The Battle of Bunker Hill is a Hoax

Starfort with a Fake History

All wars are proxy wars. Except the ones that exist only in school books bc they were invented to prop up a fake history. America was repopulated. That means everything pertaining to this era is a script, including and especially the American Revolution. Aside from the most obvious benefit of giving an Orphan/Immigrant population a false sense of history in which they do not comprehend who the true powers are, you cannot fight a battle if you dont know who the enemy is, these events were designed to validate an entire class of society born into positions of celebrity, wealth and authority. This is the Inheritor class. Their only rule is too protect the status-quo. One of the tools they use is a fake history with a string of wars which they have inserted themselves as veterans, heroes and villains. Martyrs are the most virtue signaled. The American Revolution is one such war. Today I just want to share a few observations I have made. I don’t even need to touch on the said details of the war, it’s all fake anyway right? Anybody ever tells you they have an ancestor that was martyred for Colonial America just punch them in the dick before they get to finish their sentence.

I haven’t even read the narrative of what supposedly happened at Bunker Hill, other than what we are told in the Free Normal Public Education System. Its a significant chapter in the American Revolution. Well thats kinda strange bc there was no Am Rev. Colonial America is a lie. SOMETHING happened here, I have no doubt, the message is left behind in the monuments. This many types of red flags in one place I dont find very often and when I do I usually find something very important happened here they want to mark, just whatever they say is a lie. Its not whatever you learned in school, thats the only thing Im 100% on. I had enough pieces scattered around to give it its own post. I’ll update as new information is acquired

Star fort

Bunker Hill was a Star fort. These are leftover artifacts which were given a fake narrative to explain their existence. They are not at all as uncommon as fake truth gurus lead you to believe. Starforts are also attributed to the French fur trappers and Indian wars and Spanish explorers, thats only in America, they are found world-wide.

Freemason Lodge onsite

Lodge built under the obelisk. You know who has Lodges, bad guys, thats who.

Templar Graffiti

Templar Cross chiseled into Bunker Hill Monument

Obelisk and Bronze statuary

Bunker Hill Monument, 1840
Obelisk and bronze. Bronze is of a Prescott, connects with the Walkers through Bush dynasty warlords

Fictional Historic Icons

Marquis Lafayette laying the cornerstone of Bunker hill Monument, June 17, 1825. Lafayette is a fictional character invented to carry a fake narrative. Maybe the name is better recognized spelled the way it is intended, Marx, as in the Father of Communism.

Stamp Collection

Modern Military Imagery: USS Bunkerhill

USS Bunkerhill was an Essex-class carrier, Essex was the name of the whaleship that inspired Moby Dick but in reality was an insurance scam by the Nantucket families… Coffin, Macy, Hussey.

The ship fought in the Pacific theater, which was all staged for the cameras, a series of wag-the-dog battles including Iwo Jima, which even Normie history admits the iconic flag raising was a reenactment , some say there was a second flag raising bc the first flag footage was “lost.”

The sigil for the USS Bunkerhill is a cartoon character bc its story is about as real as a cartoon. It just had to be Disney, King of MK-Ultra “Do you believe in fucking magick” with a cartoon sigil. Anything Disney makes a cartoon into is a psychological warfare operation, This is the rule, not the exception.

Sarah J. Hale

An early fem mag published in her name asked for donations to complete the monument. I only mention Hale at this point bc she just came up in my Thanksgiving Pagan history report, she petitioned Honest Abe for 25 yrs before he agreed to make it a Fed holiday. The story is insulting to critical thinkers but so is the rest of Normie culture so whatcha gonna do?

Thomas Handasyd Perkins

Have tp include this guy as well if Im pointing out red flags without even reading the Ministry of Truth version. The original idea to come up with a Monument Association for the fictional battle was over breakfast at the house of Perkins. He is a lead figure in establishing the Perkins Institute for the Blind, part of the Helen Keller Project. This statement about having the idea at breakfast might have a shred of truth. He would be the type of person to have the idea of dedicating an old structure to a new history, duh, he was a Reset Agent and drug runner and slave trader. Since Perkins came up we can add General Howe, Commander at the battle; Perkins School for the Blind was opened by Sammy Gridley Howe,(speaking of Sammy there is a General Gridley at the fictitional battle as well) All these spooky people coming together for one project says more than words ever could.

Add Richard Howe to the Army Corps of Engineers, which supposedly built the structure. I knew they’d rear their ugly nugget soon enough, ACE is treacherous. Kinda strange seeing Ricky Howe here when theres a General Howe leading the opposing British side across the Hudson River and at starfort Washington in Manhattan. I’d say this was evidence of the reigns of power controlling both sides, it is, but not like you think. Its the same family inserting themselves into everywhere in a false historical narrative. Manhattan was composed of at least 5 similar forts, all named Washington. Its a possiblity the entire island was a starfort and each set of ruins is compartmentalized as a separate structure.

Public Safety Committee

Its like a family reunion, read about the Ordo ab Chao P.S.C. here. (My article)

June 17

This date has come up repeatedly; the date of the battle, the date of the Lafayette cornerstone, the date of monument dedication

Boston Latin School

these guys helped build the monument, at least they said they did in 2007. BLS is America’s oldest public school, founded in 1625. No they weren’t but since their history is entwined with all Colonial history the two help prop each other up. The Latin Districts are always a good place to find things trying to hide. Ancient Rome is just as fake as Colonial America.

National Park Service

They’ve maintained control for awhile now. Their whole existence is to defend the narrative timeline, they go around creating new history for old artifacts consolidated into a network of public parks. For Colonial history the usual co-conspirators include any number of preservation societies; Sons of the Confederacy, Daughters of the American Revolution, and Colonial Dames are a few. Expect one or all to show up.

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