100 images of the 1871 Paris Commune. French Revolution cover story for the Great Reset

Background, Birth of Communism

The Great Reset in France has been compartmentalized into many separate battles spread out over the better part of a century. There was only one event, we are still in a state of transition and continual refinement. History says the Revolution of 1789 is when the peasant-class rose up and feudalism was abolished. Next was part 2, starting with the July revolution in 1830 and ending with the February Revolution in 1848. Then those leaders were overthrown themselves in the 1851 coup d’etat. Finally the Paris Commune of 1871. One of the most noteworthy ‘coincidences’ I have found with the French Rev is the elements are recycled into other similar events all throughout history. Even within the near-century of the French Rev itself the same elements are used repeatedly. not just little random things but entire string of events are inserted into the narrative so the same story is told and retold. Agood example would be how the same outline is used in ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

You can read Pt.1 here

Dont forget the 1870 Paris Uprising on Oct 31, this is a time when insurrectionists occupied a Paris hotel, this is a common theme we see for instance in St Louis during the Railroad Strike of 1877. This is a common theme found in most parts of the French Revolution cover story now that I think twice.

In between all that the French were still slugging it out all over Europe with the Prussians and Germans and the Ottoman Empire. War has always been the narrative.

The Paris Commune of 1871 is the script for any chapter in history used to celebrate the instance when the working class united to overthrow the tyrannical industrial overlords. According to the narrative, when a member of the National Guard was struck down the General gave the order to bayonet the crowd. The Guards refused orders and switched sides, fighting alongside the workers. Within a day the aristocrats had fled and protesters took control of the city, occupying important buildings. When the Aristocrats regained control, the fleeing revolutionaries set fires to the remaining structures. This is also the script for the ’48 segment of the French Revolution as well. I’m sure when I make it to the 1789 chapter it will be the same material as well

Among the changes made by the Communard constitution was the abolishion of military conscription, an 8 hr work day, free public education, workers rights, child labor regulations and separation of church and state. All these would be pushed on the American Orphan/Immigrant class during the so-called Industrial Revolution, they call it a revolution bc it was a string of false flag terrorism events set up to look like factory accidents. The Industrial Revolution was really about organizing and controlling the worlds labor supply. These are the same stipulations put forth by all the working class labor organizers of early 1900’s America.

Bruno Braquehais

The pictures are given to us by a character named Bruno Braquehais, dubbed the Father of French Photojournalism, Bruno was reportedly a graduate of the French Academy for the Deaf and Blind. These are some sneaky cats that used the cover of disability to advance their interests and had a big part in establishing the International Exhibitions (World Fairs). Basically the Deafblind and Dumb institutes are an Intelligence network, spies and agitators. Here is my intro into the war against the Deafblind.

Thanks to my super-hero powers of logic and deduction I say Bruno was tasked with documenting the official start of the repopulation. There was a period between the Reset event and the Repopulation of the Earth, Alot of ppl call it the Big Dig. The highlight of his photojournal is the removal of a Romanesque Corinthian column with a statue on top. History says the statue is of Napoleon wearing a toga which he erected in his own honor. The rebel forces destroy the statue but dont stay in power long before the blue-bloods sweep back in and take back the city, the first thing they do is replace the toppled Napoleon statue but shortly thereafter it is removed and melted down with yet another replacement going back in its place. A copy of a copy of a copy, its a common theme to camouflage the fact it was fake from the very beginning.

History misleads people to believe Bruno was there by chance, that he fortunately was in the right place at the right time to catch the moment on camera, that he was given special privilege to photograph both sides of the fight due to the fact he was deaf. Thats some bullshit. He was there to capture it all along. There were no two sides, they were all together. The issue of his deafness being the reason for his special privileges is exactly why they use that line, he wasnt deaf. His association with the French Society for the Deaf is a huge tell. The Academy goes by many names, well mostly its a variation of the same name everytime, and by many countries; Zurich Institute for the Deafblind, New York School for the Blind, Deaf and Dumb… and so on. Its all a trick, they’re the same entity. Compartmentalization has been one of the most effective tools of mass social-engineering ever dreamt up. I have started a thread on the war on the Deafblind community and why it is of significance here. [take the link]

All I do is look for patterns and keep them in a file, one of the most common themes I see repeatedly when one group of people takes over another group of people the first thing to go is their monuments. Its happened in just about every case I’ve come across so keep your eye on the Confederat statue removal taking place right now, its the same concept. Not only monuments are targeted but they are certainly at the top of the list, the list includes anything with a sense of history; cemeteries, libraries, architecture, and so forth.

