Dot War on the Blind History

This is one small part of the story about the war on the Blind and Deaf, about how Braille was finally chosen the official language for the blind. Helen Keller, who isnt blind or deaf, advocated for Louis(cifer) Braille, who was a historical fictious icon.

History of a Language 

The ’Light-Bearer for the blind‘, Louis-(cifer) Braille.  Born seeing he had some rare freak medical condition when he was a child. He damaged one eye with an awl but the immune system attacked the good eye, leaving him fully blind at 5. He attended local school till 12 then recieved a scholarship to go to the National institute where he would come into contact with several variations of writing before developing his own… So the old line goes…  

Braille’s was not the first or the only contender for the tactile (raised dot) alphabet, The quest for a method of communication that can be used without sound in pitch black takes place over many generations over the course of centuries and across the whole planet, there were many chapters of this portion of deafblind culture going at least as far back as 1517 to scribe Francisco Lucas of Saragossa that utilized a series of thin wooden strips with notches cut.  Other systems included a Jesuit named Tarzi in 1676 that used a series of knots tied in a string to convey different meanings. Many of the forerunners for the blind type all used the embossed Romanesque style characters which eventually proved less efficient than the dot system, including those of the Boston Line Type introduced by our own good doctor Sammy Howe. The Romanesque sigils were officially replaced by the dot systems in the spring of 1853, when leaders of the American Association of Instructors for the Blind, led by chairman Howe, gathered at the New York Institute for the Blind, to determine what style is most suitable for the blinds needs, this debate would go on for another few decades before Braille was finally chosen. The other business at hand was trying to convince congress to fund a printing press fund. Finally, in 1879 congress established a perpetual fund of $250,000 of which the interest was to be used for blind education. Specifically, a printing press, but before you could start printing books there had to be an agreed upon language. [Thats the offical stoy here guys, its all abunch of bullshit, there never was/is going to be an agreed upon language….]

The Dot Wars is the name given to the political efforts given to create a singular reading and writing technique throughout all blind institutions throughout the country and then, the world. They represent a dark period of time for the Blind community, No pun intended. It was a war on blind people using language as a weapon, similar to how with the deaf community they went in and took away their natural method of communications and the oralist/manualist battlefield the blind world was hit with attacks on their communications as well. What could be a more effective psychological warfare tactic on group can hold over another group of people than to take away that groups method of communications.

I wont go through the entire legislative rhetoric and virtue signaling politico mumbo jumbo. It went on for so long there never was any resolution, there never was supposed to be, thats the reason for politics. Review committees were formed and disbanded, grants handed out, government funding is 100% from taxes (at least on paper) and personal philanthropic measures, that means the public doesnt know about it The philanthropists are the ones you have to keep an eye on the most, then as today.

Every single branch of tactile writing was scrutinized over and again for decades. The method had been reduced to a few contenders after a while. Embossed Romanesque types like Sammy Howe were deemed too cumbersome and the focus shifted to Dot methods and the number and orientation of dots; two dots wide by three dots high or three dots wide by two high. The blind Language was officially changed over half dozen times. None of the people in charge of the unified American Brailee project even ‘spoke’ Braille. This was a clear example of not just how painfully slow the system is designed to run, it’s a clear instance of how the gears can be ground to a halt on purpose and legally and the people will appear to be hero’s and martyrs for their cause. They could not’ve been more ineffective if they tried. Two groups seeming dedicated to the attack on blind people are the American Association for Workers for the Blind and the American Asso of Instructors for the Blind. The Canadians, the French, the British, many names for the same entity.  

If there is any doubt in the reader this was a psychological warfare attack maybe its bc I haven’t yet told you even Helen Keller got involved with this one. Yeah, the Grand Pooh-bah Mindfuck herself chimed in and advocated for Braille over New York Point, citing technicalities that the ‘seeing’ politicians focus on for virtue signaling qualities. Keller tops it off in her usual manner saying as she can read fluently in all 6 official blind languages, she would be some sort of an expert… except that bitch couldn’t read any variation of Braille, let alone 6 different ones.  

Kellers’s involvement would be recorded as such: 

“Helen Keller, who has always avoided needlessly involving herself in controversies which might prove acrimonious, was not present, but she did write a letter to A. Emerson Palmer, Secretary of the New York Board of Education, which was read at the hearing….” 

