Jamestown Tercentennial Expo, 1907

The Creepiest Fair in the New World

Theres a few things that make the early World Fairs noteworthy, one, they provide an opportunity for shadow people to get together without drawing attn to themselves, like say for instance, the Bilderburgers or Boheimian Grove. The art world has always been the center of operations for such groups, going all the way back to when the first philanthropic groups and the groups responsible for paying out cash rewards for technological advancements all came from Art Societies

While operating under cover these groups could control the speed and direction of development for essentially the entire human population. Such examples would be the Combine Harvester/Reaper which was an international collaboration that spanned three quarters of a century, another would be the sewing machine, which also was crucial for controlling manufacturing and commerce, i.e., the economy.

Most International Expos share certain features like the names, or subtitles, that all point to one body of people subjugating another, or a celebration of conquest or war. Here we see events like the Columbia Expo, the Louis and Clark expedition, the Star Spangled Banner and War of 1812. These leads us to another shared trait, theyre all a fake historical timeline, none of those events really occured and each one is cover for the Great Reset that happened in 1800… maybe 1801. I have many reasons for saying this but Aces and Eights will work for now.

So these groups are writing history as they go and turning it into historical fact at these so called fairs. I have yet to find a more clear example than the freakshow displayed at Jamestown in 1907. Some background can be found in my posts somewhere I looked at the history of the site itself and determined it was an Army corps of Engineers job being directed by groups such as the Colonial Dames of America. They went in and modified an existing starfort to look the way its presented in their false-history books. Being involved with academia they were able to create a museum caliber set up complete with ‘authentic’ Roman weapons and armor.

Once they had the site set up it was time for the show. As with every fair they showcase ancient artifacts and attach their own name and younger date to steal credit. One thing you have to keep in mind is they only pay tribute to their own works, In every case, its a form of mockery.

There is an overseeing body established to determine which party is classified as a legit World Fair, there are several classifications, exactly what they use to determine this is still unknown, well not really, they do it to confuse people, to compartmentalize everything which provides camouflage, the Jamestown Expo was not as big in scale as say, chicago, so its not in the same class, this is how it has stayed hidden for the most part by World Fair researchers.

This fair, like most others, was declared a financial loss immediately after closing day, alot of meaningless numbers and excuses are given. One which is also common in other fairs is it was partially incomplete at the time of opening. I’m wondering if it was left incomplete on purpose just for a reason to dismiss fiancial loss. Not that there was financial loss. This was a military show paid for by art spook fundraisers. The military was gifted the grounds after they had been developed by fair-goers, Money is misdirection. It was not the least bit motivational either way, unless it was used as a controlling mechanism but thats money in general.

When I was doing my original piece it was about Colonialism. There was no original colonies, no Indians, no America Revolution. Toward the end of my report I had put enough together that the entire Jamestown site was a big ‘living’ archaeological exhibit, and then the bombshell hit that there was in fact a World Fair located here.

Looking at some of the few surviving pictures and reading some of the reports it seems this fair wasnt so much about manufacturing and industry, this fair was all about making fantasy bed-time stories into historical fact. Everything presented here falls into that catagory. They even had Prz Roosevelt pull up in the Mayflower.

The main things they are trying to establish as fact are the negro experience, Native America Indians, and Colonial America. Everything else falls somewhere close by by within similar parameters. Above all else is a military theme, in this instance it is a naval display. Aside from the Mayflower there was also recreations of important sea battles such as the ironclad ships of the Civil War. One thing is for sure, if there is something here that is worthy of their mention it is worth taking a second look at.

Each State showcased its own contribution to the Great Reset World Order, which is fake history. Massachusetts offered a display of its Colonial books, each book representing a different chapter in the artificial narrative, for example the diary of the judge during the Salem Witch Trials, which never happened but is foundational in Americana history. Another important lead I need to point out is the way language was taught to the natives. One person not only invented a language from scratch but taught it to the natives within a few years, not only once but at least twice, This is the exact same script used to explain away questions regarding Cherokee Indians down South. Normie history just regurgitates the same material over and over so we like to keep track.

Most of the images here were taken from the official catalogue. More here.

Ft Monroe is a starfort

Many of structures were never disassembled after the exhibit, the military just moved right in. Well they just never left since it was military oriented to begin with. Apparently whoever was in charge of the military down there never realized the strategical advantages the point offered, This would become the most important naval station on the East Coast.

