Craters are Bullshit (Meteors Too)

I was scanning maps of Earth looking for anything that pops out, canals and starforts and stuff. Two cool things I found was a city in Antarctica, its labeled a science station and even has a big NSF (National Science Foundation) painted on the roof so people spying in from google Earth really gets the message. The problem is I know who the NSF are and its not a station. its a small industrial city. I also found a place in china that has been canalized like the size of Jersey, not just a few here and there, it looks like a road system and habitation is concentrated in isolated pockets. They’ll probly say they are rice paddys.

Im looking for evidence of terraforming, or just like massive alterations. I read somewhere that the composition of the soil in the Amazon rainforest contains a type of bio-char which suggests the whole Amazon might be man-made. Then theres the early maps showing California as an island or peninsula, even normie science admits there used to be a vast inland sea, there never has been a good explanation for the salt flats and its not impossible the Grand Canyon was carved out overnight as opposed to a million billion years. By overnight I mean relatively speaking.

I the coolest thing I found was this crater. Its an impact site from 210 million years ago. The problem there is Space is fake and the timeline is a lie. So where does that leave us? Process of elimination. I am usually incorrect a few times, whatever it is I come up I ultimately have to revise everything as Im presented with new information. The only thing I’m 100% positive about is that space is fake and the timeline is a lie.

Who knows what a crater is? Same with volcanos, plate tectonics. Sure. Listen, whatever they teach children in public education is a lie bc the public education system is psychological warfare. Volcanoes can be explained by energy tech. Some kind of laser drill or like the machine we had in metal shop was called a plasma torch and could cut thru a one inch steel plate with just a hairline electrical beam.

Louis Babel Ecological Park

Its really called a reserve. To protect the ecosystem. Right. Its really to restrict travel and limit access, thats what the green movement is all about. Louis is used in place of Lucifer, its phonetics, the ‘lu’, like il-‘LU’-imati and George Lucus and I love Lucy. The missing-link fossil is named Lucy, short for Lucifer bc its a fake too. They tell you she was named after the song playing on the radio, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’, it wasnt but now they drag the Beetles down with the ship. The same logic goes with Babel, its short for Babylon, or Ba’el which is another form of Lucifer. In a sense Babylon is another variation of ba’el since the emphasis is place on th B and the L sounds. Its etymology 101, your first lesson in basic spellcasting.

Work it out however you must but this is just the way it is. They named the feature after Satan bc it is a deception. Im still putting some things together to find out what did cause this but bet your ass what did NOT cause this is a flying space rock 210 million billion years ago like they say, Speaking of that time lets talk about dinosaurs for a sec. Fossils are real. I live in the fossil cliffs region of the Chesapeake Bay, Ive got shark teeth big as your face. Freemasons arent sneaking out every night and planting them so that means something was here. The deception comes from the narrative. Maybe dinos did exist in some form but the display you see at the Natural History museum are lies. The first dino skeletons debuted at the World Fair, anything from the World Fair is a trap. Someone could easily find some real fossils like my shark teeth and exaggerate and manipulate and turn it into the fictional creatures we have today. Add a little movie magick and now you have the whole world believing we are the first and only people to ever live here.

The same logic can be used again with their fake/proxy wars that didnt happen or if there was really some military operations carried out by some Orphan Immigrants the reason was def not what is written in public education history books. Take the Civil War for instance, that bitch was not fought over slavery. In a way it could be said too have been if you consider the slaves are the entire population. That doesnt mean the Civil war didnt happen, I have dug up musket balls on the battle fields…Something happened. The Civil war was mainly about destroying fingerprints of the Old World. Shermans March to the Sea?… They just blew up all the pre-existing architecture in the South and claimed a bunch of Starforts. Another thing about the Civil War and slavery Im coming to the conclusions that Africans were in America before Europeans, There was a whole network here that was rebuilding and digging out and once they reached a certain point they started shipping over the Europeans and said “oh yeah, well, we already built that before you got here… It was George Washington”, LOL That mfkr. Anything they say Washington built is a preexisting relic. Later they just turned it around and said the Europeans brought the Africans but they be lying, and used this lie to virtue signal a war that is still used for division today. The Chinese were here already too, on the West side. The Chinese people were brought in to build the railroads, everyone knows that. Bullshit. The railroads are an ancient artifact too, they were always here and so were the Chinese.

