Ancient Rome is Fake

I came upon this while researching some genealogy stuff on hoaxster Helen Keller,…

Origin Story

We get out first clue about the nature of Keller’s real family history on the first page of her first book. She proclaims a distant ancestor was one of the first deaf blind teachers in Zurich and published a book. She calls it a “singular coincidence”, thats how you know shes lying. Its’s never a singular coincidence. She’d’ve been better off not saying anything if she was going to lie about it.

The education of the disabled is pretty well recorded [my link], however much slanted. You have to pick through the weeds, and in a place with a stature of Zurich it probs wouldnt be too hard to find this unnamed relative if he does in fact exist. Sure enough, there was an article published by Gallaudet Press (this is important later) from the American Annals of the Deaf and Dumb in the year 1882 titled The Origin of Deafmute Instruction at Zurich, Switzerland. Bingo.

Heinrich Keller

So the thing is, all the information comes from a Hoffman, which means he’s lying, I dont care what he says, the thing is to find the angle. This time it’s S. Hofmeister the President of the Committee of the Zurich Institution for the Blind and Deaf and Dumb, he is the ultimate authority and it is from him we are told of Heinrich Keller’s contribution. There probly is no such Institute but if anybody was to come asking they would just be sent to Hoffman. Gallaudet knows it too, thats why theyre publishers. If anybody comes looking they get sent to Hoffman that gives the same old wealthy-deaf-kids script and sends them on their way.

The arguement or the point of interest is usually about the oralist or manualist teaching methods, lip-reading or sign language. Its a thing for sure, part of the war against the deafblind culture by taking away their language while pretending it give it to them. It carries on another level too as the whole human population is regarded as blind and deaf and dumb. A persons natural inclination is to communicate via signing and gesticulations. For some reason I have yet to fully comprehend after much study, the Reset class has waged a hidden war against the deafblind, taking away their language has been one of the biggest weapons. Its all psychological warfare with these people. I think they feel threatened. A person that cant see or hear isnt falling for their bullshit so theyre kept perpetually off balance. I’m sure the signing part interfers with their own sign language. Spooks use sign language all the time, what do you think the Hidden Hand and devil horns are, its sign language.

Helen keller is used as a weapon arguably the biggest one against deafblind culture by advocating for the unnatural method of communication. That bitch was not blind or deaf but she was held up on a pedalstool as a shiney example of how much better one method of teaching is over the other. Psychological warfare guys, not guns and bombs.

We are told Heinrich takes charge of two deaf children of a wealthy local and he travels to Abbe de L’epee directly to receive instruction on how to teach them and how to teach the parents how to teach them. Abbe de l’epee is a fictional character. He was invented to give a face and fake history, to humanize a system. The same old story about find two affluent deaf children is used repeatedly in this arena, the same story is told about Gallaudet. Its Gallaudets story, Hoffman was just inserting Keller for posterity, bc thats how they operate. They stick together and only mention their own, the Inheritor class.

So now we must continue our journey elsewhere. Hoffmeister is the only source that ties him to deafblind education, everywhere else he is either portrayed as an artist or clergy. The two are often the same. This link here is a 3 or 4 paragraph bio.

Finally we found something a little more our style. An 88 pg bio written in 1891 by someone close, this book here I was finally able to run through a translator and get back something that makes a little more sense. I’ve been sitting on this file for over a year but couldn’t get it translated, it was written in the calligraphy style old German and the free ones wouldn’t recognize the characters. Finally I signed up for a pay translator, its 300 dollars a year which is fucking crazy but the free trial period gives 20 translations so I put it through and ta-da. The source is some University student that is paying tribute. I dont think he has a clue about who he is talking about. Or he probly does know, this is the official cover story. The cover story writers always know, that how they write the cover

This tells us Heinrich is the eldest son of Kaspar Keller, also confirmed by Helen Keller in her book which gave us the lead for Heinrich, a colonel and an architect that also owned an art gallery. See also Hans Heinrich Fussli, brother in law. The scene painted by the author shows us that all authority around the end of the 1700’s was military and clergy, there is often no distinction here either. Keller mingles with the both but is most enamored with the tales of artists returning from travels in France and Rome. Zimmerman is a familiar name, the family still pulling off operations in the media like the Wisconsin shooting. Gessner, a big name in printing at the time, printers and painters are important bc they serve as the Hall of Records. Heinrich travels around all the Universities of Switzerland; Bern, Zurich, Lucerne, and later all of Europe and Rome studying the ancient artists and philosophers. I think they were still in the process of writing the so-called ancients, Kellers had a hand in writing ancient history.

Some of the others in the circle include an Abbe Koch, as in the Koch uber bankster family, at this point he is labeled an abbot, a virtue-signalling title. Two members of the Jacobin National Assembly offer Koch a Bishop-hood which he denies. The Jacobins are from the recent Reset cover event known as the French Revolution.

There is an episode where he sculpts busts out of blocks of butter: the Pope, the Emperor, and the King of Prussia. There is also a butter-sculpting exhibit at the World Fair, maybe this is like a thing, keep your eyes peeled for butter sculpting. These arent imaginary ancient subjects either, these are 3 of the most powerful people on the world at the time, giving an indication of the rank the Kellers status.

In 1794 Henry travels to Italy and sends home letters describing the art exhibits of Leipzig, Milan, Tuscany, Berlin… He writes of museums trying to match up sculpted body parts and specifically recreating a new body for the head of Alexander the Great. There was no Alexander either, all these people they are painting and sculpting are fictional historical characters. Keller and cohorts are taking old art pieces and creating a new narrative.

He Travels to Rome with a Hess and stays in contact with an Escher, ancestor of artist M.C. I’m assuming, climbing in and around the ruins and museums, the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel. He writes to a friend about the profound experience witnessing the Last Supper. They took up anatomy at the local hospital in San Spirito, that’s code for he was dissecting corpses and stayed at the Academy. It doesn’t matter which specific kind of academy, there is only one.

In 1795 he becomes acquainted with an Angelika Kaufman. Kaufman is a name most people would recognize today still in the same circles as over. I read somewhere the name Kaufman translates in merchant. I guess they can make it translate into whatever they want huh. Merchant is also a signal to be aware of when you see it in a bio or something.

When he needs to find some real paying work he partners up with a guy named Feodor and together they set to work “editing” the doors on the Baptistery in Florence. I admit I had never heard of this place before. The Baptistery is a part of the Cathoholic Industrial Complex that served as the building which all the residents of Florence would get baptized. Built in the 1400’s and went thru a 40 yrs restoration at the end of the 1700’s. What a crock of shit. I got my date for the start of the repopulation at this time and these people did not build this. These people are just going around scavenging whatever pieces are left after the Reset and ascribing them new histories. They do admit to restoring the doors at the time Keller says he started “editing” the Gates of Paradise, I say Keller was part of the crew using art to seemingly confirm the new narrative. Thats why art is so important and all the spooks at this time are known to have tried painting at one time in their life, even if they admit failure

Ironically, he meets up with a Meyer, who is the grand Poo-bah of statuary, carvings and bas-reliefs, together they travel around Rome, scavenging art wherever they could. They report the crowning achievement was when they “found” a colossal Bacchus, and Minerva head, which had been damaged. Scavengers. Building a fake religion/ fake history out of the ashes. That’s what the Phoenix is really about, the Great Reset.. Mayer was the Freemason Jew that was in command when they tore down the monument of Vendome, during the so-called Paris Commune in 1781. This was the removal of very large Romanesque column and statue. They said it was a statue of Napoleon at the top dressed in Roman garb. Thats about as believable as what we get with the Baptistery. Knowing how these families operate I say its impossible the two arent connected somewhere. Monuments are the first thing to go. Keep that in mind the next time you hear something about the Confederate statue removal in the South. I told you we are still transitioning out of the Reset.

Kellers companions during this period are Horner and Schiller which maybe where we get the word shilling and shill come from. They write alot and Bacchus, Bacchus is a variation of Ba’el. Prolific poets. Poetry seems to be the vehicle of the spoken word. The art of language, this is how they are creating the mythology of Bacchus and Cupid and Dante. Yeah like Dantes Inferno, that bitch was written partially by a Keller.

He expresses modesty writing comments about sending “such an unclean and illegible manuscript”, (yeahs its a script alright) to his circle for “editing”. The work is unspecific but representative. This was a group of military/clergy/academic/artistic people sharing and expanding and correcting each others papers. They said it was unnamed and never printed and sent away to Rome, by Rome they mean the Vatican so the fact the deny it means it could be something we take as gospel. Literally. There is also mention of Shakespeare at one point. Thats interesting bc most people attribute Shakespeare the fictional character to Frances Bacon. Bacon himself is a fictional character and Shakespeare, from what I see here anyway, was written by a group of art-fags in the great Universities of Europe.

Colossal Bullshit

Finally he gets some work attributed to his name alone, his display wins an award at the Milan art exhibit. Life-size marble statues. He claims to have been in a slump until he gets inspiration from viewing the Colossi of Monte Cavallo. I’d never heard of this before either, and this is another good example of why you should always take the link. They namedrop their cohorts and deeds in everything. Thats the key to interpreting the Ministry of Truth articles. For the record I will never share a wiki page unless I am pointing out their BS, like Im about to do.

The Colossi of Monte Cavallo is a modern piece with a much older date put on it. Some times they pick up the artwork and build history around the existing pieces and sometimes they create a piece they need for their narrative. Wiki gives the statue the moniker of ‘Horse Tamers’ and lets us know the piece has stood on this site for all antiquity since the Roman empire, near the Bath of Constantinople. All paths lead to Rome they say and these horsemen are Castor and Pollux, which are patrons of sailors… maritime admiralty. I’d have to brush up on my Roman mythology for a full breakdown but the Horseman theme has been inserted all over the world as a symbol of power, from Russia to France. Two countries that would soon be fighting the proxy war in Crimea against each other are both using Roman imagery bc they are both on the same side.

