Capt John Smith Map of the Chesapeake Bay is a Phony. Colonial America Hoax Pt 4.

I just wanted to share something that happened to me a few years ago that might help somebody rationalize how deep the deception is rooted. Colonial America is a lie. 100%. This is not some crazy bullshit brought to you by one of the scumbag false-light truth-gurus, this is real. America was repopulated. Many people have had this deception shoved down their throat since birth and cannot see past the mask covering the nose on their face. “Oh yeah, The museum down the street has a copy of the John Smith map, ya fuckin idiot, I seen it and I know all the people working the museum.” Maybe this sounds appropriate. Let me explain…

I live in a small town right on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. North Beach used to be a rowdy biker town, when you introduced yourself as from ‘The Beach’ people would avoid you, or challenge you to a fist fight. I remember in school not being allowed to court girls from neighboring towns once their parents found out I was a ‘Beacher’. Nowadays its a cookie cutter tourist trap, access to the beach is limited to a few places with fake sand trucked in, all the juke-box joints are replaced with fine dining restaurants and there are more Audi’s than Harley’s.

The railroad built the town in the early 1900’s as a travel destination for D.C. residents to come during the weekend to unwind. There is a railroad museum in the neighboring town even, anything connected to the railroad is a Pandora’s box once you start scratching the surface, Thats our first clue right there.

Tucked away at the bottom of the hill on 4th St is the Chesapeake Bayside History Museum. Its been there all my 40 short years and the nice young ladies that run the place come from local families that grew up beside my own for generations. What I mean is, theres no way this kinda place could be complicit in any kind of New World Order false-history narrative right? Well let me explain how it works…

Years ago there was a clipping from the local paper that the museum had procured an original copy of of the John Smith Chesapeake Bay map from the early 1600’s. Along with the map came 50,000$ from the state for security upgrades. yeah, remember any money the state has it has stolen via taxes, which means the citizens were extorted to beef up the alarm system on some no-name ‘museum’ in some scrub town to protect a known forgery. The item was donated, maybe bequeathed I cant remember, I wasn’t paying much attn at the time and still believed the public education Disney bedtime story. I couldn’t wait to go see it and was excited our little town was caretaker of such an important historical document.

$50,000 is alot of money for a place like this, who for most of my life even the residents hardly knew the museum was even there. It was located in a regular house with maybe a little sign tacked to the door. Now they have their own building, the old public library building so its connected to the state in that sense. They built a new library and gave the museum the library’s old building. All this happened around the same time, say, maybe 25 years ago. All this generosity would come with stipulations, for example, the Smith map must be presented in a certain way.

Many years would pass before I ever went inside the place. I lived and grew up less than half-dozen blocks away but like I said, most locals didn’t even know the place was there, let alone actually go inside, that was for the tourists, you could get a better history lesson shooting a game of pool over a draft beer. One day I was remodeling one of the old cottages in town and folded up inside a waxpaper envelope was some correspondence between two ladies dated from the 1930’s that had been boarded up behind the plaster wall I was tearing down. The letter was an interesting window into a different time period, it was written by a once-prominent family member to her friend in the city, she was trying to prepare a meal for 75 people and while all the men were trying to catch fish all the women were trying to catch chickens that were allowed to roam free-range around town. It was cool and all but worthless to me, I brought it home to show my girlfriend and after that it just got shoved in the back of a junk drawer and forgotten about for over a year till i was moving out and found it a second time. Not wanting to throw it away but having no use for it I asked a few townspeople if they wanted it or ‘what should I do’ suggestions, the museum reached out to me and said they’d be interested in seeing what I had and it was set. The next day I walked 2 blocks over and went inside for the first time. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about the ladies that operate the place and almost feel guilty about calling out their prized possession, the bullshit forgery with a $50,000 stipulation.

The map itself is housed under a protective glass case so you cant turn the pages. She told me her dirty little secret, the map on display is a reproduction, the original is far too valuable to be left out like that. Why the need for a bulletproof/ fire proof case if its just a facsimile? Bc its all about deception, the whole show is an illusion, a trick. Of course its a copy, most exhibits inside most museums are copies, you ever been to the Smithsonian? jeez. They tell you right up front nothing is authentic before you ask that way they have some defense if someone points out the obvious that everything looks fake af. That’s bc it is. This place was no dif. When you start getting into the really important pieces like the ancient sculptures of Rome or writings of historical icons you find they are all copies of copies of copies and translations of translations of translations. Its camouflage. They say that dumb shit because even the originals are fakes.

