More Jesuit World Fair Ossuary and Catacombs

These are part of a larger thread about a group of people faking early church history, and thus the history of the world, with a series of high quality artistic forgeries. Choosing two random example from the search browser suggestions this is what came up. Part of the Fake Ancient History section

Catacomb of Saints Mark and Marcellian

I just picked a random catacomb in Rome, lets see what the Ministry says…

  • “In ancient sources, the catacomb is known as the cemetery of Basileo ad sanctum Marcum et Marcellianum . This double wording first indicates the name of the owner of the land in which the catacomb was excavated, a certain Basileo…”

The only reason that is included is to insert Basel Switzerland, an old-world seat of power.

  • After the Edict of Milan in 313…” and “…originates from a staircase built after 331...”

These are just the number drop.

  • “The catacomb was visited for the first time, after the long medieval period of oblivion, by Antonio Bosio. It was then explored again by Giovanni Battista de Rossi in 1868…

We covered these guys already. One is a fairy tale and the other is the World Fair trickster.

  • “…excavations above ground in the years 1902-1905, finally identified the complex with the catacomb of Saints Mark and Marcellian. In fact, he found, under the courtyard of the San Tarcisio institute, some apsidal structures (which he identified with the basilicas mentioned in the ancient sources) and the so-called crypt of the four columns , with its very important paintings. The discovery of a fragment of an epigraph of Pope Damasus , and of two engraved inscriptions referring to the two martyrs, are definitive proof of the identification of the complex, against the controversy raised by Orazio Marucchi...”

This tells us quite a bit actually, so the site was surveyed by de Rossi the con-artist, 35 years later they found exactly what they were looking for. Underneath a church institute too, well how convenient it that?! This sounds like the formula used to create the Jamestown colony site. the Army Corp of Engineers were in like 50 yrs before anybody said anything. Then the property ends up in possession of a professor at William and Mary and wouldn’t you know, they found exactly what they were looking for too. There is outside validation for any of this. Oh wait, I never mentioned Orazio, the Spanish variation of Horus should be a clue, he was a part time Egyptologist too. He played the part of controlled opposition from time to time, as it seems here. His admitting the opposing side would seem to give it unquestionable authenticity. 

No they weren’t, thats another mark, the year 47 is a big one for Intel, it was also the birth of the CIA. the Pontifical Institue of Christian Archeology are the same people that I got the report on the Rossi comb at the World Fair.

  • “…remained in the Calendar of saints until 1969 , when it was excluded due to lack of biographical data on the two saints.”

They finally had to admit these saints were bogus, or at least the closest thing to it, they were removed from sainthood for lack of data. These guys would just make up anything. Maybe thats why they did it, throw them under the bus to make the others appear more realistic, a common theme this report.

This is the pic given for the institute. no year. Maybe the Monks are builders but I dont see any rocks. Unless it was a miracle that turned all their wooden logs into stone walls… 35 years is long enough for de Rossi to install the catacombs and bury them and then build the Institute on top of the site, where it could be announced at the most opportune moment that the combs were discovered.

This is a pretty good representation of the whole. Im sure if you looked at the history of each comb, especially all the ones in deRossi’s book, you’ll find pretty much the same thing in every case.

Sedlec Ossuary

Heres one from the Czech Republic. Story goes in 1870 an aristocratic family hired a woodcarver to rearrange the family tomb, this is what he came up with. So This ties into our report, its not just cool to look at. One of the problems with the catacomb saints is it soon became taboo that the cgurch was able to find saint remains of the wealthy family looking to buy them. Here we see this play out as the artist sculpts the family crest out of bones. Its not a martyr but does have the sigil of the Jesuits, IHS, stamped on it. There is a Jesuit school in town too.

The crest has a scene where a bird is plucking out the eye. Could be one-eye symbolism? heck yeah.

Look at the people walking around, this thing is a tourist trap, just like it was designed to be.

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