These statues marked one of the seven sacred hills of Ancient Rome. The oldest pictures date back to the late 1700s and depict the two horsemen on pedestals. The obelisk wasn’t added until 1785 and was taken from the mausoleum of Augustus, the first Emperor of Rome himself! It just can’t get any more dramatic than that, its like a lifetime channel movie. The horse theme spread out to all the major cities across Europe and Russia. It is the most extreme symbol of power and control the scriptwriter poets like Keller could come up with. The obelisk is representative of the phallus of Osiris, when he is chopped up and Isis put all his pieces back together but she couldn’t find his dick bc the fish ate it. Anytime you see an obelisk just think what could be so special that a statue of Lucifer’s cock be an appropriate marker

The early images must have been made to give the illusion of two separate eras. Napoleon gets brought in too, gotta add him, like American history does with George Washington, Napoleon tries to take them back to France as a trophy but they’re too big so replicas are made. Already talking about replicas centuries ago bc they started out fake.

Another chink in their cover story is the water feature. I only read three or four sources and each one tells a different story but all of them agree the current fountain was not installed till 1818. There was mention of an older fountain in ruins in some of the histories during the supposed restoration of the late 1700’s but here it is in full-functioning glory during the said-restoration. Somebody is lying somewhere…or everywhere. The Ancient Rome narrative is filled with fountains, this helps explain in modern times why it is so important to these people to install the features all over places like NYC. They say its for horses but thats pretty thin for the amount of expenditure put on these things.

[!!! I get it now, the fountains are representative of the old paradigm. It was a water-based culture that utilized canals. People like William Sanger were given lofty birth-right positions as fountain artists and the fountains themselves are a trigger, Now I have to go back and review all the prominent locations with that in mind]

But wait theres more!

In case you haven’t figured out yet the statues are frauds. The Colossi were displayed at the 1855 World Fair at London’s Crystal Palace. A World Fair connection is most fitting since they were started by the same groups of people renaming all the shattered statues to begin with. That means they’re fake af. Everything the world fairs are about is enslaving the orphan class and false history. The whole thing is a celebration of mockery. These statues were World Fair worthy bc of all the power they represent the strongest is deception. Just look at it. This is a close up taken at the Fair in 1855. This is terrible compared to real Pre-Reset sculpting which techniques have been lost, they cant even replicate the art from Before. This is the best they can do. Its so bad in fact even ministry of truth does their best to smooth it out by pointing directly to it in order to gloss over it real quick, “Its coarseness has been noted”. Lol, you bet it has.

I actually found a stereoscope image of the opening ceremony featuring Prince Albert, Queen Vic, and the Horse Tamer fake statue. I found it without looking, which is usually how these things happen, about a year after this was written. Ive learned so much the past year, it would do to come back and revise the whole work.

Another point of interest is the fact that none of the alleged ancient texts describe the Colossi. If this was really as old and powerful as they say, with a history including Alexander the Great, the first Emperor of Rome and Napoleon it would be included everywhere. The first mention isn’t recorded until the tourist guide to Rome Mirabilia Urbis Romae said published in 1140 AD. This manuscript could be the subject of its own investigation

The fake Colossi is the kind of project Keller sought out for inspiration. Doesn’t say much for his talents… or the Milan art show which gave him an award. His award-winning sculpture is in the private family collection.

Note the dual fish. This is a major theme in some of my other articles. the Reset and Repopulation of Asia, for one.

One of his better acclaimed pieces is the Birth of Venus. The original painting is said to be from 1450, by Botticelli, this piece experienced a resurgence in the late 1700’s. I think the description and instructions went out to the art-spook community during that period calling for several variations to be completed as part of the scripting the fake history in preparation for the repopulation. This call would be similar to the industrial inventions that all popped up world-wide simultaneously and presented at the World Fair Expo’s. This piece was recreated twice in marble and 13 times in bronze, only one bronze can be found, its in the possession of the Zurich Artist Society. The other pieces are either said to be in private collections or lost to time. I say even if there were 13 bronzes, which is a clear numerical marker, Keller has already established a pattern of attaching his name to pieces that are not his, the Zurich Society is even worse so their credibility is nil, and there was no 1450 Botticelli. The ‘lost works’ tune has been played out too, several pieces of superb quality were lost to sea while crossing the English channel yada yada yada. The problem with that is we have to take the word of people we have just caught scavenging the remains of another civilization and creating a new history with themselves inserted at the head. I just find it a little too hard to believe, plus I mean especially after Keller spends so much effort with his homeboys writing and editing each others poetry that is focused on Cupid mythology. (Venus is the mother of Cupid) This is an extension of the former, creating ‘ancient’ religions through linguistic and visual artistic expressions.

After a few years Keller is said to have suffered a broken hip which caused him to have to retire from the sculpting profession and takes back up literary work, this time as translator. Translating all the ancient poets and philosophers from and to Italian and German. Among the people he ‘translates’ is Socrates, in case you didnt notice ‘translation’ means the same as ‘restoration’.

At this point you have to keep in mind the authority at this time are the Church, the Politicians, the Universities, and the Military, there is not much separating one from the other. They are all working toward the same end although there are internal power struggles between factions they operate as one unit, just special interest clubs and side-piece projects. Its the origins of the Great Compartmentalization.

Toward the end, just like all the poets and artists, Keller joins Catholicism, ‘translating’ for them full-time. The biographer whitewashes this part and just kinda throws his hands up like “Eh, Whatcha gonna do? Everyone else was doing it.” and admits to converting to Catholicism for the status elevation and high paying occupation takes up a “teaching propaganda” position for the church. Heres where I bring up the translator app I’m using for this 1891 German document. Like the statues being copies of copies to hide the fact it was fake from the beginning, this works with writing as well, very effectively I should add. Nobody double checks anything. It sounds suspicious enough already: Appointed Head Teacher of Propaganda by the Propaganda Commission… Get the fuck outta here. But wait, it gets better.The word used is very peculiar right here, it says they take the job ‘for the bread’ for one thing but it goes on farther to say the Propaganda [his capitalization] Commission pays him to begin translating a History of the Religion of Jesus Christ… For the sake of the church, he clarifies, I guess he aint in it for the money anymore.

If all that sounds incredulous just look at the orginal source, written in Latin, official language of the Papal Industrial Complex, (an extension of the Holy Roman Empire?!) It says Keller was a content creator for a Milan magazine called the Echo, lol yeah sure, before he was commissioned by the…

Propaganda Fide


The P. Fide is a real entity created by the Church, They say it means to ‘Propagate the Faith’, I’m sure on some level it does, just as I’m sure its another layer of mockery, its absolutely so, so much that I had to cut the original article in half bc it deserves its own thread.

Founded by the Jesuits in order to start up a string of missionary schools to deliver the message of the Church into the savage wilderness by teaching some Natives to do all the bitch work, otherwise the natives would shun the outsiders…Yep. If you have read any of my other work [take the link] you recognize this is the same formula used by Jedadiah Morse at the Foreign Missionary School in Connecticut. Exact same, Rome even had a Foreign Missionary Society!

So they reuse the same script, happens all the time right? Instead of fake Indians this time they are bringing fake religion. It is a fractal copy of the same entity for sure, we arent done stealing the script either. P. Fide has a large role in the discovery of the Catacombs of the Saints, its a carbon copy of the fake historic Jamestown Settlement site. A museum caliber fraud, a living archaeology exhibit built to hold up timeline history lie. All Im gonna say here is the catacombs support the early Catholic texts and self validate everything for the last 2,000 years according to the church, and it’s all a big fucking scam, Jamestown and the Ancient Church are two significent chapters in World history, not just local false flags. We found two sites without even looking that use recycled material without even looking. Im sure if somebody did look they would find it the norm, not the exception. So far I’ve found 100% of all claims made by Babylon to be bullshit, hows that for the norm?

Here is just a teaser for the Catacomb Saints report Im working on. Heinrich Keller was one of the O.G. scriptwriter art spooks.

Sitting right there in the front are the Kellers. One of my biggest questions was who could Helen Keller have been related to for her character to pull off such an outrageous long-game. Its all birth-right oriented. So who was it? Well it turns out that person was one of the original art spook scriptwriters. Her ancestors literally wrote the histories and religions for the people of the world

The whole Reset/Inheritor class are parasites riding on their forefathers coat tails. The notion that “Thats impossible, too many people would have to be involved.” always makes me chuckle. Thats the ONLY way it works, bc so many people hold it up. Most dont even know, theyre too fucking stupid to think they play a role, say celebrity politicians or athletes or entertainers, they just know if they dont do what theyre told theyre fucked, Theyre whole existence is devoted to keeping the status quo. The hive mind.

Thank you if you read all this. Its difficult sometimes to stay focused, everything goes off in every direction. Im working on a dedicated post to the Catacomb Saints and what else could anybody be during this period in ANY third-world country, Slavery. The founder of the P. Fide is famous for his ‘mission’ in the Congo. They are the Cathedral stealers, established everywhere in the world be anybody else arrives, they are the slavers preparing to repopulate the Earth. Its an inverted system; all the benevolent virtue signaling of these people and they were the main bad guys. Are the main bad guys

Propaganda Fide and the Hidden Hand gang-sign. International sporting competitions provide an opportunity for warring nations to gather without drawing suspicion. Intel debrief.

This is seriously a thing? An early move made by the church to spread missionary work is really called the Propaganda Fide. Who would say that with a straight face about themselves? Well, in fairness languages had not fully evolved yet and Latin is one of the trunks.

Take note of any early 1800’s linguistics expert, I can think of two right off the top; Alexander Melville Bell, father of AGB, said inventor of the telephone, was an elocutionist at Edenberg University in Scotland and Jedadiah Morse, father of Samuel Morse, said inventor of the telegraph, who was a general pedagogue and collaborated with Noah Webster to make the first dictionary. The connections here should be pretty evident so I dont have to spend alot of time reviewing, the details are posted here somewhere. It is important to also mention Morse’ as influential in forming the first missionary school in America, the Andover Theological Seminary and also the Foreign Missionary School, where they went out into the wild and taught language to the savage in order that the missionaries could teach religion. [My link.] We will return to this thread.

