Gallaudet, Amos Kendall, The Morse Clan

Gallaudet, the Person


Gallaudet College 1897

Founded by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (b. c1781), him Laurent Clerc and Mason Cogswell, opened the first school for the deaf in 1817 it was called Connecticut Asylum for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb Persons.  

Tommy, oldest of 8 siblings, originally from Philly but moved to Connecticut as a young child. At age 15 he was heading to Yale, where he would graduate before his 18th birthday. (Skull and bones) For some reason he got a job as a traveling bible salesman in rural Ohio and Kentucky where he taught the local ferals history lessons. This led him to seek spiritual training and he was an ordained minister before returning to door-to-door work. Oh boy this is starting out good. 

The Hopkins family in America goes back to Jamestown, Steven Hopkins signed the Mayflower Compact on November 11 1620. Received 6 acres 1623. It is said his experiences with the natives in Jamestown led to a good relationship with the natives around Plymouth Colony, this is what caused Plymouth elders to ask him to approach Massasoit. Steven is also said to have been one of the first men in Bermuda, where his adventures would be put in a William Shakespeare play ‘The Tempest’. The shipwreck story supposedly makes its way all the way back to the Mermaid Tavern, where Shakespeare must’ve overheard it and immortalized Hopkins in his play. Do you believe that fucking bullshit. Oh yeah, he is also the one that had the baby born on the Mayflower, Oceanus. The only thing useful is reference to the Mermaid, that connects us to City of London, Shakespeare must’ve been a creation of Banksters also. The Hopkins are a Reset family, they had a hand in the installation of the control grid. Everything about them and their past is a lie. Hmm 

  • See Also: Plymouth Colony Division of Cattle 1627, fake Reset doc for illegitimate claim to authority. Melville Bell language inventor helped create reset docs. Colonial America is fake. Looking at his doc with the mindset that it’s a fraud it becomes laughably obvious it’s a fake doc. 

The Hopkins is on his mothers side, his father was Peter Wallace Gallaudet, side to be a personal secretary to George Washington, another fictional character, existing only in school fables and patriotism propaganda. In 1824 he became secretary of the US treasury. Later in life peter founded a Manual Labor School and Orphan Asylum in Washington. Peters lived with uncle Elisha was the engraver of the first American coin, the 1776 centennial dollar. 

Peter raised funds to build his Manual School by selling a book titled A Facsimile of Accounts of George Washingtons Expenses During the Revolutionary War. The book is probly real as you can get the subject not so much. It was written to cover for the Reset. Inventor of a fake war. Just like the Cattle Division manuscript. The Expense Account has a story to tell all of its own and its appropriate to be inserted in this instance. The school was never built nonetheless. Orphans are a designation in the caste system. After the Reset the local ferals were rounded up and taught a fake history and who’s gonna know? Show them some old fake docs and repopulated cities, the owners of the cities using the fake docs to assert their privilege.  

Manual or Industrial Schools were said to be a necessary response from the huge amounts of war orphans and abandoned children (Ferals). An exhibit at the 1893 Columbia Expo promoted the Normal educational model, which included the Manual Labor School 

U. Notre Dame, Indiana, home of industrial school

The same 1842 act of congress that started the Manual Schools also gave us the University of Notre Dame. This was supposedly built in 1843 out in the middle of nowhere Indiana. Featured University for one Class and vocational training for the other. 

Edinburgh Scotland is a central hub of Reset command central. They had a deaf education model by Thomas Braidwood going back to 1760. So much history traces back to Edinburgh, from the reaper, the labor question, the Bell family… I should’ve expected to start here in the Deaf education thread as well. The Braidwood Academy for the Deaf and Dumb. Thomas’ nephew started a London chapter in 1783. These schools only worked with wealthy parents. The Braidwood system involved a combination of signs, lipreading, and gesticulations. *First student was a painter. Braidwood also has claims to one of the first schools in America, VA, but it didn’t last and closed its doors shortly after opening. Considering the time period I think its most likely Braidwood was invented to support a false narrative. Any time they say his secrets were carried with him to his grave they are lying. 