That’s funny, don’t worry I had to look up the def too just to be sure, Acrimonious means a sharp bitter argumentative language. This Dot Wars was written in 1955, a very interesting in-depth look at the early his-story, since then there is another ¾ of a century to include in a new chapter, anyway I guess back then the author was still trying to give Keller the sweet little Angelpie slant, I’m sure she would’ve been very appreciative, lol. 

It wouldn’t be till 1930 before HK would reach her crescendo performance in the dot wars when she spoke in front of congress to ask for a federally funded adult braille library, She led with a few paragraphs of role playing for the politicians to pretend they were blind for a few mins so they would understand how books help blind people “forget about their limitations [and] misfortunes”. This is not something a true advocate would speak about themselves, Keller was supposedly blind her whole life, how would she know about limitations if she never experienced any other way? Needless to say it was still another year before anything happened with the library. Herbert Hoover passed the Pratt-Smoot Act on March 3 (33), 1931. Anything with the Pratt name attached to it means its a lie. This time Pratt just hogged all the credit, lobbying efforts and private fundraising efforts were made by such fractal pattern group’s as the North American Braille Authority and the Braille Institute of America. 


Oralism is the teaching of deaf students via spoken language, lip reading, mimicking mouth movements and facial expression. Opposite manualism which is taught using hand signs and gesticulations. Oralism stemmed from Darwinists that viewed deafness as a hereditary trait which they saw as a threat to future generations. Eugenicist’s goal was to erase it from our genome through programs and such as oralism. Oralists used strategies such as isolation, deaf people were removed from deaf communities and the presumption was there would be less deaf to deaf interaction would mean less marriages and ultimately no deaf children.  

This movement really began to pick up speed in the second half of the 1800’s. The first oralist school in the States was the Clarke School for the Deaf, was founded in 1867 by Gardiner Hubbard from a 50,000$ donation from philanthropist John Clarke, a Northampton merchant.  The first manualist school was set up by Gallaudet, the American School for Deaf, in 1817, based after the French signing model which had said to have been hundreds of years old and developed organically. Hold on now, just bc Gallaudet was a manualist doesn’t make him the good guy. This is a full-spectrum-dominance system, we’ll get back to him in a bit. 

In 1869 the first free public institution was formed under the direction of the Boston School Board, we have already covered who these boards are and how they operate, it is the same group of self-validating, self-policing aristocrats pushing a political agenda that serves their own interests. This time the project was called Boston School for Deaf-Mutes, but within a few years was renamed and would eventually become the Horace Mann School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

I use the term Oralist and oralism but that’s the pc term, more appropriate would be audist and audism which is the discrimination against deaf people. They promote discrimination and suppression of the deaf culture but do it in a way to say they are helping and providing care.  

 They viewed speech and speech alone was the difference that separated man from animal, intelligent form dumb. Their plan was to irradicate deafness through breeding programs and sterilization i.e., eugenics. Those in controls’ main objective is to stay in control. We see a similar reaction whenever a threat arrives. The deaf community does not share the same reality the hearing world shares; therefore, are a direct threat to the status quo and as such must be dealt with accordingly. We see the same pattern of division, confusion, legislation…etc. that appears in all these instances.  

All this pushback is happening at a time when the deaf population was really starting to gain acceptance publicly and communities were springing up in a collective pride and culture. In the early 1800’s many schools had begun popping up, Gallaudet was using the French manualist model, he taught teachers which went out and opened new schools teaching signs. There were printed publications for deaf and upper-class communities such as the one in Marthas Vinyard where deaf held public office and were considered equal. MV even had its own sign language which everyone knew hard of hearing or not. It is estimated 1 in 25 at MV was deaf however 25 in 25 could speak the local sign language, at least according to this Cointelpro front rag, The Atlantic. See how they are considered a potential threat? I consider this an example of why they need controlled opposition. Signing in general was targeted but since they can’t get all of them at least provide the outlet people will go to. These connected a strong network of people that was building momentum. The foundation of this was manualism, which is a person’s natural inclination to communicate with each other. 