I found this article in a paper from the late 1800’s. It highlights how dif people are used against each other based on color, the truth is the Africans and the Chinese have been here longer than the Europeans, preparing for the repopulation of war orphans and immigrants. Its not very PC in todays climate but thats part of it too, to keep people from thinking for themselves. The PC movement is self-censorship. I’ll keep my freedom of speech thank you very much

When we look for people other than ourselves we look in outer space, more misdirection. They are trying to hide history. We are very young and didnt build any of this place. Except the disposable plastic stuff, thats ours.

I mean that thing is big as Rhode Island, So close to America too I’m surprized Ive never seen anything about it. Mappers must crop it out on purpose. Just dumb every thing down. People have been joking about Project Blue Beam for along time now, I’m sure alot of people aren’t joking, the thing about project bluebeam is relies on a series of satellites, the Calypso satellite if I’m not mistaken. Calypso according to the Ministry of Truth means “concealing the knowledge” but in a “subtle or wily manner”. Sats are bullshit bro. I could see some kind of alien invasion scenario but it would be the threat only. Every war, public and invisible, is fought with perceived threats, potential; terrorism, viruses, nukes, commies, global warming. That none of that shit real and neither are aliens so if it is ever used to stage an invasion we would never see them, we would see pictures on tv and read stories in the papers but we would never see them in the sky.

Instead of Aliens people should start discussing the next potential Directed Energy attack, you know, the next Paradise. Funny thing about that, it was started a place called Camp, California. It became the ‘Camp fire’. Mockery is always a common theme.

This image was taken by the Sally Ride Earthkam, Sally Ride is more word-play mockery, the website is nasa indoctrination targeting children through the public education system. The center mound is even named Mt Babel, how much closer to the Tower of Babel can you get without just saying it? How do astro-nots explain the central uprising inside supposed meteor impact sites?
Louis Babel Eco Park. Lucifer, Ba’el, Babylon
Louis Babel Ecological ReserveWith an area of 23,540 hectares, making it by far the largest in the Quebec network, the Louis-Babel ecological reserve is located on Mount Babel in the northern part of René-Levasseur Island (Manicouagan reservoir). It is located in the unorganized territory of the regional county municipality of Manicouagan.This ecological reserve protects boreal, montane and alpine ecosystems in the Toulnustouc River ecological region (black spruce-fir-moss forest) and the Marceau Lake summits ecological region (black spruce-fir forest). It also ensures the protection of a site of exceptional geological interest, since it is one of five sites in Québec characterized by a shock metamorphism structure.
La réserve écologique Louis-Babel - Photo MENV
The Louis Babel Ecological Reserve protects
an exceptional geological site. Mount Babel
is the result of the rebound from the bottom of a huge
crater formed by a meteorite impact,
210 million years ago. – Photo MELCC

The relief of René-Levasseur Island is mountainous. Its central part is topped by the Mount of Babel, with its mountainous and very uneven relief. The altitude varies from 350 to 940 meters. This island has interested geologists for a long time because of its shock metamorphic structure. Its origin is linked to the impact of a celestial body, which would date back to 210 million years. This meteorite impact formed a crater, the largest and most complex in Canada. Mount of Babel and a strip of land averaging six kilometres wide in the centre of the island are the two main zones of impact metamorphism that resulted from the rebound of the crater centre. Anorthosite, quartz and feldspar are the main rocks. Mount of Babel is also characterized by a deposit of zeolite, a semi-precious stone. This bedrock has been covered by generally thick till.Along an altitudinal gradient, the succession of environments from forest to stunted forest, krummholz and tundra is remarkable.
The forests on the lower slopes are represented, among others, by black spruce-fir-moss forests, ericaceous-sphagnum spruce forests and alder spruce forests. Stunted forests and krummholz are very common; these formations are dominated by black spruce. Finally, the alpine or tundra zone, characteristic of the highest and windiest sites, is colonized by communities dominated by lichens and blueberries.
The ecological reserve is named in memory of Father Louis Babel (1829-1912). A missionary charged with evangelizing the Montagnais and Naskapi, he spent nearly 60 years of his life on the North Shore. In living memory, he was the first white man to cross the interior of the North Shore as far as Labrador, during the years 1866, 1867, 1868 and 1870. These explorations led Father Babel to gather valuable information on the geography of the area and the customs and habits of the Amerindians. He is considered to be the first scientific explorer of northeastern Quebec.