1760 L’Eppe opened the first public deaf school in France; the French had their own system developed over centuries organically, so they say, this is the same time Braidwood starts what would become the British Sign Language. 

In 1814 Gallaudet, the door-to-door traveling salesman minister yale grad came across Alice Cogswell, who was struck deaf and mute after a childhood illness. We will see that line repeated over and over, her father, Mason Cogswell, determined to provide a school for people like her. 

Mason was son of a minister but raised by Sam Huntington, member of the Continental Congress and Gov of Conn. Cogswell also graduated from Yale, valedictorian even! Already we can see this was not some random “guess who I bumped into today” encounter. These guys are both yale grads, one a child and the other was the valedictorian. Technically Skull and Bones doesn’t show up till 1832. It’s co-founded by a Hopkins, imagine that, the S&B is just a label, a side project, the brotherhood has always been there and Tommy and Mason bear witness to that. Tommy is the only person in the whole bunch that has no direct tie to deafness. Everyone else has a fake child that becomes deaf through illness. The only connection here is Yale, making this a spook operation from the start. That and Hopkins obviously the john Hopkins med school. Deafness is treated as a medical problem, remember all those elite kids that turn deaf after getting sick, that could be Hopkins interest here is medicinal industrial complex.  

Mason could be connected via this thread as well, he studied medicine under his brother, eminent war surgeon. Volunteer Surgeon for Veterans, at the soldier’s hospital in Stamford and NYC. Yikes. Even though I could find nothing on these group this is he title he gives himself. It’s a military medical human experiments It’s a conundrum to say the group didn’t exist, the rev war didn’t really exist either, it is a piece of the Reset, the great reset was broken up into compartmentalized pieces for linear timeline purposes. 

It’s clear early on that what the mission here is to create a central sign language, at the time there was nothing standardized, populations had local signing languages, such as the Martha’s Vineyard sign language. The preferred answer to the Deaf question is to eradicate sign language altogether but this is full-spectrum-dominance here guys. If plan A fails there is always plan B. 

Cogswell offers to provide funding for tommy to travel abroad and learn the European models. His political connections would’ve been handlers for the State; it is said funds were established by the end of the first day. Mason just happened to be there, this was an end-game project the people installing this system knew it, Mason can go fuck off it wouldn’t matter one bit. Later Clerc met with Prez Monroe who expressed interest in Washington DC. DC is not America, it’s an autonomous district. This meeting signaled the interest of the Feds, it was ultimately started by the top and all this build up and circus and now the baby is coming home. The president serves as a way to explain why the cooperation at his level. Monroe don’t give a fuck about sign language, he just a figurehead the media can use to hype shit up. 

Clerc stayed and the Connecticut school was home till he died. Tommy didn’t stay around forever he retired to writing children’s Old Testament Christian books.  

Turns out Braidwood’s were not welcoming and refused to teach the family secret, remember Braidwood catered to the wealthy. I think that’s bullshit, it wasn’t supposed to be a one-stop shop, he came and they debriefed and he moved on. Next stop was one of Epee’s schools, where he was introduced to Laurant Clerc. Supposedly Clerc was in London on a lecture tour and the two met randomly, I call bullshit and say Tommys arrival had been a long time coming and there was a get-together of all the reset intelligence spooks to determine what the next phase was.  

His-story looks down at Braidwood for refusing to cooperate with Gallaudet over profit but maybe it wasn’t about money. Braidwood would even open a school of his own before Gallaudet and Clerc, being the first public deaf school in America however it didn’t last long and shut down a few years later. 