Communications is a thing, what is communications but an exchange of information. All information exchange is psychopathically controlled. This is at the core of the war on the deafblind nobody knows about, in both cases their language was taken away, not so much taken away as never given one to begin with.

I came across mention of this group while researching a newly translated copy of one of the first scriptwriters during the beginning of the Repopulation. Heinrich Keller is remembered as an artist and poet today but what he was doing was traveling around scavenging shattered ruins and affixing new ages and history to older pieces. The poetry he was working on with a group of peers were scripting religions based off the imagery they could find. He also happens to be an ancestor of gatekeeper Helen Keller. Which is how I came about him.

At this point there is not much distinction in different forms of authority; the military, church, politicians, and university are all just special interest clubs of a single entity. In the end Keller goes full time working for the Catholic Church, ‘translating’ the history of the religion of Christ. Keep this on the back burner for a few, it comes back into play shortly.

This article is about to pick up where the last one left off, a passage from the manuscript wriiten in 1860 I had translated contains that original Latin script, from which we get our own translation. Looking deeper into the other clues we find another huge chunk of the Reset/Repopulation puzzle considering how much authority the early church is said to have.

Propaganda fide: Storia della religione di cristo del Conte L. di stolberg tradotta dal tedesco peril principio da E. Keller ed ora proseguita dal Cav J.F. Rossi, Roma alla stamperia della congregazione di P. Fide Presso F. Bourlie

So if you take the Latin and translate that independently, instead of an English translation of a German translation made 150 years ago you get:

Propaganda Fide: History of the Religion of Christ by Count L. di stolberg translated from the German for the principle by E. Keller and now continued by Cav J.F. Rossi, Rome at the press of the congregation of P. Fide Presso F. Bourlie 5 volumes in octavo.

We will return to this passage for direction through-out the report.

So its not perfect but its a little more clear and after some farther refining even moreso. Fide is the root of Fidelis; faithful, loyal. Its most recognizable usage is Bona-Fide, Its a term that means genuine, authentic. Its peculiar bc you wouldn’t think the two words go together but the Propaganda Fide makes absolutely good sense. It’s the Ministry of Truth inversion in every sense of the term.

Well shit in a bag and punch it, says here the Propaganda Fide is a real office created by the Church, they get their usage like as in the word propagate, as in to spread, or expand the faith. The Propagation of the Church as in relation to it’s missionary service. I say its another mocking play on words. The mission is propaganda alright but not like they say. There was/is even something called the Foreign Missionary Society, must be the regurgitated script predecessor of the Foreign Missionary Schools, started by our good friend Morse. Ok, now we gotta take a better look.

Nice sigil bro. “Go forth and evangelize.” Anytime you see the globe framed like that keep your guard up, especially with the Templar banner. The ‘Thin Red Line’, origins of the Thin Blue Line of today. The origins of the globe lie is nestled in with the church, ironic since its heliocentric, Sun/Son worship. Another word inversion I see here is Pro-Pagan. Even better: Pro-Pagan, duh. lol. See why early language makers are important? Our words carry power and with speech that power is focused. The language makers are spellcasters, we speak in inversions and opposites Never use the contraction for ‘I will‘, ‘I’ll‘ is the same as ill energetically speaking, as in you are referring to yourself as sick. Just one example of how our inserted language keeps us enslaved

The African continent is featured front and center in case you didnt notice. The missionaries were the first westerners to breach the African interior and Vives is most remembered for his seminary in the Congo. You know what is important in Africa during this time? Slavery. Thats what.

The square where the headquarters is based was given to the church in exchange for control of the school contains both an obelisk and triumphal column, both powerful symbols representing authority.

Normie History

The Propaganda Fide was created by a Papal Bull edict “Immortalis Dei Filius“, on Aug 1, 1627. (8/1, Aces and Eights) issued by pope Urban VIII. forming the first ever college to train missionary workers to go out into undeveloped countries and save the savage. The Jesuits were started around the same time, maybe a few years prior. None of these dates are accurate, we are riding the Normie Timeline Express.

The Church says the seminary starts with the Council of Trent, The CoT was a series of meetings held over the course of 18 years (1535-53) to determine direction and dogma (polticalization) of the Church. One of the things determined was the need for a system to spread religion to the most needed parts of the inhabited world. Here is a clip from a normie source that showcases how difficult it is to track church history. This is why they have their own self-validating historians:

This second convocation sent to Trent was successful primarily because the pope and the emperor had reached agreement on a common procedure against the German Protestants: First, their opposition to the council (and to the emperor) was to be broken with military force, and then they were to present themselves to the council and, if necessary, be compelled to submit to its decisions. Because no imperial campaign against the Schmalkaldic League materialized, and it seemed unwise to keep the bishops already in Trent waiting much longer, the pope ordered the council to open on Dec. 13, 1545, in the Cathedral of St. Vigilius, although there were only 34 participants present with the right to vote. Since there had not been sufficient preparatory work, the deliberations took almost two months to get into meaningful action; on Jan. 22, 1546, the decision was taken to treat dogma and reform side by side.

Basically what the CoT says is there should be an entity established for the sole purpose of spreading Catholicism to the interior parts of Asia and Africa, thus, the P. Fide was born

“With the emergence of the phenomena collectively known as “globalization,” there is a growing awareness in all religions that to be religious is to be interreligious; also, that each religion bears the responsibility to contribute to human security, justice, peace, planetary well being, and the development of a global ethic.” – United Nations, One World Religion of the New Order

*See Also: World Missionary Conference of 1910 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the World Council of Churches – comprises 330 communions.

Jesuit Cryptojew Inquisitors

Head Jesuit Juan Batista Vives was an obsessive crypto-jew that donated one of his properties, the Ferratini Palace, to the Church if the Pope agreed he could use it to headquarter his missionary training seminary he had started a few years earlier. He already held several offices within the Church administration, including Roman agent during the Spanish Inquisition, wonder how many of his own kind he burnt at the stake, and secret chamberlain, an office that is like treasurer and general manager. The mission Vives is associated with the most is the Republic of the Congo, maybe why Africa is featured prominently in their sigil. I dont think these people were going out into the Congo to spread the history of the religion of Christ. Slavery maybe, I’d put the farm up to bet you anything they were doing in Africa is about slaving.

Bautista was Agent to the Inquisition for 20 years and how he obtained funds for starting his schools

Vives is open about his relationship to Juan Luis Vives, tutor to the royal family that got caught up in the Henry the 8th divorce scandal. This shows the familial connections to both church and state go back multiple generations.

[the Spanish inquisition is a historical fiction but it is interesting the concept of a group of people lying about who they are and killing others of the same kind just to protect themselves]

If Vives was Roman agent to the Spanish Inquisition, even if only half of his titles are true he was certainly high ranking enough to over see this side-piece project of creating a network of priest-training academies spread throughout the under-developed regions of the Earth.

Another one of Juan Batista Vives properties, the Piazza del Populo, featuring Old World architecture and obelisk. In 1591 this is where he opened his first school. The Piazza was the main entrance to Rome at the time.

*See Also: Martin de Funez and Giovanni Leonardi as charter members of P. Fide with Vives

Ruderi Abby de’ Corazzo

The beginnings of these pile of rubble is said to go back to the 11th century, Aces up baby, there a monk wrote some important genealogical documents. A nearby river was diverted and an aqueduct was built. So this place was given a false history by the church and on top of that the genealogical documents are some of the foundation of the early church. Too bad its all fake so there couldn’t possibly be any evidence to support the church narrative… or is there? It would be impossible for a group of people to hoax the whole world with a series of underground chambers that support all the claims of the early church, right?

Through contact with the Knights Templar, the Corazzo Abbey is said to have housed precious church relics, such as a piece of Christ’s cross and a lock of Mary Magdalen’s hair. Another legend tells of the abbey serving as a hiding place for the Templar’s last Grand Master. They are legends but it ties military intelligence and objects of great value to the area. These appear to be separate locations though they both share the same name. The general location has ruins spread out all over a wide area.

The ruins sites are fakes. As you will find, each one has a tell, like it was on the property of a General or Bishop, which means they had access and means and motive and no oversight.

St Alexander Catacombs

In 1854 a series of excavations were sponsored by the Fide in Corazzo, at the Capobianco estate, the catacombs and basilica of St. Alexander were ‘rediscovered’.

Via Nomentana.

Fresco in the rediscovered combs
Mentana shows a mix of modern and relic building. This is the destintation at the end of ViaNomentana. In ancient times the road stopped at Finclea, another site of ruins and catacombs

St Agnese fuori la murs

1855 Pope Pious IX visits Via Nomentana, for the cornerstone ritual of the restoration of a basilica; some of the ruins that the church slapped a fake history on. During lunch at the St Agnese fuori la murs included several church and military leaders along with the P. Fide student body the floor collapsed taking down the Pope and 130 people total, not one injury. The pope proclaims a “solemn miracle”.

The Nomentana is an ancient road system, not a single place. The prefix Via is a designation for any route or road way.

St Agnes was a 13 y\o little girl who was apparently raped to death for failing to accept her husband.

Hijacked ancient artifact given fake history by the church, These pics are in the Goodyear collection at the Brooklyn Museum, Goodyear was a notorious eugenicist in league with early organizing efforts and contributed the balloons to Macy’s psychological warfare parade. He is Mentioned in more than one article on this website, his involvement in this arena is a marker by itself.

The site is home to more ruins. You can see even the ruins are built on top of pre-existing ruins. The mausoleum of St. Constanza is connected to St Agnese and are still used today, mainly for tourist trap places. The old ruins are Pre Reset, the new ruins are modern fakes

There is a lot of confusion about which Saint was Sainted where; names are mixed up and changed, multiple people given the same name. This is a common method to keep the waters muddy so you can just shrug it off without a clear answer. Also now you have a dozen similar sites that seem to validate each other but its all an illusion. The answer is they’re all fake.

