Extended Bio on Helen Keller Hoax, Collaborators and Institutions

Theres so much and its so spread out. This is the next step in organizing an intelligible essay on Keller and the other people involved. Everybody associated with that bitch and everything she did was some kind of mil intel op. I only said this is the next step, I didnt say it was the last step, its always a work in progress. This has a alot of info I still need to edit out and much more I still need to process in, whatever, its all relevent or I wouldntve included it, just relevent in its proper context is the tricky part.

Deafblind and Disabled in the early 1800’s

Here is a brief history of Deafblind culture in the decades before Keller.

St Mary’s School for the Deaf Pre-History

The school as an entity was first founded by the Sisters of St Joseph in 1853. Sisters of St Joe claim heritage going back to Lyons France.They started their first American deaf school in St Louis, home of the 1904 Worlds Fair.  The Sisters established Le Couteulx St. Mary’s Benevolent Society for the Deaf and Dumb (later, the St. Mary’s Institution for the Instruction of Deaf-Mutes) in Buffalo in 1853, another World Fair city, which later became St. Mary’s School for the Deaf.

Constructed in 1862, the four-story brick building was one of the earliest religious residential schools for the deaf in the United States. Ran by a Sister Mary Ann Burke. Burke is the takeaway name.

Le Couteuix was a family of banksters and Big Pharm drug dealers connected to Rochefoucauld, they also founded the city of St Louis. StL is an ancient artifact and Roche was a fictional character, an early ‘philanthropist’ responsible for govt social programs from the first public mass vaxxine drives to providing locations for deaf and blind institutions.

Amazing how a people equipped with little more than donkeys and wagons on dirt roads with no funds could build such a magnificent structure

Initially built to house 11 students, in 1876, a two-story brick building was constructed at the back of the lot with spaces to house adult workers, a stable, and a printing shop. As vocational and industrial training became a more significant part of deaf education in the latter half of the nineteenth century, the Le Couteulx school became the printers of the Catholic publication Union and Times as well as their own weekly paper for the deaf community, the Le Couteulx Leader.

By 1898 the school had grown overcrowded enough to warrent a new complex across town. By 1940 the building was used for WWII vets, indicating a military connection, all these deafblind institutes are connected to the military bc there is a war on the Deaf and Blind.

What would a strictly Oralist school would want with a statue of the direct opposition Manualist father I don’t know. Oh, unless it’s the statue is a fictitious historical icon and the school is really a front for military intelligence, then it would make perfect sense. Eugene Hannan’s sculpture of Abbe l’epee is displayed front and center. We will get to the Oralist Agenda soon…

St Mary’s Deaf and Dumb Institute timed its opening to coincide with the 1901 International Expo that was in town at that time. The American Instructors of the Deaf held their sixteenth triannual convention there, presided over by Tommy Gallaudet Jr. Notice how all these groups and institutions are all the same except one or two syllables will be swapped, and who the hell holds a 16th triannual event for anything? That just sounds made up. Even better was in 1930 St Mary’s held the third World Congress for Deaf Educators. Up to 3,000 people from around the world showed up and this was the setting for Hannon’s Epee bronze unveiling. This school and all the ones like it had three parts: They had teacher instructions, teaching teachers how to teach. 2. they were command centers for intelligence operations, like training, recruitment, and debriefing. And 3., They were vocational training centers for the genuinely deaf blind and dumb. Sure, they did actual service work, right? window dressing, for tax purposes, lol. Maybe not, I’m sure even in the vo-tech centers were spook academies.  

Make note of this, this is important and will probly resurface. In 1976-78 the Kellog Institute of Battle Creek MI created the Special Schools for the Future project out of Gallaudet U. (Kellog has a convention center at the university) St Mary’s was selected as one of the six units to participate as demonstration and outreach center. The project ended in 1989. No, it didn’t, it never ends, just changes names. Kellog was a eugenicist with connections to the Tuskegee Program and birth control experiments, trust me, you don’t want this guy to be a part of the special future of anything but more about him later. 

  • *See Also: Eugene Hannan, deaf at age 2 due to scarlet fever. sculptor whose other works include Slyvia Yale, Bushnell, Eli Whitney, Charles Goodyear, and Rodger Ludlowe. Graduated Gallaudet College and Corcoran Art, Art school of Chicago, and Art Students League of NY (The one owned by JP Morgan that was always in the paper being harassed by Comstock… who was also funded by Morgan.) Says he was selected from an international pool of potentials to sculpt the Epee bronze. 
  •  Mckinnly assassination at the 1901 Pan-Am Expo 

Colorado School for Deafblind 

Every state would have their own branch of deafblind schools. Opened in 1874 by a John Kennedy, the Colorado school was given govt money before the territory was legally a state, which Iactly sure how that works considerng the terr.  

Little Miss Lotti Sullivan and her teacher Bessie Veditz traveled to the St Louis World Fair to receive a medal for her school in its performance teaching deafblind mute children. This is another strange anomaly surrounding the World Fairs, what makes them so important as to warrant a spot at the show, and the money to open the school? And so important the trolley was built to stop right at the school? Helen Keller was the Highlight and spoke to the audience. Lotti was considered her rival but the history books are pretty blank. 

The Colorado school was also known for introducing silent screen star Lon Chaney and also Paul Hubbard, quarterback for Gallaudet credited for inventing the football huddle. Hubbard connects us to L Ron Hubbard but more importantly Mabel Hubbard, wife of Inheritor Alexander Graham Bell. Hubbard is a spook name, sometimes you just run across these families and everyone is involved and anywhere you see their name there must be some kinda fuckery nearby. There are a lot of connections to Gallaudet. 

World Congress for the Deaf

     The World Congress for the Deaf was held in conjunction with the Fairs, that would explain all the activity surrounding the events. We can thank George Veditz for that which we only found bc it’s his wife that escorted little Miss Lotti Sullivan to St. Louis. George was from Maryland school for Deaf, a Gallaudet grad that printed for the Deaf community publications, such as the Silent Worker, and the Jewish Deaf, which featured such content as travel discriminations for deafmutes trying to enter Australia. It wasn’t just OZ, the Immigration Act of 1869 applied to all UK commonwealths and required a special tax on captains transporting anyone ill that might be a ward of the state, including deaf and dumb. This included Canada, New Zealand and OZ. Oz was probs the strictest laws and the result today is it has the lowest rate of genetic deafness on the planet. Veditz used movies as a tool for preserving American Sign Language, his videos are still considered culturally valuable today. His comment “As long as we have Deaf people we will have signs, as long as we have our movies, we can preserve those signs in purity.” Sorry but that sounds like something a self-validating Hollywood Jew would say. They are really preserving the NWO sign language they created themselves. They are fighting for the right to use signs as their own personal method but it comes from the same source as the oralist campaign and not their own at all. He spearheaded a campaigned with other Gallaudet Alumni National Association for the Deaf, to challenge the Feds to drop their discrimination against Deaf people for employment opportunities. Wouldn’t let blacks join till decades later, calling themselves the National Black Deaf Advocates… they don’t advocate dick.  A social justice warrior for Deaf culture was struck by scarlet fever when he was nine… that’s the same story they all say, remind me to check how scarlet fever causes deafness so frequently. 

Canadian Industrial Complex 

  In every situation we skip through you always have to check the Canadian counter-part. Upper Canada consists of Onterio, Novia Scotia, Toronto, St Lawrence, Quebec, Niagara Falls, Montreal, and all points inbetween. They are broken up with invisible lines to compartmentalize, to throw people off the trail. They are the same people and same groups that install the Reset in America, the two work interchangeably bc they are one machine, usually on the sideline, like Americas little brother, there are also direct ties to Europe and from there direct familial connections to Australia. 

In 1828 entities in Quebec tried to establish a permanent Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, the principal in training was sent to visit American Models in New York and Philly and spent a year at Hartford being groomed by Clerc himself. This was truly a New World Order. 

The school didn’t stay open long though, there was some kind of payment scandal but the project was picked back up soon. Mid-late 1800’s deaf and dumb asylums sprang up everywhere, within each invisible boundry to gris a national grid, national boundaries to hide a world grid. 

  • *See Also: Orphan Asylum at Montreal 
  • *Art underbelly National Theater for Deaf, c1967 
  • ‘Deaf Prez Now’ movement, 1988 
  • History of the Postmaster Generals office and Committee of Correspondence 
  • History of Patent Office 
  • Militant blacks agitate for integrated schools, Brooklyn 1866 

St Magloire and the St Jacques du Haut Pas  

The Institute started by Father of the Sword was permanently moved to the seminary of St Magloire after spending some time in the royal catacombs. That’s a pretty big move, this will be the home base of the whole movement for the next two and a half centuries, they don’t just happen by chance. Lets take a peek at the Ministry of Truth page for this guy. 

two clear visible ages of construction, who built it? the guy with a donkey and wagon?

Magloire was born in the sixth century to Welsh royalty, made an abbot at the local monastery before a visiting angel told him to relocate to Sark Island where he opens a community of 62 monks. If that doesn’t set some warning bells off just you wait. One of the miracles attributed to Magloire was he cured the deaf daughter of Nivo, of Guernsey, after which he was given huge amounts of land. That’s another commonality, land grabs. People use fake history to steal the choice lands and buildings. Its fun to read all these old histories even knowing they’re all fraudulent; sift through and find whatever breadcrumbs are left behind. Noteworthy is that the legend of the patron saint involves healing a high-status deaf child. Farther on there is an account of Viking raiders sacking his monk community of Sark, once they tried to open the tomb of Magloire they all went blind and attacked each other. So heres a blind and deaf reference to the guy that 1500 years later would open the first deafmute school in the world. Any details will have to be translated 

The Jacques in the name of the church is in reference to the Jacobin Club in the area at the time of the Revolution that did most of the agitating. It was also the center of Jansenism; Jansen was the Augustine movement that opposed Jesuits. It was Epée’s ties to Jansenism that got him blackballed from a career path with the church. The church contains the tomb of the introducer of Jansenism, which Im sure by now that when they say ‘tomb’ they are talking about the 200 miles of catacombs that exist under the city. It was also home to the first printing press in France. There is more but my point is everyone can claim ties to this magnificent structure when they’re writing their own history. The fucking de Medicis even had their hands in it when they housed a troop of Benedictine monks in the 1400’s. It’s all fairy-tales, look at this mezzotint from 1808. More ancient structures built on the ruins of other ancient structures. Who built it? No way that a horse-and-wagon culture could ever build something like this. 

The relics of St Magloire were found in the 1830s during construction on a new alter, experts say they were buried about during wartime and forgotten. Whatta crock of shit, the relics were planted there so the discovery would farther validate their illegitimate claim to power and made to prop up a fake history. They have to be planted bc history books are nothing but bed-time stories. 

New York Institute for the Deaf and Dumb 

Private school chartered the same day as Gallaudet’s school in Hartford opens, completion doesn’t happen for another year, making New York School for the Deaf the second oldest school for deaf pupils in America. 

Started in an Almshouse behind City Hall. 

In 1817 the financiers included names of Rutgers, Clinton, and Stanford, also an unnamed high-ranking official in the Treasury Dept. In 1819 it was receiving aid from the state in the form of lottery taxes. The history of the building does not fit their timeline. In a NYT article dated June 27, 1867 a semicentennial ceremony was held which gives a history of construction; expenses and corner-stone laying date 11/22/53. In this series of woodcut pictures, you can clearly see the building with a domed steeple, possible suppressed-energy tech spires, which was removed over the course of a few decades. You can also see where somebody has gone back and hand-written a year besides each phase, giving the impression of normal construction where the builders add a base to the structure and then add the spire to the base.  At any rate, the last pic is picture taken with a camera which puts it at the end, not the beginning and the dome feature is not there.     

 Sammy Morse served on the board of directors from 1861-1863. He would go on to marry Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, a teacher there. Griswold was decended from the prominent Livingston (Levi) family that included members that signed the Declaration of Independence and served with Washington at Valley Forge. Age aint nothing but a thing, Sarah was 26 and Morse 57 when they were wed, on top of being second cousins. Sarah is said to have been struck deaf at the age of 1, um-hmm. Morse never learned to sign and said he wanted little communication with his wife. their son wrote a two volume bio on his father and never mentioned his wife was deaf. So maybe they just came up with that detail later on. So that’s AGB, Morse, and Gallaudet all hearing and taking deaf brides? NYSD was a private institution with Tommy Gallaudet Jr on the board here, as well as a dozen others that really just make up a network of entities but really are just one single beast. 

You can also tell 

*See Also: JFK was assassinated on 11/22, check for significance  

Maison Philantropique De Paris and La Rochefoucauld 

The world’s oldest Philanthropical society, formed in 1780 in Paris This was a subscription-based system where members paid a monthly dues and received a card in return which could be given to a beneficiary anywhere within the city. Many of the members were also organizers of the International Industrial Expos, with names like La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, who would sponsor the world’s first public vaccine campaign, that would make the vaccine campaign a Reset project, after the past few years weve had Im not sure anybody would argue. The Society would spend a lot of time and resources dedicated to war orphans. In a time of Reset, this was everyone, these were the Inheritors.  

For some reason this class is obsessed with ‘helping’ the Blind and Deaf community. It was at the proposal of La Roche to relocate all the young blind and deafmute pupils to one location in 1790. The place is called the Couvent des Célestins, an ancient convent dedicated to the Celestine Order. These were monks that took their name from pope Celestin in the 1300’s…at least that’s what they say. If this was a special detachment to the Pope that would make them more like Jesuits or Templars, as we saw in Zurich with Ignaz Scherr and the seminary, the local office of the Order is connected to a school for the blind. 

Most of the Royal Tomb was destroyed. It was more like a statue garden where the rich people just decided to start burying themselves. Many people today claim the perfection cannot have been done by traditional means and suggest some poured type of resin or unknown cutting technology.

This is a picture of some of the few surviving pieces of statuary and what the place looked like after the mudflood and reset. Why would the newly established order give the best places to some deaf and blind orphans? they dont

*See Also: Louis Braille at the Pantheon

The cornerstone was found in 1847 that says the foundation was laid in 1365. Just because the chapel cornerstone says one date that doesn’t mean the convent is the same age. It is standard procedure to ascribe newer dates and names to older structures.  The convent was a royal sepulcher with only one other place known for the funerary sculpture art of such museum caliber. Some of the works have been preserved in engravings but most the tombs and statuary were destroyed during the French Revolution, which is a cover story for the great reset. The grave sites were destroyed as part of the Reset, stolen history. Some of the pieces were recovered, so we’re told, and moved to a new location. The quality is such that many people today doubt that techniques of the day couldn’t’ve made this possible and see evidence of stone cutting technology or poured concrete or resin.

My point is what is a blue blooded Resetter doing moving a troop of deafblind mutes to a location like this? Consider the timing too, this place was ground zero for the Storming of the Bastille just a few months before hand. So that means the place is demolished right? Then why move there. The ground itself has always been home to a military presence even before the Celestin Order it belonged to another crusade faction called the Carmelites. I don’t believe the crusades existed either, just another part of the Dark Ages myth that covers for the Reset. There was no place to go in Europe that wasn’t destroyed, even royalty of the day stayed in hotels. Hotels were the only things open for travelers. Labels were made up to compartmentalize everything to help disguise it, stuff like invisible land borders, language barriers… There wasn’t a slew of different revolutions spread out over a long time, it was one. One Reset event on a world scale. It didn’t all happen at once but they are all tied together, it’s still going on today in scenarios like Ukraine. 

The history of the Celestine Convent also includes housing the deafblind school of Abbe Sicard, student of L’Epee in 1791 and one of Valentine Hauy in 1795. Perhaps they are counted differently but are the same, I’m saying LaRoche placed both the schools there and funds came from the society, maybe he gave it to Sicard but he fucked up so three years later they tried out Hauy. I think Sicard was a fictional character and just an intro for Huay. LeRoche was fictional as well. There has to be a name and face ascribed to the deed being done. The person is not as important as the deed. Laroche is the Parisian George Washington, they even hung out for awhile, nobody from this time period existed as a flesh and blood person but were made up to give the Orphan Immigrant class a false sense of History.

In any case the Societies own records say they were the ones that paid for the school and Roche was responsible for placement but I think he just claims it, like they do everything, including the royal sculpture garden and necropolis. The convent was used to house militia both before the occupancy of the blind schools, and after they departed the army moved back in. So, what I’m getting is the whole show starts. I think it is relevant the Philanthropic Society printed their reports in the Journal Art. That helps fill in some gray areas connecting the art world. 

In 1795 Hauy presented his case to the Society, he had been working on educating a blind beggar, whatever they were really doing must’ve been good. He took his presentation to the king and was given a post at Notre Dame. This was a recruitment drive, a big increase in students came with popularity. That tells me there was no blind beggar, well maybe an agent posing as one but the story is bullshit. Just about everything that happens in the deafblind education arena is built off this connection. It goes all the way back to the Beginning; This is the beginning off the Repopulation, its already in place helping hold up false history at the beginning.

The Philanthropic Society continued to serve in this manner until about the year 1795, when it had to fold bc of the Revolution. It continued under a different name to help survivors of the Reset, running soup kitchens and keeping furnaces running in the winter, eventually the group was reorganized and given its original name back around 1801… Or so they say, I think they presented a fake background as part of the bigger picture of a false history to an orphan class. 

1801 is the beginning of the current world. We have been in a constant state of refinment the control grid since this time. this tells me ALL the early members are fictional and the first part is scripted to give the return something to base itself on. They couldnt just show up and expect as much as to have such a prestigious past.

Ancient ruins built on top of ancient ruins

this is the La Rochefoucauld castle. I chose this bc it shows where one ancient structure is built on top of the ruins of another. The brochure says the same family has own this since for over a thousand years. What a crock of shit. The name was ascribed to the family to give it a self-validating prestige and illegitimate claim to power and authority. Roche was an original member of the society, the fabricated background part, strike 2. And 3, he goes and hangs out with the Founding Fathers, Washington and Jefferson, we will go over many instances that indicate that even if these people lived as flesh and blood humans the truth is so far removed from who they really are and what they did that school history books are fairy tales.  

Abbe Charles Michael de L’Epee 

Speaking of historic fictitious icons lets finally get around to L’Epee, there’s slot of gray area here, a lot of conflicting reports. On one hand you have the manualist camp, this guy is like their patron saint, developing the first system of sign language on which rests every single manual communications system in the world. On the other corner are the audists, the group that takes the signing away and replaces it with lip reading and vocalization mimicking, they claim their side derives straight from L’Epee himself. So, what could it be? Can’t be both, unless… 

There are a couple things I find extremely suspicious to say the least and I call this gentleman’s entire existence into question. Actually, I just made that sound more sensational than it really is. This one wasn’t that hard to tell, he exists only in lying history books. I mean he isn’t real, like all the rest, maybe there really was a person with this name that they are paying tribute to, its very likely. However, they are so far removed from the person in the history books as to be complete fantasy. 

Credited with opening the first free public school for the deafmute community around 1760. Epee translates into ‘Sword’, so we have the Father of the Sword. When considered as a weapon against his chosen people this sounds appropriate. Why else would he receive this title? 

Let’s look at a few things in his bio, his bio incidentally written by the Atlantic Monthly is a tell automatically. I write extensively about Atlantic and their role as a Hall of Records and gatekeeper for fake history and false flag psychological warfare operations, also NYTimes and Harpers Weekly, all of them I guess but some are worse than others bc they are aware of what they are doing, they aren’t a proxy echochamber, its not like they were hijacked or bought out, they were founded for this very purpose. The article goes all the way back to 1858 too, they are refining his bio, even all the way back then. The first part of the article is all build up, if you aren’t familiar with Atlantic that’s their Modus Operandi, to use really complex word groupings in an attempt to sound poetic but is really just to confuse the average reader so that even if they do fumble their way through the literature that meaning is lost, it just sounds so good rolling off the tongue who cares what it says right. The standard whitewashing job. 

The next thing that jumps out is his childhood, he is son of an architect to the king, Louis XV, in 1712. This would be a very high-ranking position. Some of the most beautiful architecture in the world is said to have come from this period and location, I think by architect they are using the code word for the ‘Great Work’. Freemasons call themselves architects, they call their god the grand architect of the universe, it holds special meaning in esoteric circles and secret societies, this is what they mean when they say Epee is a son of the Kings architect, it means it’s a special interest project for the elites, nothing at all about building design, unless you are talking about self-validating claims and attaching names and dates to another’s work, then yeah, he that kind of architect also, the closest he got to those buildings was chiseling his name over somebody else’s cornerstone. 

The fall out with the church is just foreshadowing, the scriptwriters have to explain why he has such a strong calling, they make it a religious experience for him. It’s interesting they repeat he uses in his own letters he must serve the church, not the deity, the organization, this will come back up later. Jesuits are just name-dropping; they are using the bad-boy angle most people associate with the Jesuits and add even more virtue signaling to ‘Epee by throwing in there the falling out was due to his refusal to join them. First, he goes to law school, then back to the church, then some more beef with the Jesuits, I guess they assume we already forgot he was supposedly the son of the Kings architect, this means he could’ve been in any post he wanted. Epee would’ve been a Jesuit by default if he was ever real; this people are generational Spooks and there is no initiation for such a high office. 

One of the most useful things about these kinds of articles is all the namr dropping. Everything is so compartmentalized people skip right over the names without putting the connections together. “They only mention their own and keep with similar classified persons; all the names associated with Epee in this article is a special interest project all of its own, but similar in nature or status. The story of how Epee gets involved with deaf education comes to us from multiple sources throughout the years, each one seemingly connected to either the phantom or the institution, this makes each account null and void since I don’t consider self-validation credible. There are inconsistencies between the stories, which could be expected from being so long ago and allegedly surviving the Revolution, but if you look closer each article merely bridges gaps in the others, making connections for the reader which the author can fill in whatever they want. For example, the story of the twins wasn’t officially ‘proven’ until 1879 with the accidental discovery of some unknown documents buried in an attic or something, (depends on who you ask) this discovery made it possible to ‘correct’ errors in previous bios. See how this shit works. Anytime history is ‘corrected’ by accidental discoveries you better take a good look at who did the discovering bc the are most likely fabricated. 

The story of the twins: l’Epee went into a house where a set of twins were doing needlepoint and refused to acknowledge his greetings. At first, he thought they were just rude then the mother comes in and gives some sob story about how the girls teacher recently died and blah blah blah. Epee agrees to take the girls to continue their education, the Atlantic article cites the eulogy of Babian, a teacher of Epee’s school written in 1819, he states, “Believing that ‘these two unfortunates would live in die in ignorance of religion if I made no effort to instruct them…’ ” So again, here we see it is not the object of worship that is important to him, he didn’t say ‘ignorance of God’, he says ‘religion’ this is a huge distinction. Overall, the story is very similar to Gallaudet finding the little girl in the woods, I guess the scriptwriters found a good one and stuck with it. 

Atlantic brings up another pioneer of the deaf education world, Jacob Rodriguez Pereira, who six years earlier taught a few high-ranking muties how to speak. A Sephardi-Marrano Cryptojew, Jacob charged outrageous fees while at the same time swearing his pupil to secrecy. It was the Society bearing his name that orchestrated the Milian Conference of 1880. His sons and grandsons built the first railroad and started an early central banking system… yeah so pretty obvious this guy didn’t exist as flesh and blood either. There is even some fake letters between the two, comparing each other’s methods. Pereira kept his secret and his life papers were destroyed in a fire at the same time he passed away., his methods remain secret. The Royal Academy of Sciences was deeply involved with both of them, which lends something to the credibility of those guys, but we already knew Rochefoucauld was a top member, so tis reinforces what we already suspected. I think Pereira is made Jewish in history books in order to make deafmute education more of a business plan. P- only helped those that could afford it. If every fake pioneer worked out of the kindness of their heart than it would be expected all the time, add a celebrity factor of the high ranking muties and hi-priced sales tags and future generations can make it quite profitable. It just fits better that he was a Jew. Also, he fits nicely into a slow evolving linear timeline model where he fits inbetween a higher and lower stage. 

Epee’s emissaries sprout open schools all throughout Europe and into Russia, he is known to have refused job offers in America. This is another instance of deeds needing a person to ascribe themselves to. The schools sprung up everywhere bc it was a centralized control grid.

There is a funny story about a 77-year-old Epee that refused to buy firewood to keep warm in the winter till the point his students threw themselves down at his feet did he buy the fuel which he never forgave himself for spending funds of the school. Is that garbage or what. Does anyone remember the part about him being born of aristocrat status. That story is complete bullshit. 

Statue of L’Epee idsguised statue of Baphomet. They try to hide it behind some books but I see you.

One major flaw in this story is the incontinuity surrounding his death. Most sources put it at 1790, or 1791, right at the end of the Revolution when his school is nationalized by the French Govt and his role at the Institute is succeeded by his protégé, Sicard. This Atlantic article puts his death at 1781, a decade before later biographies. A bronze memorial was erected in his honor in 1843. Only the real good scams get bronzed, Epee gets himself at least 2, one in Paris and one in front of St Mary’s Deaf School in Buffalo NY in 1930 by alumni Eugene Hannon. To the left is Epee’s bronze featuring the ’As above, So below’ hand gestures of Baphomet. They try to hide it by placing a book in his hand but you can still tell. The other bronze is located in the courtyard of the National Institute of the Deaf Youth, sculpted by school alumni Felix Martin. Martin won medals at the Paris Exhibition of 1889, the world fair that gave us the Eiffel Tower, and a knight in the Legion of Honor, 1879. 

Marker embedded in Perkins Ins dorm

The comment made by Heinrich Keller that he learned directly from Epee his methods on instructing deaf to vocalize goes directly opposite to what his namesake represents. The thing is, this comes to us from a third party so you have to keep that in mind, not only that but a Hoffmeister, anything they are associated with you can bet is a psychological warfare operation. First off, I’m sure Keller never existed in flesh and bone, as is the case with anybody that is connected with one phantom their own existence is in question, these spooks are inserted into fake history for self validating claim to entitlement. Hoffman is propping up one lie with another, one fictional character with another, as is their Modus Operandi. Or he could be lying about Epee’s methodology, trying to tarnish his good image or insert oralism into a positive spotlight like Epee was an audist all along and it was the manual camp that is lying about Epee’s system, If Epee is good and Epee taught oralism than Oralism is good. I think its just supposed to just muddy the waters and add confusion. none of this part of history is real, Hoffmeister himself is an insert by someone from much later that put their own name in. Other spooks all throughout history will see his name and know who tagged it. Its a type of Graffiti.

Another note comes to us from Bebian, another acolyte of Epee two generations or so down the line. Bebian writes the eulogy for Epee and coming from so far removed from the source it is plausible he just printed this from thin air just to support his own camp. He just attached Epee’s name to the doc and nobody ever questioned its authenticity. In fact, there would be a concerted effort to promote the doc regardless of its contents, they are promoting a fictitious character, or cares what he says as long as HE said it, right? A partial translation comes down to us from the internet translation deity. Epee’s lost work is titled ‘The Art of Teaching the Deaf and Mute to Speak”. This provides us with a window of his methods:  

“When I want to try to teach a deaf-mute person to speak something, I start by making him wash his hands, until they are really clean. So, I draw an “a” on the table, and taking his hand, I bring his fourth finger into my mouth to the second joint; after that I pronounce strongly, and several times, “a”, and I make him observe that my tongue remains quiet, and does not rise to touch his finger. Then I write on my table an “è”. I pronounce it several times several times strongly, the finger of my disciple being always in my mouth: I point out to him that my tongue rises, and pushes his finger to my palate: then removing his finger, I again pronounce this same letter, and make him observe that my tongue widens and approaches the canine teeth, and that my mouth is not so open…” 

I don’t see any mention of signaling or gesticulating. Seems like writing and lip reading to me. I guess his mother never told him about putting your fingers in another person’s mouth. You can see my confusion here, there is no continuity so somebody is not telling the truth. Wait a minute, this is the same creepy thing that Alexander G Bell said he did to his dog… he stick his hand down his throat and manipulated his mouthparts to growl in a certain manner so the dog appeared to be speaking. Crazy right, We’ll talk more about this later. I bet this is where it comes from, when I read the story I thought what an odd thing to record. AGB was one of the most vilified characters in the Oralist camp, why would he jump from Epee’s script unless they were from the same school? 

Toward the end of his life he was moved by Rochefoucauld and the Royal Academy of Sciences and the Maison Philantropic to the Celestine Convent. All that is fairy-tale history. The Convent was a necropolis, ossuary for the Elites, not even part of the regular catacombs, along with the Pantheon. No way some artspook would use this for a deafblind school. At the royal catacombs? Yeah sure. 

Once it become nationalized the Deafblind institutes home-base elevated even farther to the seminary of St Magloire, where it still stands today. 

Valentin Hauy 

 The school was the first of its kind devoted to the education of the blind. Founded by Valentin Hauy in 1785. Born into a family of weavers Hauy was the son of a full time Loomer that also held a position in the Premonstrant abbey, Premonstratensians were a catholic order dating back to the 10th century and claimed to form the cradle of a ’new order’. Hauy is said to have spoken 10 languages and earned the titled of Interpreter for King Louis XVI. That’s a big one, any kind of direct relationship with communication is a clue, and royalty, this guy hits them both.

His idea to create a place for the education for the blind is said to have come from a humanitarian standpoint, thanx to a group of Blind being humiliated for entertainment he was compelled to give them their own books to read. Well, that is noble. he is teamed up with Epee, father of the National Institute for Deafmutes, but i could find no direct relationship. Huay devised an embossed writing system and taught his first blind student how to read. The success was published in the French national newspaper and applauded by the Academy of Sciences. The next year the National Institute for Blind Youths was financed by the first royal Philanthropic Society. The Society was subscription based where the donor would receive a card to be honored anywhere within the city for any services necessary. The names of the founding Philanthropic Society are also the names of the early International Expo organizers. This embossed language seems to be the key to this place. It’s not blindness but the language that connects all the people surrounding it. Of course, it’s a cover for Military Intelligence, they don’t actually care about blind ppl, it’s about the all forms of communication are psychopathically rooted out. Hauy traveled to St Petersburg at the invitation of the Czar and opened a school. On the way to Russia, he had a meeting with William III of Prussian and opened a school in Berlin. This was the first school for the blind in Prussia, ran by Johann August Zeune, another geographer and linguistics master. This shows a coordinated international structure, all these countries are in on it, they are all the same. This would include the Zurich chapter overseen by Heinrich Keller. So here we have this product of an ancient religious order traveling all over the world opening schools at the behest of all these royal families, that teaches a method of transferring information that you can use in the dark… nothing creepy here, the royals just really got caught up in blind-awareness back then. That’s his monument to the left, anyone worthy to be remembered in statue form is one of them, they only remember their own, you can see here the finger resting on the jaw ’thinking man’ pose gives it away. It is clear Hauy didn’t devise the first embossed language, that thread goes in many directions, what he did was got the first free public school opened. These institutions were vocational training centers more so than academic places.  

