1901 Pan-Am Expo, Buffalo World Fair Experiences of Deafmute Agent Clarence Selby at the Human Zoo

Here is a showcase example of what It’s All Fake is about. First-hand accounts of the early 1900’s World Fairs and International Expos are getting harder and harder to find, most are shuffled in the back of some obscure memoir. The Fairs all share some similar themes. Once you start keeping track and connecting some dots the shit gets deep quick. For example just the title is a play on words, Pan-American is said to mean the Western Hemisphere; North and South America. The occult meaning is about the god Pan, the Saturn/Luciferian deity and his territory,

The occult referrence is the Baphomet character deity, Pan

There are many rabbitholes to go down with the world fairs in general but even more so in Buffalo; the surrounding city is an ancient artifact, the fair ran off power drawn from Niagara Falls… The biggest one is the assassination of Prez McKinley at the Temple of Music. and how even though the metal detector was debuting at the fair it failed to find the bullet; nobogy thought to consider the metal springs in his mattress. Do you really believe that?, the brightest minds in the World and it never crossed their minds? Either the assassination was really an early retirement or McKinley was never even flesh and bone to begin with. We will address that in time but today we are going over the account left behind by a gentleman named Clarence Selby.

Clarence Selby was a minor celebrity in his arena, born with functional hearing and vision he got sick around the age of 7 and lost full ability of both. Helen Keller stole the spotlight but there are many other cases out there. I was not familiar with Selby other than seeing his name occasionally on a list of notable Deafblinds, he had a string of poems published in his name but whether he wrote them or not is up for discussion. My focus is on his alleged disability, which he was absolutely not blind or deaf. Cases like his are used to justify and elevate a system, more on that in a sec.

Selby, or somebody, published a book with his name on it, about his visit to the fair. It’s a promo piece for both the agent and the fair. I’m just going to scroll through it and while there is much I’d like to comment on I’m going to try and stay on task here and not venture out too far.

The purpose of this article has several threads, I’ll do my best to make it comprehensible for everyone but the reader is encouraged to have some background knowledge first or some foundational truths are going to seem too fringe or abstract. I have a good amount of information to start with right here on the sight, its your lucky day.

Agent Selby throwing up the ‘Thinking Man’ gang sign and One Eye symbolism.
The sigil on the opening page should be a clear indication of who is behind the Fairs and the promoters

Human Zoo’s, Ethnological, Anthropological Exhibits and Overt Racism.

One thread is the World Fair tour. You can get better search engine results using ‘International Exposition’ sometimes as search engine keywords in my experience. Whatever you want to call it they’re a thing, you should start doing your homework. Briefly, the early World Fairs provided an opportunity for *global leaders to come together and debrief each other and display the most current advancements in technology and industry. In this manner they could operate in plain sight and not draw negative attn to themselves as, say, the Bilderbergers or Bohemian Club. Here is where they could determine the speed and direction of progress of the world as a whole. Its also a tribute to their own deeds and people. Everything associated with the Fairs is a marker for the enslavement of the human species, and the best part for them is most of the slave class dont even know it. We are descendants of Immigrants and Orphans chained down by a form of binding-contract ritual magic. Contracts such as wills, deeds, agreements, proclamations, charters and so forth, all based on fictional historic icons are used to justify the transfer of generational wealth, power, celebrity status and authority. All a class birth-right bc of fake docs. Its a pretty big scam and takes alot to be successful and the World Fairs is the big kahuna.

History as we have been taught in the public education system is wrong, sure, but that’s minimizing, history has been weaponized into a form of psychological warfare. At the Expo’s history is literally scripted for groups of people made up and put on display and sold to the public as authentic when it was probably written up by some crazy French aristocrat. All of our histories are like that, not just the isolated pockets of stone-age people brought together for the fair.

Human- Zoo’s are a thing, maybe you have seen an article about the one at the 1904 Expo in St Louis, thats the most popular. Maybe that’s bc it ran beside the very first Olympic games. The Olympics have a fake history attached that says they are thousands of years old or whatever but that’s bullshit. The first Olympic games were in 1904 St Louis at the World Fair and they used ‘natives’ from the human zoos as competitors. Its kinda funny in a way that in one display these hostages are said to be hunter/gatherers and in the next display at the archery contest the people had no clue what a bow and arrow was. For reals.