Clerc (variation Clark?) was upper class son of the town mayor. Story of childhood accident (he fell into a fire) left him with a facial scar that became his namesign, most popular namesign in history: ‘U’ downstroked on the right cheek. Maybe this is nothing. I haven’t seen it performed but it fit the profile of stuff we are looking for. Speaking of profile markers, the Congregational Church (33) census declares 80 deaf people in New England and 800 in America. Accident is not said to have caused his hearing loss. 

Clerc was teaching at an Epee school. Gallaudet stayed a few months and the pair returned to America. They opened up the Asylum for the Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Persons where Clerc taught signing, Gallaudet was Principal 1817-1830. Thanx to snowflake PC sissy culture it is now known as American School for the Deaf, or simply ASD. First state sponsored school., funds only covered 5 yrs per student. 

This is the beginning of American Sign Language, ASL, as I could find it. BSL is given to Braidwood, which may explain my he wasn’t chosen to come to America. It wasn’t the money, its Babylon, they want to confuse the languages of the people. This could’ve been the time to create a worldwide recognized single sign language for deaf people. They kept that shit separate on purpose bc its Babylon. That’s what it is. 

Tommy would marry one of his students, Sophia Fowler, this happens quite often enough to note, AGB uses the same line. The couple would go on to bare 8 children together and stay married for 30 years. Fowler comes from a founding line of Milford and New Haven colony. Patriarch immigrated with the 1638 Davenport Company. This family was prominent in church, court and military affairs, for participation each generation was granted more and more land, at one point being the largest land owners in the area. See how these old fake docs self-validate an illegitimate claim to privilege. These land deeds are still honored today and were written by the Inheritor parasite class to justify their false claim to status. 

 Another notable family member is Abraham Fowler, ‘Capt Sr’, born 1652, maternal line of the Hubbard Reset family. Abe was a sergeant in the United Colonial Militia that fought and survived what his-story calls the Great Swamp Battle, the climax of King Philips War. The core of the Indian resistance was holed up in the middle of an inaccessible swamp, in December it froze over and the united colonies ambushed the site of the fort. Colonial forces burned the fort with all residents, including several hundred women and children. The Indians were never able to recover and victory was soon declared. This obelisk and stone circle memorial was allegedly raised in 1906 but what are the chances these are much older than that? Pretty good id say, Inheritors just chiseled their name onto an ancient site. The raised fort surrounded by water sounds like a description of a typical starfort, the Indians would have been Ferals, local survivors of the Reset. * Note the record of one colonist that fought for the Indian side, this may be the Gypsy character we bump into later on.  [*New Note :), I wrote this a long time ago before I figured out that Indians are fake and there was no Colonies and Abraham Lincoln was a phantom]

*See Also: Braidwood center in VA 

Amos Kendall 

Famous Amos helped install the illusion of democracy in DC he helps get the 2-party platform paradigm het started. Postmaster General. Invested in new intel invention the telegraph. Kendalls family included members of the Committee of Correspondence a shadow intelligence network that agitated the Am Rev. Early advocate for public schools, his ministry of Truth bio says he went to them as a child, that’s bullshit bc the same source just said his family owned pretty much the whole town. Went to Dartmouth college, joined ‘Social Friends’ fraternity and another one the Ministry calls ‘Gymnasium Adelphon’ (brotherhood of public education). Maybe that’s why his Truthwiki pages keeps repeating he attended public schools all his life. But probly it means his fellow frat bros are all dedicated to installing the infrastructure for the Pestalozzi system. 

Further investigation finds another mention of the “semisecret” group carried over to the Lawrence Academy at Groton by precept Samuel Woodbury, Sammy claims he started the self-help debate group at Dartmouth which lasted 4 years. While I believe his account is complete bullshit it is noteworthy to see the name come up here. Groton academy is a feeder grooming school started by the Families to prep students and recruits to Harvard, Brown, Exeter and so on. 

Most remarkable is Kendall was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, hold on to that for now that’s a big one. PBK has chapters at all the big ones but this time we’re talking about Yale. PBK also connects us to Skull and Bones and to Hopkins, as in Tommy Hopkins Gallaudet. 