Pagan Mithriaic Alter/Marker

This place also matches the description and you’re about to see why this is the right one. The history of St Agnes/ St Alexander/ Corazzo goes all the way back to the times before Rome was even formed. The nearby town has pagan burial sites that are older than the church itself. This is a very significant location. In Rome’s early semi-legendary history, the town, Ficulea*, was part of the Latin League, a group of villages which went to war with Rome during its fledgling years. It was captured by the same king that captured the alleged catacomb above also, so they are connected a second time over through military conquest.

The League includes the Estruscans, to whom the village of Ficulea is attributed. A stone monument dedicated to Mithra, the Pagan Sun Deity, is still displayed the the town church. Here is a description by someone from the University of Chicago, one of the spookiest command centers in North America, you cant believe a word they say but it can be helpful if you know how to read their misdirection. She affirms whatever the stone was it was not an altar, although at some future time it was used in baptism rites. She says that bc the only important part is that it exists at all, not what it says or does. You can argue all day long about its exact usage as long as you arent saying its a fake you can make it whatever you want. Its a common trick.The Chicago spooks are a gatekeeper outfit. Predictably, they name drop another lead, the Lourdes Grotto practice in modern Catholicism which turns out to be a statue of the virgin Mary inside a natural or artificial cavern setting. It seems this whole episode is designed to make the connection from Pagan to Christian, not only that but foundationally there is no difference. All the locations that contain a catacomb or even one of the fake saints contains a stone alter that predates the existing church. In many instances the burial chambers of the early saints are on top of pre-existing pagan cemeteries. Since they already had the fake pagan cemetery set up it didnt take much effort to add a little twist.

The whole of central Italy is dotted with ancient ruins and not-so-ruined ancient ‘churches’, every church was built to house some kind of mosaic or painting that self validate the claims of both the church and the gatekeepers. In every case the painting or monument was a replacement, the original was either stolen or was removed out of fear of theft, or ‘touched up’ to the point its all modern repairs… There was a period of ‘restoration’ where everything was overhauled and cleaned up by the church, restoration is always a term for installation.

In the case of the Mithraic temple piece the stone does not have a date it was found, the location only says “on the other side of the river” in one record and “under the vineyard” in another. In keeping up with the common theme all these artifacts were produced at much later date and inserted where ever they were needed, then mentions were made describing the fake pieces in their own fake books written by historic fictional people like Livy and Pliny (Elder and Younger). The only verification of the dates of these sites and monuments is from the church. No independent sources. ‘Under a vineyard’ is another trigger, several of the accidental discoveries were made by workers tending the fields. This is like modern days when a site is found during ‘highway construction’

The attached history of the stone slab does contain the clues vineyard and Paglia. Paglia is a river through central Italy and vineyard indicates a farm. Land barons around the time could be checked for leads. The whole surrounding area is farmland, all owned by historical fictitious persons or by the military or church, there is nor much differentiating the authority groups.

It is thought that the martyrs were also locals, killed and buried here in the early 4th century. The first church was built over their tomb later in that century, a so-called basilica ad corpus erected in response to their popular veneration. This seems to have been a local initiative, not linked with the clergy of the city. The reoccurring theme of building the early Christian church on top of sacred pagan burial grounds is found throughout much of the church history and especially that of the catacombs.

In 1854 the Congregation for the Propagation of Faith (Propaganda Fide) initiated excavations on this spot, where ruins were still visible. The Congregation had inherited ownership of a sheep-farming estate called the Tenuta di Capobianco in 1807, which had belonged to Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart, Duke of York. In previous centuries it had belonged to Sant’Agnese fuori le Mura. The location of the ruins was near the south-eastern boundary of this and so is sometimes described as being in the neighboring estate called Fondi di Corazzo, with the ruins themselves apparently being called Petra Aurea (“Golden Stone”). The proximity of all the ruins and the surrounding area is very tight. They are compartmentalized to give the illusion of separate-ness but it is one complex stretching across central Italy.

His full name is Henry Benedict Thomas Edward Maria Clement Francis Xavier Stuart, thats a mouthful for a fake guy, these people are all about their titles. The names show pedigree, like thoroughbred horses. See Clements, which connects him to Mark Twain and F. Xavier, which is one of the first founding Jesuits and Stuart connects him to the Throne. This guy is the connection to church, state and military. Not just any set either but the Jacobite sect of the French Revolution.

*See Also: “Varro has preserved to us a tradition (de L. L. 6.18) which represents the Ficuleates, Fidenates, and other neighboring “populi” as suddenly taking up arms against Rome, shortly after the departure of the Gauls, and producing for a time a panic terror in the city, the memory of which was recorded by a festival called the Poplifugia.”

Antonio Bosio and Thomas Browne

Before Rossi there was Bosio, Antonio. Late 1500’s-early 1600’s. Born in Malta. That he is called the Columbus of the Catacombs is our first hint, Bosio was a historical fiction said to have been the first person to explore the underground cemeteries. His life work went unknown till much later after it was presented by the Knights of Malta under the family relations of Urban VIII, this connects us back to papal bull that kicked off the whole Propaganda Fide to begin with. KoM are a fractal pattern of Knights Templar, which in turn is a military order of the Church, a proto-Jesuit society. This means its more of the church’s self-validation that Bosio even existed, let alone what he supposedly wrote about.

His first book is said to have been published in the 1600’s and the only people that took interest were vandals and grave robbers, who plundered the sites of anything they thought of value. Hmm, this sure is a convenient way to explain the lack of any identifying features.

The rest of his work was found in the famous library of another historic fiction named Thomas Browne. (One lie propping up another lie.) Browne, son of a wealthy silk merchant, is tied to almost every major university and every branch of science and leading politician in Europe. He was fluent in 5-7 languages and the previously unknown works of Bosio were found already translated into Italian and Latin during the sale of his personal library. How convenient is that!

Connecting Browne to Bosio again is Browne’s alleged first publishing is about sepulchral urns found in England. So the disinformation regarding burial customs of past civilizations goes to both these cats independently at a time that is pre-history.

Browne, an acolyte of Francis Bacon, studied the natural world, especially esotericism, Kabbalah, and mysticism. His writing is frequently cited in histories of the Witch Trials and his influences range from Herman Melville who wrote about the Whaleship Essex false-flag, and Edgar Allen Poe. Browne’s portrait, painted by a Carlisle [my link], is hanging in the National Portrait Gallery. These are all huge red- flags and just a small amount of them gleaned from skimming his Ministry of Truth page one time

The bulk of Brownes personal library would become the foundation for the British Library. All Spooks and lies propping up Spooks and lies. Always cross-check the Ministry of Truth, the above link is confirmation that his library formed the future British Library.

Might as well throw the British Library in there with the rest of them, the British Museum will be next. Similar to the Smithsonian, the core body of knowledge is based on lies and forgeries. Do you see now how all these entities are really the same thing and everything out their mouth is a lie.

[The Poe book that contains a quote from Browne as a preface is “The murders of Rue Morgue”,IDK much about the plot but I also just seen this title come up in my Starforts post. Poe was stationed at Ft Sumter when he said inspiration hit him bc of the structure, double check title at Sumter. 2 Poe shout-outs in one week.]

Catacombs at the World Fair

Giovanni Battista De Rossi

My information for the de Rossi content is taken from the official church narrative

The Cathoholics dont have much of an explanation to the history of the catacombs, for example how they went unmentioned for over a thousand years in documentation, the official response is they were sealed off to keep out “undesirables” and forgotten about. The truth is closer to that the catacombs werent inserted till much later, after the official church records had already been put in place, they had to come up with something.

There is much explanation to dismiss all of the early artwork and church relics. I mean, in church records there are muralled ceilings and intricate frescoes and statuary from a thousand years of habitation written off as being covered up by new construction or paintings that were torn down during periods of unrest, there is a term used by the Church that explains away the lack of ALL relics from the Catherdrals in Europe, Iconoclasm, Is a period which people view church imagery similar to false idolness. Any place there is a structure labeled property of the church without any identifying features is said to be a victim of the iconoclasm.

The first survey of the catacombs was done by G. Battista after the floor fell out in 1855. Battista was the guy that oversaw the field of religious archeology break into the scientific community. Credit is always given to the Pope, as if he had anything to do with it. The Papacy is just an office like the Prez, just there for show but has no power, following suit like phantom early American presidents Id say there was no pope in flesh and blood until technology caught up, they needed a full time actor eventually, before then he existed on paper only.

The first thing he did was construct a mock up to present at the 1867 Universal Expo in Paris. If this is your first time to my site let me just ask you to read some of the dedicated World Fair posts I have and you’ll understand why this action causes me so much distress, Everything that is presented at the Expo’s are to pay tribute to war and conquest and enslavement and false history. All those are the same thing it the core. The presentation of a mock-up at the fair is enough alone to convince me the subject is totally bogus. This isnt the first time Ancient Rome went to the fair; the Colossi statue of Castor and Pollux was shown off at the ’55.

Gio. founded the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archeology, overpassing his mentor, Jesuit Guiseppe Marchi. Of course they are Jesuits, dont forget Vives was a charter member of both. With the new group they were able to focus specifically on early church antiquities, ‘restorations’, excavations, investigation and protection. Thats a mouthful to only be saying the are hoaxers for the Church. There were other dedicated resources like museums and historian offices and the Vatican Library, these were seen as helpers.

The exhibit st the fair came about when de Rossi and his teacher were called to the combs to reproduce the paintings on the walls for Universities. The church and historians in general agree that molds, casts, and reproductions were used all the time. Blinks an eye about that part. Before photography was developed copies were the only way to show information. They all stop short when they are confronted with the realization of how easily a total fabrication could be inserted into the narrative as genuine history. The truth is closer to the fact that our complete history has been inserted this way.

So Rossi and Marchi were making copies of the catacomb paintings for some Universities and the light came on to reproduce the whole set. My source says they had a whole team of artists at their disposal and called two speific ones, Mainardi and Ruspi, that had just finished up a job on the Etruscan Catacombs. This throws the Etruscan catacombs under the bus, we already covered that, maybe these were the guys that made the Mithra temple. Since 1861 they had been in charge of what objects went out for the international community to see but the Expo of 67 was to be “spectacular”.