Contestants in the first Olympics supposedly hunter/gatherers had no idea how to use a bow and arrow.

The thing is though there has always been human zoos at all the Fairs. Its how they script history, its the visual they need for the spell, thats why blind and deaf people are targeted; they pose a threat bc they are immune to visual and auditory indoctrination. Maybe the zoo in St Louis was thrown under the bus so that they can say it was an isolated incident, they can virtue-signal the shit out of that, they already do if you go looking. This was one of the main ways they pulled off the cowboys and Indians scam. America was repopulated, not colonized. There were no Indians, no herds of buffalo, no whales… The dressed up groups of people and gave them fake histories and customs and names and boom, now you got 500 different tribes of Plans Indians. Now you can have fake history, a series of fake wars, promote racism, nationalism patriotism and all the other -isms out there. The big promoters were the showman like P.T. Barnum and Buffalo Bill Hickok Wild West Show. Compartmentalization has been the biggest weapon of all. All these little compartments of humans were put on display alongside the slow-drip petrol-guzzling ‘advancements’ at the World Fair and the people line up to pay for it. Not just the Native American tribes but the Hawaiians, Philippines, Guam… all the so-called Banana Republic states. This is my World Expo summary in a paragraph. Everything else is supporting evidence.

Manualism vs. Oralism

The other thread here is the unacknowledged hidden war against the disabled in general but specifically the deaf and blind community. The modus operandi is communications, the ruling class are psychopathically committed to control of every form of communication. In the macro this is how they control as well, going all the way back to the symbolic Babylon and confounding the languages of men so they could never stand together again.

In exact cases such as the blind population the most common form of communication is whats called a tactile type language of raised dots that you feel. The military industrial complex tries to hijack this and claims it was the child of soldiers mustneeds to communicate silently in the dark. Its also known as ‘night-writing’. There has never ever been a uniform system of tactile language. It changes by time and location. A school might have a student body that speaks half-dozen languages. The same language has 2 and 3 variations.

The most mainstream one today is Braille for a reason, Braille is a fictional historic celebrity character invented and inserted just for the war effort. Its part of the spell, everything is a lie and the lie has more energy compounded with every level, they’re like little energy vampires harvesting off of negative energy, if the event has some kind of deception the energy is even more powerful. It’s an inverted full-spectrum dominance system. That’s why everyone knows ‘Braille’ its mockery.

Deaf people are attacked through language too. People are naturally inclined at birth to communicate through signing, hand signs, sign language, stackin, throw your set, whatever. I could share a personal experience if you dont mind, my little bro was underdeveloped at the time of delivery. They’re called ‘Blue Babies’. His vocal cords wouldn’t work until much later than children his age but he taught himself hand-signs very early. Signing wasn’t even really taught to him as much as he just instinctively knew it and he’s the one that taught the signs to everyone else. Now 25+ years later we can still communicate with the same signs.

The war against the deafblind goes all the way back to the repopulation, its all-pervasive everywhere you look. A critical examination of the history of treatment against the deaf and blind will reveal just how deep in the shit we really are with a centralized totalitarian authoritarian world government. The rules of engagement are determined by a handful of people at the top and implemented in every country, thats what the fairs are about, establishing a narrative so that everyone is on the same page.

Many people will nod and remind themselves it was Napoleon that said something along the lines of “what is history but an agreed upon lie” or “History is nothing but a lie, agreed upon”. The thing is though, Napoleon was a fictional historic icon as well… So, the words we speak hold sway, we are creative beings caught in a destructive trap. The generative force behind our words creates energy, chi some people call it, this is the part of casting spells through speech thread but its relevant here. When we speak deceit as truth the negative energy is amplified more than if we just knowingly told a lie. Similarly it goes with emotions as well, the energy that gets put out when there is one of those televised mass-shootings is the whole point. Those feelings are real. If the trigger is a false flag hoax the negative energy is greater bc the genuine emotions are based on deception. this is the mockery behind the Napoleon quote about the history lie. research word origins and etymology for more info about speechcraft. The word ‘History’ is a perfect example, its his-story, and never use the contraction for ‘I will” or else you’ll be running around calling yourself ill all the time and since we are generative creatures you will be manifesting your own sickness Thats the best explanation I can come up with right now, keep that in mind from here on out, not just for this article but for the next sensationalized headline you see in the Babylon Times.