The Pantheon Club was comprised of 1%er Jacobin revolutionaries, they directed the ‘Reign of Terror’ segment of the French Revolution which got 10’s of thousands of people guillotined. They get their name from their headquarters was the Pantheon in Paris, a powerful scam with an Olde World megastructure on top. The crypt is said to the resting place of Louis Braille coincidentally. Reign of terror is where we get the word terrorist today, Hauy was labeled a terrorist and arrested and released several times during the French Revolution, He is removed from his position at the school but still given a paycheck? Makes no sense, this also is right before he went to found schools in Prussia and St Pete, like some kind of Johny Appleseed. 

Charlie Barbier 

This is the school that Louis Braille was ‘awarded’ a scholarship to but the story of him meeting a traveling soldier there as a child and adopting his ‘night writing’ are bed-time stories. Both braille and his mentor are both fictional characters. Charlie Barbier would be what we would call today an early cryptographer, specifically developing a type of communication that could be read in the dark. History 

 says he fled to America during the French Revolution; his military record shows he served as captain for 2 days before resigning. Sounds like a intel mission to me, especially when Napolean offered amnesty for the draft dodgers. He recruited from the aristocracy and wouldn’t really send his own kind to the front-line. In America he wrote to Washington for a job in the military citing 8 yrs of service for the French, the letter is held by the library of congress, Washingtons reply is not. Well duh, Washington was a fictitious character. Eventually Barbier ends up in Kentucky. A lot of power players center around Kentucky, more than you’d might expect a backwoods mountain town. There are some deeds for land in primo location suggest they are fake as well, Inherited. There is a wide gap of missing time from 1800-1808 then a book appears with his name in Paris about a form of shorthand writing and includes mention of a series of creases and cuts in the paper as a method of communication. There is also a blunted punch and slotted rule system as well. No mention of using it for the blind, hes still strictly mil-intel.  

This is the same time frame Hauy is Appleseeding blind schools all over Eurasia which means Barbie probly reappeared bc of common interests surrounding the blind language.

  • In 1815 he publishes another book with numerous methods. The object is to create a simple method to communicate without writing implements and can be read in the dark. 
  • In 1819 he makes his presentation at the Louvre Products of Industry Exhibition, which is the fifth World Fair according to some people, there a confusing by-laws and guidelines as to what actually considers to be recognized as a WF and what is just an ordinary industrial exposition. The debriefing at the expo indicates it is high on the list and had been in development on a world scale for quite some time now, these things don’t just appear. 
  • By 1821 Barbier had had his method introduced and in use by the NIBY where the students could take notes and reread them later. Before that time the school was still using the Hauy system which was more of a raised letter instead of a point mark. Louis Braille, who was only 12 when he was attending the period where he was taught both methods. There are numerous correspondence letters in possession of the Institute today that document the relationship between Braille and Barbier, they would indicate braille didn’t make improvements on either system but developed his own unique method. 
  • In 1834 Charlie writes a book about using the nursery schools of the working classes to prepare them for their ‘intellectual emancipation’. Teaching the children of the Orphan class to go out and teach more Orphan children. He also suggested NIBY to be a central school, where grads would go out and teach everyone else. Considering Hauy had taken his show on the road two and a half decades earlier I’d say this is either a fake letter or he is covering for them. 

In 1878 Braille was featured at the Paris International Expo, alongside the head of the Statue of Liberty (the torch was featured a few Expos earlier and the rest followed not too long after, so the story goes.), a human zoo, several sewing machine displays, the typewriter. Alexander graham Bell with his telephone, Edison with some of his hi-jacked patents, the megaphone and phonograph. The of the most popular displays was a solar powered steam engine. The world largest parabolic mirror was designed to focus sun beams onto a kettle which heated up and the steam produced energy. The gold medal went to a variation that sent directed sun-energy to a kettle that was a heat activated refrigeration system… a solar powered ice-maker. Are you familiar with the frozen water trade that was monopolized in Boston and the necessity of ice in developing countries? This is death ray technology and clean energy alternative that is 150 years old, where has the advancements here gone? 

The World Fairs where a cover for a lot of the Reset infrastructure is to be installed. Specialized groups and their clandestine counterparts could have reunions and debriefings and plan the path of development in the post-reset world. This is no doubt the context of the first deaf congress prior to Milan. For the blind experience this was in the form of the International Congress for the Amelioration of the Condition of Blind People, whew, that’s a mouthful, even though Louis Braille died in 1852 of consumption his method was the one chosen, or at least his name was the one attached to the decided world system in 1878. America still used multiple techniques. It would be 1917 before the system was centralized in the US and an international standard wasn’t completely effective until the 1930’s. This is partly because of Howe and all the work they had put it at Perkins. Not only was Howe a prestigious name but they already had a Ruggles printing press and had started putting out books. The books were a Boston Line Type/Ruggles tag team. Also, the dot wars were part of the overall attack on the blind community. In just a single lifetime the official language went from Boston Line to NY point, NY Point to American Braille, American Braille to Revised Braille 1.5, RB 1.5 to grade 2. Simon Pollack is said to have brought Braille to America for the first time in 1860 after seeing it in practice during a trip to Europe. Pollack was also a member of the US Sanitation Commission with Sammy Howe and Dorothea Dix during the Civil War That’s bullshit, history just had to have a place for him somewhere just so his family could be included… and at the St Louis chapter of the Missouri Institute for the Blind. Same with Bell, superintendent of the private NYSB, the Wait method was another Bell project, even his NYTimes obit reminds readers he descends from Mayflower passengers. William Bell Wait devised his technique in the early 1860’s. This is not saying that these people are the most qualified or experienced, they have their names in history books bc of their ancestry and any contribution period was going to be praised. Wait method was known as New York Point, it received medals at the 1873 International Expo in Vienna and ’75 in Chili. 

  • the first deaf congress in Milan 1888 is where it was decided on a world stage to ban sign language as a method of communication for deaf people

* See Also: Blind pianist Maria Theresa Paradis 

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sulivan Background 

Anne Sullivan Macy, born Joanna Mansfield Sullivan. All the genealogy sites are cleaned up of anything useful. Both parents left Ireland during the Potatoe famine father has no record of family or date or location of deaths. It would seem like the most likely backstory for a person to appear out of nowhere, and the least likely that anybody would be successful tracking a person beyond that is the reason this was chosen, just like in Kellers’s origin story the patriarch is fleeing Basel from the plague. early childhood seems to be scrubbed, all sources parrot the same few sentences, mother, Alice dies from TB early and alcoholic father Thomas abandons them to the state almshouse, Tewksbury.  

Maybe Sullivan is not her real name, maybe it is. Maybe she was from a different branch of the Sullivan Spook Show and faked her death and reappeared here as a different Sullivan. I dont believe any of the celebrity child deaths, I think they just get sent out on a long game mission where they need a child for a role, she is an agent with a standard untraceable backstory.

Much of Sullivans backstory is chatter. All the geneology stuff is interesting when you know its going somewhere. We already know this is a dead end, I kept it in to show how its intentionally confusing.

Dad, Tommy, has no bio but there is an asterisk letting you know his profile is an ongoing collaboration in progress.  we run into a problem on wiki where its stated Anne was one of three children a sister Mary and bro James, however on Geni it says there was also a fourth sibling, and then a fifth, Ellen, and a john. Then on Find-a-grave there is listed a sixth, Nellie. So, we can’t even be clear how many there are. I scratch nellie and Ellen off right at the top, they are made up since they are reversed spellings.  Brother Jimmie died shortly after arriving at Tewksbury, the notorious state almshouse, and sister Mary was never heard from again after going to live with her aunt, named Mary Clohessy say some sources, an aunt Ellen A’hern and hubby Owen to others and Owen and Ellen Cloesey to others. Again, nobody can seem to get the details correct, because they are all scripted backstory and not real people. Mary seems to have been a conversation piece for decades,”What happened to the long lost sister?” I came across a note in one of the comment sections of an ancestry site that the road of little Mary ‘was a twisted path’, hmm, intriguing.  I bet there was even plans for a fake reunion that never played out later in life.

Mary has been lost to history and has been the subject of debate for generations. Geni has her linked to Annes page but there is no information other than the two were sisters, the source citation link for this is a 404 from Myheritage even the Wayback machine doesn’t have archived. No two sites tell her story the same. Mary ‘Mamie’ Sullivan McLaughlin is claimed to’ve had a daughter named Alice with no bio and at least one son that participated in WW1, James Joseph Mclaughlin. I could not find his war records but his own profile says he is the son of Mary Elizabeth Brady. There is no Mary Elizabeth Brady page, however if you do a keyword search for Mary McLaughlin though, her tombstone on Find a grave reads ‘Sister’, Professed July 25, 1925. Of course, a nun.  The years don’t add up properly but its close enough to pause, especially when you see she lived at St Elizabeths (one of the made-up names).   Find a grave proclaims the young Mary went to yet another sibling of Alice Cloesy/Clarey/Clohessey/Sullivan, a sister by the of of Ellen. Geni has listed Mary Clohessy as the daughter of Ellen and Owen cloesey, apparently nobody can get the same names. Or even relationships the same. If this is too hard to follow Id say its mission accomplished for the people that write this stuff. The harder you try to sort it out the more of a mess it becomes. There are no siblings. Her entire backstory is fabricated. The idea of a long-lost sister she’d never see again was all scripted.  

This is the profile pic of the guy handling the dozen genealogy profiles of all the misspellings and dead ends and nonexistent siblings of Anne Sullivan. Thats a Mona Lisa Smile if I ever saw one

I came across a 10-pg. pdf a hobbyist genealogist wrote about trying to find Anne Sullivans long lost sister. She uses Anne’s autobiography as a reference tool and still hits all the dead ends and run arounds I did. Here we find the only info about Nellie, Ellen, and John she only says they all die in the short period between the mother’s death the father abandonment. Of course, how dramatic. This pdf confirms everything I concluded as evidence of a coverup. She comes so close, even commenting its like people are intentionally trying to throw you off the trail, but she doesn’t get it. At the end she just picks a name and stamps case closed. Even though her conclusions are incorrect she can word the search much better than I ever could and her methodology is good, shes just chasing ghosts and her research shouldve proven to herself that it was all bullshit but thats the type of psychological barriers we put up.

One of the main problems is all the name changes.  The same character has 3 or 4 names and separate pages each on Geni alone. There is one agent handling all the profiles for the whole fake family.  

Anne Sullivan at Tewksbury

A 10 yr old little girl dropped off at the almshouse by a drunken father with a brother that dies within a few months… thats really the story, just as heartwrenching thing I ever heard and anyone that questions it is a terrible person.

Anne Sullivan never attended Tewksbury. No fucking way. It has a dedicated post I didn’t even touch on the filthiness, everyone in the wing bathing in the same tub without changing the water, the rats eating people left to die in their ‘rooms’ naked and starving, the rotten food and sour milk. Overpopulation, capacity was 500, they beat that the first week and by 6 months there were 2000 people there. Lemme ask you this, If Anne really had 2 eye surgeries here who paid for them? This guy Marsh was selling babies to the Harvard chapter of the Red Shoe Club. Sullivan is a whitewash job to hide how bad things were really there. The Congressional investigation was to hide how bad things were really there. Nobody could survive there for 6 years, a lone 10 yr old little girl? Sure ok if you say so.

Supposedly she arrived with her little brother James who got weak and died after a few months there is no confirmation Bro James was an actual person either. He has no entry documents for himself and is listed only on Anne’s intake papers. The paper itself says nothing useful like how they got there and what about their belongings? But it does a good job at propping up the scripted backstory except yet again all the names are different and the father is said to be alive. Jimmy is mentioned only that he has health problems.

Lets break down their entry ticket. Its being addressed to MMudd, idk who that is but i dont like seeing the double M’s like that, and bookend doubles at that. Anne and James share the same ticket, thats out of the ordinary. the body doesnt say anything, not even about the father it just adds possible war. Doesnt say which war, even in normie history books the whole world is at war, they are all related proxy wars to cover for the Great Reset. scriptwriters can add whatever they want. While Im certain the whole country was populated by Orphan Immigrants thhis card screams stage prop. The best part is the post-it note attached to the bottom. It points out the two-fer and adds the original is missing… lol, get it? its missing bc there never was one. the prop was inserted later.

There’s an official list of peoples that died at Tewksbury, Jimmys name is on it but information can be added by anyone at any time so this doesn’t prove anything. He was invented to pull heartstrings and create a backstory for Anne. In her later years she spoke of playing hide and seek with her brother in the area used for housing the dead.  this is bullshit too, the only rule this place seemed to enforce was separating girls and boys. (because they were breeding programs, eugenicist experiments)

Eye Surguries

His-story also says not only did she live there for 6 years but she had 2 eye surguries during her stay. And who did the procedure? The doctor that turned a labored delivery into a botched abortion with a rat tail file? Well, the surgeries were said to be unsuccessful.  Again, whose paying for all the travel expenses and the outside doctor to perform the procedure? These things arent cheap. One she got in-house and the other she was transferred.

The answer we get is here, let’s look at this hospital Soeurs’ de la Charite. First flag is there is no wiki entry. Every name and place associated with Helen Keller are lit up with links, if famous for nothing else but being part of Sullivan’s backstory, so why not this place? 

A keyword search leads us to a Soeurs de la Charite Ottawa, this is a Canadian based evangelist mission. Its webpage tells us in 1860-1880 a group of nuns opened several schools teaching the youth. Nun missionaries, not regular schools. One of them was indeed in Lowell, however it wouldn’t become a hospital until 1930’s. The place we are told Anne Sullivan made a brief exit from the proto-eugenics lab to have another free eye surgery doesn’t even exist. I think it was chosen in part because of its location. The website says the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa was originally brought into the community at Haverhill.

  • revisited the Charity group. I originally wrote this at the beginning and missed it. A missionary group of nuns setting up hospitals across Canada and new England, thats huge and this is a good example of how your innerstanding progresses you must go back and amend things. It does not mean my original statement is wrong, its just incomplete. The Sisters trace back to the Congregation of Notre Dame which is an umbrella group sending out world missionaires that set up all the schools and hospitals for the Native people. Sounds good but guess what about all the piles of bones they found out in the woods, they were from catholic residential schools. I have not looked for a direct connection though, any research should start here. Sullivan may be a part of this group, that’s why the name drop. So far its the closest thing to a lead to her real past I have found.
  • …Add to Morse file: On a side note it just occurred to me at the time Morse was drawing up boundaries on the maps there was a fully integrated system in place along the length of Appalachia up into Canada. At this time the Morse’s were the govt mapmakers and founded the USGS. He drew a line halfway through the system and divided it in two, but only on the maps for the Orphans, they were still a single network. This way he could compartmentalize themselves, thats their camoflage

Didn’t take long to blow that one out of the water. Moving right along, his-story tells us after her unsuccessful eye operation she was going back into Tewksbury…well some bios completely omit the Soeurs hospital altogether. Still others say she arrived at Soeurs in Feb and stayed till July before getting yet another free surgery at the city infirmary. She stayed gone a total of 6 months and when she returned was reclassified to be housed with young mothers instead of with the insane. The many hospitals and operations are impossible to organize by researchers bc they didn’t happen. It is part of a fake backstory just like all the siblings and name variations, nobody can get it right bc its bullshit.

Well we can get it right bc those ‘researchers’ do nothing but muddy the waters anyway. Make sure NO researchers can organize her residential, medical and family history. The scriptwriters do a good job giving her a good backstory. Anne Sullivan is the example I use when trying to highlight how people can pop up in history with no background, she could have been a fake death of a famous persons baby. Alot of upperclass babies suddenly die but i think they just go underground for a while and come back up like Sullivan. The name is important too, you dont necessarily have to born into a family, she could have been recruited from anywhere 

 By whichever account you want to go by it was during one of Franklin Sanborns visits during the investigations which led to Anne throwing herself at his mercy pleading to go to Perkins. Within a few months her wish was granted. I call bullshit on all accounts. This is where I introduce the Perkins Institute for the Blind, the Board of Health Lunacy and Charity, and Samuel Gridley Howe.   

Anne Sullivan, care taker of Helen Keller has a scripted background that says she was picked up by Sanborn while he was investigating the facility where Sullivan claims she was rescued. I say no fucking way she ever set foot in this place, let alone for 6 years….

The Board of Health Lunacy and Charity was a government panel, founded by a Samuel Gridley Howe, in order to have general supervision over all commonwealth charitable and reformatory institutions; asylums, almshouses, reform school, industrial school, state workhouse, and state school for girls.  They formed a board of trustees at Tewksbury which elected an authority figure at the facility and reported to the state board once a year. 

                 The first superintendent at Tewksbury didn’t last very long, his name was Isaac H. Meserve and he was there 4 years. I didn’t spend any time trying to find out some details about him but I did find a newspaper clipping from the Boston Globe circa 1920 that Isaac jr. Died. His obituary ws only 3 or 4 sentences but was sure to include he was a mason, knight templar, Shriner, and grand army man. 

The second superintendent is recorded as Hon Capt. Thomas Marsh, but I could not find out what he was a captain of or what made him so honorable. The origins of his lineage are difficult to trace, he is probably related to John Marsh of Salem, but since there are 2 main lines of Marsh and both lines have equal number of Samuel’s and Thomas’ and Mary’s I can’t be for sure. Marsh was born and died in Exeter, NH and put most of his children through Harvard. *It doesnt matter if they are related in blood, their titles and binding-contracts are most important.

The Marsh dynasty took over from Meserve in 1858 and was the reigning Tyrannus Maximus over Tewksbury for quarter of a century, his wife, and 8 sons and daughters filling in all the management positions. This piece of history has been largely forgotten, covered up really. For the same reasons that motivate politicians today the Gov lead a charge against Marsh & Co.  The investigation committee was essentially investigating themselves, the Board of health lunacy and charity, the Board of Trustees, the Marsh family are all in the same bed together, each one appointing or electing the other and no clear division or hierarchy to speak of.  

I have read the full governors 60-page report, Governor Butler presents numerous eye witnesses and physical evidence but it all gets swept under the rug by the committee and Marsh is clear of all charges. In light of the fact nothing happened of consequence except Marsh was removed from post and a now-established state authority moved in I expect ‘Butlers Charge’ was disengenuine as well and only occurred for political gains, just as we would see today in the immigration/welfare arena. Especially considering on Thomas Marshes Find a Grave page we find he ‘took an active interest in masonry’ and was state treasurer prior to the superintendent position. Most likely the place he honed in his bookkeeping skills. These people don’t roll over on one another, especially in the name of the Profane. Governor Benjamin franklin Butler was the 33rd gov of Mass and is listed on the wiki page of famous freemasons. He is also remembered for his strict covidesque lockdown of Boston during a yellow fever outbreak and manipulation and censorship of the media. Nothing new under the sun. They were lodge brothers over everything else. 

Still, they put on a good show. With each generation the story gets watered down more and more. Finding info on the investigation was the hardest part of researching this report. Remember at the time it was swept under the rug by the self-investigating committee and the complicit state-owned-before-the-state-existed media. Now with the general dumbing down and scrubbing the net of anything except base narrative one liners the worst you find on the Tewksbury investigation was a few local papers printing for the shock value about the accusations themselves, but nothing about evidence. They never gave real info in the newspapers even back then, just like today. And of course, they all make a point to tell you at the end that Marsh was found not guilty and the charges were later proven to be made up. That’s a crock of shit, if anything history has proven every one of these charges and worse to be true. 

Rumors and whispers had always been there. None of the paupers would go to Tewksbury. Complaints would come in from family members of inmates about personal belonging missing’s, unexpected premature deaths, deceased bodies missing, and a young female child that caught the preggers.  

It’s unclear what position Sanborn held or in what Board but one of his official complaints was finally took hold and it was under him that the investigation into mismanagement at Tewksbury Almshouse get pushed. The best surviving contemporary document is titled Argument Before the Tewksbury Investigation Committee, it’s a transcription of Gov Butler speaking to the committee about the evidence his own investigation could drum up, it provides the best overview of the events and surrounding atmosphere. It’s not within the scope of my report to give a detailed summary I encourage everyone to read it for themselves. I will try to hit some of the major bullet points. 

Let me just say now you cant believe a word these people say. a guy named Ben Franklin addressing the complaint of another guy named Franklin Benjamin, anyone named after a fictional founding father are on the same team. As bad as they make it say in the report it is only script and reused at least one other time I found in Dorothea Dix prison reform speech read by Sammy Howe. The truth is infinite times worse than this investigation makes. This only protects the truth from getting out so a real investigation cant be done. Nobody investigates a Marsh. gtfoh. I wrote this over a year ago and my understanding has changed but i know there is still value for other people so here it is.

First Butler brings to attn that the board of trustees is compromised. One member has a witness statement against him admitting to his clergyman he ‘would not give the time to care of the Almshouse except he made enough money out of its supply contracts to pay him for his time.’ A second trustee received a favorable coal contract as agent of the Lowell Railroad and ‘free chickens for 16 years.’ A third trustee is accused of general fuckery regarding those contracts that should’ve gone to the lowest bidder but did not. 

Next, he gave some background on Marsh himself along with some expenditure numbers. Marsh failed in every business venture he undertook but provided for both aged parents and sent most of his children to elite schools like Harvard and Exeter. Supposedly he did all this making 1800$ a year. 

Former employees that shut up and did what they were told were given recommendations to preferential jobs, mainly as officers in diff almshouses within the commonwealth. 

One of the first accusations that was filed by Sanborn years before the investigation took place was that the Marsh family were stealing inmate property. Any personal property of value had by admitted was stripped and sold second hand. Many credible witnesses swore under oath they either witnessed or participated in hauling wagon loads of trunks to the train station. Also, that the clothing provided at the almshouse was insufficient but the house itself manufactured textiles as part of the program, those too were sold and the marshes kept the profit, this happened week after week for 2 and a half decades. 

Naturally what follows is an examination of Marsh bookkeeping and the trouble had trying to acquire the records at all. The investigation committee fought every step to keep the books hidden from sight and the ones produced were obvious fakes. No records of the deceased or their possessions was produced. Marsh’s only defense would’ve been under self-incriminating evidence but he obviously couldn’t do that so the committee did it for him.  

Up to that point things don’t seem too bad, sure a little crooked but I’ve been to the county jug that did worse offenses that that. Butler steps it up with testimony about the abuse of the inmates. A night nurse swore when she started the Matron, Mrs. Marsh, slept with the fires out in the nursery, gave her a half pint of morphia to quiet the little ones when they cried, she never used anything except whisky, cod oil and morphine. The inmates also ‘helped’ in the nursery, one evening the night nurse found a baby with a pillow over its head, looking suffocated. The caretaker of the infant was one of the insane and claimed responsibility so the nurse reported it to Marsh. When confronted the insane caretaker told Marsh she found the child as it was and she was allowed to keep her position. The night nurse testified that out of 72 infants she saw during her time at Tewksbury only one survived.  

There was a case of difficult labor during childbirth that was witnessed by visiting Harvard med student. It disgusts me to write the details but in short, the resident doctor couldn’t pull the fetus out with forceps so he used a screwdriver and rattail file to crush the skull and wash the brains out. The student reported it to the board of trustees which promptly terminated his internship. 

Another incident involving a 14 y/o girl with depression was sent to Tewksbury and after 18 mos. was found to be with child. The visiting family member confronted Thomas Marsh; the exact dialogue was recorded but immediately erased from history by the committee but what it amounted to was that Capt. Marsh himself was the father of the child. Infuriated the visiting sister left her contact information with instructions to be notified if anything important arises so she could come collect the remains. After several months passed, she was informed by an acquaintance that the young mother had died some 3 months earlier. This story is significant bc of the context, it parrots almost word for word a similar account in Dorothea Dix report to the State on mental health facilities and hospitals, which was read by Howe to the state. This is the climax. its a mock outrage display, acting.

If no person claimed a deceased body after 24 hrs. it was considered property of Thomas Marsh and was worth 15 or 16 dollars to Harvard and outside medical schools. Some were buried first, there was 1$ paid for last rites and burial service then at night the corpse was dug up and sold. Tewksbury supplied Harvard with dead bodies for two and a half decades. Many witnesses swore to seeing ‘10-20 bodies piled up like cordwood with infants stuck between the adult’s legs,’ along with haggling over conditions of the bodies being overpriced. From Harvard whatever was left of the bodies was divvyed up, the small parts went to the fishing industry to be used as bait, the skin was sold to the tannery for luxury items. 

The witnesses are names like Mann and Chase and a Dr. Dixwell (kin to D. Dix), so even the supposed victims are players. This is all theatrics.

Among the items of physical evidence were several articles of tanned skin. A crucifixion tattoo stretched from a Hispanic inmate’s chest, a negro belly button, these were denied to have come from Harvard of course however they are mentioned in a 1759 Drake’s Harvard History which describes the items in detail. On display in a shoemaker’s window in Boston was purchased a slipper made from a woman’s breast, with the nipple prominently featured, common knowledge it came from Harvard. 

From the Investigation Committee report, featured in a shoemakers window at Harvard along with slippers made from a breast. Shoemaker and Harvard are both Intel markers

The rest of the speech just is political rhetoric, while interesting it has no place in our report. I only selected a few examples for this paper to illustrate why I believe Anne Sullivan never attended this place. No fucking way. I didn’t even touch on the filthiness, everyone in the wing bathing in the same tub without changing the water, the rats eating people left to die in their ‘rooms’ naked and starving, the rotten food and sour milk. Overpopulation, capacity was 500, they beat that the first week and by 6 months there were 2000 people there. Lemme ask you this, If Anne really had 2 eye surgeries here who paid for them? This guy was selling babies to the Harvard chapter of the Red Shoe Club. And who did the procedure? The doctor that turned a labored delivery into a botched abortion with a rat tail file? Well, the surgeries were said to be unsuccessful.  She added this to her backstory for dramatic effect. Now that you have a small idea about the reality of this place we can continue with our analysis. 

Samuel Gridley Howe

Samuel Gridley Howe 


Sammy was a busy cat. Born in Boston 1801 to a cordage maker and shipowner. his dad was said to have lost all his money during the war of 1812. His family tree includes characters from several important chapters in American history. Elizabeth Howe was executed in the Salem Witch Trials, an uncle who was an ‘Indian’ during the Boston Tea Party. General Howe and the Battle of Bunker Hill, too bad they are all fictional. Everything this family is connected to

After graduating Brown he picked up a diploma from Harvard Med to match then, signed up as surgeon in the Greek Revolution. He went to Greece in the summer of 1824 and remained till after the naval battle of Navarino in 1827. Sammy was a fighter, said to be a doctor only after the battles stopped. Howe was also the moneyman. He raises and distributes funds to the war machine. Greek, Prussian, French, American, agent provocateur. Howe was said to be a philhellene, a lover of Greek things, In the public eye was fighting for his adopted country’s independence but in reality, he was a professional agitator. A mercenary. He is traveling around the World helping to install the central power structure.


Howe was inspired by poet Lord Byron to travel to Greece and participate in the revolution that was just revving up. While most articles and books claim they had a mentor/protege relationship I put forth they two were lovers, at least on Howes end, he is said to have purchased Byrons helmet and returned to the states with it. Byron was well known to be homosexual and pedophile. That mainstream sources push Howes admiration and devotion to Byron to me suggests he was a homosexual himself as well.

Howe was listed as a field surgon, they have special privileges and arent bound by the same rules as regular soliders.

Howe was given a commune island, Corinth, but left Greece after a dispute with local authorities. Was run out as a foreigner in Greece trying to make his own laws, right after an independence revolution. Commune or settlements is an interesting thing we see frequently in the reset class, usually theyre all said to end in failure but sometimes you can still see echoes.

You have to understand at this time all of the entire landmass of Eurasia was in upheaval. This was the Reset. History compartmentalizes everything so the children’s school books make each battle out to be isolated and unconnected from the one down the street but they are all the same cover. Map makers use invisible lines to help disguise things, the world is being remapped during this time.

Much of the war script comes from Gridley himself, in an effort to drum up war support he published a book about the Greek Revolution in 1828. It seems much of what we know today comes from this book even though it includes battles yet that hadnt happened at the time of its printing. (Maybe like the news lady reporting about tower 7 collapsing 20 mins be fore it fell.) Its a free pdf here, I mention it bc others have mentioned its descriptions of the Greek ruins as non-sentimental whereas other bards lament. I think they are writing a fake history for the ruins, that were ruined way before any Greek Revolution.

After defeating the Ottomans, he furthered is education in Paris and got caught up in the politics that led to the July Revolution in 1831. I’d say the Revolution was his education. Everywhere he went war seemed to break out. His story would have it that Howe was in Paris during the July Revolution by chance, before the war even broke out. The Franco-Prussian war. He was arrested in Berlin for aiding Polish political refugees from Prussia and detained for 5 weeks before the U.S. minister intervened and brought him home to Boston.  It was this intervention that places him at the new school for blind, being set up by his homeboy John Dix Fisher. Fisher offered him the job even though there were no buildings.

This guy says Howe dispersed funds raised by Samuel F.B. Morse, idk his source but it confirms my intuition. He also name-drops James Fenimore Cooper, this leads to the Bread and Cheese Club, an intellectual circle in NYC along with Member Morse. Cooperstown founder

*See encouraging comments to Florence Nightingale contradicts eyewitness statement

After the war

In 1831 he was appointed director of the board to the newly chartered Massachusetts New England School for the Blind, the first one in the country. Howe plays an important role in the Helen Keller thread and the History of Deafblind education.