Check earlier expos for church displays, minus the ’51 Colossi that is… 1865 Dublin Exhibition and the cemetery of Callisto won the church a medal. They already had a series of topographical machines that helped map above ground structures. The ’67 was the first time they were able to show as above so below. They also had a basilica of unknown age that they ‘restored’ by knocking of portions they deemed unoriginal, that means they just stripped identifying features off and called it early church property.

Even the Pope showed up in person, part of the display but they dont tell you that.

At the end of the fair there was discussions about what to do with the structure. The source tries to whitewash the church’s greed, acting like it never crossed their mind. She leads us to de Rossi’s agent in England, Northcote, who intends to buy it for the British Museum… At this level there is no money, money is all an illusion. These people are the spellcasters; they invented money, they dont use it. Some parties wanted to buy the combs for a photo venture but they are only mentioned for show. This display had plans from the very beginning, in public theyre like “Well IDK…”.

There is also an offer to buy from the College of St. Germain. All I knw about St Germain is what I’ve read from Bill Coopers work, I defer all interested persons there. Briefly, he was a fake mystic, a snake-oil salesman posing as a monk with mystic powers. It is appropriate for them to be in on this, its kinda in their corner.

While the 3 groups are dickering over prices, how do you price something like that?, Boom, in jumps the pope from outta nowhere off the top rope and declares such a thing should be free to all Gods creatures. LOL, Virtue-signalling at its finest. I told you it wasn’t about the money.

Not like they were gonna let anybody see it anyway, it ended up at a small college outside Paris named Arcucil. It was designed to go in a specially designed grotto but then the place was burned up during the Paris Commune of 1871 and all records and knowledge of the catacombs was lost.

I should’ve seen that coming. The French Revolution is just as fake as Ancient Rome and Colonial America. They always use one lie to prop up another of equal proportions. I bet the fake catacombs were set up next to an Algonquin long-house at the Exposition, Theres some Indians running around the fair somewhere, what’s the year?1867? A bit early for the Wild West show yet but Buffalo Bill didn’t just come out of nowhere.

I spoke too soon, the catacombs were placed next to the Ancient Egyptian exhibit. Thats gotta be like the granddaddy of all fake historic sites ever. I havent looked yet, like the development of flight. the Wright brothers didnt do shit but I havent start my investigation yet. This is a good intro.

Thats the end of it, nobody knows what happened to it. There was no Paris Commune (See link) It probably used in another real-world exhibit. I seen them set up the living archaeological site at the Jamestown Settlement half a century before they went back and ‘rediscovered’ it. Those Expo combs could be sitting underground somewhere just waiting for someone unaffiliated to come along to make it appear like an organic find

*The meteorographic machine of P. Secchi was the other prestigious piece that ran alongside the catacombs, at the time they were assigned as contributions from Italy instead of the church, even though the Vatican had their own pavilion. It is recorded as a mistake but just the fact they took the energy to mention it indicates they are lying. They probably did not think the churches image wouldn’t go with the Fair so it was released under Italy’s name to hide the churches participation. Later they came out like “oopsie daisy.”

*See Also: Pope Pious IX Mastai Ferretti pope during World Fair and the Piazza de Ferretti of fake history land grab by the church to house the P. Fide,

  • the International Catacomb Society, founded in Boston. Dont think these guys are getting left out bc there isnt any catacombs in America, They put together a Jewish exhibit that made a tour around the US starting at Boston College and out to Cold Harbor and back, C.H. is a mark too. Their take is all the catholic fakes are fakes bc they have been Christisnized for propaganda reasons, meaning they accuse the Church of making the site Christian but the site itself is still genuine. Funny they use this word since it started back with the Propaganda Fide. They have a string of fake catacombs that are ‘authentic’ you can go thru for a price… lol, im just not gonna say anything haha Also creepy on a new level is their research into 3D mapping and a virtual catacombs experience. think of the implications of that why dontcha. This also goes back to the Lady of Lourdes grottoes and the false caverns, there are many known fakes. Jerusalem would eventually get a model of the catacomb presented as authentic.

See: Expo guide published by Sonzogno; National Archives in Paris Grand Album.

World Fair Catacomb Images

The Plot Thickens


I think it’s highly unlikely the Pope just gave the model away for no reason to some scrub preacher school out of a divine sense of propaganda. The place that recieved the model was a Dominican College in the town of Acrueil, named Ancien collège Albert-le-Grand d’Arcueil. lets take a stroll around town and see what we can find. Since we’re on the subject of… well theres alot going on right now so lets keep an open mind huh?

The town is named after the double-decker set of aqueducts supplying water since the 1600’s. Notable residents include Marie Curie, winner of two Nobel prizes and a recent Hollywood production. Acrueil is central in the Latin District; there are many Romanesque buildings in the immediate area. (Hence, the aqueducts)

Dominicans were orginally called the Jacobins, because the first chapter was located in the Saint-Jacques Monastery in Paris. They were also popularly known as domini canes, “the [watch-] dogs of the Lord” because of their leading role in the Inquisition. This is all more wordplay and spellcraft. The Latin phrase ‘Deo optimo maximo‘ abr. D.O.M. is another line on where the DOM-inicans got their name, it means The One Greatest God and was originally referencing Jupiter. The Dominican Republic is said to be the first outpost in the New World. Dom-i-nation

The Jacobin Club said they took their name bc the meeting place was originally in a Dominican convent, they also went by the name Society of Friends. The Friends were originally a group of people that met to debate current events and soon became one of the leading organizers of the French Revolution, being most associated with the ‘Reign of Terror’, They are the Proto-Socialists, calling for separation of church and state, universal suffrage and workers rights. This is the real connection; all those entities are just one big Intel org, the Society of Friends is what the Jesuits call themselves. This takes all the way back to the formation of the P. Fide; these are all fractal patterns. This means the fake catacombs never changed hands.

Remember, a seminary is where they teach teachers how to teach and send them out into all corners of the world. Its a Military Intelligence Complex. Not only that but the school shut down quietly in the early 1900’s, I haven’t found anything documenting the transition yet but 1915 the location is no longer a seminary. Now it goes by the title, The ‘Caisse des dépôts et Consignations‘, or, CDC; lit. ’Deposits and Consignments Fund’.

Often described as the “investment arm” of the French State, it is defined in the French Monetary and Financial Code as a “public group serving the public interest” and a “long-term investor”. They are the same people with a business suit instead of a monk robe. Their website declares,

‘The operation of the CDC is based on a unique model in Europe. It is indeed the only financial institution whose mission is to protect the nation and make the country grow.’

CDC Website

A mission huh, Thats the trigger word.what are the chances their mission is the same as the other guys’ mission? Pretty good I’d say. A peek at their home page says they are pushing the climate change scam and fear mongering. Nothing useful. A bunch of mental gymnastics it takes to hide the fact that there is no money at this level. These guys just do whatever they want anywhere on Earth and there is no price tag to hold them back. “Unique” indeed, lol. There is no over seeing body and they are completely autonomous, operating everywhere in the world.

The Ministry of Truth gives us some of their early history. Founded in 1816 by L. Corvetto. Corvetto was connected to “Genoa merchants doing business in Amsterdam”, these are the cryptojews that were on the Mayflower in Normieville. Corvetto married into the Schiaffino (Schiff) international bankster family.

Louis was appointed Minister of Finance to handle the Restoration. Remember what I said about the word restoration, they dont restore shit, Restoration means installation. They were to safeguard public funds dedicated to civil servants, military pension, and specifically the Legion of Honor. Well shit in a bag and punch it, a good chunk of the people that end up in my reports are members of the Legion, this is just a way they pay themselves. lol. Notice the finance side has the religious nod calling themselves “Ministers” and has military streak with their “Mission”, thats because they are all the same. Military, religion, and finance. The three pillars of the New World Order already rolling over 200 years ago.

Along with handling the Legion pension fund they also managed something called the ‘Compagnie des quatre canaux’, The Company of Four Canals. They were responsible for a series of connecting waterways and was one of the first companies listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1821. Their story is a carbon-copy of the formation of the C&O and Erie Canal Companies, just the French version. The Napoleon/Washington bait and switch again.

The direction this group and all the fractal groups is headed is just as creepy as their past. The global financial crisis of 2008 was very fortuitous for the company. They are most active openly in the areas of stock market, engineering and transportation projects, insurance, banking… Created the org Long-Term Investment Club with 18 nations. (Aces & Eights for days) Long-Term investing is a new trigger-word.

Internationally the CDC does philanthropic work for the people in Santo Domingo. We’re still back in 1821 and they are doing more work here than anywhere else. Can anyone in class tell me why? Santo Domingo is all about slavery. Remember? Thats the mission, enslave the planet. After the Civil War in America many of the abolitionists got together and tried to relocated all the newly freed slaves here… I could never figure out what that was all about. Its in my paper on Sammy Gridley Howe.

Plus the name is DOMINGO, you know as in the Dominican priests that were housed at the address but then mysteriously they were a banksters-without-borders outfit. Santo Domingo would eventually become the Dominican Republic. Keep up ok this is important later. The D.R. is connected to Haiti. By connected I mean literally. Haiti supposedly had the only successful slave rebellion in history. I wont go into the history of Haiti right now but I will be returning here in a future report.