The war on the deafblind was/is a world affair, as such the World Fairs were used to host international congresses and conventions regularly, not only that but the people that made up the congresses sat on the boards of many like-projects, the fairs were the perfect cover to assemble all these projects at the same time in the same place. In 1901 the chosen spot was in Buffalo, the headquarters for the deafblind project was at the St. Marys School for the Deaf, where todays subject, Clarence Selby, is associated. St Marys was an Operations Command Center for Intelligence agencies for the Oralist camp.

Hand signing as a method to teach deaf people was banned on the world stage, it was set up at a gathering similar to the convention held at St Marys in conjunction with the Fair itself. The Milan Conference of 1880 to be exact, fact check that, bitch.. Children were abused physically that were caught signing or kicked out of the school if they had difficulty lipreading. Teachers were fired for not conforming, in many cases all the deaf teachers were fired and the replacement had no practical experience teaching deaf students at all but thats the reason they were put there in the first place. Schools were uniformed by the ‘Normal’ Prussian model in general but institutes for the disabled are a hard case. Sign language was not reinstated until the 1980’s. Right about the same time as cochlear implants were commercially available, interesting to see the trans-human branch open that door back up. This was not just in some backwards dictatorship country either, this happened around the world.

It is worth mentioning at some point the observation of how frequently sign language is used against us and most people never even see it. Think about the Hidden Hand gang sign, that is doing exactly what they are supposed to be stopping, which is communicating through manual gestures. There is also the ‘Thinking man’, Devil horns, the A-OK/666 sign, the Roc triangle to name a few. Add some corporate logo/ sigil magick and some spellcasting through everyday speech and boom, theres your first lesson in identifying real magick, not that “Do you believe in magick” fucking Disney crap. Just like once you find out theres a spring in the wand that makes the flowers pop out you never fall for it again, when you can understand the language of signs and symbols all around us you never go back to sleep.

Rainbow City Expo

Electric Tower at night

I’m just gonna hit some of the bullet points that Selby wrote about. Farther details will be in an upcoming post about the fair as a whole:

  • Minnesota Capitol building made from butter by sculptor John K. Daniels from St. Paul, 11’8″ long,
  • Electric Tower
  • Electricity building features wireless telegraphy, submarine cables, microwave cooking, telephone, X-ray
  • Stadium modeled after Panathenic Statium in Greece
  • Pipe Organs in the Temple of Music- Thats a biggie, I found many refferances about the organ but one one out-of-focus image.
  • Ethnology Building- Human zoo and fake history
  • Streets of Mexico, check time correlation to Mexican war
  • High diving elks
  • Japan,

Darkest Africa

A common element is each exhibited race performed their customary ‘dance’. The Native dance phenomenon stared when first Indian Agent for the War Dept scripted the Cherokee Rain-Dance.

One of the places I’d like to draw attn is to the African Exhibit. They are treated like curiousoties and novelties. Selby paased on the opportunity to ‘handle’ black dwarves and pygmies. Each native had one of two kinds of tattoo’s, one for beauty, like the tattooed woman at a carny show, and one for identification, which every one of the 200 ‘participants’ bore.

There is a story told of a member of the Loango tribe attempted to steal part of the electric panel in order to fill his “lightening bottle” to take back to Africa. Quango was his name and his pygmy clansman Oomba thought demons were inside the controlboard and punished him for trying to steal the lightning.. The word concessionaire is in quotations indicating the word was a cover for something else, Im guessing the handlers, came to his aid. The tribesmen were even more impressed that the white man could harness this demon and it guarded this mysterious force. Another comment is a cause for pause, They are ignorant of the ‘nature of the fluid which makes the light inside the bulb…’ Hmm, Im ignorant of the nature of any fluid inside light bulbs as well, could this be a sort of suppressed energy tech?