After a year traveling around Europe to see some of the other models he opened up in Boston in 1832. Sammy may have been traveling around Europe but he wasnt checking up on some schools, Sammy is a warrior. Why would they make somebody like this the head of a new blind school anyway? Following the history of deafblind education and treatment this is a common theme, there is always some kind of secret intelligence undertones going on in this arena.

The governor had appointed three Commissioners of Idiocy to inquire about the “condition of idiots in the commonwealth and if anything can be done for them”. Only one of them was a physician. The commission’s report, written by Sammy, led to an experimental school being funded for three years by the state (taxes) and administered by the trustees of the Perkins Institution. The legislature incorporated it as the Massachusetts School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Youth in 1850. 1855, appropriated funds for a permanent facility, a site for which was found in South Boston. From 1863 the school was under the supervision successively of the Board of State Charities (1863-1879), the State Board of Health, Lunacy, and Charity (1879-1886), and the State Board of Lunacy and Charity (1886-1898). By 1898, it was placed within the jurisdiction of the State Board of Insanity.

In 1865 he became head of the first Board of Charities in America. In case you haven’t noticed these are all the same thing they just change a word or switch a word around to throw you off.

Prison Reform

In 1843 Howe read the report written by Dorothea Dix about conditions in the prison and asylum system to State legislatures. This lead to prison reform across the board. the changes were gonna come with or without Dix and Howe but these things need the appearence of human intervention.

Controversally he advocted for solitary confinment treatment for prisoners, whats known as ‘Philadelphia’ treatment in front of the Boston Prison Disciple Society.

Founded the Boston Society for Aiding Discharged Convicts according to the Social Welfare History, although according the 1847 writings he is not on the Board and the Prez is Walter Channing

Howe Blind Printing Press

Howe was a connection between the education and the war and the medical fields of the parasitic system. Howe developed his own method of dimples and bumps that was the system in place before Braille came along.

Howe designed his own form of language to communicate with the blind.

The Howe embossed lettering system, also known as the Boston Line Type was used in the language war against the blind for decades until Braille became the standard, which it never did really, event still today there is conflict over what the official language should be.

Howe set up the First printing press for blind publications in America. Anyone with a printing press is bad news. In 1835 he commissioned Steven Ruggles to devise a printer for his textile books, the printer would be used till 1881.

Ruggles’ printing press also created this tactile globe. Spanning 13 ft and set on checkerboard flooring this is a clue why the blind would be targeted. Their tricks are useless if you cant see the lies

Sammy, Sanborn and Sullivan

Howe founded the Board of Charity that was involved in the Tewksbury investigation led by Sanborn. Having been involved in the Greek, French, and polish revolutions Howe was admired by the younger Sanborne who considered him a mentor. They were teacher and student. Sanborne even titled his bio ‘Samuel Gridley Howe: the philanthropist’. I guess the word means the same back then as it does today.

The main street story credits Sanborne for Bringing Sullivan to Perkins in 1880 but this is disputed even by Sanborne himself. Anne Sullivan reportedly threw herself at Sanborns feet and begged him to take her to the new school she had heard about at Perkins. Within a month she was on her way.

Sanborn and Howe are tightly linked, the former even wrote the latter’s biography, a common pattern we see much of as we go, literary agents providing a normie cover story for other agents.

They were ‘Secret Six’ co-conspirators in the fake failed slave revolt, both fled to Canada for a short time after as the system he is a part of doesn’t recognize the same boundaries we do.

Howe lost his bid to corner the market for deaf education for himself and help found the oralist Clarke institute for the Deaf with partner Horace Mann who we’ll run into later. Sammy and Horace were more than just colleagues, they led the assault on the deaf culture. They story goes back to Brown U when Mann caught Howe pulling a prank and didnt turn him in to authorities. Howe maybe started out believing in blind equality but by the 40’s he was a eugenicist that had his school separated sexes to prevent relationships forming. They believed speech and only speech was what separated man from beast. Education was all that was needed to turn even the most unfortunate into a productive member of society. His view changed as time went on and he got some real experience teaching disabled, his Perkins school was a failure. 15 yrs after he started this project, he titled his 1848 Perkins annual report with bold capital letters ‘THE BLIND, AS A CLASS, ARE INFERIOR TO OTHER PERSONS IN MENTAL POWER AND ABILITY.’  

Laura Bridgman and Julia Brace

In 1837 is when he brings Laura Bridgman onto the scene. Bridgman was the Proto-Helen Keller, the original fake deafblind mute celebrity he would exploit to raise funds and elevate his own status. She is also directly related to some of the Salem Witches through her mothers side, that was an early Fem movement false flag.

Anne Sullivan supposedly befriended Brigdman and this is where Sullivans first-hand experience came from before she was sent into the Keller house’

Bridgman wasn’t the real original ones either, celebrity deafmute and cases were a thing back in the early narrative. The closer you get to the year 1800 the chances are more likely it was a fictional character, before 1800 they all were.

Julia Brace was the first deafblind case in America. She was sent to the Hartford school and met Howe, who was inspired to teach Bridgman. Brace attended Perkins with Laura but only stayed briefly. Her bio is recorded in the Appletons Encyclopedia, by a Fiske. They specialize in creating fictional character bio’s for the Hall of Records.

Charles dickens wrote a promo piece for the pair in his American Notes which eventually led to Helen Keller’s family reaching out for assistance. The Dickens promo was probly all fictional, there was no person of Laura Brigdman except in the papers. She was invented as a lead-in for Keller, possibly Keller is an extension after the fact. Bridgman and the Dickens ad could’ve been a fundraiser first with the idea to one-up the last idea being developed later. Or Keller was planned first and a series of progressive steps were put in the media first. Or the pair could have been inserted into the narrative later. like when Keller first starts out a box of Brace and Bridgman files is discovered 30 years later. At any rate, I dont think either existed before Charles Dickens published the fake account of Laura, I dont think he ever came to America at all, although, he was personal friends with Howe’s wife Julia and her Wall St bankster father, which helps if you’re trying to get your story published by international best seller.

The name on this manual is Kellogg, they are deep at Gallaudet but their motivations are less than altruistic. Kellogg is a eugenics enthusiast that helped fund birth control/population control programs with Rockefeller when Big Pharm was being installed.

I was able to track down a copy of this pamphlet but it is being held hostage by a UK repository for childrens books, creepily, all the early Resetter agent wrote childrens books, usually religious themed. Access is restricted only to University members, the good news is they cite our good friends at the American Antiquarian Society as their source for it. I have worked with them before trying to obtain copies of an obscure newspaper from 1824 featuring a story about the first missionary school that was burned down when a couple of savage Injuns ran off with the upper class elite White girls, thats not really what happened but you can find the story in the Fake Indians thread.

I reached out to the same contact I had before about trying to get a copy of this one here as well. Well see what happens

Here is Brace’s fictional account:


Helped fugitive slaves escape. participated in Anthony Burns protest at Faneuil hall. Burns looks like another episode to drum up public excitement over the coming Civil War, like John Brown this is an abolitionist underground Railroad movement.

Sammy Cool Cat was also on assignment to relocate Blacks to Santo Domingo after the war. These abolitionists don’t really care about the people, they had an idea to ship them all out of country on the premise that they would be happier. The idea was shot down by Charles Sumner, his homosexual lover of the fake caning incident.

Started the Boston Vigilance Committee to fight for escaping slaves. The Committee of Vigilance was involved with a bunch of hi-profile cases that resulted in riots and unrest. they were all of the John Brown sort of run up to the Civil War beating the drums of racism. Three of the Not-so-secret six were also the BVC so it safe to say all of these cases were proxy

together with wife Julia they edited an abolishonist newspaper, Boston Daily Commonwealth. started the New England Immigrant Aid org to help antislavery movement in Kansas. this wouldve been part of Bloody Kansas and John Brown episode.

Sanitation Dept

Howe was also a member of Dorothea Dix Sanitation Dept, they were in charge of distributing funds and resources during the war.

The Sanitation Dept was responsible for organizing the proto-World Fairs, the Sanitation Fairs were similar in design to the later, larger International Expos. Held in Boston, New York, Philly, Chicago.  The one in Chicago featured Abraham Lincoln slinging autographed copies of the Emancipation Proclamation, I know it doesn’t belong here but I cant help it, thats the funniest shit I heard all day. They prolly even had a guy in a hat to sit in doing it

Love Life

In fact I did uncover the many lover letters of Sammy to Boston Senator Charles Sumner. Sumner was very much in love with Howe and didn’t take it well when Howe was married. Many love letters still survive today but the the majority were cut up or burned over fears they would fall into enemy hands. Howe admits to having burned all the love letters in case they fell into the wrong hands.

Married Julia Ward, daughter of bankster sammy and Julia Cutler. Sarah jane Cutler is also wife of Gammons, same location and time frame. This would make Sammy Howe and Elijah Gammons connected by marriage.

Charles Sumner portrait by Matthew Brady. Sumner was involved in a politicalwrestlemania incident called the ‘Sumner Caning’ where he was supposedly beaten near to death on Capital Hill by another politician.


He opened the first school in his father’s home with two young sisters, Sophia and Abigail Carter from Andover, Massachusetts. Within a month the enrollment had reached six students, ranging in age from six to twenty years old. Since he needed a larger place, Thomas H. Perkins, one of the School’s trustees, offered his house. The school moved again in 1839 to the Mt. Washington House Hotel in South Boston and changed its name to the Perkins Institution for the Blind. Howe would open schools in 15 states during his first few years.

Perkins was a slaver, opium smuggler pirate. His name is attached to the school as if he was some kinda saint but the school was never about helping disabled children.

Andover school would connect him with Jedidiah Morse who was setting up the first missionary school in Andover.

In 1848 he was placed at the helm of another social engineering project, Howe was partnered up with Dorothea Dix and presented her report to legislatures who granted him funds for 10 student and themselves the ‘Mass School for Idiotic and Feeble-Minded Children’ headquartered at Perkins. Howe used state (tax) money. A few years later in ‘88 it moved to its own location and given the name of its third director. The Walter Ferndale Developmental Center is the poster child of the eugenics program at its height of the 20’s. They did experiments on people, I won’t go into that the reader can search on their own but you probly heard of one of the ones that leaked out, The Quaker Oats Radiation Experiments. In the 1950’s some guys from Harvard, along with researchers at MIT decided it was a good idea to secretly dose a couple dozen retarded kids with high levels of radiation. They were told they were joining a science club and were promised Red Sox tickets. Quaker Oats was also charged for feeding the kids irradiated oatmeal. They sent permission slips home to the parents claiming a nutritional program and if the parents didn’t object the school was counting their participation. This is the place Howe founded, at least was given authority of. Lawsuits were settled in 1998 but supposedly it was uncovered and leaked by the Boston Globe. No way that happened organically. This was another Tewksbury, another Worchester. 

Perkins Institute was named after Thomas Handasyd Perkins, another Boston aristocrat ‘merchant’ that amassed a fortune as a slave trader in Haiti and opium smuggler in China. He also owned a fleet of vessels during the war of 1812 so it’s likely that Perkins and Joseph Howe knew each other, either as competitors, or associates. They were both from the same town, were the same age, same elite class of merchant families. The story goes that Perkins donated his property to be used as the institution grounds bc he was a ‘philanthropist’ and starting to lose his eyesight. Thats the default answer, it is never the default answer. I’d be more inclined to believe he donated the property to a partner’s son that he watched grow up to be use to set up a spook training and recruitment center. Part of the full-spectrum-dominance control grid. 

Perkins students performing Luciferian ‘May Pole’ ritual
Olde World structure hijacked at Perkins

Howe sewing machine

Elias Howe, of the famous Howe Sewing Machine is not claimed by Sammy and Co. as relatives Elias was from right down the street in Spencer MA and he worked in Cambridge and Boston, this puts him in the immediate vicinity and timeframe as Sammy. Mainstream industrial machines were starting a technological advancement that would lead the country, and world, to what’s aptly remembered as the Industrial Revolution. The Howe clan played a part in the beginning of the textile arena with the Howe Sewing Machine. It was the first machine of its kind in the new world though not the first patented. There were so many patents and so many lawsuits over infringement it would lead to the Sewing Machine War of 1856. It is also called the first ‘patent thicket’ in America and lead to the Combination. The field was gridlocked due to litigation so all the big wigs got together and agreed to drop the lawsuits against each other and join forces and split each sale, this was at the international scale remind you. The importance of the invention as the sewing machine is to the industrial revolution is so important and necessary, I say it was a race, consider it the days DARPA challenge. Leaders of the world labor force need a breakthrough invention to commercialize their supply, they can create the demand afterward but they need the supply first, so word goes out to all the agents in manufacturing that, ‘Hey we need a machine that is capable of doing this’. So, all the companies are working to the same end but making it appear they are independent and having a competition. There are several ingredients to this thread, one of them is the sewing machine, we will get to another one much later, the combine reaper, which ushered in the commercial farm, was born in a similar manner. Keep this thought on the backburner. 

 *Singer sewing machines were owned by the Clarks. This is a significant bc it shows the status of both parties. The Sewing Machine was a huge post-Reset industrial project, paved the way for Orphan Class wage-slaves, commercialized (therefore exploited and centralized) organized labor. Clark could be a Reset class Maritime-contract magician or an illegitimate self-validating claim to authority that never existed. Maybe one day we will find the answer but for right now its noteworthy that linear history has made the connection for us.


Samual Gridley Howe married Julia, daughter of prominent Wall St bankster Samuel Ward and descendant of Francis Marion ‘Swamp Fox’ of the revolutionary war. Marion was an intelligence officer and developed tactics that led to the Rangers. 

They maintained enough of a relationship to have 6 children, even though they didn’t like each other. Today’s stories make it seem like Howe was a control freak and Ward was a free spirit but it seems more like their marriage was a status symbol, they improve their own lineage by marriage and reproduction. Most celebrities and politicians hide homosexuality and pedophilia behind a public family. 

 She was counted by Mark Twain to be a friend; they participate in many social events together. Wiki claims bc of her father’s role as bankster she rubbed elbows with… Charles Dickens. There’s the connection I was looking for. Its commonly reported that Dickens came upon Laura Bridgman’s case through Perkins annual report but it makes much more sense that Dickens wrote the piece in American Notes bc of her family’s status. As much as he claimed to be on the poor guy’s side of society, he spent most of his time with the aristocracy and listed Boston as his favorite place. Maybe he did the write up as a way to gain favor on Wall St. He probs never even went to the fuckin Perkins Institute and wrote the whole incident from his bedroom bc he was ordered to. 

[Let me back up a step, this all goes back to Helen Keller, who was sent to the Deafblind school of Julies husband, Sammy Howe, called the Perkins Institute. Keller was sent there bc her mother had read in a book about the miraculous changes in a similar case pertaining to another fake famous deafblind girl named Laura Bridgman, a proto-Helen Keller. Charles Dickens was the person that wrote the promo piece for his friend Julies school. Twain is just a creep and anyone he associates with is guilty, sorry if its not PC enough for you, its reality.]

Julia traveled to Perkins to meet Bridgman [fake deafblind celeb] originally, she ended up marrying Howe later in some accounts. This shows that Bridgman was used as a tourist attraction, freak show. Howe said Laura’s spotlight was a consequence of using Laura to show everyone that the disabled were human beings also. You can see the early parallels with the Helen Keller case. In other accounts Julia was repulsed by the disabled and wanted nothing to do with Howe’s patients. Howe was a father figure to Bridgman for years and abandoned her once he got married, thats bc he did not care one bit about the disabled and was only using the school for fund raising and virtue-signalling. 

Her family tree goes all the way back to King Charles II court in England, Charles was the one that granted charters to new colonies. Wards were among the first residents of Rhode Island, R.I. was established by Charles II as a safe haven for Quakers… the Quakers were all cryptojews. Colonial America is false history, shit never happened anyway but its important bc even though these ancestors are fictional they still show the level of status within the Inheritor class themselves, the most prestigious claim the closest connection to the Crown. Things like the date of the families arrival in the new world is important, well to them it is (bc all they have is their self validated titles), most the highest aristocrats claim to have arrived in a period of normie fake history called the Puritan Migration, on one level it should be renamed the Great Cryptojew Invasion, this happened in the late 1620’s and 30’s. On another layer its all bullshit, the Mayflower and Pilgrims, gimme a break, there were no 13 colonies and these people insert fake relatives to make themselves appear too have some kind of birth-right status

Mothers Day

 The Mothers Day story takes place over the course of several generations on the international stage. The movement itself was much larger than one person but julia did have an early role as advocate for a day of rscognition. All of them have different reasons why they advocate for mothers day ut none are straight up, all half-truth deceptive virtue-signaling reasons. Perhaps the mothers Day drive did not take place in her time bc of politics. Most of th early proponents of Mothers day direct it to war torn families, a psychological manipulation tactic. Well there were no wars going on at the time Julia was plugging for it, If she started in 1870 that would be the Paris Commune thereabouts, the world would have to wait till the early 1900’s to see the magnitude of warfare necessary to pull this one over the comatose eyes of the sheeple. A simple American Civil War wouldnt cut it. They would have to wait for the World War,

Julia was an early feminist movement arm of social justice. Womens suffrage. The feminist movement was always funded by bankster elite ‘philanthropists’ as a way to dissolve the nuclear family and created a wider tax base. She lobbied for the creation of an international Mother’s Day as far back as 1870. Ward is a small player in this field. A player nonetheless but the majority of credit belongs elsewhere.

you might be thinking, “How could she be dedicated to eradicating the family unit and at the same time advocating for a special day just for mothers?” Good question. I’m glad you asked, Julia’s vision was to isolate the woman, to make her consider herself as a separate entity apart from her family, it was not just about hallmark cards and flowers either, originally at least. Ward called out for a day for women of the world to unite as an official day of peace, a Womens World Peace Day or something similar. The proclamation was for women to rise up in peaceful protest to the Franco-Prussian war, AKA the French Revolution, and the Civil War, which all the mothers would send their children out to die, its all virtue-signaling, appearing to be virtuous for the appearance only, not the inherent goodness of the deed itself, They always target the children and specifically the war-orphans. These people call themselves Pacifists and preach non-violence as psychological manipulation to create the docile obedient slaves that just shut up and take it. Not only was she was of the elite Reset class but even if she was just some gutterwhore Sammy picked up, she was still wife of legendary war hero Sam Gridley Howe… He was a war hero for wars that only existed in the media, she knew there was no Franco-Prussian war, whatever the fuck ‘Franco-Prussian’ is supposed to mean anyway.

It would be decades later and credit would go to one of Julias old associates, Ann Reeves Jarvis, from the Sanitation Committee, before it was given federal recognition. Ann was the 8th of 11 children, only 3 survive to adulthood and one was blind from Scarlet Fever. None of that is true but it is how numbers are used as markers, thats a pretty bold statement. Daughter Anna was born May 1st (international Workers/May Day) and died Nov 24th (Thanksgiving) both of these are holidays with formations developed like Mothers Day as well, dates are markers just like numbers. In 1913 the House passed Resolution 103, the numbers game is a method of communication, a ‘revelation of the method’.

In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrase “Second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, Founder”, and created the Mother’s Day International Association. She specifically noted that “Mother’s” should “be a singular possessive, for each family to honor its own mother, not a plural possessive commemorating all mothers in the world.” This is also the spelling used by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in his 1914 presidential proclamation. So now that turned it into a spell, a binding-contract ritual, it changed the energy around it to be negative, ‘singular and possessive’, are not just used in the literal context, this is part of the spell, casting spells with speech and nobody knows it… Its even called Spelling for fux sake. Have you ever used the words singular and possessive next to each other and it was about something positive? This is also the spelling used by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in his 1914 presidential proclamation.

Mothers Day is celebrated all over the world and popped up all about the same time frame, even though they are all supposedly independent of each other and just kinda merged at the end. The exact date and wording of the observance might vary a little bit but thats just a local flavor. A pillar of each country is greiving mothers for children lost to war. Some countries try to disguise the military theme and say it honors the sacrifices made by the mother for her kids, thats bullshit. This line of thinking still separates the family unit and tricks the mother into seeing herself as outside of the family. Ann even used the argument that holidays are sexist in mens favor in order to sell the idea

Not only did Mothers Day start showing up around the same time on the international stage but even within America itself there are multiple chapters of pre-history. Examples include Juliet Blakely, of Albion Michigan and rank Hering, called the ‘Father of Mother’s Day’. If you thought it was possible that the world scene was a string of coincidents hopefully now you can see the whole thing is part of a script. It’s All Fake. Normally I would call this a World Fair Project but this one doesn’t even need the fair.

Ann’s daughter, Anna, picked up the slack when mom died writing letters to politicians asking for acknowledgement. In 1908 the first modern Mothers day was held in Grafton WV. Grafton was a scene in the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, so we already know what kinds of shot-callers are holed-up there.

Mothers Day Financed by the World Fair Agents

Financing was provided by a Philly merchant,, John Wanamaker, who opened Americas first dept store at an abandoned railroad station in 1876. HELLO, McFLY, ANYBODY HOME? Philly hosted the BiCentennial Expo in 1876, the first offical World Fair in the New World. It was a World Fair project, of course it was.

Not only once but two World Fair connections, Sammy Howe was in the U.S. Sanitation Commission, they hosted a series of fundraiser events, the Sanitation Faisrs, for the Union army during the Civil War, proto-world fairs. Julia wouldve been directly involved in her husbands work, meaning any special-interest assignments like Mother’s Day wouldve been handed down by the same people. If youre completely lost right now you’ll have to read some of my World Fair reports; they were a tribute to conquest and enslavment and psychological warfare and inserting a false historic narrative. Any kind of connection to the World Fair only means the same thing.

A Railroad station? Are you kidding me? Wanamaker invented the printed-advertising flier for crying out loud, he just printed his products and the prices and passed it out and when people found out it was true his business boomed. They call it, ‘Truth in Advertising’, GTFOH, You mean it took almost 1900 yrs for someone to think of that? You dont believe that do you? The thing that made his different is that he had his price sheets copyrighted, That copyright is a title, the seal stamp is a sigil, that magick symbol gives his binding-contract that power.

Wanamaker is the embodiment of Commercialism, In fact he might not even be a real person I just found out about him, I mean his name is fake af, unless he’s got some loopy parents, Wanamaker is a play on words “I want. I want. I want”, is “Wanna Wanna Wanna”, Maker, he is a maker of “I want, I want, I want”, get it? Hey, weren’t we just talking about casting spells through everyday speech is really a thing? it doesnt matter if he is real or not anyway, it isnt even about him. The infrastructure and system is fully developed, it is Consumerism/Commercialism as an Institution. The insertion of the shopping experience is an entirely separate World Fair Project, (you see what I mean when I say that now?) The first department store. he married into the Brown family, as in Brown University. Opened a store at 818 and Market, opened another at 13th and Market. Modeled his dept stores after the halls of the Universal Expo.

There is a lot of black magick going on in this thread, the only other place I’ve seen this much was the insertion of the Santa Parade and Thanksgiving as a commercial holiday. I say black magick bc it is using deception and enslavment at its root.

One more thing, Wanamaker’s also was home to the second largest pipe organ in the US at the time, incidently it was the same Organ featured at the St Louis World Fair in 1904. This give it a religious angle that should be noted. Only important structures get organs, like Cathedrals. Sporting venues get organs too but this is still early, this gives the consumer an almost religious experience, the Shopping Mall Temple of the Consumerist Religion. The organ was expanded by Wana’s own organ builders and is now the largest pipe organ in the world that plays everyday. Recognizing and understanding these things is so important if youre trying to understand whats going on today. Little seemingly insignificant things like the organ mean so much more than words express.

When some prime movers like Wanamaker doing the financing and Ward-Howe doing the lobbying it means chances are theres more going on than you think. Mothers Day was part of a much broader attack on feminism, ironically the people calling themselves feminists are the ones doing the most damage. During this same period is also the suffrage movement, which was about women voting, the birth control and abortion movement was really under way with Margaret Sanger in NY. The Industrial Revolution was another one, women were targeted in a series a industrial ‘accidents’; boiler explosions, factory fires…

Also worthy of mention is the early association of flag imagery to go with mothers day, white carnations were included as well but the flag is significant bc the leaders of that movement to get federal recogition share alot of similarites as this, seems like there could even be a central overseeing body that directs things from above and sends the agents out to do the work… Hmm, that would be crazy if something like that were true, even though Flag Day was a World Fair ritual too, the first ceremony held in Chicago… but, nah.

The Betsy Ross house in Philly was one of the first promoters of the day and helped get the movement off its feet. The Betsy Ross House connects us to the Colonial Dames of America; these were the flag day/world fair agents. Here is my article about that.

*See Also: American War Mothers groups, their flag is flown on the US Capitol on Armistice Day (11/11) Anne Jarvis crashed a AWM party for using Mothers Day and was arrestted for disturbing the peace. AWM is part of the show. Jarvis soon died of ‘dementia’ in the hospital paid for by the card and candy industry.

This lithograph by C. Parsons of the Interior of the Crystal Palace, published by Appleton’s of NY, is plugged by the State Archives as an accurate representative of written descriptions of Wanamakers joint, “compartmentalized” they call it, the problem is Parsons is one of the most notorious generational spook families of all times and Appletons was so bad at publishing historical fictional people even the normie culture had to throw him under the bus as a fake-ster. The decision to plug this was not based on “accurate representation”. Not only that but it is housed at the Metro Museum of Art, a whole other layer.This is how the World Order works, its certainly not new.

Mothers Day, the Stamp

Anything that gets immortalized on a stamp is gonna make for a good research subject, Ive come across some spooky shit, The ones that get their own stamp are in a separate class. Check out my stamp collection.

*Wanamaker was appointed General Postmaster by Prez Harrison, this was during the Comstock Years, which was lead by Anthony Comstock and the obscenity police. Comstock was the founder of Christian-front org YMCA, Wanamaker was the Prez of the YMCA, and the elder in a Sunday school group. None of this is relevant right now but the entire promise is built on seemingly unimportant connections just like that. The Sunday School group comes up sometimes in research, its a front club.

The postmaster office would come back in to play later. In 1934 Postmaster James A. Farley planned to issue a three-cent Mother’s Day stamp reproducing Whistler’s Portrait of the Artist’s Mother . Anna asked for an audience “at the White House (preferably Thursday, 22d [February], as I shall be in Washington then) for a better understanding re Mother’s Day celebration, and the proposed stamp for it.” Anna believed the stamp idea came from Hering and the American War Mothers. “This stamp,” she alleged, “is one of the cleverest tricks that any women surely ever put over on a President so gracious as to see them.” The Post Office removed the words “Mother’s Day” from the stamp and added a vase of carnations to the painting. [link to 1970 American Heritage spook-rag mag]

FDR issued the stamp in ’34, that means it was part of the ‘New Deal’. Mink Coat Mafia member and Jewish Lesbo Eleanor is the one who put together the New Deal, she just had the man put his name on it, this is probs why Jarvis got the stamp to begin with, though El.

*Pythian Sisters Lodge promotes Mothers Day Stamps in 1934.

Commericalized from birth

Here is her inner meaning to Mothers day, a
“singular, possessive” term for industrial propaganda.

Jarvis made the jump from Womens Peace Day to Mothers Day but didn’t respond well when commercial interests tried to capitalize on her solemn day of appreciation. She is most remembered for trying to have the holiday repealed after spending years trying to get it recognized. Her mock-anger over how the true meaning was wrapped is only part of the show. Its wrestlemania and serves as advertising. Greeting card and candy companies were cleaning house. Carnations are part of the spell somehow, they are a recognizable feature of Mothers day all over the World, the price got so high for carnations people were breaking and entering greenhouses to steal them.

In her ending years Jarvis tried to get the holiday rescinded, she never married or had children herself (judging by the associates she was a jewish lesbian) Her health was declining so she was placed into a sanitarium, fitting since it was her mother and Julia Ward on the Sanitation Committee that got us here, that connection would not be forgotten. Ironically her medical bills and final expenses were paid for by the flower and candy businesses that made a mint off her. It was Big Biz that paid to keep her in the hospital at a time when she was actively fighting to have the day taken away. It doesnt work like that. Unless they were paying someone to keep herjacked up on electroshock therapy and Thorazine they were not paying her tab. Ann was keeping the holiday in the spotlight. She would not have asked the supposed inventor of the freaking consumer religion for a loan if she did not want the day to become commericialized.

Mink Coat Mafia member Ann Jarvis (R) never had children,
or a mother herself probably, not the best spokesman for a day
of maternal devotion. Died in Nov 24th, Thanksgiving is
another consumerist based holiday mindfuck, it is highly unlikely she died this day but appropriate it is listed in her bio.

Post-Humus Gay Publication

A book was found in the 1970’s titled the ’Hermaphrodite’ that has been attributed to Ward so she was one of the first LGBT crusaders as well. About 400 pages of it were passed down and lurked in various archives until its publication in the 1970’s. Fragmentary and still unfinished. Its more plausible one of her children published it in the mothers name, it wouldn’t even have to be any good, or a complete story, which it sounds like it is neither. It does hold the distinction of being the first book of its genre written in America, albeit unpublished, even more likely the book was written a hundred years later and published by the daughter.

Just about all the first hand information we have about Sammy Howe and Laura Bridgman comes to us in this manner as well. Cool Cat Sammy’s personal notes and journal published by his daughters many decades after the fact. Because the whole deafblind fraud has been exposed the writings are as well… The guy wouldn’t write to himself in his own journal about a false flag as if it were real, duh, but the kid might to scam a few bucks and provide farther cover for the ol’ man, and thus the entire M.O. They are the Inheritor class, thats what they do; wealth, influence, power, prestige… all ill-begotten by birth-right only. No special skills or talents needed, just scrap together some bullshit you came up with over a bottle of rum and put your ancestors name on it and its automatically accepted history with no outside validation, just about all of normie history is in this manner.