The removal of the Column of Vendome is the focal point of the whole photo op. Napoleon was a fictional historic icon, he’s the cover for the Reset; all the borders were reorganized, new governments were put in place, destruction of an entire continent… Anytime you see his name attached to anything be on the lookout bc you are about to be tricked. In America it was G. Washington. That guy is name-dropped on everything they cant come up with a good explanation why it even exists, the C&O Canal and multiple Starforts come to mind. When something comes up thats so old it doesnt fit the timeline normie historians just say “Oh that, well, Washington did that, yeah.” Washington and Napoleon are interchangeable.

At Vendome they take it a step farther and say the statue Napoleon made of himself is wearing a toga, Ancient Roman garb. Thats more BS, Ancient Rome is just as made up as Napoleon. I’m sure if this is your first time being exposed to this information you are rolling your eyes by now. Thats cool, hey, it took me a long time to get here, its a lot of processing and internalizing to make sense of it all. Im right though, try and prove me wrong and you will see. Here is a good article [mine] to help start you on the way about how a fake narrative was inserted into the mainstream collective.

We have photographic evidence that proves the city of Paris was in ruins for much longer than the dumbed down public education history books tell us. The pics show a lot of evidence to answer questions frequently asked, the trick is knowing what to look for. For example the old ghost city photos with marvelous stone structures but dirt roads, these pics show pavers being removed and repurposed for other things, mainly more fortresses, barricades in the street, the pics are there, those barricades are built with the missing street pavers. To call them simple barricades is an understatement and misleading, they are more like subterranean fortresses built on street level.

World Fair Connection

That the photos of the Paris Commune are a child of the World Fair Spooks is without a doubt. Bruno was the student of one of the pioneers in photography, Alex Gouin was specifically geared toward advancing the newly established Daguerreo-type portrait technology for which he received praise at London’s Crystal Palace Expo in 1851. So the beginning of the Fair thread started with his teacher, these things don’t just happen overnight and usually take a few generations to bear fruit.

Bruno apprentices for Gouin, eventually marrying his daughter, after his death in 1855 the couple continue to operate the studio in Paris. When the mother-in-law dies in 1863 B. opens up a new studio called Paris Photography. This is when things start moving. In ’64 his work was picked up by the French Photography Society, they’re an offshoot of the Academy of Sciences, the thing is though, like I said earlier, there is no distinction between Academies, all the names only serve to compartmentalize, they are all fractal patterns that function as one unit. Bruno’s character is involved with the Deaf and Blind Institute is proof that this was not just a good career choice.

He is also most rembereed for taking some of the earliest nude photo’s. Not raunchy porn but like how painters and sculptors use nude models. There was a rift in the community; some viewed photography as an expression of art while others wanted to exploit the new technology commercially. Guess who won.

The French Society is the twin of its English counterpart directly started by Roger Fenton, the spook that brought us the wag-the-dog Crimean War photos. Its all one big group ok, no matter what they say.

Want some more evidence? A founding member of the Photo Society is H. Regnault, the teacher of Gouin was J, Regnault. Whether they are blood father and son doesnt matter, the name is the important thing. These are generational family spooks. 2 or 3 generations apart from each other we see two sets of families working together on the same project. This is more common than you think.

By 1867 Braquehais was featured at the Universal Expo in Paris. Promo’s were written up by A. Dumas, the renown author of Count of Monte Crisco, who had his famous portrait done by the late Gouin himself. So here is another case where the death of one operative does not slow down the mission, There is always someone to pick up where the last guy left off. These little connections is how the real NWO works. They all know whats going on, everyone but the Orphan/Immigrant class knows.