Concessionaires definitely means some type of security or handler, there was another story about a photographer that was trying to take a picture of a ‘black baby’ as it was something of a novelty. The mother smashed the camera with a stick and attacked the photographer till the concessionaires came to the rescue. The Africans thought the whoever had their picture taken would lose their soul or life. Ive heard of this belief before in the Native American culture, these superstitions were all implanted somehow, either through repetition or experience, meaning they were told repeatedly since childhood this would happen or there were many incidents of people getting their picture taken before execution. Either one of these scenerios is plausible, whatever happened the association was planted.

Next he relates the 4th of July incident where a tribesman was given a firecracker in place of a cigarette and almost blew his lips and nose off. Selby doesn’t tell the story out of remorse or pity, he has a sense of humor about it, “The best joke of all…”. Apparently the guy carried the firecracker around most of the day before he tried to smoke it. I figure if anybody from the “concessionary” booth wanted to warn him they had ample opportunity. The part I felt was funny is when the guy stormed off cursing Independence Day as the work of the Devil, he got that about right.

The story of African history is told on engraved ivory tusks, elephant and rhino. Each new tribal leader carves himself into a rhino tusk which is then passed down to the next leader and so on since forever ago. The tusks are for display only, not for sale, though they have extremely high value. This screams inserted history, this is the kind of style and flare only one of the art spook scriptwriters would come up with. The entire history of the tribe has been preserved in this manner. There is even a passage about the artist carving scenes of the Fair, these include an umbrella and wheelchair, which represent advanced technology, and a cowboy from the ‘Streets of Mexico” exhibit, which is fake scripted history also. This piece will be taken back to the tribe and will now make the cowboy imagery a historic fact. This is a showcase example of how false narratives are inserted into group consciousness.

This one tale is enough to blow his cover, not to mention all his endorsements and sponsors.

Selby reminds the reader how superstitious the natives are and ridicules them over and over; the demon in the electric panel controlled by whitemen, the demons in the camera controlled by whitemen, the demon in the whiteman holiday, then he drops us a hint. They’re from the Congo. The Congo has been a main Jesuit Missionary location since forever. By Jesuit missionaries I mean slavers. The establishment of a pre-existing intelligence network in remote areas that cant really be explained in Normie timeline-history are written off as religious missionaries. Everywhere the slave trade is established the Jesuits are the frst ones on the scene, the early Jesuit Missionaries were all cryptojews by their own admission. Slavery was the mission, not just Africa or India but all of the world.

In closing he thanks the concessionaires for bringing the natives to the expo so they all could learn about each others culture, even though he has no inclination to be associated he is glad “they can return home to tell the rest of his tribe all about the Great Exposition and the White men and their demons that assist them in their wonderful inventions.”

Arctic Village

Three genuine native tribes showing off their customs and daily life. Good one. He opens with this statement about the “genuine” tribes and then veers off bout one of those mystic novelty fortune-telling machines that tells him the Great Spirit loves him and took away his sight and hearing for a good reason. This makes him feels some satisfaction. Whatever this has to do with genuine natives or not I’m sure I don’t know but I am sure that this is another mark. Any reference to mysticism or anything paranormal or witchy is a tell. Its like product-placement. He also is trying miserably to keep up the illusion of his deafblindness. It is an illusion, like a magick trick, thats why he used the Oracle name-drop to keep it going. Very clever.

That is most certainly the case for he continues with a description of a mother that puts her crying child into the hood of her coat which hung down her back like an extra pocket. He was rather amused when the baby popped its head up out of the pocket. Ok, so he’s blind and deaf. Did we forget that part?

Clarence mentions he is with two visiting teachers from other institutes, they could be palm-scribbling everything down to him as vividly as he describes in his book but that is humorously unlikely, either he was not blind and deaf or the person that wrote this is not the person whose name is on the cover. From my experience I would say they are both probly truth, It’s All Fake. Remember? This is the first time I have read anything by Mr. Selby before although I have seen his name appear in lists of other notable cases of deafblind-ism where they use their psychological warfare methods on a class of people, mostly language. Helen Keller is the most extreme example but she is not the only case where an operative fakes being disabled to be used as an example of how great such a system is. These people only mention their own and the fact this guy is recorded in history implicates him; the real cases of deafblind and dumb are probly locked up in s hospital somewhere to be experimented on, they are not given celebrity tour guides. Clarence is one of the people used to justify the system designed to inflict as much covert damage on a group of people as possible.