Everything exhibited here was a tribute to the fake historical timeline, this is the case for all World Fairs but Jamestown is the most blatant I have seen. Some of the displays which I could not find pictures of includes a scale model of the destruction of the Great Earthquake in San Francisco. The implications of this are huge. I dont believe this would be the only display at the whole Fair that didnt go with the rest. The story of Teddy Roosevelt riding in on the Mayflower is high on the list too. But wait, its your lucky day, after much searching I did find some pics of the Earthquake model. Look at the people at the foot of the statue for scale, Who is the figure? What about at the base of the columns there is a face sandwich between two pillars, this is standard entry-level symbolism, Jaochin and Boaz, speaking of symbolic pillars, the two big ones look like they have the Eternal Flame resting atop. Notice the title is the Destruction, not Earthquake. Titles are very important to these people, a slip like this wouldn’t’ve gone unnoticed. The brochure says there was a full scale model of the city and a narrator that told the script while ‘mechanations’ shook and tilted and lifted parts of the model floor.

There is a picture of a baby incubator. These things were popular in their day but sadly most mentions have been filtered out and to find even one picture is extremly fortunate.

Think ot if as a big advertizment. States exhibited their best examples of raw materials and natural resources. Proto-Agenda 21
Supposedly the height of military technology of its day, the meeting of Ironclad warships for the first time is featured. The war is a proxy cover for the Great Reset, the ironclads were top secret military projects that all the slow-drip technology advances allow us to have
The Wild West Show falls into the fake Indians catagory even though the show was designed for the ‘Wild West’ narrative it stayed on tour with the Fair. There was conflict with the Algonquin tribes of the East that are also fake Indians but were trying to be taken seriously. The bookend 1’s in the 101 Ranch have symbolic meaning
Descriptions of the Gates of Hell suggest it is intended to provide entertainment by having the experience of plunging into a pit full of “demons and other eerie creatures” where the traveler could feel the slimey skin of a dead serpent.
Wind-mills have been an unnoticed feature that this display brings to mind. From the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, monuments (?) or functioning in the Crimean War, they’re associated with the Swiss alps, anything from Switzerland is shady. The mills were manufactured by Reaper companies, agri-tech like International Harvester, probly the first generators. Check for tunneling/borer machines alongside.

Lets return to the baby incubators for a min, I found another image of the inside, This image is extremely fortunate we were able to find, most have been removed by censors. There is only a single paragraph of description to go with the image:

“The baby incubator exhibit was well patronized, and, considering the large lack of immediate population to furnish material, the supply of babies was never meager. Some of the incubator results were marvelous. Several wee specimens of humanity, whose lives appeared to be limited to a matter of days at most, thrived and became healthy infants under the care of the nurses and with the treatment. The development of some of these poor babies proved so interesting the the incubator had perhaps more steady patrons than any other show on the ground. Instead on one visit satisfying it gave the appetite for repetition.”

You can take that however you want. There is alot of speculation that what these baby incubators are is not what baby incubators are today. This is not necessarily just fancy temp regulator like we use for chickens but more like a growth accelerator. Where are they getting a steady supply of days-old babies? How many would they need? The fair was open for about 6 months, plenty of time for a newborn to turn into an infant, but the program suggests this was happening faster than naturally. There is advanced technology being withheld from the population, thats not a question, just like the Repopulation of Earth itself. The realm of cloning centers and growth accelerators is not as far-fetched and sci-fi as normie society would have you believe. And what about all the disproportionate amount of early orphanages. History calls them war orphans, maybe. Orphan trains took hundreds of thousands out west. The world was repopulated with orphans that could be given any family background and general history and nobody would ever think to question it. This is one of the more intriguing episodes in the World Fair catagory.

The Negro house has made a popularity comeback in todays PC world. This fair exhibit showed the develoment and contributions made by the Black community to the Post-Reset world. The person in charge was a man named Giles Jackson, a southern lawyer from VA with cryptojew bankster financier’s from Boston. Giles started the first bank dedicated to the Black business owner, which if you understand how the banking system enslaves the people you can see how much Jackson ‘helped’ his community. He later wrote a book about the Black experience in America, Im guessing this is where the majority of the slavery narrative comes from.