The same spectrum of social justice has been around for almost 200 yrs. Nothing new under the sun. It looks like Howe himself was homosexual, or at least bi, He had a relationship with Massachusetts senator Charles Sumner. It was not even secret. When Howe wrote to the gay lover while on his honeymoon Julia responded “Sumner ought to have been a woman, and you to have married her.” Howe passed that message on to Sumner himself: with the caveat that “… such a thing would never happen; I am monogamous and marrying both of you would be wrong.”

His-story says Sumner was the one that introduced Ward and Howe while showing off Bridgman but since we know Bridgman was phony their introduction was as well. Id bet the marriage was arranged. She was from a bankster family, He sure could’ve used someone to bankroll all his false flag psy-ops all over the world. Setting off John Brown type revolutions of independence isn’t cheap. Ward was gay herself so it worked out, the unpublished book about the hermaphrodite backs that up.  Having kids was part of the arrangement, seems to be a common thread. By all accounts their marriage was a miserable affair for all parties involved but these generational spook operatives have to come from somewhere, right? Unhappy heterosexual marriages for the sake of procreation seem to be most frequent. Many instances, such as Howe and Ward, all parties involved are homosexual and the sham marriage only provides cover for history books 

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Today she is most remembered for writing the Battle Hymn of the Republic, the origins of which his-story tells us it all came about by chance after she overheard some soldiers singing about John Brown’s Raid, that her husband financed but didn’t even really happen. At a priest’s suggestion she scribbled down some lyrics on a scrap piece of paper and turned it into the Atlantic Magazine, they claim it was published anonymously and was an international hit overnight. That it was published first in the Atlantic outs it automatically, they want you to believe this is all happens organically but this is a spook mag, created by, and used for spooky things. The equivalent something going viral even though algorithms prevent this unless by design. 

*See Also: Star-Spangled Banner inserted much like battles Hymn of the Republic 

Anne Sullivan in the NYTimes

In a previous article we examined some of the early eye-surgery narrative of the young Sullivan during her stay at the Tewksbury Almshouse, I’ll refer back to that for details but basically it is a fantasy bedtime story. Who piad for the surgery and 6 months private hospital stay? As if it was normal that kinda thing was normal. Super. Marsh was selling dead babies to the Harvard Red Shoe club.

Well I got an interesting followup story I just found today, this time near the end of her life. As Teacher aged her eye sight that bothered her since her childhood didnt get any better. All those free surguries you think it wouldve improved but she was mostly blind herself all her life.

On 29 November 1934 the NYTimes printed an article in their Thanksging day edition about it. Im not gonna talk much, I’ll let the story tell itself. If youre new to this website you need to understand that the NYT is a psychological warfare machine. This post will support that and theres more info if you look around.

The Keller article doesnt even say much usful, you have to look at the bigger picture, heres a free lesson on how to read the Times.

First off its signifacent bc of the date its. Thanksgiving day was completely started by commerical interests and has satanic pagan roots, santa/ satan anagram and the Macy red star. the parade is really a celebration of santa and nothing to do with pilgrims and indians. the santa parade is the echo of a Roman Empire military parade when a Warlord returning with the spoils of war sitting on this throne doling out rewards to loyal subjects. Pilgrims and Indians are a myth, theyre fake history scripted to prop up a phoney timeline. Their was no Roman Empire either for that matter but for sake of good-will lets play along.

Notice the 666 shout-out. A mortgage translates into death pledge, thats why they follow up with the word revive, cus thats what they do with dead people. “6660 mortgages issued by 18 title companies… Aces and Eights are always an Intelligence marker… “before Jan 1 and Oct 31…” Thats Halloween, another spooky tell. Jan 1 is 1/1. Eleven is double ones but also represents pillars. In some schools like Aleister Crowley its the double phallic symbol meaning homosexuality . “…valued mortgage at $33 mil…” Crazy right. How many people do you guess read right over that and had no clue what they were reading. How many of you didn’t catch it the first time and you were even looking for it!

This is the article above Keller’s. Its openly about determining hoaxes. The hoaxer is Gertrude Stein. I’m not familiar with her but the name is a good start. A glance at her Ministry of Truth page says she graduated Magna-cum-laud at Radcliffe and John Hopkins Med. In her spare time she was hosting art Salons in Paris. Her and Keller were probly BFF’s, oh, and she was a Jewish lesbian. The part that gets me is that they are talking about a speech disorder being the focus of the hoax. Have you ever heard Keller try to talk? This is a joke. It even defines a method of how she could be making the sounds. No way they could direct that logical thinking to the lady with her fingers in your mouth and grunting like an animal. Nah, that’d be crazy

The right flank is held up by tribute to Buchanan, war monger, and name-dropping Vanderbilt, who had aided in Keller’s projects substantially. Helen Keller’s article is sandwiched in between a war lord, a satanic numerology spell and a speech hoaxer… WTF do you even call something like that? These are not randomly placed articles, everything they do is and always has been about a mind-fuck.
Another article on the same page. the Medical Industrial Complex. “Dr.” Sachs asking the public to fund their own slow-drip poisoning. Federal Reserve bankster family Sachs print money, they dont beg for peasant scraps.
Another article on the same page. a “Ragamuffin Parade” and costume party? Sounds more like Halloween, but they mention Christmas… Could it be bc they’re all holidays are the commercial interests of satanists? I think so. There was a trend called ‘Maskers’ in the early 1900’s, Kids would smear their faces up with soot and dress up in hobo outfits and go door to door asking for change. The trend was supposedly stopped in part by the Macy’s Satan parade a few years earlier but it appears like echos made it past. probs can find something today, im sure it wont be black-face bums. It its just into the whole atmosphere of weird shit that surrounds Keller everywhere she goes.
Here is something about Macy and the Parade a few columns over. the 1934 parade was the first year that featured Mickey Mouse, along with Felix the cat is one of the most recognizable characters of the event. “Monsters… Grotesque…. Ferocious.” sounds perfectly acceptable for a celebration of family and appreciation. the kick-off is at 110th. aces and eights every time but doubles are even more desirable. This was Macy’s basecamp. *See Also: Clement Park Moore, Professor of biblical learning at Theological Seminary, these people are nothing without their titles. With a mouthful like that this guy is up to no good.
Another circus piece. All of these are on the same page as Keller, she is still the biggest freak of all of them. We haven’t even made it to the front page yet
Overlord of the Public Works Art Project, and Secretary of the Advisory Committee on Fine Arts? WTF do these people do all day?
Chamberlain was responsible for the PR campaign behind Keller. its appropriate that he is headlining her article…And in the Arts section. All this symbolism is an art form to them.

Royal Freakshow

Lets jump to a few pages in front, it covers a wedding between two Royal bodies, Duke of Kent and Princess Marina. IDK who these people are but Im sure I know what I would find if I looked. Here are a few articles on their page. The whole wedding production and the Crown itself for that matter is an extention of the creepy circus-world of the Helen Keller. These people have no real power and exist to placate the Orphan/Immigrant class.

Pic of Westminster Abbey, the Pre-Reset building that the Church attached their name to but impossible they built it. The black-and- white checkerboard floors is an nod in that direction
Another shout out to the central theme of witchcraft and magick, apparently the royal line still believes in “superstititions”. The point is the reference itself. The article makes it seem as if half the British Isles waited in anticipation to see if he would be cursed. A look at the origins of this superstition might make an interesting read. Notice they have just returned from the theater. Thats TV… self-promotion.
Even in 1934 they were beating the war drums, foreshadowing the coming so-called World War. Says here they have personal communications. The rest of the paper has foreshadowing comments peppered all throughout.

Best Article from the Royal Wedding

When I saw this I literally bust out laughing so spontaneously it made me fart.

Its the play on words that gets me. By pheasants they mean Peasants. Its a precendent to shoot and eat them huh, cant break from tradition. Now whether it is literal about cannibalizing some of the Orphan class or is it just a sick joke I really don’t care. The meaning is not as important as the utterance. It’s like Manifestation. You might want to look up Sandringham Estates, the royal hunting property where evidently they host the ‘Hardest Game’ parties. 800 pounds is the Aces and Eights mark thats been inserted everywhere. This article is representative of the NYTimes as a whole. Most of the papers I browse through contain the same themes.

And Thats How You Read the Paper

is helen keller a hoax? ppffftt, dont make me fucking laugh. There is a bigger story on the front page, more thanksgiving bread and circus for the masses, this time its Dillenger who is on the front page, Media coverage gives themselves away. Check on my page for details.

Michael Anagnos 

The take-away here is Michael ran the Perkins Institute and married Samuel Howe’s daughter. He was Helen Keller’s teacher during the plagiarism scandal which made him break all ties.

Michael ran the day-to-day operations at the Perkins Institute for the deafblind. Howe picked him up in Crete on his return visit to provide relief for the war effort. He was hired to be Howes secretary and personal tutor to Howes children. It didn’t take long till Michael was married to Julia Romana Howe, Samuel Gridley and Julia Ward’s daughter, becoming Samuel’s son-in-law. 

[* all of this article is normie history and therefore trash, I wrote it with incomplete information and the whole thing must be redone. I only included it to show that even in Normieville the stories dont add up. Ancient Greece shares its past with Rome; the piles of ruins were given a fake history slapped on, there was no Independence Revolution, there was a Great Reset.]

Wiki claims he was the son of a poor shepherd in Greece. In the very first paragraph we run into problems where it says he was permitted to go to school by the Ottomans bc the region paid a special tax to the sultan so that the soldiers didn’t come to his area. I call bullshit, how are the shepherd class going to afford special tax to the sultan? The area he was from is the Zagori region, one of several places officially recognized as autonomous by the Ottoman Empire bc this is where the elite merchant class were based, they enjoyed special benefits called Surutia.

The merchants became the ruling class and the area was quite prosperous. No, he was not a peasant shepherd, his name is Anagnostopoulos, which translates to ‘reader of the community’, the reading is of a religious context. The simple act of reading is considered a distinction and Greek clergy were even paid by the Ottomans. If you break his name down farther the prefix ana means anew or upward, and gnos meaning knowledge. The office/name also goes back to the Byzantine era. 

This elite merchant class were called Phanariot’s, they were based in Constantinople since the Byzantine /Roman Empire, since Constantinople was a thriving port city this translates into Maritime Admiralty. 

Supposedly Anagnos went to school at the University of Athens, the first 3 yrs he studied philosophy and foreign languages, then 4 more years of law school. After graduation however he took a job as editor of a newspaper. The name Ethnophylax is listed in a few articles that mirror each other word for word but if you keyword search for Athen’s newspaper Ethnophylax in the main search engine nothing comes up. Nothing. I don’t think it was quite kind of newspaper you are being led to believe. He was another instance of media propagandist during war time. He went to school for 7 yrs and didn’t use any of his subjects. 

The next part according to wiki isn’t very clear. It says he took an active role in the dethronement of King Otto of Bavaria using ‘Freemasonry and Giuseppe Garibaldi and one of his sons.’

The problem I have is Greece was not a country to even exist till the war for independence started in 1821. They had no king. Greeks considered themselves a religion more than a nation, a series of island independent nations. How did they announce a national presence and immediately go to a king from Bavaria that was installed by an act in London? Well, bc the revolution itself was sponsored by Prussia, Britain, and France against Islam/the Turks/Ottomans. The Greek Island we know today were independent nation-states back in the day. They united under the banner of Greece to restore the byzantine Empire, the Magali Idea. 

Garibaldi is intentionally inserted for a reason. A prominent figure in a whole dif set of Independence revolutions around the whole. All these Independence declarations are not being fought or funded by the people themselves. Each is an extension of the war between the old bloodlines, i.e., House of Burbon, House of Hapsburg, House of Wittelsbach… A lot of these countries change hands all the time but keep the same name as if it was an autonomous entity all along. In a larger scale the Greek Revolution was a continuation of the Crusades against Islam. One of the objects for war was title of Holy Roman Emperor.  

[All these splinter cells are false leads, the groups are inserted into a fake history to intentionally connect every single one to each other. Dont you think it’s a litlle odd that every single battle and inner circle on the entire planet can trace its way back to every other similar group throughout the entirety of history? Wouldn’t it make more sense if there was only one group that oversaw everything and compartmentalized itself for camouflage?]

Of course the article would mention freemasonry. Mainstream sources scrub any reference to freemasonry as to make researching it difficult. It appears this time it was added for what? It’s like product placement right. Garibaldi was a Knight of the Crusades so he was a mason by default by way of the Templars. De facto. The Crusades were fought by the mystery schools by whatever name doesn’t matter so they have to put it in the open. There are several articles that parrot each other so who knows how much is really true but it seems like he had position enough to just make his own version of masonry and anything he did was officiated after the fact.  

Exactly how Anagnos was recruited by Howe is impossible to know, the info online is just a few articles with the same information. Making things harder to discern is that the official biography is written by Franklin Sanborn himself so you can trust that as far as you can throw it, along with all his other bios, he wrote one for the whole cast just about; Howe, John brown, Thoreau, Emerson to name a few. Every person he is associated with must be examined, esp the historical persons like Harriet Tubman. Usually agents of this caliber are born into it. The info we do have points in this direction, the location of his birth, that takes us back to the Phanariot/merchant ruling class.  

There was a Phanariot organization called Filiki Eteria, they met in secret and their stated mission was the overthrow of Turkish rule (Ottoman Empire) in Greece. The Megali Idea, to revive the Byzantine Empire. They were mainly the younger members of the Greek branch of the byzantine merchant class but included several rulers from different countries and religious sects. The ‘Society of Friends’ is admitted to be the instigators that brought on the Greek independent revolution in 1821. Filiki was modeled after similar European organizations like freemasonry and was started clandestinely by three men in Odessa. That’s present-day Ukraine but was the Russians back in the day. 

One of the three men that founded Filiki was also a member of the Carbonari. The Carbonari were another special interest off-shoot of Freemasons. They were instrumental in the July Revolution, the French Revolution 2.0, that’s the one that Howe coincidentally happened to be in town for. Prominent members included famous warlord Giuseppe Garibaldi, Lord Byron (a mentor of Howes), Lafayette (famous Mason of the American Rev), Napolean. The Carbonari are an off shoot of the Order of Illuminism (illuminati) started by Guiseppe Mazzini. Mazzini and his violent anarchist way brought neg attn to the lodge. He wrote letter to Albert pike expressing interest to create unconnected group to rule over freemasonry. Pike and Mazzini create the Palladian Rite, a Luciferian cult without clear leadership. Pike also helped create paramilitary group Knights of the Gloden Circle, whose first task was the formation of a network of guerilla training camps in central America. Garibaldi was also connected to both Illuminati and the places of KGC operations. The Knights would later become under the direction of Pike the Ku Klux Klan. All these groups are circles within circles. Trying to figure out which body is responsible for which incident is like trying to track down Anne Sullivans nonexistent siblings.  

[*Garibaldi’s association with a group that contains more phantom icons than factual people suggests he too is not of flesh and bone but exists by word of mouth and ink on paper]

Interestingly, a charter member also listed on the Carbonari Ministry of Truthwiki page is a Anagnostopoulos, so it would indicate Michael wasn’t recruited but was born in just like all the rest. 

Mikey supposedly did a 6-month stint for printing something in his paper that the admins didn’t approve of, this led to his falling out of the paper altogether and he resigned. What is known is that on one of Howes visits to Crete the two meet and Anagnos is brought back to America under the guise of secretary and private tutor. Accompanying Sammy is his daughter Julia Romana Howe, she and Anagnos would in short time become married. This means Samuel is now Michael’s father-in-law. 

Michael is given more and more authority over Perkins over time until the passing of Sammy, at which time he becomes the full-time director. 

*See Also Mikey at 1900 world fair 

Franklin Benjamin Sanborn 

 was a key figure in the reformation movement that swept America in the run up to the civil war and the rest of the century that followed. He held several positions in the Board of Charity from secretary to chairman and filed complaints to three dif governors before Butler picked him up. An abolitionist that is remembered as one of the ‘secret six’ that helped orchestrate a slave revolt in Harpers Ferry by taking over a US arsenal, dubbed the John Brown Raid.  His family also traces back to 1632 ancestor LT John Sanborn of the General Court, so he was no different than the rest of them, coming from an old-world family with a military background. One article I came across claims for a 20-dollar fee he would file any complaint you wanted. Sanborn was also educated at Exeter, graduated from Harvard, courted and refused by the daughter of fellow abolitionist, transcendentalist, and freemason Ralph Waldo Emerson and is buried at the famous Sleepy Hollow cemetery. The title of abolitionist is a code for freemason.  Transcendentalism is a thinly veiled front for masonry. Be on alert for any person claiming to be from either camp. We see similar echos in today’s society with the social justice movement. The people pushing Black Lives Matter for political reasons funded by ‘philanthropists’.

The children are always the targets, thats why the public education model chosen was specifically chosen to mproduce obedient citizens, smart enough to push the buttons but too dumb to ask why.

Horace Mann  

Horace Mann (Horus-Man, its an allegory for the Jesus archetype) was from another self-contained merchant family around Boston. The standard background check shows his family of course also goes in a straight line to arriving in America during the mid 1630’s. This time from Kent. His family has always been in the education arena, that’s why he was assigned his position. In fact, not just any education but public systems. His direct descendant was teacher at Dedlam Public school from 1667-’72. Dedham is the very first tax funded public school in the country. Samuel Man the teacher/minister for the aristocratic bloodlines of the time and area I’m sure you’ve already guessed what that ties him into… He was ordained by Judge Sewell, that right, the presiding judge of the famed Salem Witch Trials… So, it’s an indirect connection. Idgaf. Enough for me. What are the odds Howe and Mann would be connected to the false flag of the HKP just like their ancestors were cohorts together in the false flag SWT’s two centuries earlier??? There are so many connections even if you have not read Mathis’ report on the witch trial you should know by now it is another manufactured event brought to you by the same families. I bet if you had access, you’d find one of Manns relatives in the tea party or some other historic event. Graduated from Brown,

  • Mann was given an obelisk, bronze, and stamp. Only the top agents get any one of these markers, very few get all three

Mann was given an obelisk, bronze, and stamp. Only the top agents get any one of these markers, very few get all three

 Pro railroad, got the state behind expansion, RR promotion was his entry into poly-ticks and spent his whole pre-education career toward their advancement. Paying it up front. The RR was a big project, everyone had to do their part in the collaboration. He is accountable for the railroads becoming privatized, the RR inside guy. The RR story is building up, it’ll make a good you when someone finally gets it organized, everyone involved is on the same level. Mann had power of the state and interests of private financial backers.  

Second to his rr position he is credited with founding the first state-controlled hospital for the mentally ill after he successfully convinced legislators for funding. He was instrumental in opening Worchester lunatic asylum and served as director of board of trustees. This would connect him with the early Board of charities. While it was before the time of Franklin Sanborne. Sanborne was an educator and at a private school in concord. The children of Horace Mann were among the initial pupils. Along with those of Emerson, Hawthorne, and Jon Brown, yes, that jon brown that Sanborne and Howe would later finance his false flag slave revolt. This is all the early 1820’s, this is before Butler and the predecessor to his Tewksbury charge.  

Irish migrants are especially noted for disliking him (Jesuit/freemason sentiment toward Catholics?) but Anne Sullivan, a social justice warrior, would let that slide being her cover story as Irish immigrant. But yet it is said when she first arrived at Arthur Keller’s plantation, she berated the poor old man on his position of slavery. There is a connection between the railroad construction, the Irish immigrants, the state-run asylums and schools. The Irish did the work for the RR’s and left behind the sick and child, which was the states responsibility to provide care for. Essentially, he is cleaning up his own mess, swept it under the rug more like it he involved in all areas so nothing gets out 

In the late 1830’s his mission changed. The freemasons had a stated objective to establish ‘a national department of public education headed by a secretary appointed as a member of the president’s cabinet’. With Masonry being a vessel, we can trace this back even farther. In ‘34 the Gen Court granted half the money from 1812 war reparations to go to state schools.  The decision was announced to establish a centralized network of local authority centers in each town using the spoils of war.  HM was chosen by his freemason handlers as the figurehead to organize this network. Anything he needed was granted.  His new mission changes from RR advocate to education ‘reform’. 

HM is considered the father of modern public-school-as-indoctrination-camp method. The leading authority in education reform state offices and titles were created to give him more authority in the states name. He was the education reformer but reform is another code word for takeover. Everything Mann could ‘reform’ he was given control of. the Board of Education was founded specifically for him to move forward with his long-term goals. He was the first secretary of the first BOE in the country. His system protected the merchant class, each school was given local authority and infiltrated the individual home. Traveling at his own expense but with the protection and authority to he learned from European models at Paris, Germany, and Prussia. (Yes, he was in the same countries as Howe at the same time, doing similar work. Howe is said to have to these places to learn from surgery and medical schools, Mann is said to have been there studying the schools themselves and the system as a whole.) Which he brought back to implement reform in America. Mann led the charge in education reform. Reformer is another code word, add it to merchant, abolitionist, humanitarian, transcendentalist, philanthropist…, the theme is still the same today in the social justice movement and early feminist. He was also brother-in-law to Hawthorne and good friends with Sam Howe. Mann was Howes contact in the state house and was responsible for funds granted to Howe for his blind school/spy academy. His sugar daddy… I could find no evidence of course this is speculation but from the patterns I see they had more than just a professional courtesy toward each other if you know what I mean. They both hid under the guise of education. Mann and his wife traveled through Prussia together on Sammy and Julias honeymoon, remember? The one where howe wrote all the gay lover letters to the soon-to-be governor or congressman or whoever, Charles Sumner, of the fake caning attack.

Horace Mann’s School for the Deaf

The Prussian Model  

Before the Prussian model was implimented by Mann in American schools were usually focused on applicable knowledge. Self-reliance. This was the opposite of what was required by a group of ppl dedicated to world domination. Education was handled largely by the church which was losing power as government picks up the slack. Mann viewed the State as the religion of society and the schools were the churches. The freemasons are quite proud of their being behind the free public school system. Transfer of information. Communication. Intelligence. Masons are allowed to take credit but they are but a vehicle. 

Before state funds were dedicated money was had from private donors and special interest groups so he had to compete with all the big-name places, Brown and Harvard…and most schools the pupils lived there, they are contained, with their own farms and everything.  This means the school had to teach whatever the financière, wanted, much like the bought and paid for R&D at universities today wanted Many normal schools later became community colleges and state universities. now with the state providing the service via tax dollars and war profits it can teach what’s in the best interest of the state. Creating a free day school for the public is a must need. It’s the embodiment of Intelligence, what is and is not taught. To infiltrate the home and family, little Billy gets indoctrinated for 6 hours all day by freemason agents to go back to the farm and spread it to the parents and siblings. Got towns to sign on by means of rewarding cooperative behavior. It’s called bribery in simple terms. It’s still coercion whether you use rewards or taxes as the vessel. The ‘voluntary appropriations’ fund of Mann’s raised 50.000$ in one year but the money still would’ve been there if the ‘volunteers’ had been fined or feed or taxed. 

 Mann created a group of so called ‘Normal’ schools. Teaching teachers how to teach. This ensures masonic values can be instilled even if the teacher is not a mason, but usually they were. Teacher training camps are always a cesspool of spooks so take note when you come across this situation.  

The schools for pupils are known as ‘Common’ schools. Common schools traditionally had the policy for ‘qualifying every individual’, this is the forerunner to ‘no child left behind’. Nothing new under the sun.   

This Normal/Common schooling method is used as a world model on a larger scale. Howe and Mann toured Europe on their honeymoons together. I put forth the whole marriage, thus honeymoon was false and this was an extended recon mission. All these self-validated authority figures are traveling to Europe to study teaching methods not for the benefit of the pupil but for the benefit of the state. Now the state had its own pulpit in the form of public education it needed to learn the best way to utilize it and the chosen method was the Prussian system. 

Prussians took their school serious, esp. after defeated by Napoleon the school was seen as the way to militarize the person at childhood. A totalitarian authoritarian elitist country formed from lands conquered by Crusaders. There are many great articles covering this in depth, I will try to hit a few bullet points: 

  1. The primary purpose is to control what is read, not how to read. 
  2. Make compulsory attendance laws. (Illegal not to go) 
  3. Teacher colleges 
  4. Age based grade and curriculum 
  5. Standardized tests. 
  6. Qualify every citizen (no child left behind) 
  7. Mandatory kindergarten 
  8. State agencies forced federal directives in local establishments 
  9. State, not the parent, had ultimate authority over the child 
  10. Potential teachers were screened by the state 
  11. Focus on memorization skills, not thinking or discerning. 

The set up was designed to produce: 

  1. Obedient soldiers 
  2. Obedient workers 
  3. Trained subordinate clerks 
  4. Trained subordinate civil servants 
  5. Uniformity of thought, word, and deed.


The Prussian themselves were heavily influenced by a man named Pestalozzi. Pestalozzi co-founded the Zurich lodge of the Illuminati. The Illuminati and Scottish Rite were fractal extensions that claimed lineage back to Atlantis through Thoth/Hermes. Knights Templar, Jesuits, Sabbatean-Frankism. Don’t confuse yourself trying to differentiate, they are all feathers on the same bird. The stated objective is world domination. The Illuminati gave themselves a fake history and were pushed by minister-politicians like the Morse family as fear mongering and the next potential threat. “The New World Order is at your doorstep…” This covers the truth that the Reset had already taken place.

Each special Interest group works toward the common cause in their own way. Pestalozzi’s is education. He devises the method used around the world best suited for rearing citizens of the New World Order. His role was no less important than the guerrilla fighters perpetrating all the violence across the world. This man focused on the poor and claimed the ability to shape them to ‘accept all the efforts of their peculiar class’. Focused on art and music as a means to distract and pacify to prevent class warfare, keep them happy without arousing the want for social change. In Horace Mann’s 7th report his chapter on the music classes of Prussia echoes Pestalozzi’s system. The Prussians militarized Pestalozzi’s peaceful ignorant subjugation. Literacy not all important, not much more than what’s necessary to perform industrial skills. He oversaw his own agriculture/industrial commune populated by male orphan children. Later the State provided orphans to him.  Pestalozzi’s ideas were first brought to the states by the Quakers in 1808. Mann was the regional director for this worldwide system.  

this is the school system they were in Europe studying.  It is too far outside the scope of this investigation to include a backdrop in Prussia that led to this system to begin with but I will pause to note this is the (one) revolution that Howe funded and was detained in. Then it is also worth mentioning that backdrop includes France, which is another place Howe was closely involved in revolutions. Mann never expressed an interest in Deaf education until he returned from his extended recon mission with Howe. He wrote his Seventh Annual Report from the Board of Education vehemently advocating oralism. He never showed an interest in Deaf education after this. I put forth he did this at behest of Howe, Howe already had Perkins school for blind, soon he would add his School for Idiotic and Feeble Minded. What better place to cover an intelligence network than a school for feeble minded idiots? . He was a trustee and board member on too many orgs to list right now. Somehow, he did not corner the deaf community. The 7th report was clearly a promo for him but for whatever reason he lost the bid to Clarke. What it did do was get the state involved (that was the intent). Fired the opening Oralist salvo. 

James Clarke 

I tried to keep my distance from Clarke but since he beat out Howe for the deaf market, I feel we need some explanation. The most popular answer you’ll find on our dumbed down and censored internet is that he was a generous philanthropist, that he left grant money to be used for education in his will. Scrolling down the wiki page we see he was born in 1609 and immigrated to New England in the early 1630’s. He is listed as a Baptist minister and founded the colony of Rhode Island. In those days religious authority was the only authority. The separation of church and state is an illusion, the state becomes the church. 

Clarke is a very popular name. Most of Geni has two separate John Clarkes that were from the same year and location, both have a brother named Thomas Clark. TC was the pilot for The Mayflower. Yeah, that one. Whether our James is brothers with the pilot I can’t be for sure but it is quite plausible. Sarah Fuller, who got her start at Clarke school also had a direct descendant on the Mayflower. How many ‘coincidences’ have we seen so far where the relatives of the same families are still in bed together pulling off these world changing events centuries apart? It almost has to be brother Thomas the pilot by default. “yeoman’ is even listed as James’ occupation on his page although he was a respected minister and physician when he arrives at the age of 28.  

Details regarding most of Clarke’s deeds and backstory are disputed, so let’s not waste any energy sorting through that mess and cut right to the action scene. Whatever source you want to quote from is up to your own discretion but all agree he had the proper bloodlines to hold the ear of Kings and eventually King Charles II granted his request to start an official colony and Rhode Island got its royal seal in 1663. The Rhode Island charter was drafted by Clarke himself. What do you think was the price of this? A regular person can’t just address the king, and of the few ppl that can how many do you think actually get what they came for? 

King Charles II was heavily in debt from his father and chartered what is called the ‘restoration colonies’. Each colony was more like a corporation. In fact, VA and MA charters were granted to corporations only and the only govt oversight was stockbroker meetings. PA was given to Quaker William Penn as payment for debt owed by Charles I. 

Cryptojew Clarke was Phoenician Navies man in the new World, helping lay the groundwork for the long-term plans being carried out still to this day. It is even said in his bios he acted as agent of his new colony in absentia doing all the clerical work from England. Much like the first crypto George Keller coming to the States and doing the same. These two ppl have the same interests and common goals. They founded a new land with no laws or oversight so their first task was providing the framework for which such a system would flourish. In fact this foundational work started when Crypto Columbus ‘discovered’ America, his voyage started 4 days after the Expulsion Act of 1492 and they were looking for a new home. 

Among his associates we find George Fox, founder of the Quaker movement. Intelligence families have always hidden behind religion. The Quakers are one of the clearest examples and it is this connection that eventually led me to the conclusion Rhode Island was chartered by cryptojews in the royal court to serve interests of their own kind. Rhode Island harbored Quakers after the other colonies expelled them, so much so bordering colonies threatened a trade embargo if they didn’t change their position. King Charles II had to step in eventually and officially order MA to stop persecuting Quakers. His story says Charles intervened bc he sided against the puritans that executed his father. In reality the Puritans and the quakers are both still jews, who Charles II just readmitted into England, of course he would help out in the colonies as well. 

Quakers wouldn’t intermarry outside their own and would only conduct business with other ‘friends’. Many instances public decisions were made quakers would move in their own favor even if it was detriment to the community. Passive nonmilitary allowed natives to slaughter and pillage unchecked. Used their own court system. 