This photo is titled, Caisse des dépôts et consignations, destruction de la Commune, 1871. The problem I have with that is all the trees and undergrowth surrounding the joint tell me the destruction is years earlier. Even the tips of the fence spears are undamaged and freshly painted.
Here is another image from the same collection of the same building. This one is staged, the furniture in the courtyard is all added to give the appearance of recent destruction but its in near- perfect condition… aside from being flipped upside down for a photo op. No charred edges or scorch marks. Get the fuck outta here. and the clock up in the window is another dead giveaway. 10:58… doesnt mean anything to me. I bet its supposed to be 11 even. Aces up.
And a third. The bent knee is the explorer/adventurer/Capt Morgan pose. This is a cropped image where you can see recognizable features that confirm the title.Note the two people on the left, pioneering urban spelunkers I guess from the headlight gear, just kidding, they are problaby inserted to show progress for the specific entity that owns that building. Always moving forward with the Great Work. The adjoining building has the national motto of the de-facto authority. It is the same slogan taken by the French gov, the Freemason lodge, and incidentally the govt of Haiti. It is indicative that the same entity runs all three and the site, now in its proper context suggests the power extends much farther than that. These pics were part of the Bruno Braquehais project; images of the Paris Commune of 1871 that sat on a shelf for 100 years. This is a very important piece about the French Rev being a cover story for the Great Reset. Below is a slide show dated from 1915 that still shows the place so overgrown and unkempt you cant hardly see the person standing in the weeds, I wish he was in better detail, I’d bet he is throwing out some Hidden Hand gang sign, could be wearing a beaver top hat, thats another classist marker. Only the central staircase and courtyard are clear, and the upper windows look like it is still just an abandoned rowhouse. The phrase Liberte, Egalite, Fraternit is also the nation slogan of Haiti/Santa Domingo
The building is still used as a monastery today

But Wait, There’s More!


Theres always more. Just when you thought we had this case wrapped up another bomb drops. The college that the pope donated the model combs to is recorded as having been sacked and burned during the Paris Commune and the priests taken out and put down in another massacre similar to the one in my report. Judging from the photographic evidence it looks like this massacre is just as fake as the others. Heres the play-by-play.

13 victims huh, bro your slip is showing. This is by the same guy, Ernest Eugene Appert, that did the other Paris Commune massacre shots that the Ministry of Truth tried to pass off as authentic. This connects the same trickster to both the French Revolution and the early church… meaning fake history of the whole world and its governments and religions.

Heres another one that looks like a similar technique. It say ‘probably’ in parenthesis like theres a chance it could be real. Thats the best part. Im not familiar with A. Quinet but the style says they are coworkers, maybe student/teacher. Their bio would say theyre competitors I bet

Identification Title(s): Reproduction of (probably) a drawing of the execution of Dominicans in prison, surrounded by English text and a decorated cross Dominicans at the Prison Disciplinaire
Description: Part of Commemorative album of Roman Catholic clergy fallen during the Paris Commune. 
Manufacture Manufacturer: photographer: A. Quinet 
Date: 1871  
Subject What: monastic orders, monastic life: Dominican violent death, being killed; 
being mistreated and maltreated; 
seeking death – death not certain; 
wounded person death penalty, execution Paris Commune (1871) 
Where: Paris 
  • Notes: Born in 1831, Achille Quinet was a successful photographer who operated a studio at 320 rue St Honoré, Paris from about 1869 to 1879. Although Quinet made photographs of the moments and architecture of Paris as well as a series of views of Italy. A member of the Sociéte Française de Photographie from 1876 to 1894, Quinet exhibited his work at the universal exhibition of 1878. Most of Quinet’s work is housed at the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, where he deposited his Etudes at the Depôt Légal in 1868, 1875, and 1877. Quinet’s work is occasionally confused with that of his contemporary, Constant-Alexandre Famin. While the pair made photographs with similar subject matter, general stylistic differences distinguish the two. It is possible that Quinet, acting as a publisher or distributor, placed his own stamp on works made by Famin.
  • Now from here we can move to Constant Famine… What a positive thing to name your kid! They name-drop each other bc thats how they hold the whole system up. Once one comes down they all go together. Its All Fake

I have just found the complete album an anonymous compiler put together of Apperts pictures and others featuring the same content. In some weird Scandinavian museum I always felt so fortunate I was able to find the 4 or 5 that I was able to, now there are enough leads for a brand new chapter. The Missionaries branch out into the Orient where there is another case of execution by the Natives, the art work is worth looking at. I haven’t checked any details regarding the new martyrdom cases. There is another picture of a bunch of headshots of other martyrs of the “Companie of Jesus”, one of them is an M. Surat, I need to look again for an image of Mary Surat of the fake Lincoln assassination, supposedly she was one executed but it never happened bc Lincoln was a fictional character. Even if it is not the same person it is the same family. A lot of Wilkes and Boothes around too.

There is also a pic of the young men who I am assuming is the athletic club that traveled to Greece to helped establish the Olympics.

One of my favorite new ones is an image of the catacomb all decorated up with wreaths. There is an image of the French Revolution with a lamppost covered to the top with wreaths that is reminiscent. Its not a picture, its an illustration. The following picture is of an alter with the martyrs encased at the top, these are the Catacomb Saints. The Paris Commune martyred priests as catacomb saints is a creative touch, I can believe I didn’t think of it myself.

The Fake Ancient Rome thread runs parallel to the French Revolution thread, crossing over in several places, its hard to tell one without telling the other. Appert is a direct connection that covers both at the same time. I also included a copy of a menu featuring horse and dog, This was mentioned several times in the Normie work, straight war time propaganda. One place says they even raided the zoo and ate the animals, I took the menu to showcase propaganda techniques. Speaking of that, another image I couldn’t pass was a mainstream outlet London Times, the photographer is set up with a war going on around him and nobody is interacting with him. This is suggesting that both sides acknowledge the media as unbiased and dutifully, they let him work. This is a joke. Its supposed to make people trust the media that has never printed one single honest story ever and has to rely on subliminal manipulation. You’ll get it when you see it…

Not that M Surat afterall

Another engraving
Alleged victim of the massacre, sporting the ‘Thinking Man’ gang sign.

Monument to the Martyred Saints

This is the entrance to the monument to the Martyrs of Arcueil, located on the same ground as the long lost fake catacombs of the Expo. I told you they had plans for this from the very beginning, the fake catacomb was recycled to be used as a separate fake catacomb for a second set of fake martyrs… I’m trying to make as comprehensible as possible but it should be amusingly obvious.
The new fake site even contains the same pagan sigils and stone alter as the old fake sites that led us here to begin with. The alleged Chi-Rho is seen in multiple variations all throughout timeline history, the scriptwriters inserted the same outline and imagery into all the languages.. Chalk this as another example of how linear timeline history is a trap. Its all circular and cyclical. Names at the top are Delhorme, Captier, Bourard.

So the World Fair catacomb was shipped of to this special Jesuit school so it could be accessible for free to the whole world. Unfortunately a little thing called the French Revolution got in the way and all the witnesses were massacred and all documentation was lost. A monument was erected in their honor called “The Cave” but it has absolutely nothing to do with the catacombs? Yeah, ok. The picture is significant bc it is an admitted fake made by the same guy that made the fake Haox Massacre from the French Revolution, Ernest Appert. Appert openly hired actors to pose in his studio where he would superimpose their pictures onto the appropriate background. Worlds first photoshop artist. Apperts origin story includes miniaturization, same as Bruno Braquehais, the deaf photographer of Vendome. Furthermore they both filmed the same series of events from both opposing sides. This is just at a glance, Im sure there are more similarities but that merits its a dedicated thread. The above images of the damaged CDC building are Bruno’s too, meaning it wasn’t by chance he shot the same building from three angles.

The World Fair model had three potentials before the Pope interfered; 1.) to be used by photographers taking for-profit pictures of people… The source for this is the P. Fide’s own publication, they make it sound like a novelty trinket kind of prospect, it belittles the atmosphere surrounding it. 2.) Sold to the College of St Germane which is just name dropping really. To build the association with the mystic/prophet con-artist. and 3.) To be sold to the British Museum where it could be displayed to the World, what an honor right?

I think we got all three. The narrative makes it sound like the church wasn’t interested in such things and went for the ‘Holier than Thou’ angle. Thats bullshit. The church wanted all three of those things, the denial is just part of the Modus Operandi. I say the combs went somewhere where they could be mass produced and shipped out to anywhere or everywhere. Even if the World Fair crypt ended up being a monument for the fake martyrs, the church still had diagrams and schematics and blueprints and instructions for assembly and shipping. This was the plan the whole time. This is partially how a worldwide network of fake archeo-religious sites that nobody has access to for independent authentication gets created. The “Cave” is lost as well. It would be a befitting end for such an art-spook masterpiece. The only reason those two pictures survive is for the Hall of Records. They are obsessively narcissistic about themselves and their works and something of this magnitude would not be completely erased from the his-story record. I dont believe that was the end.

“The atrium of the Capella Graeca (Greek Chapel) in the Catacombe di Priscilla. It is not clear whether this is an image of the original in Rome, or the reconstruction in Valkenburg, The Netherlands. Image from a picture card booklet.” The takeaway from this comment by the Ministry of Truth is meant to cause doubt on every picture. Its saying the fakes are so good even the experts cant tell. That way if any one of them is scrutinized by a critical thinker the response would be just to dismiss it as one of the fakes. They are all fakes. Maybe that “picture card booklet” was an catalog. It also gives us a lead for anyone that wants to go down that rabbithole, the Valkenburg, Netherlands and their fake combs. They will name-drop others, they’re nothing if not predictable

Saints of Bling

This is the end game of catacomb saints of the World Fair. These ones weren’t on display but you can tell just by looking at them. For the most part these are openly admitted fakes. Gluttony and extravagance of the Church run amok.

So the story goes the church was in desperate need of new holy relics sine the Reformation and the spread of iconoclasm all of the churches art and relics were destroyed. The Church has a dedicated response when questioned about the lack of evidence to support the claims of the early church, and thus, modern history. The period is called the Reformation, its a cover for the Reset, when church property was targeted and destroyed and the destruction of all sacred religious icons. This way when the immigrants repopulated the area or the orphans got old enough they could just be told, “Ahh, those blasted iconophobes destroyed all our evidence when they sacked the cathedral we built.”

The destruction of church property is called the Beeldenstorm,contains the B-L syllable as in Ba’el, Beelzebub… they mean Lucifer

The churches response was to make new relics, they descended down into the catacombs and pulled out as many saints they had just kinda laying around and decked them all out with bling only the Vatican can supply.

