Pantheon as a Psychological Warfare Construct.

How Many Psychological operations could we fit in a single building

The Latin district? Thats the important part, not necessarily the town of Acrueil. Thats just the place that houses the local Propaganda chapter. The Latin District also houses many tourist traps with fake history attachments, one of the most significant at this point is the Pantheon building. The Pantheon building is central in so many threads I could spend all day on this one building, in fact I’ve been meaning to so check back for updates. Dont get it messed up though, the Pantheon has a hijacked history but it is a project all by itself. That means its limited to the true importance of things.

The first structure in that spot was a basilica built by Clovis, (Louis) first ruler to unite the Frankish tribes under one banner, he built the basilica to mark his conversion to Christianity in 507 ad after the suggestion of St Genevieve..

St G. is the patron saint of Paris, remembered for saving Paris from Attila the Hun by conducting a mass- prayer-a-thon; as the Hun’s gathered outside the city walls Genny convinced the fleeing citizens to stay, but not to fight back but to pray (prey), the prayers were answered as the horde reorganized to take Orleans instead. This story promotes pacivity and no resistence against marauders and reinforced God is a State-ist. For His Love of the State was so great… Thats alot of why religion is pushed, religion promotes obedience and blind faith and fear of death

A second time St G appealed to a conquering king to spare the Parisians and he agreed. When the church was complete the remains of St. Genevieve was buried within.

King Louis the XV decided to build a new church and laid the cornerstone 1764. His chief architect modeled the new building as a facsimile of the Pantheon in Rome. Unfortunately the Revolution broke out before it was finished; the relics were looted and the body of Genevieve was dug up and her skeleton was burned at the stake. The crime for which she was found guilty was “propagation of error”, i.e., the catholic church. Surviving fragments were relocated several times eventually ending up in the possession of the State. The building was decided by the Post-Revolutionary government to become a mausoleum to all of Frances best children.

This fable neatly explains why there is nothing to prove her existence today other than a few items controlled by the State, which is self- validation and only supports the charge they are lying. It also inserts the concept of catacomb saints going all the way back to the early church. The charge which her bones were publicly burned suspiciously contains the word ‘Propaganda’, a shout-out to the Propaganda Fide, which was responsible for all the Roman catacombs as well. Maybe the word usage is meant to give the illusion of church and state, or more likely, it was the proto-socialists that are accused of the act. You couldnt think of a more extreme action then Posthumously burning a holy relic embodiment of the State

The is so much prestige and status associated with this place it has become a repository for all kinds of historical fictional icons. This place houses the remains of Louis Braille (which connects us back to the war against the deafblind population),

Marie Curie is there too, the one that her and her family won all these Nobel peace prizes, she is from Acrueil as well. Look, Mary Curie= Mar Cury= Mercury. Get it. It might sound thin but you gotta get over that, this subtle play on words and symbols and hand-signs is the language used by the scriptwriters of Normie history. Not only does this connection throw the Nobel Prize to the lions but every one of its recipients is now guilty by association. This might sound kinda far-fetched if youre new to the channel but thats the way the whole shit-show operates. Its all self-validation. All of it, the sooner you accept it and move on. The first step in recovery is acknowlegement. Busting just one Nobel prize winners kinda drags everyone else in the mud with them. Not to mention the very foundation of science, the Periodic Table is a sacred text in the religion of Science. Ms. Mercury also had a major Hollywood production recently, anyone that makes the silver screen… do I even have to say it?Don’t believe me? That’s cool, go find one (anything) that aint compromised, just page me and I’ll call you.

Alot of structures are given dates for construction that are just barely outside the Repopulation start. I still got it pegged at 1800, 1801. Aces and Eights. People are given fake death dates too, it makes them seem like they existed within recent memory or were built like that. Say here, this building sat empty for a thousand years and then all of a sudden its a National icon? Hell no, its fantasy.

Heres a close up of the triangle area atop the pillars. trying to decode any messages embedded might be overthinking too much. There is alot going on; mapping the Earth in one corner and another globe is positioned near a cannon, as if it was being used as ammunition…

Hmm speaking of the weaponized globe one of the features of the interior is called the Foucauld Pendulum. Its a ball on a string suspended from inside the dome that swings back and forth supposedly confirming the rotation of the earth. I saw this when it was on display at the Smithsonian back in the 90’s. Im not about to get derailed into a flat earth commentary but I will say that the location of the device gives it away as a fake. Probs nothing more than a parlor trick using magnets. If it was accurately portraying the earths rotation there would be no flat earth debates. It would be the go-to for all the Ba’al-ers. Maybe Ill try to expand a little bit more in the Flat Earth Map Fraud post. (the Gleason map was inserted in the Boston Public Library. Now we have the other side, both sides of the debate being manipulated by tricks. You always have to keep in mind these people rule by cheap parlor tricks and illusions, the good news is once you are aware of the trick it doesn’t have any affect over you. The pendulum debuted 1851 in Paris at the Pantheon, there was also one at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, another World Fair building. It is another case of a copy of a copy, the original ball being switched back and forth with the art museum. Nothing creepy about that.

Aside from the location blowing the cover for the pendulum its namesake is a tell as well. Foucauld… as in Roche-Foucauld, the fictional early philanthropist that help start the public welfare programs. See my paper on prehistory deafblind education.

Sticking with the psychological warfare Mk-Ultra style lets talk about the windows. By windows I mean the lack of windows. Also referred to as the ‘Room without a view’. Its talking about the mental prison we put ourselves in, a big tribute to mental slavery. Art Spooks.