Clarke used freedom of religion as a front for jew business. While officially the first synagogue in America didn’t open till 1763 the crypto lines have been hiding in plain sight for centuries.  Coincidentally the first offical synagogue in America opened in Newport RI. The place founded by Clarke to begin with. 

King Charles II was responsible for enabling the jewish readmission act of 1656. I guess it wasn’t a hard decision after his father was executed by paid jewish agents. Oliver Cromwell initiated the readmission unofficially due to general popular opinion. Cromwell writes to Jewish 1%er Manasseh Ben Israel through his bitch Ebenezer Pratt: 

 Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam, 16th June 1647: 
— “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” — 

To Oliver Cromwell From Ebenezer Pratt, 12th July 1647: 
— “Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape: His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.” — 

This is how England was compromised and Charles I was set-up. This is the context of how the jews were admitted back into England. George Fox the founding Quaker father was also a regular correspondent of Ben Israel’s. Both utilized the printing press, which is a primitive form of controlled mainstream media… Communication. This connection is supporting evidence Rhode Island was founded as a colony of spooks.  

Now that you’ve had a brief introduction to Jimmy Clark you can see why its fishy his name would come up now, after two hundred years, attached to the field of education. As we learned earlier the first two colony charters of Plymouth and Virgina were granted to merchant groups and governed by shareholders and stockbrokers were known simply as the London Company. Considering this I find no surprize in the fact Clarks trust fund which granted the money to start the School for the Deaf is controlled in modern times by scumbag operatives called Bank of America. 

At 350 years old Americas oldest educational trust was left for “for the education of children from time to time, forever.’’ The Prussian system had yet to be developed but this would ensure when the chosen method had arrived this foundational step was already in place. The money would always be available for whatever indoctrination program chosen to be used at the state’s discretion. That it is overseen by bank of America is convenient. The money is illusionary anyway, they can print as much as they need and who’s going to challenge it? BoA gets credit for being charitable, it’s a win-win. 

I’ve yet to put together why the school for deaf wasn’t given to Howe. Maybe it was because of funds. Howe had a lot of irons in the fire and these operations take money, his projects funded by the Bridgman hoax could only go so far and that pot was already accounted for. The school itself might have been built for AGB as a command center. He ran that bitch for over five decades. 

 His story says Clarke school was founded in 1867 by Brahmin family Gardiner Hubbard (L. Ron scientology?) after a childhood illness made their daughter Mabel blind, they used trust fund monies to start the first oralist school.  

Rogers graduated from Prussian ‘normal’ school in 1851 and took work in several schools till ‘63 when she took her first deaf student for private instruction… so we are told. In 1866 she and a Mary S. Byam founded an oralist school for the deaf simply called Chelmsford School. Later in ‘67 the school was moved to Northampton and renamed Clarke school for the Deaf. Rogers was taken as the first principal and AGB first came on as teacher in ‘71.  

 Bridgman, Keller, and Sullivan all use the same script that a childhood illness left them disabled chances are pretty good Mabel was lying as well. Especially taking into account young Mabel and AGB were married and had two kids. Historians have a hard time explaining that one with Bells position that deaf people shouldn’t be allowed to do either, deafness was a trait to be bred out through programs like forced sterilization and lobotomy. Naturally he uses this in his defense. “See look, I’m not the bad guy, my wife is one of them.” However, if she was never deaf to begin with it suddenly makes so much more sense.  Bell and Hubbard also went on to found gatekeeper institution National Geographic Society and Bell Telephone Company. 

As it turns out these Hubbard’s are related to L. Ron through adoption claim todays descendent. That would support my claim that these Inheritor class ‘dead babies’ are not dead at all but are just relocated and spring back up in history under a new name and background.  The part I found most curious is they are directly related to Elizabeth Hubbard, yet again connecting us to the Salem Witch Project. Elizabeth was one of the girls starting the initial accusations. 

Find-a-grave listing also gives us Gardner Hubbard’s mother was a… wait for it… Perkins. That’s right. Due to centuries of inbreeding Joanna Hubbard was also niece of slaver/opium druglord Thomas. Not some distant relation either. I mean like he was her father’s brother… That would also mean she is connected to the Salem Show twice over since we already established Perkins was connected through Mary Bradbury who was sentenced to death as a witch but somehow managed to avoid execution. So, Perkins school for blind is connected to Clarke school for deaf, just not in the way you’d be led to think. This is an awesome example of why it pays to investigate every name dropped for a reason. Seek patterns and remember everything is mentioned for a reason. 


Hey guys. Im trying to get some stuff out but time is short and I cant do it all at once so stuff like images and keyword tags Im gonna have to add later. Links are all in a pile on the home page. I have also added a bunch of smaller characters and locations to the other Deafblind related posted. The stuff that didnt merit its own page, theres a bunch.

Kellers older years was spent traveling and each of her endeavors is a post, like she flew a plane. Who gives a fuck, but look at the history of flight, you think it was those two guys? or Kellers visit to hiroshima and nagasake? Nukes are fake AF and WW2 was not about Nazis.

This is about her younger years and her associations when she was in schools. The report is incomplete, meaning all the Colonial stuff is bullshit, there was no Mayflower, you’ll see, but I decided to keep it bc it shows layers and layers of how many ways these people are twisted in their own timeline.

Anne Sullivans background is here on the website too, a completly untracable and fabricated childhood and falsified school documents but her name Sullivan tells us all we need to know.


Wait wait wait, before you go I want to start off by showing you a clip of her speaking, yes she sort of speaks but when she was on tour she traveled with a translator bc she more or less was barking. However there is an English accent in her speech which is hard to explain if she never heard an English accent.

The theatrics is part of it too, she spend time in ollywood and on a vaudeville stage bc she was a show. I do not know if real Deafblind people can communicate this way, I just know that everyperson I have looked up that claims they do is lying.

There are other websites that go into this more but I wanted to add that all that aside, the part that bothers me is her choice of words, “I am not dumb now” suggests that speech is the vehicle of intelligence. (I think the opposite is true for alot of people, the dumber someone is the more they seem to talk). If I were a disabled person I would be more upset probly that this person with such negative views is elevated to such hi status. Thats exactly why she is put there. Keller is the spokesperson for the whole community, thats the role she plays and she is there to impede real progress… Its psychological warfare

SULLIVAN MEETS KELLER, Alexander Graham Bell Introduced

Anne’s valedictorian speech is dated June 1st 1886. His-story says Anagnos received a letter from Arthur Keller searching for a teacher for his eleven-year-old deaf blind daughter Helen. Michael immediately considers sending Anne Sullivan to the Keller plantation. A 20 y/o fresh out of school grad with no real-world experience to such a job as this makes sense? Sullivan had never been away from Yankee land, sending her to post-war Alabama would be a different world for her. Maybe I could see her going as an aide or like an intern but sending her alone would be far too irresponsible for the director of such an institution to consider. To me it says Sullivan’s training was considered sufficient to send her out on her assignment.

Arthur says he read about Howes work with Laura Bridgman, the celebrity deafblind girl decades before Helen Keller, from Charles Dickens ‘American Notes’. Of course, they throw that in there. These people prop themselves up with each other, one lie supporting the other. Dickens was considered personal friends with the founder of Perkins wife, Julia. Howe used Bridgman commercially and Dickens gave them a positive review/advertisement. 

Keller herself would write later Dickens inspired the search for the teacher, which led to contacting a well-known civil war surgeon Dr Chisholm of Baltimore.  Chisholm also traveled to study medicine in Paris in 1850 which would connect him to the July Revolution as well. Two American battle surgeons in Paris during the second French revolution? Chisholm and Howe would’ve been homeboys. Keller would’ve mentioned to Chisolm bc they were on the same side of the war, He was a link between the north and south that would need to be addressed in the Reconstruction Era South. 

Chisolm informs them he couldn’t help but suggests reaching out to Alexander Graham Bell, and it was AG Bell that prompted the letter to Perkins. HK dedicates her first book to him This gives us a lead toward Bell. Bell is remembered for inventing the telephone and being an advocate for the deaf community, however it was later ruled in court he in fact stole the idea. Bell was also rooted in the eugenics program and viewed deafness as a threat which was to be bred out of society through methods like forced sterilization.  

AGB pushed a tentacle of the eugenics program called Oralism. The Bridgman fraud was perpetrated by eugenicists to serve as tribute to Oralism in order to implement an unnatural and difficult system which ensures a lifetime of challenge and frustration. They can hold it in the light and say ‘look how good it works.’ Because of their success this became the official position of the state. Signing just got reintroduced in the 1980’s ffs… Right around the same time as cochlear implants became available so the transhumanist eugenicists still win, what its purpose was to do was just put a boot in the face of the deaf community. Plus, this also goes in the communications control, ALL forms of communication are controlled. Communication is intelligence. Now we have one whole portion of the population that can no longer communicate with the rest. In fact, I could retitle this paper ‘A Brief History in Oralism’. These people are on record saying they believe deafness can be bred out of the population. Anything promoted by the state is actually the opposite of what they say, its the Satanic Laws of Inversion. These people claiming to do all this good work for the deaf and blind with their false flag agents like Bridgman are promoting Oralism. Signing is a deaf child’s natural communication method and those having difficulties learning lip reading were punished. Like physically assaulted. He also pushed for laws against deaf ppl marrying each other. The many ppl in the deaf world considers AGB public enemy no.1. and many comments I have come across label him ‘Hitler of the deaf’ Bells work in the early telephone industry is a lead as well. The telephone is communications technology. Any communication device is spyware, just like Howes braille printing machine. Together they control how the entire culture communicates with society. 

Frost King Incident 

Accusations of fraud and plagiarism start shortly after enrolling. Keller wrote a story for Anagnos’ birthday titled The Frost King. Anagnos felt compelled to publish the story in the alumni newsletter. From the newsletter it was republished elsewhere till it was recognized by a similar story called the frost Fairies. A side-by-side comparison showed it to be more than just a little bit. Pressure mounted on Anagnos to take action so a trial was held at the institute and Keller was acquitted of plagiarism. It did end the Perkins stay and the relationship between Michael and Helen. Apologists blamed Sullivan, saying she had it published under the child’s name for celebrity status, this is the version we are told in school so you can rule it out as misdirection off the tee.  

I can think of several reasons this might have played out but each is just as speculative as the other. Ok maybe it was an honest mistake, occasionally shit happens, they are far from perfect and fuck everything up. Keller was a huge earner for Perkins, this would be ruinous for the school but let’s look at the fallout. HK never published fiction again. She totaled 13 books and they are mostly political, meaning they have an agenda, Keller was a eugenicist herself and card carrying socialist, social justice She-Ra warrior. Maybe a small controversy was drummed up which she could ultimately be excused but created the opportunity to switch platforms, she goes from child stories to political activist. Surely this small scandal would be better than the truth: she isn’t writing any of her letters and isn’t deaf or blind.  

Maybe it was Julia Howe. She seems like a real bitch and she knows the whole thing is fake. Keller and Sullivan are stealing the thunder of Sammy and Laura, the fake celebrity deaf/blind spies. These ppl don’t really like being outdone and throwing the pair under the bus just seems like something a spite woman like Howe would do. If she can prove the duo aren’t really doing the things, they are taking credit for the glory goes back to her sham husband. I see this as a huge potential as well. 

Keller was about to turn political; the split would keep Perkins separate. 

Another is it distances Perkins from Keller if anything was to happen, they had plausible deniability. She was going to start a new phase in the project and if she got outed, she could bring down everyone around her. This way at least publicly they sever ties and if that were to happen Perkins could still operate without notice. 

The way it went down was to make someone suspect the story was not written by Keller, Keller wasn’t even blamed the weight fell on Sullivan, but it wasn’t enough it makes someone suspect she wasn’t even deafblind, that the entire charade was fixed, only slight plagiarism. 

Michael the director was the son-in-law of Julia Howe. Sammy had already died by now and the daughter whom Anagnos wed died the year before. When wife Julia Romana Howe Anagnos dies, she had already pledged an enormous sum of money for a blind kindergarten she would never see the opening. Michael needed the money to cover his wives’ pledges. Wife Julia made no mark of her own except the school that bears her name. She devoted her life to her husband and the actual school part of Perkins Spy Academy. I believe she did the majority of the philanthropy work Michael has received credit for. When she died, she left a lot of financial loose ends for them to tie up and there was financial motivation.  

Maybe it was a control demolition to exit Perkins, it was a blind school after all and HK was blind AND deaf. Shes only halfway there, and she still needs to speak somewhere along the way. I use the word speak graciously. She barked her words and needed an interpreter. She had an English accent! She could just get her uppity connections like Charles Dickens and Mark twain to come to her rescue in the media while at the same time promoting her attack anybody that admits the obvious. This Milan conference of 1880 also happened to be the year HK transferred to Perkins marking the beginning of the operation. Keller represents this conference.

Sarah Fuller at the Horace Mann School

Sarah Fuller at the Horce Mann School for the Deaf is credited for teaching HK to speak in 1890. A keyword search shows dozens of articles promoting all the good works of her career devoted to teaching deaf children. What are the odds her family arrives in New England mid 1630’s? Geni claims chances are pretty good, they don’t know the exact year but Fuller too comes from Dedham and at least one direct relative is present on the Mayflower.  

On the surface she appeared to be doing good work however her report on teaching HK how to speak is fraudulent. I doubt she even wrote it herself and it came from the same group that wrote all this crap. The truth always shines through so we can look to it for direction. 

Fuller was an advocate for isolation. The deaf culture was on the rise gaining recognition. The first deaf college, deaf churches, publications even including deaf personals were building momentum, the oralist agenda stopped all that togetherness and instead forced deaf pupils into hearing classes where they were effectively cut off. Their defense was that deaf pupils wouldn’t be able to interact with society once they were outside their immediate circle but breaking up connections is what they did. They tried to make deaf and disability invisible where they were taught to hide and blend in with everyone else. 

Fuller gives a very detailed acct of the method in which she claims to have taught HK. I do not know if this is even possible but she says by placing each finger over a specific part of the face one can mimic the facial movements and thus speak. It sounds a bit farfetched. It means even time HK has a conversation with someone she has her hand on their face. Next, she says all her files detailing HK progress were accidently destroyed. Sure they were. Anytime they are accidently or ‘unfortunately’ destroyed you can bet it was on purpose. 

SF admits she only had a total of ten sessions with HK. Can you imagine teaching a deafblind mute to speak for the first time in only ten sessions. SF can’t take all the credit though she remarks HK ‘never seemed to forget a thing told her.’ Outside these ten sessions the rest of their visits were spent in open conversation The rest of the time she spent teaching Sullivan how to teach HK. 

Fuller supposedly learned how to teach in just 3 mos. she learned from oralist pioneer and Clarke principal Harriet Rogers before moving on to Boston school for deaf and dumb, later to be renamed Horace Mann 

 Sarah Fuller’s Foundation for Little Deaf Children connect to Julia Anagnos’ supposed dying words ‘take care of the Little Blind Children? 

Fuller also collaborated with AGB. They were friends and colleagues and coauthored a book together about oralist teaching methods. She gave a position to him as teacher at Clarke school, more likely the position was created just for him, or at least the title. 

At some point I have to mention HK needed a translator as well bc nobody could understand what she was saying. So not only did she have her hand on your face with her fingers in your mouth she is barking loud syllables. Sullivan would then ‘translate’ what she was saying. It was quite theatrical.  

But wait there’s more! Even though she needed a translator bc her speech was so unrecognizable Kellers grunts had a distinct English accent. Historians and biographers claim she must have had some residual memory from back when before she was stuck deaf, she heard others around her speak with an accent and she kept it all her life. They used that one before too when trying to explain away how Keller plagiarized Frost Queen, the official excuse is Keller subconsciously remembered a care provider read it to her. 

Higher learning WRIGHT-HUMASON 

W-H School, 1894. Looking more like a Saturnalia cult or witches coven than a school for Deafblind. Helen Keller on far left

 Following the Keller timeline in 1894 she is said to have gone to Wright-Humason school for deaf in NY. Its only search results are mentioned with HK and is listed on the ‘now defunct schools of NY’ page. The fact that it doesn’t have its own wiki page is a tell, every place associated with the HKP is famous, if for than no other reason than that it can boast of being part of the HKP, the only places that don’t have their own page are the ones that are made up or hiding something, y like the place that Sullivan supposedly had those surgeries that didn’t exist till decades later. link

First, I thought possibly they are trying to use real places in their fake timeline. The New York school for Deaf was founded in 1817 as New York Institute for Instruction of Deaf and Dumb, a 501(c)(3) organization. The wiki bio says they are the first school of any kind in the US to introduce a military curriculum in 1893. (lol). Red flag 2 is it does mention Keller but says she only visited there, sorry but 2 years doesn’t sound like just a visit.  Flag 3 is Samuel Morse is listed as a trustee from 1861-63. Because Morse developed the dot/dash code this puts him right in the communications/intelligence category like the Howe braille system. He has been on my radar since he came up in my search earlier linked with Howe through some committee or other. This means the school was used for spy games during the civil war, already destroying the line that it was some marching band tunes decades later. The military operation was said to have been formation drills and marching band. I think that’s bullshit there has always been a network of spooks hidden behind the deaf community. The military operation was intelligence. 

Later by chance I came across a letter written in the Perkins archives dated 1927 to a Sullivan biographer from a Mr. Thomas A Humason. Everything about this ‘school’ and its founders is sketchy. Keyword searches only yield the same 3 or 4 mirrored sentences mentioning Keller but everything is scrubbed. Finally, I had a name.  

Thomas genealogy is dead end after dead end. His father was the first to take the name Humason. Before that it was Humiston, the Humiston’s go all the way back to the 1640’s when they came to America. It was Humberston in the old country. It is noticeable his ancestors are not in the inner circles of the colonial fathers. He was fined by the court 2 shillings over want for not carrying his sword. His name is not on the original covenant of New Haven in ‘39 proving he was not a founder. Any theories on why is name keeps changing is only speculation. I say it’s a showcased example of how family Inheritor offshoots everywhere 

About halfway in-between Humason and Humberston there was a merger with the Hubbard family. 

John Dutton Wright is the other half of the show. His genealogy is scrubbed on both sides, neither Wright nor Humason have Geni or wiki page but I did find a name for his wife, Ysabel Wright. Born Ysabel Galban she is daughter of Luis Suarez Galban. Galban was a native of the Canary Islands that immigrated to Cuba at 15 and took up work at the family farm. Soon he was one of the richest sugar plantation owners in the country. After the spook led rebellion of Haiti crashed the industry Cuba became the world exporter of sugar, all built on the backs of slaves. Galban was another crypto slaver that also owned the National Bank of Cuba. He also heads the Cuban branch of freemasons. By 1899 he’d moved to NYC and ran international bankster crime syndicate North American Trust Company. His story says Ysabel took her hard-of-hearing brother to an oralist school for the deaf of which John Wright was a founder. 20 yrs. her senior the 2 fell in love anyway and were married and had children. It’s a recycled fairy tale script that sounds way to much like AGB and Mabel Hubbard to be taken seriously. Does anyone really think someone of Luis stature would let his daughter marry someone from outside the Hidden Hand club? Or believe Johnny Do-Gooder had no idea his father-in-law was a cryptojew international bankster slave owner? What’s more is Keller is said to return to the couple’s home for a drop by in 1917 on her way to Hollywood. Such an outspoken dedicated social justice warrior would let that slide? Remember Capt.  Arthur was a plantation slaver and confederate general. This isn’t the only nod to the sugar cartels either. 

Galban was a Resetter from the Banana Republic districts. He connects the Sugar Industrial Complex 


 Mark Twain reenters our investigation; it is during her time at W-H that she meets him at a luncheon hosted by Laurense Hutton. Also in attendance was William Howell. Hutton was editor of Harper’s magazine. Howell was editor of The Atlantic Monthly. No shit. What are the odds the two leading magazine editors would all meet up by chance? None of these intelligence projects could be successful without a complicit media. Harpers and Atlantic are supposed to be rivals but only the ‘coke and Pepsi’ type, they both published the same crap in a different sweater. Twain is evidence of this as both published most of his writings. The Atlantic was founded by the Boston Brahmins so it had a particular interest in this operation, that’s why we see them popping up repeatedly. 

*Howell was born into Swedenborgian family, his dad published the cult paper 

‘Coincidently’ Twain’s BFF happened to be present as well, one of the richest men in America, oil tycoon Henry Rogers. Rogers teamed up with John Rockefeller and Chris Pratt to become Standard Oil kingpins. Henry in part funded the Twain Project so Marky convinced his handler to finance the HKP as well.  I won’t go into Roger’s background or family history right now but heres a good link for anyone interested. (Hint, his 4g father was on the Mayflower, the HKP is like a big family reunion.) The money is illusionary to begin with and all these circles are connected by other circles, meaning they are all the same people. Agent Keller would not have had to actually pay for her stay at Cambridge and Radcliffe, they were built and exist for this very purpose of these kinds of operations. Not just money Rogers had the power to make it happen.  Rogers also financed Booker T Washington’s School for Southern Blacks. Again, we see race and a form of social justice only as a cover for disruption and agitation. Anything that causes civil unrest but especially racial division is an effective manipulation tool.  

This meeting is held to decide the next course of action in the HKP. His story leads you to believe this is all by chance; the PR team, the moneyman, the handler, and the operative. Anyone associated with the Rockefellers is automatically guilty but we don’t even have to discriminate here, in Twains signature style he pleads to Roger’s wife in a letter that gives us other clues as well. It reads in part and I summarize: 

 ‘Experience has taught me when one wishes to set a man on something he’d prefer not to be bothered with its best to move behind his wife. If she can’t do it nobody can… He will remember her from our visit last July… I thought of this scheme [italics mine] Lay siege to your husband and get him and Messrs. William and John D Rockefeller and the rest of Standard Oil chiefs to get behind HKP… Last July she passed Harvard entrance exams without a single condition…’ 

This reveals that 1. Rockefellers were also the intended target and Rogers was just the vehicle. 2. Rogers was already familiar with Keller at their meeting and had been in discussion about her position. And 3. Keller was already planning to go to Harvard and this makes it appear like money is the only thing holding her back. She had already taken the entrance exams, who paid for that? Maybe the same ppl that paid for all of Sullivans fake eye surgeries. 

 And so this is how we are told HK goes to college. Its all bogus of course. The letter was written after the ‘scheme’ had been established (interesting choice word from Twain). The money is illusionary to begin with and all these circles are connected by other circles, wheels within wheels, meaning they are all the same people. Agent Keller would not have had to actually pay for her stay at Cambridge and Radcliffe, nor would she have to take entrance exams, they were built and exist for this very purpose of these kinds of operations. Not just money Rogers had the power to make it happen.  

Rogers also financed Booker T Washington’s School for Southern Blacks. Again, we see race and a form of social justice only as a cover for disruption and agitation. Anything that causes civil unrest but especially racial division is an effective manipulation tool. Used quite often by Rockefellers and their lackeys. After the Ludlow incident when John D the families of workers HK refers to him as a monster of capitalism, if she had really gone to Radcliffe if was him that paid the tab, she didn’t care that much.


At Cambridge Keller was under supervision of spook Arther Gilman. Gilman was from a line of banker merchants that first came to America in the 1630’s. There is a humorous argument going on the ‘First Gilman’ Geni page as to whether he should be referred to as an immigrant or a colonist. Fucking aristocrats. That he landed a settled Ipswitch in 1638 would place his progenitors at ground zero for the Salem Witch Freakshow but I didn’t spend enough time to pinpoint a relative. The Gilman’s financed the railroad expansion westward, fought alongside Gen Washington in the revolution, helped establish the Federal Reserve Act, signed the constitution, chairman of the Safety Committee, among the first graduating class of Exeter.  

Daniel C. Gilman was  was cofounder of Skull and Bones Society and Johns Hopkins. Skull and Bones brotherhood of Death is base camped at Yale, Johns Hopkins is supposed to be an autonomous entity but this connects all three and is evidence there isn’t any distinction at the top, they are all just side pieces. Special Interest groups 

Our Arthur Gilman and his wife Stella founded what would eventually become the prep school for ladies at Cambridge and Radcliffe in 1894. Women were not allowed to attend Harvard before this time. He is said to have tutored and provided tutors for Keller. 

Fortunately for Keller she didn’t even have to stay at Cambridge to attend classes. In 1897 she moved into a friend’s house in Wrentham. You don’t really think she went to school, do you? 


You can add columnist, journalist, editor, essayist to our list of red flag words, anything that has to do with newspapers, the media, communication, intelligence. If the name is attached to one of these projects it is worth taking a look at. JC was editor of a national newspaper and contributor to many publications posted daily from New England to Chicago, one of which is Harpers Weekly, connecting him to Howell, who is already involved by their meeting with Twain and Rogers. Howell wrote a congratulatory letter to be read publicly at an event in Boston when Chamberlin published his book in 1896, about the same time the meeting was had. 

His brother was already established in Chicago when J arrived as a young man shortly before the fire broke out, his account of the Great Chicago Fire was one of the first to go out worldwide. It is worth investigating his story to check for inconsistencies. 

His lineage goes back to the founding of Newbury family and thus the Mayflower as well. His ancestors are still profiting from and propping up the fraudulent HKP today. Elizabeth Emerson, his g-g-granddaughter just published a collection of letters written between Keller and Chamberlain. 

There was a Joeseph Chamberlain that wrote a book about john Brown and the Secret Six called The Road to Harpers Ferry. I don’t believe this is our JC, not bc the dates don’t match but just bc these people don’t spill the beans like that. Being so closely associated with this circle he wouldn’t throw them under the bus like that, its too close to home. Our JC wrote a monograph bio titled John Brown and was published in Beacon Biographies of Eminent Americans series. His career as media is used as cover story to come in contact JC was said to have interviewed every Prez from Grant to Coolidge 

Home for Chamberlain is known as Red Farms, a gathering place for artists, literary and political personalities. So he operated an intelligence network. Helen lived here at this spook compound while she is supposed to be going to Harvard. The property is on King Philips Pond, and was burned down during the Indian war known as King Philips war. Horace Mann also called this place home at one time. 

Keller has known Chamberlain since her youth at Perkins. JC wrote a daily column in the news rag ‘Boston Transcript’ which he used to promote the blind school. His comments about her miraculous transformation from feral child to eloquent socialite are just promos. He is sited as her ‘benefactor’ in many sources. 

Chamberlain also is a content contributor for the NYTimes Book review, the pinnacle of spookdom.


Graduaated with honors in advanced Latin. Thats a joke guys, the language and culture never existed. she couldve said anything at all and it wouldve been written up as perfect bc there was nothing/ Plus, I mean did you watch that bitch talk up there? You think that could be ancient latin?

In 1899 Keller was admitted into Radcliffe, sister school of Harvard. Her actual admittance letter mentions an honors in advanced Latin. Good one huh? mow go read my paper about how the faked ancient Rome and see how funny it is. Gilman also writes she had honors in German and highest marks for all students in English. All of Kellers papers from Cambridge and Radcliffe are compiled in the Gilman collection. There are thousands of pages, enough to have employed a full-time writing team to come up with all the scripts, all for posterity. Who could doubt the authenticity of someone with so many credentials.   This is what seems to be the case for most of HK life, every instant is documented as if nothing else but to show as evidence that it did indeed take place. The nay-sayers have been present the whole time since The Frost King incident at Perkins but nobody has made any substantial claims and all criticisms still point to Keller being used as a tool for the personal benefit of her keepers. The script writers stayed up late to think of a way in which Keller could take her entrance exams without Sullivan present but the manner which they come up is as unrealistic as the rest of her story. Kellers detractors have always been present but never have they made real accusations, only ones that dont cross the line that she was indeed very capable of hearing and seeing and speaking. This is what we call controlled opposition. 


College campuses are ground zero for advanced indoctrination of fresh eager and ambitious minds. None more fitting than Harvard for the home of the mystical Kabbalistic cult of cryptojew Emanuel Swedenborg. Its chapel there was completed around the same time HK was said to be in at the school and she has promoted it since day 1. The Swedenborgians however attribute her association to a fella she met at Perkins named John Hitz, who gave her a copy of SB manuscript ‘heaven and Hell when she was 14. 

It is not within the scope of this report to include a summary of such a broad subject as Swedenborgianism. Emanuel published around 20,000 pages of documents and left unpublished another 27,000. Way too many to sum up in a few paragraphs. All interested parties will be directed here. This site has a few articles to get you going and begins with…  

 Swedenborg’s archaic cult uses methods of homeopathic overwhelm, confusion swarming, group gaslighting, covert data-harvesting, collective misdirection, and more to emotionally devastate (“vastate”) victims, trauma bonding them into secret inner circles where they are assigned to “demonic” or “angelic” hierarchies depending on their ability to perform during crisis and their perceived inner natures, which are assessed during induction phases. 


 Not only was Keller learning to master 5 languages and joining New World Order sex cults at Harvard sister school Radcliffe but she also says she wrote her first book of about a dozen. Story of My Life was published in 1903, with the help of a new character in the HKP: John Albert Macy. 

Macy is a case to examine even without his association to the HKP. Two red flags jump out at the gate, common themes we see an uncounted number of times we these people, one is family background, the clear cut off line is 1639, if your family got here in 1640 you are in a different class. The other is involvement in the literary world.  Much like that of art the literary world is controlled by a tight network of gatekeepers. The agents, editors and publishers determine who is read, based on status within their own system, least of all on natural talent or skill of the author. There are no ‘lucky breaks’.  

Let’s start with his background. Normally the website Geni is a go-to genealogy site, but just like with every source you have to confirm. Cross reference check names, dates, locations. In this case there are two Geni accounts, one with no information at all just a link to Sullivan. The second gives incorrect names for his parents. It’s easy to check his parents’ names, that is not in dispute, so why would an ancestry page intentionally give false information? My guess is to throw people off. The location is key. Even though Geni gives the wrong names, and thus places, for the first few generations, they eventually end up where they should be so this indicates to me it was on purpose, as to gloss over a few connections to disrupt the pattern.  