After graduation he moved to Kentucky and tutored family of henry clay. In KY he edited a political newspaper in the capital city. Clay was an early career politician that shaped the gov infrastructure. Eventually Kendall switched to support Andrew Jackson which was a big political move. Jackson would appoint him to postmaster general office and Auditor of the Treasury. Kendells position of auditor is surely what escalated into the banking wars 

Amos Clay and Jackson were involved in some banking disputes together. Clay drafted a recharter of the Second Bank of America 4 years early, prez Jackson vetoed the draft. The history of Pre-Fed banking would be a good research paper, this is a chapter. Kendall was promoted to postmaster spot either as a bribe or gift. Political favors were used to secure deposits before a national bank, called the Spoils. 

Clay also was the instigator in the 1824 election scandal remembered as the ‘Corrupt Bargain’. 4 candidates had a tie so the 4th candidate was eliminated, the fourth was Clay. John Quincy Adams won the office and made Clay the Sec of State. Clay and Jackson would also run against each other in the 1832 election. 

What all this means is he is a Bread and Circus jester. The banking system is just as much a farce as the electoral process. The same entity has always been there. This was a false reality soap-opera election scandal back then just as scripted as today, presidents have no real power. Money is used as a control mechanism for the Orphan class, whatever the name on the building says. 

New job in ‘43 titled Agent for the Collection of Claims Against the United States. Just by the sound of it you can tell its about the hustle. 

In 1845 he switches gears and drops out of the political wrestlemania, Amos gets a gig promoting Samuel Morse and the Telegraph. That’s what funds the telegraph development. Amos is given a cush job that’s designed to skim off the top. Political and financial turmoil and he’s watching out over every dollar. The funds he embezzles by legalese contract magick is how he managed to support Morse. Together with Morse he was finally able to strike it rich. 

The association both with the telegraph machine and Morse are important. There were up-to sixty-two separate patent applications filed in 1837, in US and in Europe. My position is there was a push for development of certain inventions behind the scenes that are the base infrastructure of the human population control grid and this suggests the telegraph machine is one of them. It was even showcased at the World’s Fair 

Morse was only one of 3 patent partners; we’ll have to return for their story but he graduated Yale as well in 1810. At this time, he would’ve been connected to Dartmouth, meaning Amos Kendell, through Phi Delta Kappa, the pre-Skull and Bones society. That means they are connected to OG Tommy Hopkins Gallaudet and are continuing the deaf institute project.

Gallaudet, the University 

Monument to the schools founders

The campus that bears his name was not even founded by him. His son was included for this one. Staying in the tradition of Reset generational family Spookdom Eddie Miner Gallaudet is given credit for opening the first higher education institute for deaf people, picking up where is father left off, in 1864. He would be the DeFacto authority there for half-century. Gallaudet College is significant bc before this all the schools for deaf and blind were vocational training centers. I mean besides secret spy network, they had to have some window dressing, This was an academic center, where they could get a get a legit college degree. 

Initially charted as the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf Dumb and Blind, has a nice ring to it huh? Just kinda rolls off the tongue. Later it was renamed Gallaudet University. 

 Amos Kendell donated 2 acres of his estate from profits made from investing in the telegraph machine. Edward Gallaudet became the school’s first superintendent. Prez Lincoln signed the schools charter in 1864, renaming the Columbian Institute after the Gallaudet family, not just Tommy Hopkins, all the Gallaudet’s were responsible for bringing the first school and then branching out from there. 

Eddie was prez for 46 years and head authority for over 50. It was a family joint. Now there was a central command for all the deaf and fake-deaf agents that had been spread out during repopulation growth. Here is also the state-controlled sign language. Not a natural one like Marthas Vineyard, the one drummed up by Bonesmen in the previous century.