The Second International Milan Conference of 1880 was a turning point for the community, put on by oralist proponents pretending to place the wellbeing and security of the deaf into the hands of the state. A self-validating ritual to explain authority and justification for declaring a new phase of psychological warfare waged on the deaf community and their culture lasting a century. Manual communications would be banned on the world-stage after this. I would offer that the banning of ASL was lifted in 1980 only bc of the advancements in cochlear implant tech. The modern audist eugenicist cure for deafness is the transhuman agenda, merge man with machine. It wasn’t really done to make amends. This is the start of the oralist takeover, the official switch from Manuel to Oral. Researchers today like to point out that deaf people weren’t able to represent themselves and decisions were made by non-deaf people without the former’s consultations, very true yes that, but I would like to add that this is always the case and you shouldn’t be surprized. Any time one group rules oppressively over another group they don’t usually ask for approval. This was an international congress which means these policies were implimented all over the world but as we’ve seen this is a small world and invisible boarders are only meant for the profane. The people behind the political drama are all the same. All these fake boarders really are created to keep people contained. The illusion of autonomy and jurisdiction. Promotes patriotism, which leads to war. 

The first Congress was held in Paris 1878, attended by 28 delegates from 6 countries. this is also the home of the Paris World Fair, which gave us the statue of liberty. Joe Magnat, an oralist Parisian teacher trained in Geneva by the Lyons Ins. received a wealthy endowment to organize the meeting 2 yrs later. Joe worked in Paris for the Pereire family and the private school in the Rueil village. Rueil is a Spook central-command hub in France, home to Banksters, Big Pharm, and Bid Oil companies in modern days. Its ‘twinned’ city in the US is Lynchburg. A pre-reset city full of olde world architecture, Rueil was home to one of Napolean’s ol ladies and was on the front-line of the French Revolution… Also ransacked by the Vikings in the 800’s, if you say so. If this guy was a private teacher here, he would’ve been upper-class elite 

No word on how Joe got his large startup funds but the Milan Congress was organized by the Pereire Society. Jacob Pereire was from a Portuguese cryptojew family, according to the Ministry of Truth, his family created a banking system which rivaled the Rothschilds and funded the first railroads in France. In 1759 he was made a member of the Royal Society of London. His family sure did want to erase sign language and spent 2 years finding the right attendees for the Milan congress in order to do so 

Milan had 164 representatives, only 1 of which was actually deaf, James Denison from America. Denison was married to Elizabeth Lindsay of Salem, the Lindsay’s settled around the 1680’s in Salem, according to their own account. They weren’t a very big family to have played a role at the fake With Trials. the Salem branch comes from Scotland, where there was an episode of the UK witch hunts several prominent Lindsay’s were at the front of the Paisley Witch Trials, two Lindsay boys 11 and 14 held hands as they were hung together. I’m sure it was a real heart-wrencher. This is just showcasing the type of family these people come from, just bc he says he is remembered as the only deaf attendee at the Milan Congress doesn’t make him a good guy. Nigga wasn’t even deaf. If he was, he wouldn’t’ve been allowed to attend. 

The Milan Congress probly never even occurred, there are no transcripts or minutes record except gatekeepers at Harvard let just enough of a clue come through that AGB spoke for 3 days, but won’t let you read the article though. The only thing that came out of the Congress is the 8 power points, they basically all say the same thing. The deaf community is fucked. Rule 1 says signing is detrimental to the student and will not be used. Rule 2 says lip reading is best and will be used, this was adopted on an international level. This is just another example of people being controlled by an old piece of paper, it has no authority except what you give it. There would’ve been no reason to have the congress to begin with. There would’ve been no competition since there is already a world power structure, so when all the countries start implementing the same techniques they can point to this old crumpled up doc and say “Look, Im just following orders” and they did that for a whole century, think how old fake docs are still used to control people take a look at the Magne Carta when you get a chance. 

There were 5 Americans present Denison, Eddie and Tommy Gallaudet and other members of Gallaudet board of trustees. 

Laws were passed requiring the oralist method in education centers and hand signing was forbidden. Teachers were hired (bribed by fat checks) that had no experience with deaf pupils. Children that had difficulties adapting to the method were punished. The Oralist assault was not only on the deaf. Speech and English speech only is what separated civil from savage. This included indigenous languages. Plains Sign Language, common amongst many Feral tribes was also wiped out by oralist methodology. Deaf were sent to residential schools, there was a network of state sponsored deaf schools, sometimes even before it was even a state there were Territory Deaf schools. 

The formation of the National Association for the Deaf was born as a result of the congress. 

HKP, by setting an unnatural bar, robs real disabled people of real achievements and prevents others from realizing their true potential. 


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