Patriarch Thomas Macy was a merchant Baptist that arrived in the Massachusetts bay colony in 1635. He helped found the town of Amesbury and was the local gov authority there. There was a lot of religious turmoil going on at this time, mainly with the Puritans remembered as the aggressors and also involving the Quakers and Baptist. Behind all these religious fronts are the cryptojews and the manufactured distress serves to benefit their own kind.  

Thomas was the sort of Baptist RI father john Clarke would admire. His-story tells us ol’ Tommy was fined 30 shillings for breaking the law of entertaining Quakers, which he says he provided shelter to three unknown men caught in a rainstorm. Whatever the case Macy joined up with eight other investors and purchased Nantucket Island from his cousin Thomas Mayhew. My guess is the whole court case was theater. We have seen a concerted effort to establish new strongholds and business enterprises in multiple areas across the board. This was the pre-run for the Rhode Island charter. Soon after Nantucket’s formation we see the population consisting mostly of Quakers. Clarks supposed courtroom drama where he was saved at the last minute from the cat-a-nine tails for not removing his hat was also bullshit. Either the scriptwriters were out to lunch or John Clark used Macy as a template. Also, like Clarke he maintained his Baptist position until death, even though all of his friends and many sons were quakers. Even Macys wife converted after his death. 


Did I mention he was one of the original ‘proprietors’ of Nantucket? That is, Nantucket, the whaling capitol of the world at a time when blubber lit every street lamp in Europe? Well, that might be a little stretch, neighboring New Bedford is known for that distinguishment. Still, Nantucket comes in second. His-story again tells us this center of commercial industry fell into place by happenstance and coincidence. I say that is never the case and story books are written by the cryptojew intel networks in order to preserve and perpetuate the status quo. 

Nantucket, like the colonies themselves, was a for-profit business venture. The bedtime stories taught in schools as American History have whitewashed real history. Whaling as a profitable industry was widely known in the world by the 1600’s. Blubber was rendered into an oil which was used from insect repellent to machine lubrication and the baleen, called whalebone but really more like cartilage, could be manufactured into an innumerable amount of goods and was considered a staple in women’s fashion. These were considered luxury items only the well-to-do could afford 

It is worth noting the undisputed kings of the whaling world were the Basque ppl. The Basque were a mysterious group from Spain most recognized bc of their high concentration of RH neg blood type. They successfully monopolized whaling going back from the 11th century, which claimed back then it was an ancient practice, till the mid 17th century, which was when the jews and crypto lines hijacked the industry. Within 150 yrs. they depleted entire species to the point of extinction.  

English and Dutch vessels were known to pirate Basque operations in the north Atlantic in the mid/late 1500’s. The first relevant survey of New England waters in 1605 details an Indian whaling expedition. 

In 1620 the Mayflower while harbored near cape cod makes note of ‘whales playing hard’ around them. It wasn’t the sort of comment made by someone grateful to be alive after such a traumatic voyage as children are taught. It was a comment made by people that recognized the tremendous value at hand. Also noting ‘they are the best kind for oil and bone… about 3 or 4 thousand pounds worth’. The writing went on further to show regret for not having the equipment to harvest said oil and bone and promised to return to ‘fish for whale here’. So the cryptojew separatists, many that had just left the jewish stronghold of Holland directly, were intimately familiar with the value of whale goods and were expecting to find them there.  

You can see in the map above the proximity of Nantucket, Long Island, and Cape Cod. At the time Nantucket was under New York jurisdiction. At the time it was still known as New Amsterdam. In preparations for the coming industry capitol jurisdiction was moved to Massachusetts colony. Whale products in NY belonged to the crown and therefore were taxed. Mayhew was appointed Gov by the King, why else would he give up control politically?  

After decades of being without whale sourced products the elite separatist pilgrims finally had enough. The first commercial whaling enterprise in the new world was established in Long Island in 1640. In 1641 the formation of the Nantucket whaling capitol was begun in ernst although it wouldn’t be till 1659 that all the legal paperwork was in order. My guess is the investors held off to see how successful the Long Island operations were. Our boy Thomas Macy was one of the nine ‘proprietors’’ which paid ‘30 pounds of sterling and 2 beaver hats’. Some sources say this was paid directly to the natives while others say the land was given to the original surveyor by the crown, which was then under control of the gov of New York, Thomas Mayhew. Macy paid a couple beaver hats to his cousin for Nantucket Island. There were nine outside investors and cousin Tommy kept a 10th for himself.  

I say Macy’s court case over housing Quakers was faked to add to the division and illusion of victimhood and to make it less obvious the was set up as a business and not the poor persecuted searching for a home for religious freedom. Now I just found out two of the same visitors he sheltered from the rain were the same supposedly hung for being Quakers later on in a widely publicized trial and remembered as the Boston Martyrs.  


Macy and Anne Sullivan had a mock ceremony on June 5, 1905 for a company of about 20 people. He was officially joining the team. I see the timing as appropriate for Macy to stay on the team, HK supposedly graduated in ‘04. HKP probly had a whole team of writers, I see it as more different than an intelligence project of today but they had no tech back then. No tweets or emails or check ins, everything was handwritten. Macy had only helped edit HK first book, no one will know how much he actually wrote but it’s safe to assume it was quite a bit. 

The wedding itself had about 20 guests, among those in attendance was the Macy and Keller family, John Hitz, Sophia Hopkins and gifts were sent in from all her eugenicist industrial elitist friends. The service was held by Edward Everett Hale. 

Hale was a unitarian minister and literary agent. Attended Harvard at age 13. Frequent content creator for Atlantic monthly, including Union war propaganda piece ‘The Man Without a Country’. Also, a prolific writer for Harpers Monthly and Lowell Institute. Married into the Perkins family Related to Revolutionary War spy Nathanial Hale. Spook from a long line of spooks. He is also related to HK according to his wiki page, that means HK is related to the supposed executed spy. Well, there’s something her bio’s forgot to mention. I almost wondered if they knew they were related, but then I remembered of course they did. Lineage is very important to these people as you can see why. Memorialized in a bronze statue made by a sculptor in the Pratt family. 

The reality though is there was no marriage, at least not in the traditional sense as the his-story books say. At some point we will have to address the sexuality of the HKP. It is clear to this researcher Sullivan and Keller were more than teacher/pupil. Johns’ role was business, just part of the script. Keller was even said to have accompanied the Macys on their honeymoon to New Orleans. Some sources say HK went to stay at her families but considering we have already seen the closet homosexual Sammy Howe take his boyfriend on his honeymoon and the scriptwriters use the same formulas so I speculate they all did go together. 

Keep in mind the new Swedenborgian Chapel was just finished on campus, you know, the kabalistic mystical sex cult that Keller swears devotion too. In fact there is even mention of Swedenborg in a letter from john and Anne Macy to their Swiss operative friend from the wedding, John Hitz, who she refers to as Cher Pere (dear father): 

I am much the same person that I was (I agree to that, both as to the good and as to the naughty — J.A.M.) — just as perverse, just as unreasonable, just as full of love for my friends, just as adverse to writing them. Yet when I realize what has happened to me it seems as if the great happiness which is mine should make me better and wiser in every way and a good deal more of a Swedenborgian (who ever heard of an Irish Swedenborgian? J.A.M.). 

I mean the words speak for themselves. The threesome live together in Wrentham the whole time they are married, considering they are not married for real we can say once his job was over or once his mission was complete. Perhaps he was fired. There is not much available about johns’ personal life but what is there all agree John never did much with himself after the split. It could be his socialist views had him cast out.  

Supposedly he refused to fight in WWI, antiwar socialist sentiment and all. He applied for ambulance Corp however he claimed he couldn’t afford to go on his own and none of his Harvard boys would back him. We know that is a crock of shit, like all the other spoiled privileged rich kids that avoid the meat grinder. His-story contradicts itself later by saying Macy sailed to Europe in 1913 alone and it was the beginningof the end of his marriage to Sullivan. and wrote a sympathetic book titled Socialism in America. His Harvard pals say they turned their backs in him, they say that all the time but I couldn’t find any hidden connections which suggests this is in fact true.  

It is difficult to find an article about Macy which doesn’t focus on his relationship with the HKP. All the pro-Sullivan literature suggests Macy took the separation hard and died an alcoholic. I think this is all part of his cover. Sullivan never would grant a divorce due to her Catholicism, but if the marriage was a sham there never would be a divorce. In public they were separated but behind closed doors they work for the same people and contribute to the same events and institutions. Macy went on publicly to serve the socialist governor of New York and had a long career in the literary and political world. 

None of the pro-HKP articles mention his connection to Virginia Randoph Ellet School which he was advisory master for 18 years. The VRES was women’s college prep school. Virginia took summer classes at Harvard where she met JAM and he was the advisory master for 18 years. The school’s claim is its teaching system known as the Montessori method but if you look past the new wrapping paper you can see it is the same methods as the Pestalozzi system developed that the common public system is descended from. Maria Montessori was the first woman doctor in Italy and determined children should learn in a natural setting and the child should be the center which the individual education is tailored too. Also eerie is that Montessori founded a house for up to 60 poor children where she developed her method, much like Pestalozzi and his orphanage, also Howe and his personal colony in Greece. Also suspicious is she came to America and founded the Montessori Teaching Association in D.C. with the help of AGB. Yep, Bell is back in the picture for this one. Staring in 1919 she started a worldwide franchise of facilities teaching teachers how to teach. Yet another manifestation of a worldwide state controlled centralized indoctrination camp disguised as free public education. The Montessori system was also featured at a world fair, teachers and pupils held class while spectators watched from an above balcony. (At the Palace of Education?). 

Also in America at this time she hooked up with Helen Keller and the Mink Coat Brigade to start a suffragist group Congressional Union for Womens Suffrage 

In 1909 is when the HKP officially joined the Socialist party. As we have seen they have been socialists the whole time under an assortment of names and even socialism itself is but a front for cryptojewish intelligence networks. This was the start of the suffragist movement, labor unionization, social justice warriors, many of the same divisive subjects were pushed by the complicit media. 

In 1912 Macy takes a job as secretary to the openly socialist mayor George R. Lunn.  Lunn was arrested for inciting a riot for trying to speak in front of a striking group at Little Falls in upstate NY. The walk out strike is remembered as a spontaneous event but the mill was named Phoenix Knitting. Another fake arrest, the whole event from the staged walk out to the fall was a publicity stunt. Theatrics. 

 On top of everything there was an interjection by NY Gov Dix. Dix is a spook family, we ran across a John Dix that cofounded Perkins and Dorothea Dix the asylum reformer, that makes Gov Dix a red flag. 

Macys independent work includes bios of Edgar Allen Poe, another literary agent that fell in love with his 12-year-old cousin, and Walter Dodd, the guy that radiated himself to death discovering the x-ray machine. The multiple connections to the nationwide human radiation experiments would make Macy a close inside-man for the job. Seeing how these spooks only promote their own it would be wise to conduct an investigation   into these and any person else he wrote about. 

In 1913 they published a poem under HK name titled ‘Song of the Stonewall’. Kellers’s writing is well known to have taken a dive after Sullivan and Macy divorce, said not to have the same ‘lyric power’ as before… Well duh, could it be because they dropped the talent? 

Some articles report Macy later had a daughter with his future partner. The daughter and mother remain unnamed but she is remembered as another deaf-mute. 

Helen Keller International 

In 1925, a survivor of the German U-boat attack on the RMS Lusitania 10-years before, wealthy New York wine merchant George Kessler, established the “Permanent Blind Relief War Fund for allied soldiers and sailors.” After the war, the organization became the American Braille Press, which, eventually became the American Foundation for Overseas Blind, and finally, in 1975, Helen Keller International. 

Im surprized he didnt throw the word ‘Orphan’ in his group title, blind soldier/sailor funds have been a reoccurring theme all thoughout history, not bc blided warriors need medical assistance but bc the spooks have always hid in the blind community and war is all they have ever known, the war on the Orphan/Immigrants.

Ahh, that explains why Keller advocated for the Braille library in front of Congress during the Dot Wars

Helen Keller became the patron saint of the organization after Kessler asked for her help with his foundation to support those blinded by war. She naturally agreed and soon joined the board of directors. Ms. Keller served as ambassador, cheerleader and inspirational leader for over 40 years until her death in 1968. Seven years later the organization renamed itself in her honor. 

BKI was housed in the WTC complex and was destroyed on Sept !!, 2001. That’s just fucking crazy. Decades worth of personal documents and irreplacable artifacts destroyed. I bet if you looked at shipping manifests they had alot of traffic in the weeks prior to the attack, moving stuff in to be destroyed and out bc nothing important is ever destroyed. 

Helen Keller Love Life 

While Keller and Sullivan would be partners for almost 50 years Sullivan marriage to Macy hardly had any change of the lady’s arrangement. Keller never came out and addressed the subject of lesbianism they were the subject of much debate and it is generally recognized the two were long time life partners. Macy’s marriage was a sham.  

Keller never pretended to have a heterosexual relationship in public but she did write about one in her memoires. The story goes she felt smitten with a young Harvard teacher named Peter Fagan and the two planned on eloping. It wasn’t until her family found out and pulled the plug that things were called off. The reason is bc the family talked some sense into her before it was too late. The general feeling at the time is deafness was a contamination and mist not be spread to the rest of the human population through childbirth. This is the excuse given for Keller to stop moving forward with the only man she ever talked about running away with. 

This story is some bullshit for several reasons, for one, Keller only wrote this down later to reinforce her eugenics position that deafness must be bred out of the population. She believed it so whole heartedly that she was willing to give up her dream of true love bc of her commitment to her cause and seeks to be a shiny example, a role model for others to follow. There was no peter Fagan romance. 

The second thing I would like to point out is the name of the supposed love himself Peter Fagan. Peter is an obvious reference to the phallus. Break Fagan down: Fagan, or Fag-Anne. A play on words jokes. The first name is ‘penis’ and the last name is slang for homosexual with her lesbian lover’s name attached. 

Also supporting the Keller/Sullivan lover’s theory is Keller had her ashes spread over the grave of Sullivan after she finally died. This is something two lovers do to be together forever; this is not the simple teacher/student relationship the pretend for half century.

Macy Dept Store: Occultic Sigils and Family Birth-Right

I stumbled into this essay unintentionally, my subject was John Macy, husband of Anne Sullivan and made up the Helen Keller trifecta. His family comes from a very old and prominent New England stock, though, its not as old as they claim and their prominence is self-validating. The Macy tribe claims to be one of the original purchasers of Nantucket Island. They could be called Black Nobility. John was the first family member not born on the Island since it was settled.

 The backgrounds of these people are filled with wrong-turns and dead-ends. They operate in the shadows and dont want the exposure, one of the little tricks is genealogy sites with misinformation. When I find a person with a different family tree on every genie site its a clue; someone is trying to hide something. This is why the family tree of our John Macy from the Helen Keller Project has been fudged. They are trying to hide his roots, to make it appear he just appeared out of nowhere. Just so happens he is closely related to R.H. Macy, the guy that started what we know today as Macy’s department store and the Thanksgiving Day parade in his name. 

The thing that should come to mind first thing considering what we know about John and his devotion to Socialism is the big red star that the dept store uses as its sigil it’s hard to deny a connection. Normie his-story tells the story that R.H. used the red star on his store bc he got a similar tattoo on his hand or forearm which he got as a young teenager on his one and only whaling adventure. I’m not saying he didn’t have a red commie star tattoo. I’m saying that is not where this originates, I’m saying he never went whaling. That’s just his namesake, he’s a Macy, the Quaker whaling family that owned Nantucket. His middle name is Hussey, more Black Nobility, this class is all about titles, their names are kept like thoroughbred horses, the middle name is taken from the maternal side so lineage can be traced That might seem kind of dull till you consider that Quakers are Cryptojews and whaling provided the world’s oil supply. They are essentially an early Big Oil company that branched out into other areas.

Wanna know how I know he never went whaling? He claims he was aboard the whaleship, Emily Morgan. First off anything named Morgan is lying about something and another thing is the E. Morgan is one of the 1871 fleet that got trapped in ice off Belchers Point in Alaska, 33 ships destroyed and 1300 people abandoned ship on sept 11. Still don’t believe me? It was published in Harpers Weekly for fux sake. Theyre another gatekeeper Hall of Records. When he returned from his whaling adventure he earned the equivalent of 11,000$, which he used to open a store and earned $11.08 his first day. Thats all aces and eights bullshit, those numbers are embedded in the narrative to let others know thay have been here. I challenge the authenticity of not only Macy’s whaling adventure but the whaling industry and Nantucket history all the way, this is not the article for that though. This is about the history of Thanksgiving, specifically the Thanksgiving Day Parade, also called the Macy’s Parade

I use the word sigil with intent. The definition of sigil is: a glyph used in magic. A signet, sign, or seal considered magical. Also, an occult stamp or mark as in magic or astrology.  Now the definition of magic, the art of deception used to manipulate the natural outcome to produce a desired result… Kind of, there is no good definition of the kind of magic used against us every day. That’s the thing, once you can recognize it it no longer works, when you know the rabbit is pulled from a false bottom hidden by a mirror you will never be fooled by the trick again, that’s why there is no real definition of the word. Nobody is going to give you the information you need to beat them. They call it by other sugarcoated words people so people won’t recognize it for what it is.   

The inner circles in the board rooms know exactly what they are doing but figure the average person too fluoridated to figure it out. The red star as relating to politics as in Communism and Socialism is said to go back to the French Revolution and represents the blood of the workers. The red pentagram usage relating to magic and the occult goes back forever. Babylon, Egypt, Chaldea… there are as many interpretations as there are cultures that used it and like the definition of magic there is no single correct answer. And since they all come from the same source you cant believe any of them anyway, they aint that old.

Lucifer literally translates to the ‘morning star’ according to many scholars. The only thing I am sure about is Macy did not choose his sigil on something insignificant. Interestingly the Macy sigil before he adopted the red pentagram was a rooster. The rooster is another powerful multilayered symbol that has many potential meanings. 

*Thanx Prof Doom for pointing out that the Rooster was a sigil for Abraxis, a variation of the Sun deity. The rooster announces the coming of the Sun. The Morning Star of Lucifer 

Macy began what has become a consumerist gluttony of the most important religious Christian holy day, Christmas. Most modern Americans recognize that the holiday shopping season begins immediately after Thanksgiving, ironically with another widely esoteric meaning term ‘Black Friday’. This co-opt of the shopping season over the Holiday/Holyday did not happen organically or little by little. It really is about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was a commercial holiday set up by corporations just like Macy.

Everything you thought you knew about Thanksgiving is a lie. There was no Mayflower or Pilgrims or Indians or even American Colonies. Kind of strange we have a federal holiday designated to honor such an enormous deception. Its a fed day bc they are just as fake. Not only is Thanksgiving based on the lie of the Pilgrims and American Colonies but the people that first started the tradition are all fictional characters, fake founding fathers I call them. G Washington made the first observation a single event and Ol’ Honest Abe Lincoln made it a full time federal joint. Neither of them bitches aint real.

You know how I know? Well for one they cant seem to get the date right, thats always a big one, no continuity. These are supposedly credible sources, universities and political blogs (that statement is an oxymoron), half the crowd says he made it on October 3, 1863, the 88th year of our Independence. The other crowd says it was with Proclamation 118 in 1864. They are both wrong, but they drop us a clue; Oct 3 is 10/3, 13. on the 88th year. Aces and Eights. Same with Proclamation 118. Thats the reason why these are the two chosen to cause confusion, the numbers game.

Turns out all the fake founding fathers issued proclamations regarding a day of prayer and thanks. Abe Lincoln had one in 1862 as well. The first one was issued on Oct 3, 1789 by Washington. If you’re new to this content its helpful to know some of the numbers game, 13 is a code, it lets a group of ppl announce their presence, look for it in things like dates. The Washington Proclamation is disgusting. whoever wrote the dialogue for Washington just made him so over the top righteous and virtuous its hard to read him. He is part preacher, part political rhetoric, and part comic book superhero monologue. Hes totally unbelievable and a complete propaganda tool. Even Normie Statist dont know what Washington said about the first thanksgiving, it was certainly nothing about pilgrims and Indians…

“…to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to
be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them
an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”

Washington’s 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation

Im sure most people who would ever write about what the mythological demi-god actually said would drop the ending, Thats the most important part, he is saying to be thankful God was there to give you government. That’s sick bro, not sick as in like a cool skater trick. I mean that upsets my stomach.

Washington isn’t the only one, every celebrity historic icon, mainly during war I notice. it correlates to the timeline, 1812 to Civil war is a pretty big gap. Pilgrims dont make an entry til 1939, FDR. In 1941 the date is the 3rd Thursday of November, the next year’s proclamation says on Dec 26 (day after Christmas) congress settled to fix the date to the 4th Thursday permanently. The myth that it was Abe that set the holiday up as the fourth Thursday is a lie. Every prez since the first proclamation was issued for the fourth Thursday, the only one I didn’t see was also by Washington for February 19th. The Abe myth is remembered bc of the numbers and as a way to mock the people.

Theres another layer to the 1863 Lincoln thread, there was two proclamations issued that year. In year one, Washington setup a day to thank god for giving us the government for the fourth Thursday. After that every proclamation is a different date for TD, April, Feb, July… No rhyme or reason. The first proclamation was made on July 15th, Lincoln set aside August 6th for the day. The next proclamation is the one on Oct 3 and acknowledges “the last Thursday of November” as his day of observance. This is significant, not any other President has two Thanksgiving Proclamations in the same year.You will see why this is important later. I dont think there were two thanksgivings in 1863. It is more likely a second proclamation was inserted into the past when they needed Lincoln to support the narrative, he was created for this reason. Lincoln is a phantom. I’m sure they had a guy in a top hat running around making cameo celeb appearences but mainly he only existed on paper. Even his second proclamation doesn’t even have his name on it, even in Normieville it is admitted the paper was drafted by sec of State Seward, you know, “Seward’s Folley”, how the US accidentally almost doubled their landmass with Alaska.

And another thing, Honest Abe and the proclaimations with his name on it dont say anything different then the other presidents in any other year. I mean, the dialogue is the same,

  • in 1862 lincoln proclaims: ‘It is therefore recommended to the people of the United States that at their next weekly assemblages in their accustomed places of public worship which shall occur after notice of this proclamation…’
  • 1863 pt1: ‘I invite the people of the United States to assemble on that occasion in
    their customary places of worship…
  • 1863 pt2: “I do therefore invite my fellow-citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next as a day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens...”
  • 1864: “I, Abraham Lincoln, do hereby appoint and set apart the last Thursday in November next as a day which I desire to be observed as a day of thanksgiving and I do further recommend to my fellow-citizens that on that occasion…”
  • 1865 was Andrew Johnson: I, do hereby recommend to the people thereof that they do set apart and observe the first Thursday of December next as a day of national thanksgiving.

And thats the way they all were written. Every one of them is a ‘recommendation’, or an ‘invitation’. Credit is given to Lincoln bc thats what he’s there for, Hes the biggest virtue-signal out there, at least equal to Washington, who also has the date in Nov, Lincoln wasnt even first… Theres not one shred of truth to the myth that Lincoln wanted thanksgiving on one day over another forever,

Now we must look at the other Federal holidays for patterns that indicate they are deceptions as well.  

The Macys Day Parade is an undercover Satanic ritual that officially began in the 1920’s. (Macy had sold the store to the Strauss brothers by this time but it still bore his name and the very first parade was at his Haverhill store in 1854 sponsored by the man himself.) Santa held the rear of the parade and promised to realize a child’s materialistic fantasies up till Xmas eve. This implanted the association of gift buying and Christmas in the American psyche.  Once the spellcasters in Hollywood got involved with movies like Miracle of 34th st it was all but over. They call it advertising and marketing but with Magick sigils, slogans and colors, Luciferian archetype characters and hijacked specific holy dates I posit that an initiated occultist would spot it for the mind control magick on a mass scale that it is. (Santa is an anagram of Satan and Claus is an anagram of Lucas, a variation of Lucifer)

*A commenter pointed out Saint Nick= SaintN=Satan, thanx bro.

The artistic mastermind behind the Macy parade is Anthony Fredrick Sarg, noted puppeteer and theatrics guru, He introduced balloons in 1927, he wasn’t the first, but he is given credit anyway, Detroit and Philly had them at least by ‘24. * Macy balloons were manufactured by Goodyear Rubber and Tire, as in Goodyear the war machine manufacturer and eugenicist, we will see him jump in and out of our journey. Rubber balloons were a military technology.

In the beginning they would just let the balloons go free and offer an reward for people that returned them. This led to media sensation of groups of people duking it out and tearing the balloon to pieces. Nother incident in ‘32, a pilot daredevil tried to catch one in mid-air, barely making it out alive. I have validated neither one but if both sources are the NYTimes exclusives the stories are bullshit. 


Macy co-opted all the credit and glory but he didn’t do it himself. These people are all birth-right oriented. R.H. bought out a preexisting dept store, Bambergers, which had a 14 story dept store in Newark, complete with the Bamberger’s parade, proto-Thanksgiving Day Parade of Macy’s. There is much ado over where the first parade originated, most articles’ only purpose it seems is to further muddy the waters. Macy bought out Bams in ‘29, 4 months before the stock market crash, indicating advance knowledge. 

Bam-bam was the biggest ‘philanthropist’ of Newark, funding Hebrew associations, (agitators,) historical societies and museums. The biggest contribution Bams made to the New World Order was the establishment of the Institute of Advanced Study in 1930 the credit goes to Caroline and Bam-Bam but it was a ‘global’ effort; publicly supported financially by Carnegie and Rockefeller, a library donated by the Warburg’s. It is a separate entity aside of Princeton, reported to be a place all higher educated persons and groups like the National Research Fellows and Commonwealth Fund Fellows, (one group calling itself the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced German Scholars, funded by Rockefeller Foundation, sounds suspicious… Operation Paperclip?) MIT, Columbia U, Harvard U, U of Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Yale, along with prestigious universities all over Europe and Asia, even the central Bank of England. including Nanking China and National U of Peking can go and share information without restrictions or politics… hmm, nothing spooky about that at all.  They even brought in Albert Einstein. 

The Board of Trustees include Abraham Flexner who plays a big role in the medical industrial complex. A report was published with his name on it, like a general survey of ‘modern’ medicine, by modern I mean Rockefeller petroleum by-product based pharmaceuticals, the report lead to of standards and guidelines. There is an Edgar Bamberger here on the Board, check if it is related to Gov Bam of Utah and the RR tycoon. *Of course they are related

He owned a 33-acre compound on Orange St, which he lived with his sister Caroline and her husband/his business partner Felix Fuld. His third partner was other brother-in-law Louis Frank, of the notorious liar family of Anne Frank.  Bam didn’t build the Tudor mansion till ‘36 but by 1910 he was the biggest business in Newark, It would be crazy to suggest he did NOT have anything to do with the Newark Factory Fire of 1910 although he was well-received by his employees, paid well, gave benefits. There is a story that he gave the first mil after he sold the place to 236 workers with 15 yrs.+ employment. Whether this is true or not isn’t the point. There was no labor organizing fighting here. This is the happy public consumer image part, not the manufacturing orphan/immigrant slave labor part. Employee relations affect overall attitudes and how much they will spend at the store. His generosity was a sales tactic. A front. The deceptive illusion of magick. Nobody wants to buy from an asshole. Its virtue signaling on behalf of the customer he is taking advantage of. Good cop bad cop.  People feel good about themselves when they spend money at the nice guys place.

Puppeteer Anthony Frederick Sarg did the balloons for Bams as well. Sarg was like the genius toymaker from Hellraiser that makes the box. There are several mentions of his involvement in 1937 using the foot to create footprints in the sand and fool the community, Nantucket, where he had a house (hey, I mean one of the perks for working for the Macy’s) 

 *See also: Thomas Holden marionettes 


There is a third contender for the original thanksgiving parade. Gimbels has a stake in the claim as well. In 1920 the city of Philly started their turkey-day parade. It started at the Museum of Art and ended on 8th and Market Street. Those are all important symbolic locations.

Ellis Gimbel of the Philly branch is given credit for starting the marketing gimmick. Gimbel paid lobbyists to bribe politicians to change the date from the third to the fourth Thursday of November. Not only did he get the date changed but FDR personally oversaw the transfer. It’s even got it owe cute little nickname… Anything you see with a cute little nickname is guilty. 

Franksgiving. It was focused forgiveness. It was good-will–to-thy-brother. It was considered inappropriate to decorate or advertise for xmas until after thanksgiving. [I didnt know this type of behavior had a name, the Christmas Creep.] Part of Roosevelt’s New (World Order) Deal to pull the country out of the Great Depression by extending the shopping season. Thats the story anyway but we have already covered how 1863 has two TD proclamations, one of which established the date was drafted by Sec of State and inserted to support the narrative.

There was some controlled opposition, the Pepsi and coke type of politicians, 22 states refused to celebrate the new date. A Massachusetts politician voted against it and Boston College ignored it. (That means they are responsible for the legislation). TX, CO. And MS celebrated both dates and got a Merry Melody cartoon shout out. Supposedly one cartoon for republicans and one for democrats; in reality it is straight mockery.  The Looney Tunes promo goes hand in hand with the shopping and the parade floats and using TV to get children to manipulate parents to buy more junk.

Thanksgiving was always a commercial enterprise. While I’m sure the first thanksgiving also was scripted to give the Orphans a false sense of history it was always about commerce.  National Retail Dry Goods Association. Secretary of Commerce for FDR was Harry Hopkins, a Hopkins for fux sake. Featured in Time Magazine. There was no federal law for the Thanksgiving date, states just played along with the Prez proclamation… (Bc Proclamations- ‘mandates’ don’t hold sway), therefore individual states didn’t have to listen when FDR changed the date for commercial interests. Term ‘Franksgiving’ was an early ‘viral’ moment, just appearing everywhere all at once suggests the name was pre-selected and the headlines just went with the script. FDR is quoted as saying “it’s only been since the Civil War…” and so he holds up the civil war myth the same way Lincoln holds up the Pilgrims and Indians myth.

Thanksgiving was returned to the fourth Thursday of the month 2 years later by congress response to public pressure. It’s a proxy history, all this exists on papers and documents, the whole show is floating on false documents, the titles mean everything. The reason why the date was switched was to extend the shopping season by another weak. First it had to be established as the wrong date. See, when it says the ‘last week of Nov’ it important bc every few years bc of the leap year there are 5 Thursdays in Nov, this means some years have a shortened shopping season. That’s the justification given anyway.