Clarence travels to the Eskimo village, he scoffs at a custom of a young suitor presenting a new pair of pants to his interest, if she accepts the pants it is the same as a wedding ring, except it is practical for a man to promise to keep his bride to be warm so why is he scoffing at them, bc he’s one of the promoters. This whole book is a commercial, a brochure. Like the story about bottle nursing an orphaned seal back to health. Its a feel good story that makes you want to go. Selby is not as famous as Keller and nobody heard of him today but in his day he was a familiar name.

Another display is a house made out of a whale skeleton. Im not saying this was never done in real life but I am saying the art spooks at the World Fair is what put it into the history books. Same with igloos, which again he describes in visual detail. I think he knows most of his readers either already know he’s like a walking display himself or they will never even think to question if he is faking. He only makes bare minimum attempts to sound convincing, as like every once in a while he reminds the reader about touch and smell but he does it sneakily, like subliminally.

The imagry of the Esquimo people was brought about by Railroad syndicate tycoon Harriman and his 1899 expedition into Alaska. Accompanying him were multiple fields of academia like zoology and anthropology, just what you need if you wanted to establish a fake stone-age tribe on paper to hide an existing infrastructure. Good thing professional photographers were present when they ‘stumbled across’ an abandoned Inuit camp. This mock up shot on film was the stage for the world fairs, the Eskimo village was a main street attraction for many subsequent International Expos. This is an image of a whale-bone hut. Like we saw in Georgia nearly a century earlier a fake gold rush was sensationalized in the papers to spur a mass migration event.

Oh shit, he does claim the teacher is palm-writing all this down as accurately as he describes. He states one teacher is pushing his wheelchair while the other writes in his hand; his mother was holding the umbrella. This nigga just inserted himself into the Great Ivory Tusk of African History carving, I told you only an art spook could come up with some shit like that. In the next sentence he uses quotations again around the words ‘inner vision’. Bam, he just threw himself under the bus again, I told you about the paranormal, mystical angle. I mean they’re called Spooks for fux sake, hauntings, witchcraft, satanism, its all their home court. So when he continues recalling a person carving the electric tower out of walrus tusk so he can take the Sun God that lights the buildings at night home with him. This story shares several elements with the African episode so its possible they all are scripted. One thing that is sure to be said is about when the people return home, I dont think these people are going anywhere, this is their home. They are actors and just tour from expo to expo like some Grateful Dead hippys. As if on queue, the next page says he was invited back to the Eskimo Village in St Louis in 1904. There is also an Eskimo Village at the 1907 Jamestown Tercentennial.

Black American History

Selby doesnt comment about the Black Culture presented at the Fairs, except for the native Africans Blacks arent given much attn at any of the fair where they were exhibited. At the 1907 Jamestown Fair they had the best PR team but since racism is part of the thread in this post I wanted to share a few pics I found.

The Fair is about establishing a fake historical narrative. Colonial America has been blown out of the water as a hoax, Same with Indians. The Civil War was a proxy military campaign, not at all fought over slavery. Well not as we were taught, It was about human enslavement, not the North vs South. I have found enough pieces at the Fairs to get the basic outline, along with bits and pieces in all the other articles it is clear the Black population was already in America at the time of the Repopulation. They were already here. Slavery was already established. The Catholic Jesuit missionaries were the first people to go out into the continent. If they say they were the first ones on the scene in Normie history it means they were already there. It answers the question who dug everything out? The Big Dig? The time it took to prepare everything for the arrival of the Orphan/Immigrants somebody had to do the work. Jesuits were the slavers, look at the architecture they inherited like the Cathedrals, they didn’t build that shit, but it shows their level of power and authority. The Black slave population came from the church before they called themselves the Church.

