The French Revolution Cover Story for the Great Reset, Pt 1. The Revolution of 1848

I wasn’t trying to get sucked into untangling the French Revolution but its turned into one of those unavoidable obstacles. So many different outside threads contain elements from the F.R. it is an important event. By the French Rev Im referring to its entirety, the great enemy of the people, Compartmentalization, has turned into 4 or 5 episodes, whose counting anyway? And timelines? shit throw them out too. 1848 is not the first in their timeline, its just the first one I got hung up on.

The whole series takes place from 1789 French Rev to the Paris Commune in 1871, thats almost 100 years. Theres a confusing amount of individual battles and to top that off, each battle has nicknames. You can’t just go around calling them the Rev if the whole point is to break things up to appear as isolated incidents…Right?

But they are all the same event, its just disguised as a series of wars but the Great Reset takes many forms. For example this fake war Im about to expose is what is said to have kicked off a whole mess of Independence revolutions that spread all the way across Europe. When people heard what had happened they wanted some too, the countries that weren’t overthrown capitulated to a new system. This was a Reset Event even according to the normie books of public education.

There are two ‘isolated’ occurrences I want to comment on, theres more for sure but I literally have only been here for about 5 hours, a good investigation would take 5 days, I have neither the time or desire to highlight and right-clik search every lead here, plus i mean its all fake, I know its fake, theres no gray here. I’m not learning this for my experience as much as for the Seeker’s experience. Once I saw the parallels I had to share. Forgive the gaps here, the reader is encouraged to have a certain level of background knowledge.

The Haymarket Riot was a May-Day attack that happened in Chicago, 1886, in front of the International Harvester works. Agent provocateurs provoked a crowd of labor protesters until they got roiled up, at some point a weapon discharged and then everyone fired into the crowd. I’m not sure how many were killed and wounded but i included the French numbers for comparison later. A series of newspaper sensationalism and mock court trials resulted in a number of fake public executions. This is only one chapter in a string of false-flag psychological warfare operations commonly known as the ‘Industrial Revolution’ I have a full length write up on it but need to make final revisions, its on the list but jeez, take a number ya know?

The second I want to cover is called the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, cute huh, anything with the wrod ‘Great’ in front is gonna be an inside job. Part of the same Industrial Revolution was in labor organizing, the RR are some of the biggest crooks of all time, they hosted their own strike against themselves that went from the East Coast to the West hitting each major city alnog the way. Baltimore, pittsburg, St Louis, Chicago, and San Fransicio each sponsored a segment of the RR stike, hosted a World Fair, and had a ‘Great’ fire, member what i said about ‘Great’. In StL and Chi-town the story was most embellished, details all the way down to hijacking a powder shipment and setting up shop in the fanciest hotel are mirrored. The whole thing supposedly happened in under a week, just as with the French Rev ’48. Maybe with a trained army the group could over throw the governing body, certainly we have the numbers, but real life has shown us the population is too unorganized to mount such a defensive measure. It is Americas only successful coup (Normie) but at the end they just walk away. They successfully are acknowledged by the old guard as the de-facto authority and give it back. I have a better write-up already published here, its not done yet either but whatever is there is already good enough for a draft to publish

Lemme explain a little better.

Feb 22, 1848

During the Rev ’48 the National Guard was called in to disperse an angry mob but they refused to side against the people and joined alongside them instead. His-story tells us the King had to call in reinforcements from outside Paris since the local guard was compromised. This is the same line repeated throughout most of the RR strike in America. It wasnt just one city that played out either, it happened in every city. I knew it was a mark but had never knew about its French counterpart. Not just that it happened but the way it did, it’s basically the same story with a different venue and cast.

feb 23

The next day the crowd gathered around the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, It is significant it was this building that was targeted, not by the rioters bc the battle is all fairy tale but the narrators that chose to use this in their official history. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be today’s Council of Foreign Relations.

The MFA building was guarded by the 14th Line Infantry Regiment, check their resume, if the main body of the national guard had turned to march with the protesters than the 14th line would have to be an elite or private security team. In reality this would be true since the CFR today would have the same thing, a regular grunt is not going to be guarding Rockefeller and Kissinger, they would have specialists. There is a clear message going out from his-story to any student of history thinking about overthrowing the NWO.