Humorously, the calendar industry is remembered to have suffered substantial losses. Get it? Cause with the fake history and calendar… it’s a joke ok, if you get it you get it. It’d appear the Thanksgiving Day Parade was hatched in the board room of some Dry Goods Association meeting. That’s why the biggest stores all come out within a few years of each other. It’s not a linear timeline like modern day webpages would have you believe. What you see is the same event unfolding simultaneously and a group of 5,000 merchants (who is really only maybe a dozen with thousands of satellites) is responsible for lobbying politicians for the switch. The date was switched and switched back was all a psy-op anyway, the date was never meant to stay changed. What it did was solidified the commercial hold on that whole entire month. 

Also, something that can be explained by this theory that Thanksgiving was drawn up in a marketing board room is the use if the balloons, not only were balloons of this nature a piece of military technology they were fucking creepy as fuck. Take the Gimbels show that started at the Art Museum, Ahem! Art to Eighth and Market tells me everything I need to know about who is running this psychological warfare operation in that joint.  Go take a look at some of the early balloons from the first Thanksgiving Day parades and you’ll see what I mean, all three places using the similar creepy-ass balloons. The very first Gimbels is said to have employees dressed up as clowns. In fact, they all included clowns. Creepy clowns. With over-sized papier mache’ heads. 

Dancers were a big part of the Roman Triumph so I included pics of modern renditions. Marching Bands play a crucial role in all parades, they are the lowest form of military exercises, even called ‘drills’ and ‘formations’. Any time you spot a marching band there will be a military presence. The Roman Triumph was a tribute to conquests and featured reenactments of battles and such, thats why the lunar plane was included, its a tribute to the psychological warfare operations of today. The clip below is the most brazen, I had to upload it on to one of the worst platforms ever in order to upload it onto wordpress. The Santa chariot being pulled by horses draped with the red pentacle represents the Roman warlord. Alot of Mother Goose character are present in the early parades too, These are Brother Grimm creations, the name Grim should be a clue, the stories were created to scare children into obedience.


This clip is only a few seconds long I found of an old parade float. What is the float of the wild African’s shaking spears at the spectators while riding an alligator supposed to mean? Oh yeah, a parade is a military celebration and each float represents a chapter of conquest. Felix the mind control symbol debuted simultaneously in multiple cities in 1924.

There is another forgotten entry into the first Thanksgiving Day parade, also started in 1924, this time at mega dept store Hudson’s, in Detroit. Detroit’s parade is formally known as Americas Thanksgiving Parade and also featured creepy clowns and floats. It still operates today under the banner of Gardner and White. The home-video footage offered by Detroit Historical Society of about 90 seconds worth of parade footage shows a float with a dozen men dressed up in blackface, complete with cheetah print loin cloths and spears, ride on a giant crocodile and shake their spears at the children. Giant paper mâché head characters get up close while regular sized clowns dance around in between everything. Also worth mentioning is the rest of the 12-minute video is family trip to DC and NYC. It’s a diamond in the rough find that shows Washington monuments so early. In the middle of a field with no roads or nothing sits a huge marble Lincoln Memorial.  

All four venues featured Felix the Cat floats, you will say, “Felix was the most popular cartoon at the time.” I will respond, Maybe, but it was famous for the same reason it was chosen as a parade float, not, chosen for a parade float bc it was famous. The Felix cartoon was the brainchild of Otto Mesmer and Pat Sullivan. Mesmer is where we get the word mesmerized from,well at least his relative did, they got better at disguising it as generations went on, the way he could induce trances and hypnosis states; a form of mind control, hypnosis, a symbol of MK-Ultra. Felix is featured on sheets of LSD and imprinted on ecstasy pills still today for the same reason. This means the Thanksgiving Parade was a psychological warfare operation. A Sullivan shows up here as well, fitting. My Proclamation is that this is a family of operatives so the specific one is irrelevant. Anne Sullivan, companion of Helen Keller is what led us here to begin with is of the same line, even if her background is erased the name is a title.

Toronto and Beyond 

Reading a short bio on the Detroit Parade they let us in on a little secret that its based on a Santa Parade from Toronto, Ontario.  The Toronto Santa Parade was first held in 1905 and sponsored by Eaton Dept Store. We see again it is paid for by commercial interests. Santa rides in the last float and when he reaches his destination, that is whichever store depending on what city he is in and ascends to his thrown, usually some kind of ladder, where he would ‘hold court’, that is, to sit children on his jolly fat ass lap and determine whether the child was naughty or nice. This thread of Santa replays in every city. In 1924 it has already spread across Canada and the floats are reused in Montreal, still paid for by Eatons was the biggest national chain in Canada for a while. 

In 1910 it changed to Newmarket. Newmarket was founded by Quakers fleeing the American Revolution and was a farming community. So says the Truth Ministry. The farming community they are talking about is the connection to the Agri-Tech developers that relocated there as it was an important industrial center and Olde World sites such as Niagara Falls are close-by, along with works such as the canal (it had its very own canal).. Needless to say anything that comes out of Newmarket is fishy. 

Eastern Canada was part of a string of industrial manufacturing centers that existed before the repopulation of North America along the length of the Appalachian Mountains from GA to Upper Canada. Map makers hid the network when the drew a line right through the middle and gave each side a different history

 Speaking of fishy, the earliest parade beginning is St Lawrence Market, which has a fake-history timeline going back even farther to the Whaling Industrial Complex and Jesuits of the 16th century. . All the important Olde World cities are accessible either by the Great Lakes, or the St Lawrence river or the canal grid.

Peoria IL, has had a parade featuring Santa, that is held Nov 23rd, since 1888. Brought in by dry goods merchant, Frederick Block, and his partner, Schipper. They had the largest business outside Chicago. Their background includes a location at 332 Court St on Smiths Row, called so due to the metal works nearby. Eventually sold to merchants from Ottawa, (that’s our Ontario cell) Eventually it bankrupted and the building sat empty, now it is in the process of restoration for the Dept of Children and Family services. (Mink Coat Mafia)

Peoria sounds like a bum fuck town out in the middle of nowhere but its situated right on the Illinois River which connects it directly to Chicago. This area would be huge in the development of the Reaper, which you can find some of that story on the menu, and is connected to the Santa Parade, which means now the Thanksgiving Day parade is a Reset Event. Somehow there’s a connection between the completion of the Upper Free Bridge when a parade was held to commemorate the completion in 1887, the next year they just added Santa to the same route and it became the first Santa Parade, there’s a lot of holes there and a lot more red-flags pop up when you try to answer one. Like for instance the bridge was built by a Milwaukee Bridge Company (Milwaukee is another repopulated city) was struck by the same tugboat in 2 separate incidents and was never reopened in the early 40’s. Upper Free was celebrated more by the commercial interests for transporting product than civilian traffic; there are many anecdotal reports that half the time the thing wasn’t working anyway and nobody could use it.  

The next year in 1889 it was a full blown Santa Parade featuring circus clowns and exotic animals. Animals are a big ingredient.


Milwaukees own Santa Parade history was nearly a century old when it was ended in 2017. It gets its origins from the Schusters Dept store in 1927 and featured eskimo’s, reindeer, and a marching band. the procession ended on 11th street. The Eskimo’s and reindeer were the symbolic captured slaves and exotic animals of the Roman Triumph and a marching band is the lowest form of military drilling and exercise. Schusters which was eventually taken over by Gimbels. The Schuster Parade was closed by Big Biz so they could focus on their own annual parade. In 1956 the route was changed from 11th St to W. Capital Dr.

*See Also: Centurama Parade, St paddys parade and Great Circus Parade.

Roman Triumph

What the problem here is these aren’t just Thanksgiving Parades. What part of this has anything to do with Thanks giving or Indians or good-will-to-thy-neighbor? This is a Santa Parade, not a Thanksgiving Parade. That’s probs the most crucial element is Santa riding in the back and his ascension to the throne. The Coronation of Santa Claus. That’s why it was established by federal law back during the Franksgiving, that’s what Franklin gave us, another Satanic ritual based on the interests of Commerce. It’s called a Corporatocracy. FDR didn’t create a holiday centered on Lincolns Thanksgiving. Even after the so-called Franksgiving scandal the holiday stayed focus on shopping. FDR established the beginning of the shopping season. That’s why they call it Black Friday, shopping on a satanic ritual day. 

But wait till you see who the Commercial Interests are-and who they are not.  Back in the days of the Holy Roman Empire there was a public ceremony/quasi-religious rite called the Triumphs. It was the highest military victory award. A crowning General would dress up in red and ride around town with a parade of musicians and performers. Today many cities parade would start or finish on Capitol hill. That goes back to Rome as well. The war lord was considered godlike and would go to Jupiter’s Temple on the Capitoline Hill. There he would set up shop with the spoils of war and hand them out to the people that helped him. 

Capitoline Hill was one of the seven sacred hills that ancient Rome was founded on. Its where all the laws were made and record kept. We get the Capital Hill in DC today. The take-away from today is the Capitoline Hill is the focal point of the whole works, the cornerstone of the Holy Roman Empire, that’s why it always led right up to the Department store front door.  The commercial enterprise is the cornerstone of the modern Roman Empire, the most important part of it… it’s even called Capitalism for crying out loud. More specifically the procession finished off at the Temple to Jupiter, in this case the store represents a pagan temple. As evidenced by the red pentacle sigil over the door. 

During the triumphs the captured slaves and spoils of war would be displayed through the city. The politicians would meet him and discuss his reward for his contribution. This is reenacted today when the governor give Santa… or Satan, a key to the city. Once a decision was reached on payment the whole town erupted into party. They sacrifice animals at the Temples and all that. During the Triumphant parade they would reenact battles and showcase their deeds. This is still what they do with the floats today, go through and count all the floats that reenacts false flags and psychological warfare, I mean aside from the obvious ones like blackface jungle people shaking spears at children. Now that really ups the significance of Felix the Cat symbol for MK-Ultra, being chosen as the first balloon, and chosen by every host as well even though they are completely separate from each other.

Part of the Roman Triumph is parading under an archway, multi leveled symbolism such as bowing down to the Monarch

The papier mache mask come from the roman theater; the costumed jesters. The majority of information we have is from Pompey, an open Mudflood site even to the public. 

The first Triumph is said, by Plutarch, to be when Romulus breaks an oak and loreal wreath and toga to enter Rome. However, Pliny says the tradition begins with Bacchus. Still other say it comes from the Etruscans, which were a people from the Italian region of the Mediterranean. FDR changed the calendar bc they told him. how many times do you think this has happened? How many more will we experience? What I mean is we can look at the facts and discern what’s the most likely chain of events but at the end of the day we weren’t there. We don’t know more than our senses tell us is right. I think it’s wrong to say we know next to nothing about the Etruscans except a few mudflood buildings, and the next sentence give us a complete run down of daily life (that’s what his-story does) and the fact they live the model of life with struck money and war for profit that fits so neatly into a linear timeline model I doubt their very existence at all right now.

Thanksgiving Maskers and Ragamuffins

Since we’re on the Pagan and spooky origins of Thanksgiving I must include the erased tradition of the Ragamuffin/Maskers. OK So in a nutshell, younglings used to dress up in blackface or plaster masks and flamboyant hobo rags on Thanksgiving and would go door to door asking for treats and pennies. Nobody really knows when, where, or how the tradition started. Hopefully one day somebody will do a more thorough investigation but for right now I just wanted to point out a few observations that I found worthy of note.

Left: a masker from 1911 NY. Right: Clown from Detroit 1924

The Beginning

This is my favorite part, when something jumps out and you weren’t even looking for it. This is the earliest article I could find in the short amount of time I allowed myself to spend looking. It is from 1865, a Police Parade. One thing this report has lead me to conclude is a good investigation of the parade system as a whole in America. A parade is a military term/exercise. There are a series of parades in every city I looked at that share similar characteristics, there just isn’t space for them all here but this one stands apart and is relevant.

At the closing of the Civil War there is not much difference between the military and the police force, they are compartmentalized fractals of each other. The date of the Parade is Thanksgiving…-ish. Theres no way to know exactly when the second Proclaimation was inserted into the narrative, even normies can’t agree, some say it was ’63, some say it was ’64, to establish a specific date as Thanksgiving, even the written record is not definitive.

The bottom line for me is here is a military parade on one of the potential Thanksgiving days…and it includes the phrase ragamuffins that plundered the city. In this instance it is associated with the riots of 1863. This is where I will turn my attn. Several articles state the maskers would knock on the door and ask for pennies “to have something to be thankful for.’

Check and see if there are referrences to masked participants in the riots, (big opening huh) but if the association is there it will be obvious, the media makes the connections for us, we just need to be able to interpret them. The Ragamuffins are the symbolic rioters, the riot is the symbol Reset.

The riots are said to be about the Civil War draft but if the war is a proxy cover than so are the riots and so is everything else connected to it. The masked ragamuffins represent the Reset.

But Wait Theres More

Theres always more. Lets blow this bitch open.

To prove linear history is a trap and a lie I’m gonna circle back around to where we started with Helen Keller. Investigating the people surrounding her is what lead us to Macy and then to parade as a whole. An investigation into the parade led us back to Helen Keller. This is how the NWO operates. One lie props up another lie.

Ragamuffins Parade funded by Israel Sachs and the Sachs Foundation. They bribed kids with tickets to sporting events for participating in the parade. (Sports, of course, the biggest dumbed down form of cheap entertainment out there). They even hired extra transportation to bus them in from out of town. That same tactic is used all the time whenever they have some kind of social engineering project and they need a large number of people.

Sachs’ sponsorship tells us alot. Sachs as in Sachs 5th Ave, the hi-end retailer, and Sachs, the Goldman Sachs bankster family of the Federal Reserve. They dont want the tradition to discontinue, they just want to relocate it. The Satan Parade has been chosen as the main function of this time of year so the custon is just moved a few months over.

In the neighboring article in the paper another Sachs, Bernard Sachs, Prez of the Medical Association, is begging for donations to finish the children’s hospital. One asking for funds to save children and the other handing out free rides and ball-game tickets for participating in this little ‘ancient’ tradition. They act like the two are isolated but both articles are next to each other in the layout. Thats the way NYTimes operates. Attached to both Sachs articles is a Helen Keller promo. Shes one of the biggest circus freaks of them all, not bc she is disabled, but bc she is not. It’s is all a joke. Mockery

Here is the link.

Gallaudet, the Person


Gallaudet College 1897, Olde World castle

Founded by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (b. c1781), him Laurent Clerc and Mason Cogswell, opened the first school for the deaf in 1817 it was called Connecticut Asylum for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb Persons.  

Tommy, oldest of 8 siblings, originally from Philly but moved to Connecticut as a young child. At age 15 he was heading to Yale, where he would graduate before his 18th birthday. (Skull and bones) For some reason he got a job as a traveling bible salesman in rural Ohio and Kentucky where he taught the local ferals history lessons. This led him to seek spiritual training and he was an ordained minister before returning to door-to-door work. Oh boy this is starting out good. 

The Hopkins family in America goes back to Jamestown, Steven Hopkins signed the Mayflower Compact on November 11 1620. Received 6 acres 1623. It is said his experiences with the natives in Jamestown led to a good relationship with the natives around Plymouth Colony, this is what caused Plymouth elders to ask him to approach Massasoit. Steven is also said to have been one of the first men in Bermuda, where his adventures would be put in a William Shakespeare play ‘The Tempest’. The shipwreck story supposedly makes its way all the way back to the Mermaid Tavern, where Shakespeare must’ve overheard it and immortalized Hopkins in his play. Do you believe that fucking bullshit. Oh yeah, he is also the one that had the baby born on the Mayflower, Oceanus. The only thing useful is reference to the Mermaid, that connects us to City of London, Shakespeare must’ve been a creation of Banksters also. The Hopkins are a Reset family, they had a hand in the installation of the control grid. Everything about them and their past is a lie. Hmm 

  • See Also: Plymouth Colony Division of Cattle 1627, fake Reset doc for illegitimate claim to authority. Melville Bell language inventor helped create reset docs. Colonial America is fake. Looking at his doc with the mindset that it’s a fraud it becomes laughably obvious it’s a fake doc. 

The Hopkins is on his mothers side, his father was Peter Wallace Gallaudet, side to be a personal secretary to George Washington, another fictional character, existing only in school fables and patriotism propaganda. In 1824 he became secretary of the US treasury. Later in life peter founded a Manual Labor School and Orphan Asylum in Washington. Peters lived with uncle Elisha was the engraver of the first American coin, the 1776 centennial dollar. 

Peter raised funds to build his Manual School by selling a book titled A Facsimile of Accounts of George Washingtons Expenses During the Revolutionary War. The book is probly real as you can get the subject not so much. It was written to cover for the Reset. Inventor of a fake war. Just like the Cattle Division manuscript. The Expense Account has a story to tell all of its own and its appropriate to be inserted in this instance. The school was never built nonetheless. Orphans are a designation in the caste system. After the Reset the local ferals were rounded up and taught a fake history and who’s gonna know? Show them some old fake docs and repopulated cities, the owners of the cities using the fake docs to assert their privilege.  

Manual or Industrial Schools were said to be a necessary response from the huge amounts of war orphans and abandoned children (Ferals). An exhibit at the 1893 Columbia Expo promoted the Normal educational model, which included the Manual Labor School 

U. Notre Dame, Indiana, home of industrial school

The same 1842 act of congress that started the Manual Schools also gave us the University of Notre Dame. This was supposedly built in 1843 out in the middle of nowhere Indiana. Featured University for one Class and vocational training for the other. 

Edinburgh Scotland is a central hub of Reset command central. They had a deaf education model by Thomas Braidwood going back to 1760. So much history traces back to Edinburgh, from the reaper, the labor question, the Bell family… I should’ve expected to start here in the Deaf education thread as well. The Braidwood Academy for the Deaf and Dumb. Thomas’ nephew started a London chapter in 1783. These schools only worked with wealthy parents. The Braidwood system involved a combination of signs, lipreading, and gesticulations. *First student was a painter. Braidwood also has claims to one of the first schools in America, VA, but it didn’t last and closed its doors shortly after opening. Considering the time period I think its most likely Braidwood was invented to support a false narrative. Any time they say his secrets were carried with him to his grave they are lying. 

1760 L’Eppe opened the first public deaf school in France; the French had their own system developed over centuries organically, so they say, this is the same time Braidwood starts what would become the British Sign Language. 

In 1814 Gallaudet, the door-to-door traveling salesman minister yale grad came across Alice Cogswell, who was struck deaf and mute after a childhood illness. We will see that line repeated over and over, her father, Mason Cogswell, determined to provide a school for people like her. 

Mason was son of a minister but raised by Sam Huntington, member of the Continental Congress and Gov of Conn. Cogswell also graduated from Yale, valedictorian even! Already we can see this was not some random “guess who I bumped into today” encounter. These guys are both yale grads, one a child and the other was the valedictorian. Technically Skull and Bones doesn’t show up till 1832. It’s co-founded by a Hopkins, imagine that, the S&B is just a label, a side project, the brotherhood has always been there and Tommy and Mason bear witness to that. Tommy is the only person in the whole bunch that has no direct tie to deafness. Everyone else has a fake child that becomes deaf through illness. The only connection here is Yale, making this a spook operation from the start. That and Hopkins obviously the john Hopkins med school. Deafness is treated as a medical problem, remember all those elite kids that turn deaf after getting sick, that could be Hopkins interest here is medicinal industrial complex.  

Mason could be connected via this thread as well, he studied medicine under his brother, eminent war surgeon. Volunteer Surgeon for Veterans, at the soldier’s hospital in Stamford and NYC. Yikes. Even though I could find nothing on these group this is he title he gives himself. It’s a military medical human experiments It’s a conundrum to say the group didn’t exist, the rev war didn’t really exist either, it is a piece of the Reset, the great reset was broken up into compartmentalized pieces for linear timeline purposes. 

It’s clear early on that what the mission here is to create a central sign language, at the time there was nothing standardized, populations had local signing languages, such as the Martha’s Vineyard sign language. The preferred answer to the Deaf question is to eradicate sign language altogether but this is full-spectrum-dominance here guys. If plan A fails there is always plan B. 

Cogswell offers to provide funding for tommy to travel abroad and learn the European models. His political connections would’ve been handlers for the State; it is said funds were established by the end of the first day. Mason just happened to be there, this was an end-game project the people installing this system knew it, Mason can go fuck off it wouldn’t matter one bit. Later Clerc met with Prez Monroe who expressed interest in Washington DC. DC is not America, it’s an autonomous district. This meeting signaled the interest of the Feds, it was ultimately started by the top and all this build up and circus and now the baby is coming home. The president serves as a way to explain why the cooperation at his level. Monroe don’t give a fuck about sign language, he just a figurehead the media can use to hype shit up. 

Clerc stayed and the Connecticut school was home till he died. Tommy didn’t stay around forever he retired to writing children’s Old Testament Christian books.  

Turns out Braidwood’s were not welcoming and refused to teach the family secret, remember Braidwood catered to the wealthy. I think that’s bullshit, it wasn’t supposed to be a one-stop shop, he came and they debriefed and he moved on. Next stop was one of Epee’s schools, where he was introduced to Laurant Clerc. Supposedly Clerc was in London on a lecture tour and the two met randomly, I call bullshit and say Tommys arrival had been a long time coming and there was a get-together of all the reset intelligence spooks to determine what the next phase was.  

His-story looks down at Braidwood for refusing to cooperate with Gallaudet over profit but maybe it wasn’t about money. Braidwood would even open a school of his own before Gallaudet and Clerc, being the first public deaf school in America however it didn’t last long and shut down a few years later. 

Clerc (variation Clark?) was upper class son of the town mayor. Story of childhood accident (he fell into a fire) left him with a facial scar that became his namesign, most popular namesign in history: ‘U’ downstroked on the right cheek. Maybe this is nothing. I haven’t seen it performed but it fit the profile of stuff we are looking for. Speaking of profile markers, the Congregational Church (33) census declares 80 deaf people in New England and 800 in America. Accident is not said to have caused his hearing loss. 

Clerc was teaching at an Epee school. Gallaudet stayed a few months and the pair returned to America. They opened up the Asylum for the Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Persons where Clerc taught signing, Gallaudet was Principal 1817-1830. Thanx to snowflake PC sissy culture it is now known as American School for the Deaf, or simply ASD. First state sponsored school., funds only covered 5 yrs per student. 

This is the beginning of American Sign Language, ASL, as I could find it. BSL is given to Braidwood, which may explain my he wasn’t chosen to come to America. It wasn’t the money, its Babylon, they want to confuse the languages of the people. This could’ve been the time to create a worldwide recognized single sign language for deaf people. They kept that shit separate on purpose bc its Babylon. That’s what it is. 

Tommy would marry one of his students, Sophia Fowler, this happens quite often enough to note, AGB uses the same line. The couple would go on to bare 8 children together and stay married for 30 years. Fowler comes from a founding line of Milford and New Haven colony. Patriarch immigrated with the 1638 Davenport Company. This family was prominent in church, court and military affairs, for participation each generation was granted more and more land, at one point being the largest land owners in the area. See how these old fake docs self-validate an illegitimate claim to privilege. These land deeds are still honored today and were written by the Inheritor parasite class to justify their false claim to status. 

 Another notable family member is Abraham Fowler, ‘Capt Sr’, born 1652, maternal line of the Hubbard Reset family. Abe was a sergeant in the United Colonial Militia that fought and survived what his-story calls the Great Swamp Battle, the climax of King Philips War. The core of the Indian resistance was holed up in the middle of an inaccessible swamp, in December it froze over and the united colonies ambushed the site of the fort. Colonial forces burned the fort with all residents, including several hundred women and children. The Indians were never able to recover and victory was soon declared. This obelisk and stone circle memorial was allegedly raised in 1906 but what are the chances these are much older than that? Pretty good id say, Inheritors just chiseled their name onto an ancient site. The raised fort surrounded by water sounds like a description of a typical starfort, the Indians would have been Ferals, local survivors of the Reset. * Note the record of one colonist that fought for the Indian side, this may be the Gypsy character we bump into later on.  [*New Note :), I wrote this a long time ago before I figured out that Indians are fake and there was no Colonies and Abraham Lincoln was a phantom]

*See Also: Braidwood center in VA 

Amos Kendall 

Famous Amos helped install the illusion of democracy in DC he helps get the 2-party platform paradigm het started. Postmaster General. Invested in new intel invention the telegraph. Kendalls family included members of the Committee of Correspondence a shadow intelligence network that agitated the Am Rev. Early advocate for public schools, his ministry of Truth bio says he went to them as a child, that’s bullshit bc the same source just said his family owned pretty much the whole town. Went to Dartmouth college, joined ‘Social Friends’ fraternity and another one the Ministry calls ‘Gymnasium Adelphon’ (brotherhood of public education). Maybe that’s why his Truthwiki pages keeps repeating he attended public schools all his life. But probly it means his fellow frat bros are all dedicated to installing the infrastructure for the Pestalozzi system. 

Further investigation finds another mention of the “semisecret” group carried over to the Lawrence Academy at Groton by precept Samuel Woodbury, Sammy claims he started the self-help debate group at Dartmouth which lasted 4 years. While I believe his account is complete bullshit it is noteworthy to see the name come up here. Groton academy is a feeder grooming school started by the Families to prep students and recruits to Harvard, Brown, Exeter and so on. 

Most remarkable is Kendall was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa, hold on to that for now that’s a big one. PBK has chapters at all the big ones but this time we’re talking about Yale. PBK also connects us to Skull and Bones and to Hopkins, as in Tommy Hopkins Gallaudet. 

After graduation he moved to Kentucky and tutored family of henry clay. In KY he edited a political newspaper in the capital city. Clay was an early career politician that shaped the gov infrastructure. Eventually Kendall switched to support Andrew Jackson which was a big political move. Jackson would appoint him to postmaster general office and Auditor of the Treasury. Kendells position of auditor is surely what escalated into the banking wars 

Amos Clay and Jackson were involved in some banking disputes together. Clay drafted a recharter of the Second Bank of America 4 years early, prez Jackson vetoed the draft. The history of Pre-Fed banking would be a good research paper, this is a chapter. Kendall was promoted to postmaster spot either as a bribe or gift. Political favors were used to secure deposits before a national bank, called the Spoils. 

Clay also was the instigator in the 1824 election scandal remembered as the ‘Corrupt Bargain’. 4 candidates had a tie so the 4th candidate was eliminated, the fourth was Clay. John Quincy Adams won the office and made Clay the Sec of State. Clay and Jackson would also run against each other in the 1832 election. 

What all this means is he is a Bread and Circus jester. The banking system is just as much a farce as the electoral process. The same entity has always been there. This was a false reality soap-opera election scandal back then just as scripted as today, presidents have no real power. Money is used as a control mechanism for the Orphan class, whatever the name on the building says. 

New job in ‘43 titled Agent for the Collection of Claims Against the United States. Just by the sound of it you can tell its about the hustle. 

In 1845 he switches gears and drops out of the political wrestlemania, Amos gets a gig promoting Samuel Morse and the Telegraph. That’s what funds the telegraph development. Amos is given a cush job that’s designed to skim off the top. Political and financial turmoil and he’s watching out over every dollar. The funds he embezzles by legalese contract magick is how he managed to support Morse. Together with Morse he was finally able to strike it rich. 

The association both with the telegraph machine and Morse are important. There were up-to sixty-two separate patent applications filed in 1837, in US and in Europe. My position is there was a push for development of certain inventions behind the scenes that are the base infrastructure of the human population control grid and this suggests the telegraph machine is one of them. It was even showcased at the World’s Fair 

Morse was only one of 3 patent partners; we’ll have to return for their story but he graduated Yale as well in 1810. At this time, he would’ve been connected to Dartmouth, meaning Amos Kendell, through Phi Delta Kappa, the pre-Skull and Bones society. That means they are connected to OG Tommy Hopkins Gallaudet and are continuing the deaf institute project.

Gallaudet, the University 

Monument to the schools founders

The campus that bears his name was not even founded by him. His son was included for this one. Staying in the tradition of Reset generational family Spookdom Eddie Miner Gallaudet is given credit for opening the first higher education institute for deaf people, picking up where is father left off, in 1864. He would be the DeFacto authority there for half-century. Gallaudet College is significant bc before this all the schools for deaf and blind were vocational training centers. I mean besides secret spy network, they had to have some window dressing, This was an academic center, where they could get a get a legit college degree. 

Initially charted as the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf Dumb and Blind, has a nice ring to it huh? Just kinda rolls off the tongue. Later it was renamed Gallaudet University. 

 Amos Kendell donated 2 acres of his estate from profits made from investing in the telegraph machine. Edward Gallaudet became the school’s first superintendent. Prez Lincoln signed the schools charter in 1864, renaming the Columbian Institute after the Gallaudet family, not just Tommy Hopkins, all the Gallaudet’s were responsible for bringing the first school and then branching out from there. 

Eddie was prez for 46 years and head authority for over 50. It was a family joint. Now there was a central command for all the deaf and fake-deaf agents that had been spread out during repopulation growth. Here is also the state-controlled sign language. Not a natural one like Marthas Vineyard, the one drummed up by Bonesmen in the previous century.

Jedidiah Morse

Born in 1791, to a Calvinist Preacher. Oh sure, hes a man of the cloth, that means he would never tell a lie or do a wrong deed right? His father Jedidiah graduated from Yale in 1783, and was a teacher in New Haven 

J. Morse is remembered as the ‘Father of Geography’, wrote authoritative books on American geography in the late 1700’s, cataloguing names of rivers, towns, mountains, streets, etc. In this way he was able to create or erase populated areas on demand. They needed new post-mudflood maps. Later Jed switched to writing children’s books. 