I present this Article published in the Atlantic Monthly of all places, one of the most over-the-top Hall of Records projects in modern history, written about a guy named Verner (Warner?) who started out as a missionary in the Congo and later became a slave trader. He was funded by a bunch of academic ‘philanthropist’ eugenicists that also owned the Bronx Zoo, there is a story about a pygmy purchased by Verner for the St Louis World Fair and afterward he chose to stay in America and just lived on display at the Bronx Zoo. How much was his decision I haven’t had time to check for myself but his is not the only one, a California native American was in similar straits.

Oh, just in case I forgot to say, the Congo is famous for being the location of the first Jesuit Missionaries in the 1600’s… You got the rest right?

The mental imagery associated with plantation slavery is just another World Fair display of fake history, A big part of this is within the Jamestown Tercentennial 1907 where they had a Black guy, Giles Jackson, literally write the African American experience in North America finacnced by Boston cryptojew banksters. The Rainbow City expo was part of the build-up

The ‘Old Plantation’ exhibit even featured a real cotton field where Black ‘participants’ “played” in the field during the day picking cotton as they would during pre-Civil War days

Animal Show

  • Liger (half lion/half tiger) and baby lamb in a cage together…
  • Hindu serpent dancer and snake charmer
  • Kangaroo boxing
  • A wig-wearing, piano-playing monkey
  • A 37 ft snake lay dormant for nine weeks and when the manager went feed it the rabbits he kept he accidentally threw in the rabbit his daughter had adopted she jumped in to save it. The snake got pissed and attacked the little girl and bit ahold of her dress. The manager was able to cut the little girls dress and catastrophe averted.

During the trained lion show he gives a full visual description of Ancient Roman gladiators in the coliseum. Did we just forget he’s deafblind? Plus he’s propping up the myth of Ancient Rome. They only shout-out to themselves.

The Queen presented a medal to a war elephant named Jumbo Junior that haul equipment during battle and was captain of a herd of military elephants that kept the other elephants in check. He was provided with a pension as well. It took many horses to pull his cage onto the train car and he song songs to his mate and son in separate cars. The attendants tried to queit him with a tub of sweets but the elephant stomped on the container and threw the pieces at anybody that came near. The vet was finally was found and mixed up some medication to settle him. Wow

Doesn’t sound much like a battle hardened elephant captain to me, sounds like the animal was resistant after being pushed around all day (if he was so good why didn’t he just walk onto the train?) The girlfriend and kid part is bullshit. They harass the poor thing till he lashes out and they drug him. Wheres PETA when you need them?

Everything these people talk about is their own works. Looking up Jumbo the Military Hero there are several Jumbo’s to start with. This Jumbo was publicly executed by electrocution which was filmed by Thomas Edison. The other was hit by PT Barums train and died on the spot, his skeleton was on display at the museum in NY. None the the Jumbos were War Heros but all were abused til reaction and died horribly

When the execution was halted bc the elephant refused to cross onto the platform the large crowd that was cheering for the execurion turned and started jeering at the executioners

ChiQuita, The Doll Lady

26 inches tall, 31 years old. Selby said she blushed when her manager asked her to show him her tiny hands. First off how does he know if she was blushing he is supposed to be blind, secondly, how do you ‘show’ him anything?

As he wraps up he visits the streets of Cairo where he name-drops another weird-ass agent, Carry A. Nation was a pro-prohibition temperance supporter also called the ‘Saloon Smasher’, Clarence was given a ride on the same camel Carry rode. No he wasn’t, he is just adding to her street cred

Timeline History is a Trap

History is circular and cyclical, never linear. For supporting evidence I offer Selbys namedrop for the most celebrated fraud in history. Gatekeeper Agent Helen Keller is the one that led us to fake deafblind Agent Clarence Selby, in return Agent Selby led us to fake deafblind agent Keller. They only acknowledge their own. Thats the key. If the name is recorded in the annuals of history it is bc the subject is a perp.

So thats all I got for now. This is just one little piece, only for a niche, I get it. It’s hard to understand why this is important if you dont have all the context background info. That being said, if you read all the way up to this point and can retain some of what I said Im positive it will make more sense later. Because it is important. This is how the New World Order operates. Little connections that isolated seem insignificant but when you put them all together to get a more complete picture the little connections are the most important part. Thank you for reading this

All the pics and info I use for the report was from original sources, each available below but I went ahead and consolidated them all into a single pdf, here

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