Jedidiah Morse

Born in 1791, to a Calvinist Preacher. Oh sure, hes a man of the cloth, that means he would never tell a lie or do a wrong deed right? His father Jedidiah graduated from Yale in 1783, and was a teacher in New Haven 

J. Morse is remembered as the ‘Father of Geography’, wrote authoritative books on American geography in the late 1700’s, cataloguing names of rivers, towns, mountains, streets, etc. In this way he was able to create or erase populated areas on demand. They needed new post-mudflood maps. Later Jed switched to writing children’s books. 

Jedidiah introduced the Bavarian Illuminati threat to America, for the first time, in a sermon delivered May 9th 1797. It was used as fearmongering a perceived threat, like covid, or space nukes or terrorism. His warning that there was an elite group hiding in the shadows trying to take over the world is a smokescreen, they were just beginning the installation already, he was one of them. He is said to have gotten his ideas from a newly published book “Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments in Europe”, published 1790 by John Robison. We have already touched on who controls the printing industry, this book never would’ve made it out unless it was supposed to. Jedi’s sermon was part of a broader potential-threat fear campaign with sermons coming from Institutions like Yale, Harvard, Brown and Dartmouth, Phi Beta Kappa schools, suggest it was standard smokescreen still used today. Furthermore, it is part of the ramp up to the election scandal of 1800, another tie that went to the house of reps. It is known as the Illuminati Election and the scandal was completely manufactured. Any explanations are political rhetoric that offer nothing useful. Anything Aaron Burr is associated with is pretty creepy. 

Big Jed also had sermons for the Boston Female Asylum, which appears as an early fem project, board members include Elizabeth Perkins, Mary Hubbard, Sarah Bowdoin, and Ann Green. The Asylum served as an orphanage and was connected with the Massachusetts Board of Charities. 

Also included is his chronicles of the American Revolution and bio of George Washington, both works of literary fiction. A general history of the Americas with short bios of individual leaders… sure.  

Jedi also wrote as an agent for the US War Dept on ‘Indian Affairs’; conditions and suggestions on how to improve ‘civilization’ of the American Indians. He catalogues more tribes, adding to our collection of a handfuls of people that scripted American History. In 1820 he toured the North West Territory for a summer to document the tribes. I doubt he went anywhere. In 1824 he produced another work in his Am Rev Annals about the Indian Wars on the east coast. His books were the foundation the Human Zoos were built on, the tribes went from written manifestations to visual. Transmutation. 

  • *See Also: Whiskey Rebellion and XYZ Affair 


Samuel Morse (R) depicted on the 2-dollar silver certificate, 1896. The left is Robert Fulton who is credited for inventing the steam engine riverboat, but when Mark Twain shows up at the World Fair in Jamestown to celebrate his 100 anno you know its all fake. 

Rough timeline of Sammy Morse: 

1810 graduates Phi Beta Kappa from Yale 

1811 opens lady’s academy 

1813 won gold medal for sculpture by Arts of Adelphi Arts Company 

1825 founded NY Drawing Association 

1826 founded National Academy of Design (Society of Fine Arts), first Prez for 19yrs 

1835 he is art teacher at NYU 

1838 develops dots and dashes code with Alfred Vail 

1839 on a return trip to Paris meets Daguerre and is early promoter of photography in the US press 

1840 files his telegraph patent 

1842 Morse and Colt link underwater cable to Manhattan Brooklyn and jersey 

1843 obtains 30k from congress to run cable from Baltimore to DC, supreme court chamber to train station, ‘What hath God wrought’ 

1854 supreme court case, patent rights victory 

1861- founding trustee to Vassar womens college. 

1908 SOS code adopted internationally in Geneva. 

*Friends with Ellsworth at patent office 

One way Sam Morse continued in his father legacy of writing a false history was thru art. Morse was a well known portrait painter and did such pieces as the landing of the pilgrims and an oversized Hall of Congress and portrait of Marquee Lafayette. He also did the pagan gods Dying Hercules and Judgement of Jupiter 

  Sammys invention of the telegraph included Leonard Gale, fellow NYU professor, and Alfred Lewis Vail. Vail is the person that conceived Morse Code. Morse wanted a system of numbers but Vail utilized the dots and dashes method. Another connection we might get to one day is the participation of his cousin Theodore Vail, founder and first Prez of AT&T. 

