The Gypsy Trap of Brno

The ossuary is what lead me to Brno, its the second one in Czechia at that, once I got looking around I decided this would be a good showcase display of what I mean when i say that alot of times places are significant markers, if you know a person or an event is associated with a certain place it gives you an overall clue as to what its really about

brno Ossuary

Since we’re in Czechia lets see whats up with this one they found in 2001. Doing a preliminary dig in St Jakob church.


Theres the thing, the town had already been benefiting from the whole ‘dragons‘ scam.

they say it was a gift from a visiting dignitary and the pre-existing legend attached itself to the thing but I’d bet the monster was sought out by town/church leaders to put on display and the ancient dragon fantasy was pushed on the public like it is still pushed today, like Hollywood has a million dragon movies.

You know how I know? Besides the fact its obvious that is, look at the wheel hanging on the wall. This aint no Tex-Mex restaurant son, thats a sun wheel that is a tag. Given the location I’d say furthermore this is the same sun wheel on the Gypsy flag, lol. In subsequent picture there is a special nook for the top so it recesses back into the cieling, meaning its important enough someone built it its own display case. That cracks me up that I would even know that. I been in too deep too long. Good stuff, because Im right about all of it. Even when Im wrong I’m still right. Look not even one person is showing their hands, either they are all habitual pocket pool players or this is a group “Hidden Hand’ photo op.


Noted Moravian city. The Moravian’s were among the very first missionaries in Georgia in the first half of the 1800’s.

Astronomical Clock

And there’s an Astronomical Clock, well what they call an astrological clock but its really a big black obelisk that ejaculates souvenirs out everyday at 11 o-clock. It’s not really an obelisk though, it’s rounded so its a phallus. A big black dick that drops glass beads featuring the city coat of arms. Souvenir means it’s tourist oriented. They mislabel it on purpose to hide the real ones. A real astro clock is an ancient artifact, I’m always on the lookout so when I saw the headline I got excited but wasn’t surprised to find a big black dick instead. The whole town is a big black dick. Those hosebags know what they are doing.

Indecent church

Well maybe not all big black ones, this little statue one on the St James catherdral shining the moon gets his.


Staying with the underground theme there is a laborinth under Cabbage Square, It started out as a series of cellars under the historic district but wasnt a single unit until 2001. Its not that old and dooesnt look old but they say it is. It is true there probly was something here but there just destroyed whatever that was and opened a tourist trap. The center features and obelisk marker, and oh look at this, another wagon wheel just happens to be leaning up right behind it. Its a gypsy scam, not a big black dick, a gyp. One site called the place Vegatable Market and another called it Cabbage Square, I’m sure theres a mocking joke in there somewhere but Im not inclined and follow up. The Templar ‘Thin Red Line’ flag at the top.
The flag of the Gypsy is the wagon wheel. They are also called the Roma people, connecting both Egypt and Rome. Ancient history is a rip off, a gyp. This is also the Indian Sundisk, the Dharma Wheel. The wandering people without a home connect all ancient cultures, each fabricated to support the fake history.

Underground Reservoir

These are supposed to be construction pics confirming the date of late 1800’s but just look up close, theres no construction going on. Half the people are women in dresses. Not that they couldnt help but its more likely they are just standing there as an extra at a photo shoot. Theyre not even dirty. Ive worked construction for decades, even the best kept jobs are not that clean, you’d need massive amounts of water and brick and women in dresses are not designed for that type of work.

The most advanced piece of technology is the wheel. ;lol, These people have nothing literally except a wheel and they built all this? zoom in on the churches in the horizon, I guess those guys at least had a donkey and wagon.

The facility shut down for a while but was opened back up recently, an above ground entrance was erected but the year is suspicious too, Its too bold.

Genetics Museum

By genetics they mean eugenics. Mendel with his selective breeding programs in peas coined the term ‘dominant and recessive genes’. His work was later challenged bc the results became too predictable. He kept finding what he was looking for. Thats always an indication its a scam.

Chapuchin Mummies

Chapuchins are the Jesuit branch that broke off specialiazing in fake early Christian Burials. These mummies look like you can buy more realistic looking stuff in the Halloween store. Theyre promoted as a tourist attraction

Chapuchins are the Jesuit branch that broke off specialiazing in fake early Christian Burials. These mummies look like you can buy more realistic looking stuff in the Halloween store. They’re promoted as a tourist attraction but also used for science.

Grimm Family

First I thought it was the brothers that wrote the fairy tales, well its not the same pair but its close. ‘Friends’ is a trigger word, it means Jesuit, among other things

Catacomb Saint

This is the Granddaddy of all fake burial scams; ossuaries, charnel houses, crypts, mausoleums, hypogeums… They aint got shit on a Catacomb Saint. this one is St Clementine, an ancestor of Mark Twain perhaps

Samurai Bronze

Anything bronze is gonna be worth investigating. The Samurai class is fake history, like the native Americans and Eskimo… and every indigenous people on Earth.

Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Nukes are fake AF. This isnt the place to explain it to you, its inclusion in Brno should tell you by itself. It was a top secret Russian facility until the 90’s, when all of a sudden it was turned into a bar and hotel. lol. Top secret Russian nuke lab. Good one.


I knew there was one around here somewhere. The star forts in this part of Europe are more elaborate than the simple ones in America. Not much remains and its not even advertized in a tourist trap town, that should say something in itself. I only saw it in the background of another image bc I knew what it was.

UNESCO ‘Modernist’ home

Modernism became popular in the early 1900’s as the New World Bitch Club steered focus away from the grandeur and beauty of the Pre-Reset world. This structure is on the World Heritage list for being the first of its kind. It cost as much as 30 homes at the time of construction. Its famous for nothing. I mean for being just a box with no ornamentation, no inner walls or decorations. You will own nothing and like it.

Museum of Anthropology

These guys have a full scale replica of the cave art complex discovered in France in the 90’s. All rock-art and ancient cave dwelling sites are fake to support the inserted timeline. The site is said to be between 31-33,000 y/o features 13 distinct species. Rediscovery was made by a Deschamps family member, the elitest tribe, you know its bad when the National Park Service calls them “The Greastest Rascals in the World”. The whole ‘Theory of Evolution’ crap is just as bad as Creationalist. You either have A or B. Pepsi and Coke. Republican or Democrat. GTFOH.

Spielberk Castle

This one is maybe a little thin but I gotta wrap this up and its a nice way out. Heres the structure on top of the Starfort mountain. The spelling is different in several places. Possibly a Spielberg relative. The whole town looks like it could be a movie… because Its All Fake.

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