If all of that is too much to follow the take-away is this was all planned out way in advance. This is the follow up to the Crimean war. The Crimean War was the first major military enguagement after the technology was developed in 1855 but really it was a bunch of rich kids that went out and took pictures of themselves blowing up some piles of rubble left over from the Reset event. This doesnt look a whole lot different. Some of those ruins got trees growing thru the floor big enough to fit your arms around. The narrative says the cut all the trees down to use for fuel but they are clearing stuff out. These are pics of the Big Dig.

Theres one I want to point out that is a cannon parked on top the hill looking down at the city. This is where most of the destruction probly came from, they just stood on the hill and blasted the architecture to smithereens. I’m pointing this out bc I saw the same thing during the Civil War at Harpers Ferry, I told ya I look for patterns. Harpers Ferry was a proxy battle to destroy the town as well.

Some of the damage is new, as evidenced by the before and after shots of the bridge and the felling of the Column, of course. The rest is old damage, with the mature trees growing thru the rubble. How long do you think it took to clear that whole city out, before they went and blew it up again? Alot of the properties have the rubble stacked in nice neat piles and other are totally cleaned out.

There is no way to assure the date. These photos themselves were only ‘rediscovered’ in preparation for the Commune Centennial in 1972. We have no way of knowing if Bruno even took the pics, they could’ve been sitting on a shelf for a hundred years waiting for the technology to catch up or they could be modern fakes, idk how but never close your mind. The initial training of B’s teacher was in miniaturizing, like scale models, just saying. I came across a display at the world fair in Jamestown that was a full scale model of the earthquake in San Francisco. The entire city, it was the size of the whole building. I think its possible this explains some of the old photos of the ghost city phenomenon, especially the trees without leaves. For a while i thought maybe there was some type of defoliant chemtrailed out of hot air balloons. When I looked for the first time at the pictures I paid close attn to see if it could be a minature scale model but I believe the images are legit. Their work stands out, it stinks. Just keep that it the back of your mind when you see an old ghost city picture with no leaves on the trees it could be a minature. That would make for a good post, I’ll start looking for examples. A tip for the new researcher, save everything. bookmark every and save all image and pdfs.

Another thing that bugs me is the numbers. The story say he died penniless days after being released from debtors prison. He was locked up for 13 months. Thats a marker, its supposed to be there but the number of pictures released was 109. 109… it should be 108. or even 110 Somebody added one somewhere, or at least fudged the books, i didn’t count the pictures. Aces and Eights is the other tell and Im gonna consider this as one anyway. Sometimes you have to give a day or two, like if something happens on March 20th its still a 3/22 event. It just bugs me someone fucked up the numbers game.

There are several close ups of civilian establishments; a restaurant, hotel, even a mineral survey service that interests me. Aside from those few things the only permanent structures are government buildings. The words “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” appear more than anything, this is the national motto of France, it also happens to be the motto of the Grand Orient Lodge, the oldest Freemason chapter in continental Europe. So Freemasons and the new French gov both have the same slogan? Maybe the sign says ‘Free Masonry’ as in like a giveaway. I’ve seen the DC gov offer abandoned row houses for sale for one dollar as long as you could develop the property. Theres your origin story for those guys, Sons of Light indeed. Not only that but its the national motto of Haiti still today as well. shows who wears the pants in that family. Didnt Haiti win a rebellion at this same time? Their Great Reset story, From Napoleon as well, told ya they just use that guy whenever they need to fix the timeline. I’m pretty sure if there was a successful slave rebellion someone wouldve told them guys they’re allowed to change the motto.

But wait theres more

I forgot to mention about our good friend Karl Marx

Communism was born. Karl Marx distributed the official narrative just days after the rebel leaders were drug thru the streets and executed, he made sure to give a copy to the labor leaders. That’s what this is about. The beginning of a new political model. The beginning of the Industrial Revolution started with the failed communist takeover bc all they wanted was the narrative, it wasn’t a real Revolution, they just printed the narrative as a way to insert the new political platform. Thats why the the new govt only lasted a few months. The Industrial Revolution was really about organizing and controlling the worlds labor supply.The Constitution was the important part. We are a people enslaved by falsified documents (binding contract rituals) written by fictional characters.

