. Merchant is also a signal to be aware of when you see it in a bio or something.

When he needs to find some real paying work he partners up with a guy named Feodor and together they set to work “editing” the doors on the Baptistery in Florence. I admit I had never heard of this place before. The Baptistery is a part of the Cathoholic Industrial Complex that served as the building which all the residents of Florence would get baptized. Built in the 1400’s and went thru a 40 yrs restoration at the end of the 1700’s. What a crock of shit. I got my date for the start of the repopulation at this time and these people did not build this. These people are just going around scavenging whatever pieces are left after the Reset and ascribing them new histories. They do admit to restoring the doors at the time Keller says he started “editing” the Gates of Paradise, I say Keller was part of the crew using art to seemingly confirm the new narrative. Thats why art is so important and all the spooks at this time are known to have tried painting at one time in their life, even if they admit failure

Ironically, he meets up with a Meyer, who is the grand Poo-bah of statuary, carvings and bas-reliefs, together they travel around Rome, scavenging art wherever they could. They report the crowning achievement was when they “found” a colossal Bacchus, and Minerva head, which had been damaged. Scavengers. Building a fake religion/ fake history out of the ashes. That’s what the Phoenix is really about, the Great Reset.. Mayer was the Freemason Jew that was in command when they tore down the monument of Vendome, during the so-called Paris Commune in 1781. This was the removal of very large Romanesque column and statue. They said it was a statue of Napoleon at the top dressed in Roman garb. Thats about as believable as what we get with the Baptistery. Knowing how these families operate I say its impossible the two arent connected somewhere. Monuments are the first thing to go. Keep that in mind the next time you hear something about the Confederate statue removal in the South. I told you we are still transitioning out of the Reset.

Kellers companions during this period are Horner and Schiller which maybe where we get the word shilling and shill come from. They write alot and Bacchus, Bacchus is a variation of Ba’el. Prolific poets. Poetry seems to be the vehicle of the spoken word. The art of language, this is how they are creating the mythology of Bacchus and Cupid and Dante. Yeah like Dantes Inferno, that bitch was written partially by a Keller.

He expresses modesty writing comments about sending “such an unclean and illegible manuscript”, (yeahs its a script alright) to his circle for “editing”. The work is unspecific but representative. This was a group of military/clergy/academic/artistic people sharing and expanding and correcting each others papers. They said it was unnamed and never printed and sent away to Rome, by Rome they mean the Vatican so the fact the deny it means it could be something we take as gospel. Literally. There is also mention of Shakespeare at one point. Thats interesting bc most people attribute Shakespeare the fictional character to Frances Bacon. Bacon himself is a fictional character and Shakespeare, from what I see here anyway, was written by a group of art-fags in the great Universities of Europe.

Colossal Bullshit

Finally he gets some work attributed to his name alone, his display wins an award at the Milan art exhibit. Life-size marble statues. He claims to have been in a slump until he gets inspiration from viewing the Colossi of Monte Cavallo. I’d never heard of this before either, and this is another good example of why you should always take the link. They namedrop their cohorts and deeds in everything. Thats the key to interpreting the Ministry of Truth articles. For the record I will never share a wiki page unless I am pointing out their BS, like Im about to do.

The Colossi of Monte Cavallo is a modern piece with a much older date put on it. Some times they pick up the artwork and build history around the existing pieces and sometimes they create a piece they need for their narrative. Wiki gives the statue the moniker of ‘Horse Tamers’ and lets us know the piece has stood on this site for all antiquity since the Roman empire, near the Bath of Constantinople. All paths lead to Rome they say and these horsemen are Castor and Pollux, which are patrons of sailors… maritime admiralty. I’d have to brush up on my Roman mythology for a full breakdown but the Horseman theme has been inserted all over the world as a symbol of power, from Russia to France. Two countries that would soon be fighting the proxy war in Crimea against each other are both using Roman imagery bc they are both on the same side.

These statues marked one of the seven sacred hills of Ancient Rome. The oldest pictures date back to the late 1700s and depict the two horsemen on pedestals. The obelisk wasn’t added until 1785 and was taken from the mausoleum of Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome himself! It just can’t get any more dramatic than that, its like a lifetime channel movie. The horse theme spread out to all the major cities across Europe and Russia. It is the most extreme symbol of power and control the scriptwriter poets like Keller could come up with. The obelisk is representative of the phallus of Osiris, when he is chopped up and Isis put all his pieces back together but she couldn’t find his dick bc the fish ate it. Anytime you see an obelisk just think what could be so special that a statue of Lucifer’s cock be an appropriate marker

The early images must have been made to give the illusion of two separate eras. Napoleon gets brought in too, gotta add him, like American history does with George Washington, Napoleon tries to take them back to France as a trophy but they’re too big so replicas are made. Already talking about replicas centuries ago bc they started out fake.