They are called fakes bc it is unlikely the skeletons were actual saints, since skeletons in the combs themselves were stacked up willy-nilly it was most likely the bones of some old peasant as opposed to an authentic Saint. See where this is going?

These are used as an example to throw under the bus as fakes so the other saint will pass as real when held up to these impostors.

Even though they are known fakes they are still highly collectible for obvious reasons. Most are housed in Switzerland but they can be found all over Europe. Ages range from the mid 1700’s to… So theres a modern author (I dont plug for spooks) that recently published a book about the trend, he says while work in the Czech republic some random guy walks up and offers to take him to a falling down old church in the woods where one of the skeletons were holding out a cup of dust that supposedly was his own blood 200 years ago. He had recently completed a book on church crypts and ossuaries and this was a natural progress. (Gradualism is an M.O.) Every article I’ve read about him mentions he is based in L.A., thats a trigger.

In a CNN interview he sums it up himself:

What was the purpose of decorating the skeletons in gold and jewelry?

Answer: “It provided a new and important form of propaganda…”

Its meant to be about the centuries past but he is speaking from first hand knowledge.

As if that kind of thing happens all the time it happened again, and then again, till suddenly he had enough to write a book about it. He tries to play it off like it happened organically, (they always do; it never is) but the book wasn’t published in 2013 and I couldn’t find any evidence these were older than that. The narrative repeats itself that the church hid the relic saints away out of fear of the Reformers and were boarded up inside the walls where they were forgotten for a few centuries. During some renovations the wall was removed exposing the long forgotten treasure. They say that shit all the time about everything. Anytime you hear about a recent discovery of something of major historical significance that shit was just planted there. They use that line all the time. “Recently discovered during some renovations…” bullshit. So these things might not be that old at all but I mean look at them, How could I not include these guys?

Another tradition says the skeletons were frequently mistaken for wooden models for which wax was applied in many layers giving a more lively form, until one day they are inspected up close for cleaning it was discovered they were really bones. One account says he was investigating a potential location and found one in the alter even the preacher didn’t know it was there. I’d like to know the church and the preacher; either he was in on it or it was planted when nobody was looking.

Another case in 1977, a bejeweled saint was ‘returned’ after being sold by the mayor 150 yrs prior, these are all cases that a switch could’ve been, and probly was, pulled off right in front of everyone and they just kinda went with it, I mean whose gonna say no?

It is said that once an order was placed in Rome a special delivery agent would make the drop off. Since there is a church law forbiding the sale of holy objects the money was paid indirectly, kind of like a 501(c)3 company or the way to bribe a politician is ‘donate’ to his charity of choice. The law is called Simona, named after Simon Magus, the ‘Magician”, any mention or reference of magick or witchery is a key word too. It might not seem like much and too thin if you are new to this information but you better let that shit go. That is how these people communication, signs and symbols and numbers and gestures.

Even the Ministry of Truth says upfront that the people taking the orders for the Saints became adept at finding Saints to match the family name of the wealthy buyer. If anything on wiki says anything about being fake they are trying to trick you. wiki is the most non fake anything so if they tell you something is , why? In this case I think its too muddy the waters as much as possible. They are ALL fake so they flood the market with obvious and lesser obvious fakes so its harder and harder to tell. Also opens the door for old Reset famo;ies to proclaim saint blood, St Clemens comes to mind, Mark Twain,

The church doesnt take an offical position and views them more of like a local history, except the local historians dont know much about them except they come from the church and most likely fake.

His-story claims the first discovery was made at Coemeterium Jordanorum on the via Salaria, Rome, in 1578, Some workers found a hole in the ground in a vineyard. Its the same parroted script from the Mithra temple. The site is now called the Catacombs of Priscilla

Here is an image of Orpheus found inscribed in the catacomb site. The other is a christian image from the same site. Its the same image. What they are trying to do is show a transition from Pagan to Christian, it shows Christianity is just a repackaged variety of the same script. It is also mocking Christianity as showing it is really repackaged Paganism.

Orpheus used a fish for a symbol, was known as the shepherd, speared in the ribs, virgin birth, tricked by serpent to eat the apple, cruxified, reserected, associated with bread and wine… but nah, that couldnt be a pagan Jesus.

One thing that gets me about Orpheus is he is often shown with a flute, a Pan flute, I wonder if there is an association between Orpheus and Pan that would also pla

Hold up a minute… -Oh thats good, I almost passed right by. Orpheus is a Greek character. He’s not even Roman. WTF isa Greek character doing in there anyway? did you ever think about that? Even if he is the Jesus equivalent, did it ever cross your mind you could be worshiping an illegal immigrant?

St Hilarious, (lol) at the St Jakobus (Jacobin/proto-socialist) in Bavaria rocking the Jesuit ‘IHS’ sigil.

Here is the pagan alter that predates the church and an inscription that says some kind of variation of Jacobin Alter Privieges. no shit


Now we must circle back to the beginning as another example of how linear timeline history is a trap, lets return to the original layout of the piazzas claimed by the charter Jesuits and Propaganda Fide agents, known simply as The Order.

The Piazza Napoleone, Piazza Novona, Piazza DiSpagna and the Spanish Steps, Piazza Del Popolo, Piazza Barberini and Piazza Venezia are all one complex claimed by the Jesuits. Within walking distance from them all is the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. Our Lady of the Conception of the Capuchins is the site that connects everything. The Jesuits hijacked all the surrounding properties and pretty much all of Rome and built their own catacomb tourist trap to support their own version of events written down by church scholars going from Heinrich Keller to Father Didon [Dido doesnt make his entrance until the next report] Their own combs rivaled that of Paris and included celebrity promo’s by Mark Twain, as we have uncovered Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) is an ancestor to the fake popes St Clemens. Twain is a trigger for everything with his name attached and is famous for no other reason than birth-right. His ancestors were probly scripted in by H. Keller so long ago which is why Twain and Helen Keller were such good friends. That is speculation though but based off patterns and intuition.

The Chapuchin crypt is said to be the inspiration for combs scattered all over the world, Im sure they are but not in the way you think. The sleeved arm and the naked arm is the symbol for the Chapuchin/Jesuit Order and can be found everywhere on Earth. The colorized image was clipped from a church in Greece, in the next report we will cover Greece more in-depth. Another from Jerusalem, 18 Disraeli street, gotta hit the aces and eights somewhere.

Another Capuchin catacomb
Gotcha bitch-ass, you can always tell the bad guys because they always playing pocket pool. This is one of the first photographers.

Start Looking

Since 1271 belonging to the bishopric of Basel, the castle served as exile residence of the prince-bishops of Basel from 1527 until 1792. The bishops had been exiled from Basel during the Swiss Reformation in 1529, whereas they were able to keep most of their territories outside the city. The city served as the summer residence and from the beginning of the sixteenth century as the permanent residence of the prince-bishop of Basel. At the end of the sixteenth century, rebuilt the palace which had been damaged in a fire and established a highly-respected Jesuit school. Today, these buildings house the canton’s college, the Lycée cantonal. ‘chapel’ in Porrentrut, Switzerland is a Jesuit castle that features a rooster , Rooster symbolism is popping up more and more. Multiple meanings but probs here a representation of Sun (Son) venration as the rooster announces the arrival of the Sun. Could also could be Abraxis. It is also specifically called a Capuchin chapel, this is farther evidence the Chapuchins were Jesuits. All of the homes of the blinged ‘saints’ are in Chapuchin/Jesuit churches or the private residences of Jesuit families. Just try to find one that isnt. Here is a list of places to start looking:
  • Waldsassen Basilica in Germany
  • St. Valerius in Weyarn
  • St. Valentin in Bad Schussenreid, Germany
  • St. Friedrich at the Benedictine abbey in Melk, Austria
  • St. Felix, Sursee, Switzerland, in 1761, and St. Irenaus, brought over a century before
  • St. Munditia, in the church of St. Peter in Munich
  • Stams, Austria, St. Vincentus
  • St. Getreu in Ursberg, Germany
  • St. George in Burgrain, Germany
  • Rohrshach, Switzerland
  • Heiligkreuztal, Germany
  • Rheinau, Switzerland
  • Capuchin chapel in Porrentruy, Switzerland
  • Church of St. Nicholas in Wil, Switzerland
  • Roggenburg in Germany, the festival continues today
  • skulls , two

I started looking in one place it was so spooky it need to have its own post. it has a blinged out Catacomb Saint, Clementine, probly an ancester to Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens famous for no reason except birth-right has fake ancesters inserted into early church.

Check out the Gypsy Trap of Brno

Catacomb of Saints Mark and Marcellian

I just picked a random catacomb in Rome, lets see what the Ministry says…

  • “In ancient sources, the catacomb is known as the cemetery of Basileo ad sanctum Marcum et Marcellianum . This double wording first indicates the name of the owner of the land in which the catacomb was excavated, a certain Basileo…”

The only reason that is included is to insert Basel Switzerland, an old-world seat of power. St Mark is the Winged Lion Saint too. Basel isnt even spelled right

  • After the Edict of Milan in 313…” and “…originates from a staircase built after 331...”

These are just the number drop.

  • “The catacomb was visited for the first time, after the long medieval period of oblivion, by Antonio Bosio. It was then explored again by Giovanni Battista de Rossi in 1868…

We covered these guys already. One is a fairy tale and the other is the World Fair trickster.

  • “…excavations above ground in the years 1902-1905, finally identified the complex with the catacomb of Saints Mark and Marcellian. In fact, he found, under the courtyard of the San Tarcisio institute, some apsidal structures (which he identified with the basilicas mentioned in the ancient sources) and the so-called crypt of the four columns , with its very important paintings. The discovery of a fragment of an epigraph of Pope Damasus , and of two engraved inscriptions referring to the two martyrs, are definitive proof of the identification of the complex, against the controversy raised by Orazio Marucchi...”