America would see the French Revolution reenacted in the form of a railroad strike in 1877. The labor organizers were from the Marxist International Workers Association. They met at an international congress at the Philly Expo in ’76. I think its clear this is where the green light was given. That means the railroad strike was a World Fair project. Labor barons had the demands of the workers in the form of the Commune Constitution, That the circumstances were fake made no difference, the constitution was sitting on a shelf for who knows how long, thats why the Commune leaders were drug through the streets and excuted immediately after the paper was published, they werent real anyway. After the Strike they would change their name to the Socialist Labor Party to minimize negative publicity. The RR strike was to jump start the Labor Movement and the Industrial Revolutuion, another World Fair project.

Karx had the communist manifesto and the International Workers and the offical narrative of the 71 Commune published in his name but he was not the author. This is another instance where they had to have a face to humanize whatever it is agenda they are pushing on the Orphan Immigrants. His character is getting his own thread as soon as I to it.

*Here is an article about the simultaneous development of photography from multiple sources

Massacre of de la rue Haxo

I didnt read the narrative here but Im telling you I already knows its bullshit. So if you’re going to have a fake war you have to have some atrocities to go with it right, the joke is in the name; Haxo… anagram hoax. Not only that but heres the supposed pics of a mass execution. Theres just one problem though, it happened in a place called Bellville, this is a marker, same withthe hidden hand guy in the front row.

To top it off theres an Obelisk dedicated to the victims. Of all the symbolic markers the obelisk isnt at the very top but its pretty close

Modern Column still fake

copy of a copy of a copy to hide the fact the first one was fake

Simon Mayer

Original title: 
“Commander of Place Vendôme under the Commune” .
The headquarters of the National Guard was at 22 Place Vendôme.
Probably Simon Charles Mayer (1820-1887), “commanding major of Place Vendôme”. 
It was he who issued the invitations to attend the fall of the Vendôme column on May 16, 1871.
Judged without evidence responsible for the death of Generals Clément-Thomas and Lecomte, he was sentenced to death on November 18, 1871 by the 6th 
War Council, then his sentence was commuted to deportation to prison in New Caledonia, and he was finally amnesty in 1880.
As soon as he returned to France, he published his memories of deportation with Dentu [ 
“Souvenirs d’un déporté. 
Stages of a political convict”
Gallica ].
Simon Mayer was a Jew and a Freemason (initiated in 1867 into the Perfect Union of Perseverance, a lodge founded in 1778 which welcomed many 
Blanquists ).
In the background we see what I identified as Nos 
. 12 and 10, Place Vendôme.

B 1820 D 1887, in Basel at that

His father was named Salomon Mayer and his mother Charlotte Wolff: he presented himself as a man of letters but was somewhat ignorant of spelling, founded the “Société des Artistes Réunis”, and publications: the Customs Reform, and the World of Arts. In 1862, he ran a café; the Seine court declared him bankrupt on 2 May of the same year. He directed the theatre of Passy.

So his mother was a Wolf-Wolfe-DeWolfe. They are slave traders and opium pushers. I tried to run his book thru the translator but it kept coming back half completed. I cussed the app relentlessly till I found out it is his spelling.

He was sentenced to death on Nov 18 but 11/18 is Aces and Eights code he was never in danger. He never went to a Prison colony either. All this is to sell the book he was writing, the cover story to support Marx’ official story

He was tried by the war council for the executions of the Generals by the insurgents, I dont believe that either since one of the Generals was a Clements-Thomas, these people are like thoroughbred horse in regards to naming their offspring, no way that guy was getting popped, not as if the episode was real anyway. I mean they just admitted the fucking guy was a theater director! Ha, Fact Check that, Bitch. I’m sure his relatives connected to the theater industry in the form of MGM studios, Metro Goldwyn and Mayer’s, is just another coincidence right? Fux sake

The Freemasons said that they would do what they could to spare him for his families sake. History does not look kindly on this man. Freemason dont accept Jews openly into the lodge, or Communists, so theres that. Remember the slogan for the Grand Lodge and the National motto of France (and Haiti) are the same.