Another chink in their cover story is the water feature. I only read three or four sources and each one tells a different story but all of them agree the current fountain was not installed till 1818. There was mention of an older fountain in ruins in some of the histories during the supposed restoration of the late 1700’s but here it is in full-functioning glory during the said-restoration. Somebody is lying somewhere…or everywhere. The Ancient Rome narrative is filled with fountains, this helps explain in modern times why it is so important to these people to install the features all over places like NYC. They say its for horses but thats pretty thin for the amount of expenditure put on these things.

But wait theres more!

In case you haven’t figured out yet the statues are frauds the Colossi were displayed at the 1855 World Fair at London’s Crystal Palace. A World Fair connection is most fitting since they were started by the same groups of people renaming all the shattered statues to begin with. That means they’re fake af. Everything the world fairs are about is enslaving the orphan class and false history. The whole thing is a celebration of mockery. These statues were World Fair worthy bc of all the power they represent the strongest is deception. Just look at it. This is a close up taken at the Fair in 1855. This is terrible compared to real Pre-Reset sculpting which techniques have been lost, they cant even replicate the art from Before. This is the best they can do. Its so bad in fact even ministry of truth does their best to smooth it out by pointing directly to it in order to gloss over it real quick, “Its coarseness has been noted”. Lol, you bet it has.

Another point of interest is the fact that none of the alleged ancient texts describe the Colossi. If this was really as old and powerful as they say, with a history including Alexander the Great, the first Emperor of Rome and Napoleon it would be included everywhere. The first mention isn’t recorded until the tourist guide to Rome Mirabilia Urbis Romae said published in 1140 AD. This manuscript could be the subject of its own investigation

The fake Colossi is the kind of project Keller sought out for inspiration. Doesn’t say much for his talents… or the Milan art show which gave him an award. His award-winning sculpture is in private family collections

One of his better acclaimed pieces is the Birth of Venus. The original painting is said to be from 1450, by Botticelli, this piece experienced a resurgence in the late 1700’s. I think the description and instructions went out to the art-spook community during that period calling for several variations to be completed as part of the scripting the fake history in preparation for the repopulation. This call would be similar to the industrial inventions that all popped up world-wide simultaneously and presented at the World Fair Expo’s. This piece was recreated twice in marble and 13 times in bronze, only one bronze can be found, its in the possession of the Zurich Artist Society. The other pieces are either said to be in private collections or lost to time. I say even if there were 13 bronzes, which is a clear numerical marker, Keller has already established a pattern of attaching his name to pieces that are not his, the Zurich Society is even worse so their credibility is nil, and there was no 1450 Botticelli. The ‘lost works’ tune has been played out too, several pieces of superb quality were lost to sea while crossing the English channel yada yada yada. The problem with that is we have to take the word of people we have just caught scavenging the remains of another civilization and creating a new history with themselves inserted at the head. I just find it a little too hard to believe, plus I mean especially after Keller spends so much effort with his homeboys writing and editing each others poetry that is focused on Cupid mythology. (Venus is the mother of Cupid) This is an extension of the former, creating ‘ancient’ religions through linguistic and visual artistic expressions.

After a few years Keller is said to have suffered a broken hip which caused him to have to retire from the sculpting profession and takes back up literary work, this time as translator. Translating all the ancient poets and philosophers from and to Italian and German. Among the people he ‘translates’ is Socrates, in case you didnt notice ‘translation’ means the same as ‘restoration’.

At this point you have to keep in mind the authority at this time is the Church, the Politicians, the Universities, and the Military, there is not much separating one from the other. They are all working toward the same end although there are internal power struggles between factions they operate as one unit, just special interest clubs and side-piece projects. Its the origins of the Great Compartmentalization.