History says he failed to get capitol hill behind his telegraph invention in 1838, then he went to Europe to failed to get their approval, when he returned in 1840 all of a sudden, he had political support and received his patent. He already had established contact in Europe, traveling to study ‘art’ in his younger days. 

In 1850 the telegraph was caught up in a ‘patent thicket’, 5 companies were developing the machine but the Supreme Court decided with Morse as the inventor.  

Amos Kendall grave site

 Amos Kendall reenters here where he joins forces with Morse and Vail to create the Magnetic Telegraph Company, to install personal telegraph wires. Kendall appears as their lawyer in a precedent setting landmark case. It seems the case was about controlling the preexisting telegraph lines. I see the telegraph lines either were already there, much like the railroads, they were just claimed and not built, or, the infrastructure was being put in place regardless of who is in control, much like the 5G grid. The person politician that originally funded morse was Frances Smith, who also happened to be head of the company in the Supreme Court case, Western Telegraph Company. It seems this company was created only to gridlock the court system. This is Frankie’s sepulcher in the photo above 

Speaking of the railroads, they adopted the telegraph in 1851, there is some bullshit bedtime story about scheduling conflicts and safety and efficiency but they are the same force. The telegraph project is a subsidiary of the RR Syndicate. There is a bronze and granite monument dedicating the spot where the merging of RR and telegraph took place, most gov monuments are bedtime stories, esp. the bronze and granite. Or marble. The bronze portion was 6ft x 3.3ft and a 13 ft granite base. It’s all in the numbers, right? Contributors were Tommy Edison, Andrew Carnegie and Theodore Vail, but most funds were said to come from employees. Harriman donated the granite. Dedication included hundreds of school children waving American flags. The plaque was stolen by a rail company in an effort to ‘protect’ it and pressured to return it in 1980. By 1990 it was missing again and remains so to this day. The monument suffers heavy vandalism and the remains sit in an abandoned track bed.  

The famous first words ‘What Hath Goad Wrought’ was taken from Numbers 23:23 and credit goes to Annie Ellsworth, daughter of Patent Commissioner Henry Ellsworth. This could be a clue as to how Morse was chosen to win the patent thicket, bribe the commissioner with such a roll for his daughter, to pick out the first words ever transmitted. Although, here again we find that these in fact are not the first words. In earlier test runs the words transmitted were “A patient waiter is no loser”. The rest of the transmission was about Henry Clay nominated for US Prez. This occurred on May1st, May Day, Feast of Beltane… we’ll get back to that later. 

In the 1850’s Morse was received by King Frederick VIII of Denmark, who bestowed him honor of Order of Dannebrog, just another UK chivalry side-piece, for window dressing. He was also given window dressing medals from the Prussian king and was made a Chevalier in the French Legion. That’s a pretty common one we’ll come across. 

Kinda strange he got all them awards considering how pro-slavery he was. His paper ‘An Argument for the Ethical Position of Slavery put forth that slavery is not a sin, it’s a social condition ordained since the beginning by the Divine Wisdom. He also was anti-Catholic and anti-immigration; he wrote a paper titled Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the US’ which he attacked ‘popery’. This also would go back to his father and his role in the anti-illuminati campaign.  

Sammys second wife was Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, married in ‘48… The Morse family tree doesn’t fork so naturally if you know what I mean, father and son of one family married mother and daughter of another family, that of Henry Livingston, choosing Locust Grove as their home. Locust grove was accessible by Eerie Canal. Sammy has a bronze statue in NY Central Park. 

*See Also: Charles Minot Esq  

‘What hath God Wrought’ monument



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