His story says he spent time in the notorious prison Toulon before being transferred to New Caledonia prison colony

Execution of the Generals

This is the evidence we are given of the execution.:

You might have to zoom in to get a better look. I just want to point out a few things, aside from the Hidden Hand gesture we are getting from one of those about to be executed that is.

Can you see it now? Look at the people in the background. Everyone is doing something other than pay attn to whats going on in front of them. This is a major event. Top of the top most military leaders are being overthrown and executed by firing squad, You’d think the least they could do is watch. Some people are gesturing to something that isnt even there. The group to the rear of the line is a little bit to generic to be real people. Now that I look at it, this is the only picture where most of the people are blurry from movement. Long exposure times mean the people had to stay still for a long time. There is not a single person depicting movement in the whole crowd. Huh? It means they are copy and pasted from other negatives or, what it looks like to me, it is a painted backdrop. These people were not executed. Im not familiar with Lacomte but Clemens ancestry includes a martyred fake Saint. This guy is fulfilling his family role of martyrdom.

I suspected this was true so I looked at the name and googled the person responsible for this image. Ernest Eugene Appert, guess what the first search results turn up? Mr Apperts photos are part of a modern exhibit on early photo manipulation techniques. LOL. Yep. He is famous for these fakes. I guess somebody should tell the Ministry of Truthiki that they are admitted fakes. Really these are poor fakes so they were thrown under the bus the save the others, that are just as fake. It is not unlikely photos like this are manipulated poorly on purpose just for this reason. The are in the Metro Museum of Art, which absolutely knows everything is all fake, thats the mockery.

Knowing this, lets return to the first pic… Another Hidden Hand gang sign hiding in the corner, Someone really thought it would be a good idea to put a guy on a horse in the middle of the crowd waving a bigass sword around? Notice anything about the last one? They are women mostly. I guess women are the big-time massacre-ers in those days. I mustve been tired to have missed that the first time.

Just in case all this wasnt enough to convince the world there was a commerative coin struck just for the occasion. Surely the martyrdom of a Clemens-Thomas merits an assassination piece right?

Im not exactly sure why they put the two fingers pointing like a Tricky Dick salute. 18 November is (Aces and Eights symbolism) is the day Mayer was scheduled for execution.

Pere La chaise Cemetery

If you’re gonna do something, do it right. I busted this bitch wide open but theres always more.

The site of the fake massacre was the famous cemetery where all the French aristocracy are buried. [I must compare to the Celestin Convent ossuary where Abbe l’epee had the first school for the deaf. My link here] More on that later. The people were lined up and executed and buried at the foot of the wall, the unconfirmed number in the mass grave is 166, its a number code since the one is whatever the other numbers are, make the double a triple 6. the site has an annual event held every year to commorate the incident. Its a parade I bet, of some sort. I just came upon the parade rabbithole, its a type of memorial, like an obelisk.

Sometimes its a location that gives away everything associated with it. Like how agents go around and everything they do you know is an operation, places are like that too. one of them is this graveyard. I added it to the list but theres always so little time. The amount of time and energy go into making a decent report would surprize you.

General Lacomte

The other guy beside Clemens-Thomas is General Lacombe, he was lucky enough to get himself a spot in Pere Lachaise cemetery. This is a graveyard dedicated to NWO artists and entertainers. Its history is tied to Napoleon,which means its Pre-Repopulation since Napoleon is fake. It includes an ossuary which means it could be tied to the catacombs.

Not just Lecomte is so lucky, the pair have earned a monument in the famous graveyard

General Clements-Thomas

Here is General Clements-Thomas Hidden hand gang sign to match Lacomte. Clements was implicated in several schemes throughout the French Revolution and political theater, including an escape from Sainte-Pelagie prison. A group of political prisoners were allowed to escape via underground tunnels connected to a nearby building complex. Many of the escapees were artists and newspaper writers. On site of the escape-end was an international language printing house on lot #33. Clem collaborated with the bourgeois paper la Nationale. The tunnels connecting the hospital to the prison are more support for an extensive underground network known collectively as the catacombs

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