The name Pantheon is commonly thought to break down into the meaning Multiple Deities, but thats bullshit. Anytime you see the word ‘Pan‘ it is talking about the Baphomet god, usually a representation of Satan or Lucifer, and ‘Theon’ meaning ‘Godly’, so what we have is the ‘Sacrd god of Lucifer’, as a building it would be a ‘Temple of Lucifer”

Not only that but the original site before St Genny was an ancient Roman city of Lutetia. Thats the L-U syllable thats important, as in LUcifer or LUminate. Its another Lucifer connection.

A map of the Roman predecessor of Paris. Ive suspected Paris was a huge Starfort for sometime. There are no points here but there is a wall and moat that surround the city. The map is dated 1540, thats bullshit. This could be a mix of truth and lies. erase the star points but keep the moat and wall.

The Pantheon is in the Latin Quaters bc the power has always been Roman, its still a seat of power in the Holy Roman Empire. The surrounding peasants changed their names but thepower has always been in the same spot.

It was modeled off the Pantheon in Rome, it is inscripted partially ‘Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius,...’, so even in the Roman copy we see the LU syllable prominently.

The sarcophagus of Victor Hugo, the author the wrote Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables, looks more like a parade float. Sun and star symbolism looking very Roman. Hugo’s funeral also included the Triumphal Arch. A parade under an arch is an occult ritual and a military exercise.

The life of Joan of Arc told in painting at the Pantheon. Joan of Arc includes mystical phophetic encounters and a good old- fashioned stake burning. It makes for a good script but has all the tell tale signs of an Intel project

Righteous Among Nations

Since we’re on the subject of psychological warfare operations its hard to top the Flat Earth as a divisive convo piece but there is another that is so bad its taboo to even mention aloud. Anything you are not allowed to even speak its name are the things people should investigate most. Holocaust denial. Its like the worst charge in all languages on Earth. Why do you think that is? Like the shape of the Earth, I’ll leave that up to the discretion of the reader to determine but I am compelled to include it here since somebody felt compelled to include it in the Pantheon mindfuck construct.

The Jews insert themselves into everything, the amount of Jewishness isnt really a problem since the scriptwriters can alter history however they want by setting up a new archeological site to support whatever changes in the narrative they want.

The brochure says the ‘Righteous’ are non-jews that help jews. The word they use in private for non jews is ‘Goy’, ‘Goyim’. Its the same as dropping an N-bomb but they are allowed to do and say whatever they want so theres that.

Ancient Rome is no exception, as we saw the jews insert themselves into the catacombs already, some company in Boston is devoted to jewish catacombs. Its not even about profit as much as the image of being everywhere all the time. or maybe they just felt left out. Doesnt matter either way, all the combs are fake.

The Pantheon in Paris has a memorial for Frenchies that helped Jews escape the holocaust, its just a plaque really.

The Righteous Among Nations, here is a token with its sigil

The hands are weaving a Maypole out of barbed wire that are ensnaring the whole Earth. The symbolism here is creepy AF. The Maypole is a pagan tradition usually associated with the early Germanic/Norse tribes. The globe we have covered already as much as I’m going to, the implications should be obvious. The reverse even features a sacred tree, planted to honor some agent provocateur or other in Normie history. In the real world I would called it Yggdrasil, the Axis Mundi of the Germanic Pagans.

Cultural Appropriation isnt cool bro, maybe someone should tell isreal, I mean Occupied Palestine. Now I’m going to go to the nearest synogogue and beg forgiveness for even thinking such things.

Roman Pantheon

The legend of the first Pantheon

According to legend a temple was first built here in the seventh century BCE in the Campus Martius (or “Field of Mars”) a large area of about 2 square kilometres where religious festivals and military musters were held, located to the north of the original site of Rome and its seven hills.

The site corresponded to a marsh called Palus Caprae (the pool of the goat) where Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome, who was son of the god Mars, supposedly ascended into the sky during a thunderstorm while he was reviewing the army 1. Although a temple probably did not exist here at such an early date it seems that there was a small altar dedicated to Mars in the vicinity.

‘The pool of the Goat’, thats our boy Pan, told ya so. Everything about history is gonna ba a lie, the trick is to read the embedded clues.

Excavations in the 90’s have ‘discovered’ a second floor below the floor of the Pantheon. Not saying its a Mudfllood building but, its a Mudflood building.

The building was burned down in 80 AD and 110 AD. No it wasnt but they have to throw the Aces and Eights marker in there somewhere right?

*See Also, Pantheon in Moscow

Pantheon Moscow

Several different designs and locations are offered. Officially it was never built. I dont think I believe that. Probs it did exist first but was destroyed. Multiple alternatives could be inserted as if they were all concepts. Early images of many old structures show removed details, the Washington Monument in DC is one I can think of that has a ring of columns that has been removed. These kinds of instances are dismissed as artist rendering or conceptual drawings.

The Pantheon was supposed to serve as a tomb for Vlad Lenin along with key early Communists and many who died in the Bolshevik Revolution. After Stalin died the project died too. Stalin is credited his his own style of architecture that stopped after his death. That type of architecture is Old World relics that have been destroyed so this supports my position that the Moscow Pantheon did exist.

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  1. I visited the Pantheon twice in my life. Interesting building, with the oculus at the top. Not quite grasping your concept of ‘everything ancient is fake.’ Are you saying that carbon dating is a fraud? What are your thoughts on very old caves that are discovered showing us charcoal drawings or etchings, which are 20,000 – 30,000 years old? Werner Herzog did a nice documentary on a fairly recent cave discovery.

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