“So”, I asked during my visit, “what about the real thing? Is that in yalls possession or in a safe deposit box or something?” The reply I got was the look of terror followed by “Oh no, we arent allowed to talk about that.” Hmm, well thats a little weird but I didn’t push. Turns out they couldn’t talk about anything map related except how pretty the picture is on the admitted fake under 3 inches of bullet proof casing.

Turns out after much internalizing the whole museum is dedicated to precolonial Indian habitation, John Smith and the railroad. All fakes. Sorry ladies at the museum, this is a perfect example of how deeply rooted and pervasive the artifical reality around us is, every town has a place just like this they can relate too, I

Recently I was writing the article about the historic Jamestown Settlement, the whole place is a museum quality fake designed by the army corp of engineers and some preservation societies like the Colonial Dames. The only thing these bitches are preserving is perpetual psychological class warfare. Pulling up a link for the Smith map I read on their website it was donated by a Radcliffe. Radcliffe is an old spook family connecting to Harvard. Harvard is a command central, never just anything that comes out of there, Harvard is up there with the railroad. I became acquainted to Radcliffe through Helen Keller, they are the school that gave her a valedictorian diploma in advanced Latin. lol, its funny now, how could anybody fall for such an obvious fake, maybe like that NASA guy said about the moon landing: “You can tell its real because it looks so fake.” Classic. Furthermore I came across more Radcliffes writing the article about the World Fair that was held on Jamestown Island to celebrate the 300 year anno of the historic settlement, Radcliffes were on the oversight committee of organizers.

It just occurred to me the connection here. Radcliffe is connected to Jamestown through the World Fair and the John Smith map is along the same thread, Radcliffe is here too pushing the same narrative lie. This supports my position that these projects are handled by the same families over the course of multiple generations. Two generations of Radcliffes pushing the same lie. Also mentioned on the credit excerpt is the name Carper, I am yet unfamiliar.

The illustrations are beautiful, somebody put alot of energy into producing such an artistic fraud, all the more convincing, part of the illusion. The item isn’t really a map, its several maps combined in a 250 page book, the first history book of the area supposedly from the first settlers. These kinds of fake docs provide a nice clean timeline to explain how we arrived at this point in our collective experience. It is such a foundational piece nobody could even think to question its authenticity, so important in fact even a scanned reproduction is kept under protective custody. I have neither the time nor the inclination to go over the whole book, I have read it though, cover to cover, quite an impressive piece of effective propaganda, but more than that its a national identity. I mean, “Do you believe in magick” fucking Disney even got in on the action. They always target the children, get em while they’re young and you got em when they’re adults.

They even use a type of grammar thats a dead giveaway, you know the kind where they add an ‘E’ to the end of all the words and make the ‘U’ spelled with a ‘V’, this is all part of the illusion, people see that type and their subconscious goes right to the time-period like the Renaissance Festival or something. Language plays a very important role in the subjugation of humanity going back to the story of the Tower of Babel, languages were created on site, sometimes by one person and taught to the entire tribe within one generation. They really expect people to believe that, the scary part is people do believe it. The spelling and syntax is another form of deception, recognizable to a specific time period bc that’s exactly what it was designed to do.

The booke serves many layers, justified land-grabs are only one of them. One thing that turns up repeatedly is generational wealth is passed down in the families like Radcliffe all stem from some sort of transaction that happened during the Colonial years. Choice properties are claimed with more falsified documents like wills, titles, deeds, charters… We are truly a people ruled from the grave with binding contract rituals, it is literally the definition of casting a magick spell, we even call it ‘spelling‘.

I’ll leave the rest up to you to process, just take a look through the text, with a critical view its almost humorous just how fake it is, and then you wonder how you even fell for it in the first place. The thing is, every single piece of history is the same way, usually the more importance is placed on the item the easier it is to tell how fake it is.

I saved the last page of the booke for here, I think you’ll see why its appropriate, something more recognizable with an All-Seeing-Eye in the capstone… Nah, they wouldn’t really be so brazen would they? Well maybe they really did buy all of Manhattan Island for a handful of glass beads after all, every kid learns about that in 1st grade for fux sake.

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