Louis Babel

His existence has been whitewashed, as if he was really cutting his path through the uncharted wilderness for the sake of the heathen soul. From Geneva. Switzerland is an Old World seat of power He was a missionary all right, but his mission was not the feral natives. Babel kept extensive records of terrain features and the ferals he came across.
The area was trapped out by the American Fur Company and later mined by the Military Industrial Complex based off maps made from his material. It was a military intelligence operation. The first type of geological survey in the area. A pull from another bio will say it better than me…
His attempts to preach the gospel to the Naskapi and Inuit made Babel, indirectly, the first scientific explorer of northeastern Quebec. A tireless chronicler, a meticulous observer, and a well-informed scientist, he was the first to report iron ore in what was to become New Quebec. His descriptions of lakes, rivers, rapids, and portages, his meticulous observations on the nature of the soil and the forest, and his constant reporting on climatic and meteorological conditions make his travel journals of particular scientific value. During his 1868 journey, for instance, he used the Rochon telescope, also called the telescope for measuring distances, to give brief descriptions of the places he visited, and he provided copious and detailed data about the size of the lakes, the direction in which the rivers flowed, the length of the portages, and the direction and velocity of the winds, taking care to add the time at which he made these observations. In 1873 the Quebec Department of Crown Lands published a large map based on his data, the first one to describe the interior of Labrador. It would prove a reliable and valuable scientific guide for both missionaries and explorers. Babel’s contribution to the knowledge of native languages also deserves mention. He was the author of a French-Montagnais dictionary, which is still in manuscript form, and wrote notes which were to be used in preparing a Montagnais grammar.
Interesting he is remembered for using a specific type of telescope used for measuring distance, Im sure one could pick something up at the closest Indian trading post for a few beaver pelts.
Most articles mention his ability to communnicate in multiple languages and for writing some down for the first time ever. Bitch please, they been saying that same line since the begining of the Repopulation of North America. Mr Louis just inserted what he wanted, he didnt learn the natives so much as he made it up, whatever he submitted was the offical narrative

More Flying Space-Rock Fuckery

By the Numbers

On Oct 3, (10/3=13), at exactly 11:33:47, (47 is significant too, the year the CIA was announced for the same reasons, some sources try to say it happened between 45 and 49, which is still 47, not that anybody would mark the time to the exact second but it offers a chance for a number drop) several chunks weighing 919 grams (666) crashed through the roof of Ruth Hamilton, landing on her pillow while she slept.

The story was published on Oct 13 (10/13 is still 13) with an interview by Prof Brown, who took the flying space-rock for stidy and will be returning it on Nov 30, (11/30 is 13 again)

Hamilton says that she plans to keep the rock for the foreseeable future, stating that her grandchildren think it’s pretty cool. “I’m just totally amazed over the fact that it is a star that came out of the sky, It’s maybe billions of years old… The only other thing I can think of saying is life is precious and it could be gone at any moment even when you think you are safe and secure in your bed,”

GTFOH, Are we anywhere safe from falling space-rocks? Not even in our own beds?

The Video Evidence

Here are 3 videos that say they show the meteor falling. The thing is they dont show the same things and the main one is such a bad copy and paste job I almost think it was made so poorly on purpose. Not to mention the length of the videos published are 31, 13, 13 and 3 seconds long. That one on the bottom has got to be the most convincing evidence for meteors and globes I’ve ever scene. Take that flat earthers, ooh you guys are so fucked now.



The HH (88) patch is another tell, Aces and Eights for days. Good thing she put those rubber gloves on huh, lest she might turn into on of those grass-people from that Creepshow movie, remember that one? When the meteor lands in Steven Kings backyard and he picks it up and it burns him and he turns into the grass man? But wait, I thought they just said falling space-rocks generate no heat? Somethings not adding up here, I think someone might by lying.
Authentic reenactment footage of Prof Brown from the Dept of Meteors collecting space-rock specimens without rubber gloves.

“It’s got its own escort at this point,” remarked Hamilton. “It just speaks to its importance and its scientific value.”

I guess she saw the same movie, the escort of Prof Brown… Dept of Meteors
Full audio interviews by Hamilton here

“Brown says it’s also not a shock that the rock did not burn the bed when it landed, as meteors stop being luminous at about 18 to 20 kilometres of altitude, giving them plenty of time to cool off in the chilly upper atmosphere.” Are you kidding me? Every elementary school kid is taught air molecules cause friction which creates heat. Thats the thing with their fake science, they can say whatever they want and even say the exact opposite of what they said yesterday and nobody will punch them in the dick for lying so it just gets borderline comical the shit that comes out their mouth.