Soldiers were given orders to affix bayonets to keep distance and an accidental shot rang out from an unidentified soldier. In response to the discharge all the soldiers opened fire, killing and wounding 52 and 74. This is used at the International Harvester Massacre . protesters for workers rights were fired upon by Pinkerton’s after an accidental shot opened em up. Pinkerton is a fictional character. The International Harvester serves as the NWO headquarters, as does the Ministry of Foreign affairs. The building was protected by the special security detail hired by the phantom Pinkerton. The 14th line has a wiki entry that has been deactivated, that’s a flag again. See what other missions they were involved in and let me know, k.

Also in the RR strike, local soldiers sided with the ‘mostly peaceful’ protestor and reinforcements had to be called in from out of town, this time it was an army troop that had just come from the Plains Indian wars… Indian Wars are fake too so its appropriate the same troop was used. Thats another reason I say look up the 14th Line. If one is a fake they all are fakes.

Feb 24

Overnight as news of the massacre spread throughout the city barricades were erected and by morning Paris was sealed off. An intermediary was chosen to negotiate for the people and an authoritative body was established for the people. The seat of the revolutionary gov was taken up in the Hotel de Ville. This is word-for-word what happened in St Louis. This was a successful Socialist coup and the governing body just disappeared when nobody was looking.

This is an example of a barricade built from street pavers. Normie historian toss the word around like its nothing so its hard to bring up appropriate imagery. This isnt being built overnight

In other parts of the city buildings and the railroads were destroyed after a shipment of power was obtained by the rioters. Again these elements are mirrored in the 1877 strike. In Chicago and in St Louis I saw reports of people tearing street cobbles up to make barricades but I could not picture it in my mind. These accounts all the way around say that these were built literally overnight. That’s about as believable as the rest of the construction history though huh?

The railroad is victimized in the french version but in America they are the main targets.

The next day the King abdicated and the people burned his throne at the site of the Bastille, which was burned during the Revolution Pt 1, 1789. Heres the part where they insert themselves. Prop up one lie with another one. I havent even got to the Storming of the Bastille yet but I already know what I’m gonna find. Even if I hadnt found out about the burning of the throne I know what I’d find by the monuments left behind.

This is a column similar to the one featured in the Paris Commune main event, the July Column, in Bastille Square is the site of several important chapters in French and World history. If ones fake they all are, learn to read their signs and symbols.

July Column at Place de Bastille. Not just the war is fake, everything associated with this location is an inside job.

But Wait, Theres More!

We never even touched on Karl Marx, his Communist Manifesto was published only days before the rebellion started. His commentary of the battle is what landed him in exile from the Mainland. Its said it was the first time in history someone could watch political predictions play out in real time. Conspiracy minded people accuse him of pulling the strings during the revolution but the revolution didnt happen, Surely he knew, evidenced by his hidden-hand gang sign, the wars were a lie. He didnt write the manifesto either, it was published in his name. Maybe the fake wars were a cover for the insertion of Communism. Maybe Paris wasnt repopulated first at all, maybe it wasnt till the Commune pics of 1871 that kicked it off. That was a fake war too though so we’ve come full circle.

Marx published the Communist Manifesto only days before the Insurrection

Lets talk about camera tech for a sec. this is in 1848, just a few years behind the Crimean proxy war in 1855. Even though it was a few years early the camera was still a thing. I dont believe for one second there is not a single pic that came out. Either the war is a lie or the camera tech timeline is a lie. Probly they both are, thats kinda the catchphrase here, It’s All Fake. Crimea was a proxy war meaning there really was a military operation designed for the appearance of war alone. Some rich bitches got together to celebrate the completion of the World Fair project, photography. They went out and posed for the cameras and blew some already-ruined piles of rubble to smithereens. Then their own media outlets printed sensational headlines and inserted themselves as martyrs and war heroes. Thats what proxy means. The FR was only a few years earlier and we see nothing. With the eagerness to exploit the technology so close in their timeline I refuse to accept the only images we are left with are artist renditions. The only thing I am for-sure about is them bitches be lying about everything.

So this is the reason I know the French Revolution was fake and a cover for the Great Reset, you can agree or not, If you still want to believe the French Revolution really was a real event its only bc I failed to present the information properly. Now the next part to look at is the aftermath. This 3 day event is what his-story says triggered the Revolutions of 1848. If the foundational piece is bad its taking out everything leaning on it. The people too, there are alot of people in normie history that say they either emigrated from this area or went off to fight in these battles that need to be addressed. Its a cover story.

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