This tells us quite a bit actually, so the site was surveyed by de Rossi the con-artist, 35 years later they found exactly what they were looking for. Underneath a church institute too, well how convenient it that?! This sounds like the formula used to create the Jamestown colony site. the Army Corp of Engineers were in like 50 yrs before anybody said anything. Then the property ends up in possession of a professor at William and Mary and wouldn’t you know, they found exactly what they were looking for too. There is outside validation for any of this. Oh wait, I never mentioned Orazio, the Spanish variation of Horus should be a clue, he was a part time Egyptologist too. He played the part of controlled opposition from time to time, as it seems here. His admitting the opposing side would seem to give it unquestionable authenticity. 

No they weren’t, thats another mark, the year 47 is a big one for Intel, it was also the birth of the CIA. the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology are the same people that I got the report on the Rossi comb at the World Fair.

  • “…remained in the Calendar of saints until 1969 , when it was excluded due to lack of biographical data on the two saints.”

They finally had to admit these saints were bogus, or at least the closest thing to it, they were removed from sainthood for lack of data. These guys would just make up anything. Maybe thats why they did it, throw them under the bus to make the others appear more realistic, a common theme this report.

This is the pic given for the institute. no year. Maybe the Monks are builders but I dont see any rocks. Unless it was a miracle that turned all their wooden logs into stone walls… 35 years is long enough for de Rossi to install the catacombs and bury them and then build the Institute on top of the site, where it could be announced at the most opportune moment that the combs were discovered.

This is a pretty good representation of the whole. Im sure if you looked at the history of each comb, especially all the ones in deRossi’s book, you’ll find pretty much the same thing in every case.

Sedlec Ossuary

Heres one from the Czech Republic. Story goes in 1870 an aristocratic family hired a woodcarver to rearrange the family tomb, this is what he came up with. So This ties into our report, its not just cool to look at. One of the problems with the catacomb saints is it soon became taboo that the cgurch was able to find saint remains of the wealthy family looking to buy them. Here we see this play out as the artist sculpts the family crest out of bones. Its not a martyr but does have the sigil of the Jesuits, IHS, stamped on it. There is a Jesuit school in town too.

Look at the people walking around, this thing is a tourist trap, just like it was designed to be.

Society of Foreign Missionaries

One group started by the Propaganda Fide would be the Foreign Mission Societies, this was a group acting of their own accord that would travel to all corners of the World and recruit members of the local population to act as a go-between for the church and natives. In real life the group is used to explain the existence of the Reset class everywhere where they should not have been. Meaning, you can find the same symbols and architecture in the heart of Africa that are related to a centralized world power structure. They were really there bc of slavery used to prepare for the Repopulation.

There was also the Foreign Missionary School in Andover, Connecticut, led by the Morse spook-family patriarch Jedadiah. This group was behind establishing the fake Indian tribes in America, also notably, Hawaii. The Foreign Missionary Society would be the big brother, making the same moves but on the world stage.

Rhodes is connected to the evil mad-scientist Dusty Rhodes that was involved with the human experiments for the Rockefeller Foundation in Puerto Rico. Cancer transplants and birth control /sterilization techniques. I know, I make alot of generational familial connections, it can be confusing at first.

This group from the Foreign Mission Society would become known as the Martyrs of Korea. The members on the right try to hit all bases at once; the Thinking Man, Devil Horns, Hidden Hand, and One Eye.
Departure ceremony at the Paris Foreign Missions Society, 1868, by Baron de Coubertin (1822–1908), A French aristocrat and painter, he has been called a “somewhat gifted painter of religious and historical subjects” for which he received the Légion of Honor medal for his artistic work. He was also the father of Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games. 

The Coubertin connection is huge, not only are painters the first wave of false-history illusionists but now we have a direct link to what was going to be an entire separate post. The Arucil chapter of the P. Fide would also get involved with sporting competitions as a way for military intelligence groups to gather without drawing suspicion. It would eventually become the Olympic games. Coubertin family shows once again how spook-family operations span multiple generations.

I just found this picture of the Departure Ceremony included in the album dedicated to the Massacred Martyrs. Not sure of the full implications yet but Im sure its meaningful; nothing is random. Farther investigation should reveal the importance of why this was included in the album. Somebody is aware of the fraud and this is a tribute. There are always more leads, you just have to know how to see them

The Olympics

None of the pics of the condition of the building match other pics of the same timeline. The occupants dont have any continuity either but they could both be in the same building. At some point the school does get a new facility though, maybe thats what the Paris Commune was supposed to cover for, a land-grab and transfer.

These are the survivors of the massacre, relocated to a new spot you can tell by the statue in the back. There is a meaning to the type of dress. The style of robe farther compartmentalizes everyone into little boxes, like monk and priest. This iconic imagery is more World Fair flair written all over it. The forked beard in the rear is is another signal, not as common but still found regularly once you know what youre looking at.
I guess that’s the leader on the right edge. Loud and clear
This is written down as a “playground”, lol, sorry, I’m not seeing the see-saw and sliding board here. I see a military style obstacle course.

they might call this a school but its fake. Its all fake. This is just like one of those creepy pictures of the first Indian residential schools. Carlisle. Look at the kids, they are holding a pose. Thats not an organic shot, if it were, the camera would blur were there is movement. You can see in the faces of the ones that look around. Its not as humorous as the one kid trying to hold a mid-somersault pose but you get the idea. The Indian residential schools would be a good model for comparison. The were run by the church, most of them, the missionaries set up the grid to prepare for the fake westward expansion. The religion is different, in America things were decidedly non-Catholic, to give the appearance of separation of church and state.

Indians intelligence agents trained as athletes

I had to establish that there was indeed some kind of training going on here before we could get started. So far we have traveled from when the group was started that hijacked some choice real-estate and pulled off a few local archeological site scams to confirm the claims of the church, mainly all of history. Then that group took there little show on the road to the Universelle Exposition where the model was passed off to a militant group of bankster monks who fake their own massacre during the French Revolution to hide away. Now they have regrouped and have begun a rigorous exercise program. Thats about got us caught up in a paragraph. Let us continue.

International sporting competitions are like the World Fairs in that the provide a cover for opposing countries to get together without drawing suspicion to themselves. What bigger could you get than the granddaddy of international sporting events then the Olympics. The fairy tale that they are thousands of years old is just more of the Modus Operandi. Also like the World Fairs there is no clear date for the ‘First Olympics’, the true definition changes depending on who you ask and what classifies a true Olympics. It is generally accepted the first modern Olympic games were in Athens, Greece, 1896, held in conjunction with the World Fair. Next in 1900 in Paris and 1904 St Louis, The early fairs ran for months at a time and were more of a side show than a competition. “Participants” were used from the human zoo’s and anthropology exhibits.

Thats where we are going with this, the installation of the Olympics as a military intelligence operation. You seen that creepy ass shit at the opening ceremonies right? That the World Fair flair.


You know how this ties into our story? Remember I said certain places are just connected to some kind of project no matter what passes through. There was a head prior named Father Didon at the Dominican College of Arcueil from 1890 to 1900, notably the author of a Life of Jesus Christ which devoted much of his life to.  (You might be surprized as to how much influence just a few people had in scripting Jesus’ life, this takes us back to Heinrich Keller, the art spook from part 1, when we left him he had retired from art and was writing full-time for the Vatican the history of Jesus, the life of Jesus is probly a patch quilt of several writers over many years, thats why nobody can agree on much). He is the person that really got the athletics program going, though his predecessor, Father Captier had started integrating sports into the school curriculum. These kinds of things always has a predecessor, the people and the events, it makes them harder to track and the methodology of the system is Uniformitarianism, or Continualism, Gradualism… it just means short baby steps, thats how the New World Order has been installed and refined for over 2 centuries. Didon is also connect to the Paris Commune as he is said to be the one that read the eulogy at the funeral of the massacred clergy.

Beginning in 1832 a series of games appeared called the Rondeau Olympic Games in Grenoble, an establishment in which the young Dido was a student: he himself was champion. (1851, 1853, 1855) See heres the gradualism again, a competition that spurs inspiration. Im sure if you could go back and check, that event is based off an older one, and so on forever, thats the concept of the Olympics duh.

There were 13 sets of games before the classification changed, of course 13. (New York had a set in 1853) Didon may or may not have been at this school, it could easily have been inserted that he went to this school and use it for backstory.

.On March 7, 1891 Henri Didon launched his famous motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (faster, higher, stronger) embroidered on the pennants of all competing nations. This motto will be taken up in 1894 during the first IOC Congress at the Sorbonne (Paris) by his friend Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

This is a diagram from the rules and regulations of the early Olympic games, I’m pretty sure Phs. Ed. in high school didnt include wall-climbing with a rifle slung over the shoulder.


Switzerland denied an invitation for the 1896 games bc they said it was “unbefitting” for Swiss society, ironic that they are now home to the International Olympic Committee.

The rugby team in 1899, similar to the P. Fide image at the top of post, all the way down the majority of people displaying the ‘Hidden Hand’ gang sign. The hand in the pockets is a marker in case you didnt know, same as arms folded across the chest and tucked under the pits like the guy sitting front left. These are labeled Dominican priests. The P. Fide was all about training locals to be agents of the Vatican, looking at the range of complexions in the faces of the guys in this pic I’d say they are accomplishing their mission, thats why they call themselves ‘Missionaries’, it aint about Jesus.

Sporting events could be used as a way for authorities to assemble that would otherwise draw negative attn to themselves, like Bohemian Grove or Bilderbergers. The World Fairs served this same purpose which is probly why the first Olympic games were held in conjunction with the 1904 St Louis Expo. Note any athletic groups mentioned from this period. Sports are the Great Distraction and were a feature OF the fair, NOT an independent event that just happened to be there. They just gave it a fantasy background that it was thousands of years old tradition honored by all warring countries, lol, the warring countries are always on the same team and need a disguise to get together for intel reasons.

When we continue we can track the new ‘mission’ as it uses athletics in place of religion for the same ends. This will bring us to Athens and Ancient Greece; a group of rubble piles given a false history narrative…