Not only that but Prof Brown from the Dept of Meteors say it was a 100 billion in 1 odds for the meteor to crash through the roof and land on the pillow without hurting anyone. Such a lucky guy, he sends us to a near exact case that happened just a few months before in India. I say nearly-exact bc this one was so hot it melted the bed sheets. I guess they dont have a cool upper atmosphere in India…

I dont think its a coincidence the sheet is the Disney Castle “Do you believe in Magick yet mothafucka?”


  1. Thanks for replying. A few things:
    1. A question I asked in the missing comment is why, do you think, is there a longstanding war against the blind and deaf? I don’t get it.
    2. Why are Helen Keller and her posse such crucial recurring characters in your articles?
    3. Are you able to sort your articles by publication date? On my screen, at least, it’s all random, and you can’t see the date until you open the article.
    4. I’m an excellent editor and analyst. If you’d like to email me your articles before publishing them, I’d be happy to fix-up the grammar and offer content feedback for you to ponder and consider revising.

    1. hello again old friend… Lets see, The war on the Deafblind (its one word) is layers deep, in the old propaganda they used to say deafness was hereditary, that deaf parents gave birth to deaf babies and it was polluting the gene pool, only a few people came right out and said they should be… uh, culled, most people advocated isolation and sterilization. this is about the core of eugenics. Modern social justice warriors tell you it was a bunch of white supremeists but thats not the case, this was the popular attitude. As technology advanced we were able to determine that while true, deaf parents produce deaf babies, it is a very low percentage, 10-12%. IDK who publishes the numbers, I dont agree that genealogy tests are accurate and if they were they wouldnt tell the truth anyway right so wtf?
      The thing that happened though was the propaganda had to change, they couldnt fear-monger society anymore about how dangerous deaf people are if the ‘science’ proves opposite. The new propaganda shifted to victimizing deaf people and virtue-signaling the oppressors. “Poor unfortunates cant take care of themselves, good thing the philanthropists are there to provide and protect.” The thing is, even 10% is still a genetically distinct people, I mean people use percentages to determine race all the time, what is the percentage cut off to be considered Native American, for example. It is the dictionary definition of the words racism and genocide. Even the most PC social justice warriors dont say shit, either bc they dont know bc they only direct their energy where Babylon tells them or theyre part of it and turn a blind eye intentionally. I dont think this answers any of your questions, I just was trying to explain, if you are referring to the physical trait it is separate and lower case, deaf and blind; if you are referring to a person or group of people it is capitalized and one word, the war on the Deafblind, bc they are targeting a specific genetic variation, even if its pnly 10%.
      I cannot claim to understand what motivates these people, the whole class, for all their bullshit their core is selfishness and shallow and cowardice we experience fear, the difference is how you transmute it. Trying to answer why one people wage war on another I’m not the right person to answer. Why is israel activltly genociding Palestine? The same crickets from the PC crew.
      On a deeper level I think the parasite class is afraid. They run a full-spectrum dominance/5 sense magick show, a flaw is you need all senses for the trick to work. If a person cannot see all the magick sigils, which is exactly what corporate logos are, or all the product-placement type subliminal messenging… Also, its well known hthat a pillar of successful propaganda is repetition, what about all those people that are immune to the assault of all those stupid fucking buzzwords you hear 20x a day. Its a psychological war remember. Those people are in better shape than the hearing/seeing population. Plus, they can communicate amongst themselves and nobody else can understand. The parasites are psychopathically obsessed with communication, its Intelligence.
      2. so, Keller is nobody special. I showcase people she was associated with and movements she was a part of but thats the way they ALL are, pick anyone of similar pedigree, a class representative, and follow them and its the same thing, keller was just my entry point, thats what makes her a gatekeeper. she was the first assignment i sat down to write all the evidence I could find to prove she was faking, that report just turned into this website it never ended, I follow wherever the story goes and at the end its pretty much the same people there at the beginning. This is evidence there is no linear time but im still working on that one.
      3. Not really. Some I wrote along time ago Im trying to publish, and some I just write as I go are spontaneous. The ones that are old I usually make a note on the post, I mean, like I just said, there is no linear time anyway, so theres that. I’ll tell you the way to do it, when you are trying to research a person or project, you have to go backward. nothing is ever ‘the first’, there are always predecessors, follow them all the way back and thats where the Reset is.
      4. Did we exchange a message on reddit? If so thanks for stopping by. Im getting better at the editing thing, Sure if you think you can clean some up I dont know what I can do to help but of course bro knock yourself out. One thing I’m interested in is writing a book but idk how to organize it coherently. If you think you could figure out how to tell the story i can do the research, that would be tits.
      Ok bro, i gotta go, its alot of work man I aint gonna lie, I have a fulltime job and family and shit. Sometimes I miss work so I can stay home and write. Its not for everyone. Thanx again