The Temple of Mirth? WTF is that supposed to be? Looks like one of the early Thanksgiving day parade floats. Maybe an early relative of Pennywise.
Klondike, Fake gold-rushes have been used as an orchestrated mass-migration event many times over… just about every time really. Not saying gold is fake but it provides an excellant way to explain a sudden movement of people or an appearance of a large population where there was none in the recent past.
Human Zoos have always been a thing at the fairs. Im starting to think the whole planet is an exhibit in the Interdimensional Expo. Terraforming and everything. Groups were separated based on physical traits and organized and displaced across the world each given a unique history. The Reset class know these people are pet projects of theirs, this is not a showing of national pride, they are a catalog of all the peoples they have created. The most well-known of the zoos were at the St Louis Expo in 1904 which ran alongside the first olympics. The story that the olympics are thousands of years old is just that, a story, they werent reintroduced in 1904, they were a novelty that ran with the Wild West Show.

The war on the Deafblind community has always been hidden in plain site. They make an appearance here as with most of the Expo’s

The panama Canal would be given its own fair but the relief model was shown in most others. North America was a highly canalized landscape, these are ancient artifacts with a younger date ascribed.
Quaker Oats has a display, thats funny. I didnt know they were a Chicago company. Quaker Oats got into hot water when they were caught doing radiation experiments on mentally disabled children. Anything with Quaker in the name is suspect.
I dont believe there were large herds of buffalo like you see in the movies, Im not saying there were no Buffalo, just not as far as you can see in every direction, same with whales and the whaling industry.
Full sized tunnel sections going under the river into NYC, if its on display they didnt build it, they are trying to dteal credit for it.

Unfortunately I couldnt find a good picture of Roosevelt riding shotgun on the Mayflower, There are these few images here which are labeled the Mayflower but I dont remeber being taught the Pilgrims had a smoke stack coming out of the middle. Ahh, maybe thats bc the library of Congress has the pic mislabeled, this looks more like MarkTwain and his homeboy Henry Rodgers, Standard Oil tycoon. Twain made headlines at the fair and even the NYTimes declared him lost at sea, surely a joke since there are two (twain is the play on words for twin) this is supporting evidence if you look at the timeline of events the media published a fake death story to cover up how could there be two Twains at dif locations at the same time? He and his elite pedo media and railroad friends rode their private yachts down for Fulton Day, the 100 anno for the invention of the steamboat, which means they didnt build that either.

Kanawha owned by robber baron is mislabeled the Mayflower by all the outlets I could find, including the LoC. IDK whats more disturbing, that something as big and significant as Roosevelt riding the Mayflower has no surviving pictures, or the pictures that do survive are really of Spook humorist Mark Twain


These pics have been used to argue that the building were all built on site within the stated time, I largly have left that thread alone but I just wanted to comment on a few things. The shot with multiple workers on the roof are raising flags, this is not showing construction. Scaffolding set up doesnt even have workers on it is not construction, the image with workers in the yard is landscaping, not construction. the image with dirt roads doesn not explain construction but the opposite, how did they build those grand buildings in the background with donkeys and wagons on muddy dirt roads? Makes no sense.


    1. the same things were going on everywhere. Europe had a pretty rough time coming out of the 1800’s. 50+ countries had an Independence Revolution after seeing the French, this is his stories way of obscuring the Reset. the French Rev was broken up into 3 wars and on top of that there was 3 napoleons. Its intentionally hard to follow bc it is all fiction. Napoleon is used to explain new boundries, new everything. I was just looking at some stuff about the Russians and even they use napoleon to explain a Great Fire that destroyed moscow back in the day. Napoleon is a historical fiction character, he’s an allegory for the great reset, just substitute ‘Reset’ when ever you see his name and things will probly make more sense. none of the founding fathers in America were real either. G washington is the American Napoleon. Think about Mt Rushmore. Its part of the spell


    1. thanx alot my friend. Thats the same for me about not hearing about the fair even though I study them all the time. the classification system is confusing intentionally to hide them, International Expos get better search results than world fair even though they are the same. they are everywhere. I only found the one in Jamestown after I had written an expose’ on the settlement itself. Its a museum quality fake made by the army corp of engineers and colonial dames and William and Mary College. Getting near the end of the report I was like man this is sounding aweful familiar. Then when I found out about the tercentennial it made so much more sense. There is another hidden set of fairs put on by the Sanitation Committee to raise funds for the civil war that Im looking for info on. I know some of the people in the committee. spooky mfkrs. I’ll check your blog out, thank you.


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