Toward the end, just like all the poets and artists, Keller joins Catholicism, ‘translating’ for them full-time. The biographer whitewashes this part and just kinda throws his hands up like “Eh, Whatcha gonna do? Everyone else was doing it.” and admits to converting to Catholicism for the status elevation and high paying occupation takes up a “teaching propaganda” position for the church. Heres where I bring up the translator app I’m using for this 1891 German document. Like the statues being copies of copies to hide the fact it was fake from the beginning, this works with writing as well, very effectively I should add. Nobody double checks anything. It sounds suspicious enough already: Appointed Head Teacher of Propaganda by the Propaganda Commission… Get the fuck outta here. But wait it gets better.The word used is very peculiar right here, it says they take the job ‘for the bread’ for one thing but it goes on farther to say the Propaganda [his capitalization] Commission pays him to begin translating a History of the Religion of Jesus Christ… For the sake of the church, he clarifies, I guess he aint in it for the money anymore.

If all that sounds incredulous just look at the orginal source, written in Latin, official language of the Papal Industrial Complex, (an extension of the Holy Roman Empire?!) It says Keller was a content creator for a Milan magazine called the Echo, lol yeah sure, before he was commissioned by the…

Propaganda Fide

Propaganda fide: Storia della religione di cristo del Conte L. di stolberg tradotta dal tedesco peril principio da E. Keller ed ora proseguita dal Cav J.F. Rossi, Roma alla stamperia della congregazione di P. Fide Presso F. Bourlie

The P. Fide is a real entity created by the Church, They say it means to ‘Propagate the Faith’, I’m sure on some level it does, just as I’m sure its another layer of mockery, its absolutely so, so much that I had to cut the otiginal article in half bc it deserves its own thread.

The Propaganda Fide, (Pro-Pagan, Duh) throwing up a Hidden Hand gang sign variation

Founded by the Jesuits in order to start up a string of missionary schools to deliver the message of the Church into the savage wilderness by teaching some Natives to do all the bitch work, otherwise the natives would shun the outsiders…Yep. If you have read any of my other work [take the link] you recognize this is the same formula used by Jedadiah Morse at the Foreign Missionary School in Connecticut. Exact same, Rome even had a Foreign Missionary Society!

So they reuse the same script, happens all the time right? Instead of fake Indians this time they are bringing fake religion. It is a fractal copy of the same entity for sure, we arent done stealing the script either. P. Fide has a large role in the discovery of the Catacombs of the Saints, its a carbon copy of the fake historic Jamestown Settlement site. A museum caliber fraud, a living archaeology exhibit built to hold up timeline history lie. All Im gonna say here is the catacombs support the early Catholic texts and self validate everything for the last 2,000 years according to the church, and it’s all a big fucking scam, Jamestown and the Ancient Church are two significent chapters in World history, not just local false flags. We found two sites without even looking that use recycled material without even looking. Im sure if somebody did look they would find it the norm, not the exception. So far I’ve found 100% of all claims made by Babylon to be bullshit, hows that for the norm?

Here is just a teaser for the Catacomb Saints report Im working on. Heinrich Keller was one of the O.G. scriptwriter art spooks.

Sitting right there in the front are the Kellers. One of my biggest questions was who could Helen Keller have been related to for her character to pull off such an outrageous long-game. Its all birth-right oriented. So who was it? Well it turns out that person was one of the original art spook scriptwriters. Her ancestors literally wrote the histories and religions for the people of the world

The whole Reset/Inheritor class are parasites riding on their forefathers coat tails. The notion that “Thats impossible, too many people would have to be involved.” always makes me chuckle. Thats the ONLY way it works, bc so many people hold it up. Most dont even know, theyre too fucking stupid to think they play a role, say celebrity politicians or athletes or entertainers, they just know if they dont do what theyre told theyre fucked, Theyre whole existence is devoted to keeping the status quo. The hive mind.

Thank you if you read all this. Its difficult sometimes to stay focused, everything goes off in every direction. Im working on a dedicated post to the Catacomb Saints and what else could anybody be during this period in ANY third-world country, Slavery. The founder of the P. Fide is famous for his ‘mission’ in the Congo. They are the Cathedral stealers, established everywhere in the world be anybody else arrives, they are the slavers preparing to repopulate the Earth. Its an inverted system; all the benevolent virtue signaling of these people and they were the main bad guys. Are the main bad guys


  1. They just want to free our hands and leave our minds in jail. They are called the New World Bitches.They are fake and wants to stop the light workers

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      1. The NWO can fool some people some times but they can’t fool the light workersBecause we knew the real from fake.They are just fake


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