      1. The comprehensive reply is much appreciated! I’ll mull it all over to help me figure things out.
        In my previous post I wasn’t implying that you’re a bad writer or mocking your grammar or anything. I just meant that maybe you could benefit from an “editor”-type to pre-read your posts and offer questions and request clarifications that you then could go back and address to enhance the enlightennent from the posts.
        (I did not communicate with you previously on reddit or anywhere else).
        Which of your articles tackle….MM? I’m interested in your complete take on him / them / it.

      2. Sorry bro, he/she/it/they arent worth the time. I think I said everything i needed to. I probly sent more traffic to his chem-lies pdf than he ever had before. No such thing as bad publicity right? Even a neg comment is still a promotion. Its a guilt by association system. I just looked up the Big Lies fake nuke site that was supposedly frozen years ago, a textbook example of what a ‘limited hang out’ does, it seems they have resurrected the site in he/she/it/they’s honor and throwing CTTF under the bus. As if there was any difference between any of them. The only way to win is to not participate; dont listen to their music or go to their movies or get their shots or vote. MM falls there, nothing special. the truth is nobody even knows who they are so even by me say how bad they are is still putting their name out there so people will think, hmm, what could be so bad? and so now another person is familiar that wouldnt have been. So for that reason I wont talk about it. It is humorous how bad the fake nukes site is now, lol, anyone that is so obsessed with jews is posting from tel aviv. bet me. it is important for people to be able to know how to recognize how something is fake. Everything is fake, you just gotta see the angle. I was thinking about making one last fake truth guru post to show how even the legendary Bill Cooper was one. If I sat here for an hour straight talking about how fake mm is I’d sound just like Cooper ranting about alex jones for fux sake. If I ever do a Cooper post Ill be sure to include a segment about Big Lies is just that, a big lie. I could also list the reason how I know the flurry of activity is in responce to my posts but the egomaniac schtick has already been taken.

    1. I’m trying finish hanging this drywall. I can answer better. The war that is not fake is the psychology war humanity has been in for over 2 centuries. The war against the deaf and blind community is real too. Anything you see on TV or public education is fake though there are probably real victims and military exercises. For the cameras and any excuse to go bomb some ancient artifacts will so. There is only one war. Compartmentalization treats each one as isolate and unconnected but they are all chapters in the same event. We are still transitioning.

      1. Pretty sure I replied to you a few days ago. It’s not here—-although it does claim that there are 4 comments while only showing three. ??

      2. The comment section I’m still figuring out. Every time a link gets copy and pasted I get a notification that it’s a comment. This includes when I link my own articles. So if 1 report is linked to 4 other reports it gets rung up as 4 comments. makes it hard to see if a real comment is made. I try to delete the bad ones to keep up. It’s Alot of work to do a decent website, let alone the time to research and write a good article.
        I also deleted a comment someone asked bc it had some contact info . Then there was the lady from the gatekeeper Farqsolia org that tried to leave a mocking comment… She deleted that herself to try and save face bc I lit that ass up. See the Barbara Follet article. I pre-approve all messages and won’t ever delete one even the ones that point out my fuck ups. Sometimes it takes me a few days to respond just bc there’s always so much to do but I appreciate all your interactions, if you have any suggestions on how to make something more clear, like if two things don’t connect it’s only bc I did a bad job explaining it, it all connects don’t hesitate. I’m working one about the Industrial Revolution that will be done this weekend. It lays out how the slave labor was organized through a string of false flag industrial ‘accidents’, it’s a pretty big one, it’s the One war I was talking about, the psychologic war which everything else is just a small part, the early 1900s was a period of great unrest. Lemme know if you have any research requests, something you want to see a report on.

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