Jedidiah introduced the Bavarian Illuminati threat to America, for the first time, in a sermon delivered May 9th 1797. It was used as fearmongering a perceived threat, like covid, or space nukes or terrorism. His warning that there was an elite group hiding in the shadows trying to take over the world is a smokescreen, they were just beginning the installation already, he was one of them. He is said to have gotten his ideas from a newly published book “Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments in Europe”, published 1790 by John Robison. We have already touched on who controls the printing industry, this book never would’ve made it out unless it was supposed to. Jedi’s sermon was part of a broader potential-threat fear campaign with sermons coming from Institutions like Yale, Harvard, Brown and Dartmouth, Phi Beta Kappa schools, suggest it was standard smokescreen still used today. Furthermore, it is part of the ramp up to the election scandal of 1800, another tie that went to the house of reps. It is known as the Illuminati Election and the scandal was completely manufactured. Any explanations are political rhetoric that offer nothing useful. Anything Aaron Burr is associated with is pretty creepy. 

Big Jed also had sermons for the Boston Female Asylum, which appears as an early fem project, board members include Elizabeth Perkins, Mary Hubbard, Sarah Bowdoin, and Ann Green. The Asylum served as an orphanage and was connected with the Massachusetts Board of Charities. 

Also included is his chronicles of the American Revolution and bio of George Washington, both works of literary fiction. A general history of the Americas with short bios of individual leaders… sure.  

Jedi also wrote as an agent for the US War Dept on ‘Indian Affairs’; conditions and suggestions on how to improve ‘civilization’ of the American Indians. He catalogues more tribes, adding to our collection of a handfuls of people that scripted American History. In 1820 he toured the North West Territory for a summer to document the tribes. I doubt he went anywhere. In 1824 he produced another work in his Am Rev Annals about the Indian Wars on the east coast. His books were the foundation the Human Zoos were built on, the tribes went from written manifestations to visual. Transmutation. 

  • *See Also: Whiskey Rebellion and XYZ Affair 


Samuel Morse (R) depicted on the 2-dollar silver certificate, 1896. The left is Robert Fulton who is credited for inventing the steam engine riverboat, but when Mark Twain shows up at the World Fair in Jamestown to celebrate his 100 anno you know its all fake. 

Rough timeline of Sammy Morse: 

1810 graduates Phi Beta Kappa from Yale 

1811 opens lady’s academy 

1813 won gold medal for sculpture by Arts of Adelphi Arts Company 

1825 founded NY Drawing Association 

1826 founded National Academy of Design (Society of Fine Arts), first Prez for 19yrs 

1835 he is art teacher at NYU 

1838 develops dots and dashes code with Alfred Vail 

1839 on a return trip to Paris meets Daguerre and is early promoter of photography in the US press 

1840 files his telegraph patent 

1842 Morse and Colt link underwater cable to Manhattan Brooklyn and jersey 

1843 obtains 30k from congress to run cable from Baltimore to DC, supreme court chamber to train station, ‘What hath God wrought’ 

1854 supreme court case, patent rights victory 

1861- founding trustee to Vassar womens college. 

1908 SOS code adopted internationally in Geneva. 

*Friends with Ellsworth at patent office 

One way Sam Morse continued in his father legacy of writing a false history was thru art. Morse was a well known portrait painter and did such pieces as the landing of the pilgrims and an oversized Hall of Congress and portrait of Marquee Lafayette. He also did the pagan gods Dying Hercules and Judgement of Jupiter 

  Sammys invention of the telegraph included Leonard Gale, fellow NYU professor, and Alfred Lewis Vail. Vail is the person that conceived Morse Code. Morse wanted a system of numbers but Vail utilized the dots and dashes method. Another connection we might get to one day is the participation of his cousin Theodore Vail, founder and first Prez of AT&T. 

History says he failed to get capitol hill behind his telegraph invention in 1838, then he went to Europe to failed to get their approval, when he returned in 1840 all of a sudden, he had political support and received his patent. He already had established contact in Europe, traveling to study ‘art’ in his younger days. 

In 1850 the telegraph was caught up in a ‘patent thicket’, 5 companies were developing the machine but the Supreme Court decided with Morse as the inventor.  

Amos Kendall grave site

 Amos Kendall reenters here where he joins forces with Morse and Vail to create the Magnetic Telegraph Company, to install personal telegraph wires. Kendall appears as their lawyer in a precedent setting landmark case. It seems the case was about controlling the preexisting telegraph lines. I see the telegraph lines either were already there, much like the railroads, they were just claimed and not built, or, the infrastructure was being put in place regardless of who is in control, much like the 5G grid. The person politician that originally funded morse was Frances Smith, who also happened to be head of the company in the Supreme Court case, Western Telegraph Company. It seems this company was created only to gridlock the court system. This is Frankie’s sepulcher in the photo above 

Speaking of the railroads, they adopted the telegraph in 1851, there is some bullshit bedtime story about scheduling conflicts and safety and efficiency but they are the same force. The telegraph project is a subsidiary of the RR Syndicate. There is a bronze and granite monument dedicating the spot where the merging of RR and telegraph took place, most gov monuments are bedtime stories, esp. the bronze and granite. Or marble. The bronze portion was 6ft x 3.3ft and a 13 ft granite base. It’s all in the numbers, right? Contributors were Tommy Edison, Andrew Carnegie and Theodore Vail, but most funds were said to come from employees. Harriman donated the granite. Dedication included hundreds of school children waving American flags. The plaque was stolen by a rail company in an effort to ‘protect’ it and pressured to return it in 1980. By 1990 it was missing again and remains so to this day. The monument suffers heavy vandalism and the remains sit in an abandoned track bed.  

The famous first words ‘What Hath Goad Wrought’ was taken from Numbers 23:23 and credit goes to Annie Ellsworth, daughter of Patent Commissioner Henry Ellsworth. This could be a clue as to how Morse was chosen to win the patent thicket, bribe the commissioner with such a roll for his daughter, to pick out the first words ever transmitted. Although, here again we find that these in fact are not the first words. In earlier test runs the words transmitted were “A patient waiter is no loser”. The rest of the transmission was about Henry Clay nominated for US Prez. This occurred on May1st, May Day, Feast of Beltane… we’ll get back to that later. 

In the 1850’s Morse was received by King Frederick VIII of Denmark, who bestowed him honor of Order of Dannebrog, just another UK chivalry side-piece, for window dressing. He was also given window dressing medals from the Prussian king and was made a Chevalier in the French Legion. That’s a pretty common one we’ll come across. 

Kinda strange he got all them awards considering how pro-slavery he was. His paper ‘An Argument for the Ethical Position of Slavery put forth that slavery is not a sin, it’s a social condition ordained since the beginning by the Divine Wisdom. He also was anti-Catholic and anti-immigration; he wrote a paper titled Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the US’ which he attacked ‘popery’. This also would go back to his father and his role in the anti-illuminati campaign.  

Sammys second wife was Sarah Elizabeth Griswold, married in ‘48… The Morse family tree doesn’t fork so naturally if you know what I mean, father and son of one family married mother and daughter of another family, that of Henry Livingston, choosing Locust Grove as their home. Locust grove was accessible by Eerie Canal. Sammy has a bronze statue in NY Central Park. 

*See Also: Charles Minot Esq  

‘What hath God Wrought’ monument

Dot War on the Blind History


This is one small part of the story about the war on the Blind and Deaf, about how Braille was finally chosen the official language for the blind. Helen Keller, who isnt blind or deaf, advocated for Louis(cifer) Braille, who was a historical fictious icon.

History of a Language 

The ’Light-Bearer for the blind‘, Louis-(cifer) Braille.  Born seeing he had some rare freak medical condition when he was a child. He damaged one eye with an awl but the immune system attacked the good eye, leaving him fully blind at 5. He attended local school till 12 then recieved a scholarship to go to the National institute where he would come into contact with several variations of writing before developing his own… So the old line goes…  

Braille’s was not the first or the only contender for the tactile (raised dot) alphabet, The quest for a method of communication that can be used without sound in pitch black takes place over many generations over the course of centuries and across the whole planet, there were many chapters of this portion of deafblind culture going at least as far back as 1517 to scribe Francisco Lucas of Saragossa that utilized a series of thin wooden strips with notches cut.  Other systems included a Jesuit named Tarzi in 1676 that used a series of knots tied in a string to convey different meanings. Many of the forerunners for the blind type all used the embossed Romanesque style characters which eventually proved less efficient than the dot system, including those of the Boston Line Type introduced by our own good doctor Sammy Howe. The Romanesque sigils were officially replaced by the dot systems in the spring of 1853, when leaders of the American Association of Instructors for the Blind, led by chairman Howe, gathered at the New York Institute for the Blind, to determine what style is most suitable for the blinds needs, this debate would go on for another few decades before Braille was finally chosen. The other business at hand was trying to convince congress to fund a printing press fund. Finally, in 1879 congress established a perpetual fund of $250,000 of which the interest was to be used for blind education. Specifically, a printing press, but before you could start printing books there had to be an agreed upon language. [Thats the offical stoy here guys, its all abunch of bullshit, there never was/is going to be an agreed upon language….]

The Dot Wars is the name given to the political efforts given to create a singular reading and writing technique throughout all blind institutions throughout the country and then, the world. They represent a dark period of time for the Blind community, No pun intended. It was a war on blind people using language as a weapon, similar to how with the deaf community they went in and took away their natural method of communications and the oralist/manualist battlefield the blind world was hit with attacks on their communications as well. What could be a more effective psychological warfare tactic on group can hold over another group of people than to take away that groups method of communications.

I wont go through the entire legislative rhetoric and virtue signaling politico mumbo jumbo. It went on for so long there never was any resolution, there never was supposed to be, thats the reason for politics. Review committees were formed and disbanded, grants handed out, government funding is 100% from taxes (at least on paper) and personal philanthropic measures, that means the public doesnt know about it The philanthropists are the ones you have to keep an eye on the most, then as today.

Every single branch of tactile writing was scrutinized over and again for decades. The method had been reduced to a few contenders after a while. Embossed Romanesque types like Sammy Howe were deemed too cumbersome and the focus shifted to Dot methods and the number and orientation of dots; two dots wide by three dots high or three dots wide by two high. The blind Language was officially changed over half dozen times. None of the people in charge of the unified American Brailee project even ‘spoke’ Braille. This was a clear example of not just how painfully slow the system is designed to run, it’s a clear instance of how the gears can be ground to a halt on purpose and legally and the people will appear to be hero’s and martyrs for their cause. They could not’ve been more ineffective if they tried. Two groups seeming dedicated to the attack on blind people are the American Association for Workers for the Blind and the American Asso of Instructors for the Blind. The Canadians, the French, the British, many names for the same entity.  

If there is any doubt in the reader this was a psychological warfare attack maybe its bc I haven’t yet told you even Helen Keller got involved with this one. Yeah, the Grand Pooh-bah Mindfuck herself chimed in and advocated for Braille over New York Point, citing technicalities that the ‘seeing’ politicians focus on for virtue signaling qualities. Keller tops it off in her usual manner saying as she can read fluently in all 6 official blind languages, she would be some sort of an expert… except that bitch couldn’t read any variation of Braille, let alone 6 different ones.  

Kellers’s involvement would be recorded as such: 

“Helen Keller, who has always avoided needlessly involving herself in controversies which might prove acrimonious, was not present, but she did write a letter to A. Emerson Palmer, Secretary of the New York Board of Education, which was read at the hearing….” 

That’s funny, don’t worry I had to look up the def too just to be sure, Acrimonious means a sharp bitter argumentative language. This Dot Wars was written in 1955, a very interesting in-depth look at the early his-story, since then there is another ¾ of a century to include in a new chapter, anyway I guess back then the author was still trying to give Keller the sweet little Angelpie slant, I’m sure she would’ve been very appreciative, lol. 

It wouldn’t be till 1930 before HK would reach her crescendo performance in the dot wars when she spoke in front of congress to ask for a federally funded adult braille library, She led with a few paragraphs of role playing for the politicians to pretend they were blind for a few mins so they would understand how books help blind people “forget about their limitations [and] misfortunes”. This is not something a true advocate would speak about themselves, Keller was supposedly blind her whole life, how would she know about limitations if she never experienced any other way? Needless to say it was still another year before anything happened with the library. Herbert Hoover passed the Pratt-Smoot Act on March 3 (33), 1931. Anything with the Pratt name attached to it means its a lie. This time Pratt just hogged all the credit, lobbying efforts and private fundraising efforts were made by such fractal pattern group’s as the North American Braille Authority and the Braille Institute of America. 


Oralism is the teaching of deaf students via spoken language, lip reading, mimicking mouth movements and facial expression. Opposite manualism which is taught using hand signs and gesticulations. Oralism stemmed from Darwinists that viewed deafness as a hereditary trait which they saw as a threat to future generations. Eugenicist’s goal was to erase it from our genome through programs and such as oralism. Oralists used strategies such as isolation, deaf people were removed from deaf communities and the presumption was there would be less deaf to deaf interaction would mean less marriages and ultimately no deaf children.  

This movement really began to pick up speed in the second half of the 1800’s. The first oralist school in the States was the Clarke School for the Deaf, was founded in 1867 by Gardiner Hubbard from a 50,000$ donation from philanthropist John Clarke, a Northampton merchant.  The first manualist school was set up by Gallaudet, the American School for Deaf, in 1817, based after the French signing model which had said to have been hundreds of years old and developed organically. Hold on now, just bc Gallaudet was a manualist doesn’t make him the good guy. This is a full-spectrum-dominance system, we’ll get back to him in a bit. 

In 1869 the first free public institution was formed under the direction of the Boston School Board, we have already covered who these boards are and how they operate, it is the same group of self-validating, self-policing aristocrats pushing a political agenda that serves their own interests. This time the project was called Boston School for Deaf-Mutes, but within a few years was renamed and would eventually become the Horace Mann School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

I use the term Oralist and oralism but that’s the pc term, more appropriate would be audist and audism which is the discrimination against deaf people. They promote discrimination and suppression of the deaf culture but do it in a way to say they are helping and providing care.  

 They viewed speech and speech alone was the difference that separated man from animal, intelligent form dumb. Their plan was to irradicate deafness through breeding programs and sterilization i.e., eugenics. Those in controls’ main objective is to stay in control. We see a similar reaction whenever a threat arrives. The deaf community does not share the same reality the hearing world shares; therefore, are a direct threat to the status quo and as such must be dealt with accordingly. We see the same pattern of division, confusion, legislation…etc. that appears in all these instances.  

All this pushback is happening at a time when the deaf population was really starting to gain acceptance publicly and communities were springing up in a collective pride and culture. In the early 1800’s many schools had begun popping up, Gallaudet was using the French manualist model, he taught teachers which went out and opened new schools teaching signs. There were printed publications for deaf and upper-class communities such as the one in Marthas Vinyard where deaf held public office and were considered equal. MV even had its own sign language which everyone knew hard of hearing or not. It is estimated 1 in 25 at MV was deaf however 25 in 25 could speak the local sign language, at least according to this Cointelpro front rag, The Atlantic. See how they are considered a potential threat? I consider this an example of why they need controlled opposition. Signing in general was targeted but since they can’t get all of them at least provide the outlet people will go to. These connected a strong network of people that was building momentum. The foundation of this was manualism, which is a person’s natural inclination to communicate with each other. 

The Second International Milan Conference of 1880 was a turning point for the community, put on by oralist proponents pretending to place the wellbeing and security of the deaf into the hands of the state. A self-validating ritual to explain authority and justification for declaring a new phase of psychological warfare waged on the deaf community and their culture lasting a century. Manual communications would be banned on the world-stage after this. I would offer that the banning of ASL was lifted in 1980 only bc of the advancements in cochlear implant tech. The modern audist eugenicist cure for deafness is the transhuman agenda, merge man with machine. It wasn’t really done to make amends. This is the start of the oralist takeover, the official switch from Manuel to Oral. Researchers today like to point out that deaf people weren’t able to represent themselves and decisions were made by non-deaf people without the former’s consultations, very true yes that, but I would like to add that this is always the case and you shouldn’t be surprized. Any time one group rules oppressively over another group they don’t usually ask for approval. This was an international congress which means these policies were implimented all over the world but as we’ve seen this is a small world and invisible boarders are only meant for the profane. The people behind the political drama are all the same. All these fake boarders really are created to keep people contained. The illusion of autonomy and jurisdiction. Promotes patriotism, which leads to war. 

The first Congress was held in Paris 1878, attended by 28 delegates from 6 countries. this is also the home of the Paris World Fair, which gave us the statue of liberty. Joe Magnat, an oralist Parisian teacher trained in Geneva by the Lyons Ins. received a wealthy endowment to organize the meeting 2 yrs later. Joe worked in Paris for the Pereire family and the private school in the Rueil village. Rueil is a Spook central-command hub in France, home to Banksters, Big Pharm, and Bid Oil companies in modern days. Its ‘twinned’ city in the US is Lynchburg. A pre-reset city full of olde world architecture, Rueil was home to one of Napolean’s ol ladies and was on the front-line of the French Revolution… Also ransacked by the Vikings in the 800’s, if you say so. If this guy was a private teacher here, he would’ve been upper-class elite 

No word on how Joe got his large startup funds but the Milan Congress was organized by the Pereire Society. Jacob Pereire was from a Portuguese cryptojew family, according to the Ministry of Truth, his family created a banking system which rivaled the Rothschilds and funded the first railroads in France. In 1759 he was made a member of the Royal Society of London. His family sure did want to erase sign language and spent 2 years finding the right attendees for the Milan congress in order to do so 

Milan had 164 representatives, only 1 of which was actually deaf, James Denison from America. Denison was married to Elizabeth Lindsay of Salem, the Lindsay’s settled around the 1680’s in Salem, according to their own account. They weren’t a very big family to have played a role at the fake With Trials. the Salem branch comes from Scotland, where there was an episode of the UK witch hunts several prominent Lindsay’s were at the front of the Paisley Witch Trials, two Lindsay boys 11 and 14 held hands as they were hung together. I’m sure it was a real heart-wrencher. This is just showcasing the type of family these people come from, just bc he says he is remembered as the only deaf attendee at the Milan Congress doesn’t make him a good guy. Nigga wasn’t even deaf. If he was, he wouldn’t’ve been allowed to attend. 

The Milan Congress probly never even occurred, there are no transcripts or minutes record except gatekeepers at Harvard let just enough of a clue come through that AGB spoke for 3 days, but won’t let you read the article though. The only thing that came out of the Congress is the 8 power points, they basically all say the same thing. The deaf community is fucked. Rule 1 says signing is detrimental to the student and will not be used. Rule 2 says lip reading is best and will be used, this was adopted on an international level. This is just another example of people being controlled by an old piece of paper, it has no authority except what you give it. There would’ve been no reason to have the congress to begin with. There would’ve been no competition since there is already a world power structure, so when all the countries start implementing the same techniques they can point to this old crumpled up doc and say “Look, Im just following orders” and they did that for a whole century, think how old fake docs are still used to control people take a look at the Magne Carta when you get a chance. 

There were 5 Americans present Denison, Eddie and Tommy Gallaudet and other members of Gallaudet board of trustees. 

Laws were passed requiring the oralist method in education centers and hand signing was forbidden. Teachers were hired (bribed by fat checks) that had no experience with deaf pupils. Children that had difficulties adapting to the method were punished. The Oralist assault was not only on the deaf. Speech and English speech only is what separated civil from savage. This included indigenous languages. Plains Sign Language, common amongst many Feral tribes was also wiped out by oralist methodology. Deaf were sent to residential schools, there was a network of state sponsored deaf schools, sometimes even before it was even a state there were Territory Deaf schools. 

The formation of the National Association for the Deaf was born as a result of the congress. 

HKP, by setting an unnatural bar, robs real disabled people of real achievements and prevents others from realizing their true potential.


 The Helen Keller Connection

[I came into this bc of a background check on John Macy, he was a central character in the Helen Keller project in the beginning and married to Anne Sullivan. In his time at Harvard he worked for a publication called the Youth’s Companion, a Socialist propaganda rag saying they have been printed in Boston for 100 years, the most circulated mag of its day, just ask ’em. The rags stated goal was ‘virtue and piety…and to warn against the ways of transgression’ but in actuality it was used to carry Socialist military industrial complex ideals into the family unit and specifically targeted children in the classroom. It was another manifestation of indoctrinating the population as children to be ideal State citizens through a centralized education system. The Prussian Model. YC was a regular contributor to Atlantic spook mag as well, those guy are pretty messed up. I got articles on the Atlantic and the Prussian Model if you check the tag bar. Except for a few revisions I didnt have to do much to this one, I wrote it over a year ago and before I realized Columbus was a historical fictional icon, his name is on everything bc it is mockery. Undoubtedly I missed alot but there is always more, this is only a few good paragraphs, its impossible to tell the complete story in such short length but the details are most often chatter and I get the core message across. enjoy]

…To further support this claim let’s look at the Youths Companion’s greatest legacy. The September issue in 1892 printed the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time. The official bio of the Pledge says it was written by self-acclaimed socialist, Baptist minister, and advertising guru Francis Bellamy as part of a larger appreciation for Christopher Columbus. It was published in ‘92, the 400-year anniversary of C.C. but it was really intended for a ceremony at the Chicago World Fair in 1893, called the World Columbian Expo, and held on Columbus Day. History has a hard time explaining why the 400 anno is held on the wrong year, (1492 but the world fair was 1893) whatever but the introduction of the pledge was early on purpose, it was part of the build-up, so that by the time the Fair came the kids were already hooked

Bellamy spoke to a national convention of educators and politicians to help implement the program, which includes the government takes charge of all public schools and a flag placed in every school room with a daily ritual chanting with gestures. The convention loved the idea and made Bellamy the chair, I guess it helps when he is also president of the National Education Association and a celebrated freemason. The freemasons themselves confess Bellamy was not listed as the author in 1892. They admit the pledge was a free mason collaboration between the YC’s owner Upton; Bellamy just wrote his name on the paper, similar to Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto. 

Bellamy adored the military and wanted the entire economy to be nationalized and emulate the military. He wanted the government to take over the schools to create an “industrial army”. A type of “military Socialism”. He has many other Socialist connections including published works and political groups. Bellamy’s cousin Edward authored a famous book about a socialist dystopia, its the family biz 

A military salute was chosen as gesture in the flag ritual; it was called the Bellamt Salute bc it was his project but it is only a variation of the Roman Salute featured in paintings. It would later be known as the Nazi salute.  Bellamy was credited with the entire show but it was happening simultaneously in Germany and America. Germany was also a firm believer in the Prussian Model of Pestalozzi and I see this as evidence there was instructions handed down from the top on both sides of the pond. The notion that mainstream history pushes is that the pledge was nothing more than a gimmick to sell flags is laughable. Also is the claim it was supposed to be a one-time occurrence that just ballooned organically. We saw the same thing with Sammy howes wife, Julia Ward Howe and her song, Battle Hymn of the Republic, that was planned in advance to go viral but media said it was all natural, the Star-Spangled Banner too for that matter. Its like the algorithms that control viral videos now. Spread faster through hyper patriotism during the Spanish and WW2 scripts that were about to come up. Sounds more likely the pledge was pushed that much harder as part of a broader war machine propaganda drive. 

This is the source for whats called the Roman Salute, Some say its not a salute at all but orator theatrics. Thats the thing about Ancient History, its all made up so you can say whatever you want. As long as your not questioning its authenticity but only its interpretation. Some people be like “Its proof of giants” lol, sorry i couldnt help it.

Many religious people were persecuted for not joining in. They saw it as sacrilegious, a type of government worship. The original script did not include the phrase ‘under God’ and when it was added in 1954 the lying media sensationalized the separation of church and state argument but to Bellamy there was no distinction, the school is the church and the religion is the state. This is just political and medic rhetoric to keep the subject in daily conversation. Its always religion.

After the war the salute was deemed too Nazi for Americans and changed it to the hand flat on the chest although according to their own timeline Americans used the salute first. The fact it was used by the two countries at the school and military arenas at the same time is farther evidence they are using the same model. The Prussian Model. That’s why it was introduced at the world fair. The world fair was a cover for intelligence factions to meet up without unwanted attn. Thats just inserted Patriotism, its the action of the salute itself, not the particular variation thats important.

Post-civil war reconstruction needed to bring north and south back into the fold. They needed to unite the people again after dividing them for the last few decades. The children were targeted… well, bc they were children, and didn’t have the experiences personal like an adult. They take to indoctrination better. The children are always targeted.

Flag Day

A natural question one should come to would be ‘What about Flag Day?’ All this ritual chanting and military saluting the flag you would think Flag Day would be the most appropriate, why Columbus Day? At the same time the ceremony at the World fair is taking place the Flag Day movement is gaining momentum right alongside of the Pledge of Allegiance. His-story would have you believe the two are totally independent of each other and unrelated. Both were introduced in 1893, Flag Day and flag ritual at world fair 

Col George Balch was on a patriotism kick as well in the late 1880’s, he also proposed placing a flag over every public building and every classroom. He also came up with a national icon (flag), motto (pledge), which included a gesture known as the Balch Salute. Mr Balch was not just an educator, as normie source try to mislead you, he was superintendent of the Board of Education of New York.

[* This position would be important in the near future when the Board of Ed tries to sort through the Dot War on the Blind info.] 

Balch started with a military intelligence officer career during the Mexican and Civil War. If he were Intel he would have known the wars were proxy. After the war he went over to the railroad where he was an auditor for the Eerie RR. Another proxy position since the railroads have always been here, the RR are an ancient artifact. After he cooks the books, he goes over to education… Consider he stays military intelligence the whole time. Did you ever think about that? That’s what spooks do. Thats when he decided to go on a sales drive to have a flag at every school and public building? This was the end game, why he was placed at head of the board, bc he is military and we are in a psychological war and the children are always targeted first. [*Thats also why he oversaw the Dot War] 

George ancestry goes all the back to Plymouth company, he was a founder of Salem, in war he served on the war-sloop Plymouth. Fake history for birth-right status

Flag day was once a year and the pledge is every day, have twice the saturation and Everday, Effective propaganda is repetition.

  • There would be other influences in the creation of flag, such as the Colonial Dames of America, Those are some treacherous bitches that travel around coopting Old World sites and slapping a false American History on it, they were involved in the Jamestown Settlement hoax, which was another World Fair project. part of their build up includes:
  •  in 1891 the Betsy Ross House held a ceremony.
  • In 1893, at the urging of the Sons of the Revolution, the Pennsylvania Society of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America, lead by Elizabeth Duane Gillespie, adopted a resolution requesting the mayor of Philadelphia and all private citizens to display the Flag on June 14th. The Public Schools of Philadelphia joined the movement and hosted a large rally of students in Independence Square, each carrying a small flag while singing patriotic songs. 

Columbus Day 

We can stray a little bit but not quite that far. Another lead may be the first Columbus Day celebration on record. The 300 anniversary was held by Tammany Hall, also known as the Colombian Order, they were the political group that ran NYC and the celebration supposedly was a big deal. It could’ve been a model for the 400yrs expo,  [nope, the 300 anno was just to give the impression that this had been an ongoing thing forever. Fake history.] We saw the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Columbus being held by the Columbian Order. In the 1930’s the day was recognized by the feds but only after much lobbying by the Knights of Columbus, so for 150 yrs the same circles within circles tried to politized the day, at the world’s fair there are many references to Columbus as well. In 1954 the Knights of Columbus lobbied for the words ‘Under God’ to be added in. That it was expedited through says there were other motives involved. [See how the people use a fake history to make it appear as if they have been around and done such wonderful things?]  

These events were taking place in the early 1890’s, John came to Youths Companion openly in 1901, less than a decade from the Flag ritual. Contemporary newspapers admit he was appointed but by whom is not mentioned, he probly worked on the Pledge drive too but he would’ve been too youth to take credit. Now we have a resume and character background of Macy we can continue.


PBK is a calling card for intelligence agents, dont let them fool you with all the separate fractal pattern groups and splinter factions, thats just them hiding through compartmentalizing themselves. it camoflage, there is only one Intelligence agency but goes by many names, Phi Beta Kappa is one with a fake history to give themselves more of an edge in the psychological warfare going on today and everyday for the last two and a half centuries.

It was founded at the College of William and Mary which was also given a fake history for the same reasons, the two lies prop each other up and work together… So William and Mary was a central authority in the Jamestown Settlement hoax and World Fair, all to give validity not only to William and Mary and the crown they were named after in Jolly Old’, which is tied into the original Colony charters. all the lies hold up the whole structure of civilization today. We live in a world enslaved by binding-contract magick, there was no crown, there was no Jamestown or Revolution, but look how much power the institutions gain today bc of those fairy tales.

Now we have a backdrop for who created the college and why, we can take a look at what is called the Oldest Academic Society in America. Founded initially in 1776 at William and Mary college in Williamsburg VA, when the school was shut down due to the revolution 2 chapters were opened at Yale in 1780 at Harvard in ‘81. Harvard is the only school which has remained unbroken. 

Tradition has it that in the wake of signing the declaration 5 students met secretly in the Apollo Room of tavern on dec5 1776 to discuss politics without fear. They adopted a seal, motto, secret handshake and initiation rites. The first 50 brothers were called founders. It seems kinda like a youth club, of the 50 founders all but a few were teenagers. Also important is that it was open to noncollegians, of which there was a 24 yo Harvard grad named Elisha Parmele that stands out, he is credited with saving the fraternity during the revolution when W&M was shut down, he was the one that opened the two chapters up north.  

[*There was no revolution bc the Colonial period is a lie, this is fabricated to have a linear explaination how the sigils could be everywhere simultaneously at the beginning of the repopulation of America. I bet there is a bronze statue of Parmele somewhere, or somebody today is using birth-right claim to prestige. That link is his ancestry page which treats him like a real person. On paper he is real, there is a paper copy of all of us, no paper copies are real but peoples focused energy makes them…nevermind. Parmele is one of 11 children, that branches out to so many decndants today that can hold his name up and say “Look what we diid for you.” The same way stuff like slavery is held up to say”Look what you did.”, its all bullshit.Another way you know he was a fake person, here is his bio put out by the Atlantic Monthly back in 1879, his 100 yr anno, thats a big one for celebrating false flag events, anything the Atlantic touches is a psychological warfare operation.]

During war-time most of-age males were enlisted in the army where they were needed most however of the 50 founders only 14 had military service. Over half had distinguishing honors and one was the brother of future Prez James Madison. That tells me these are all spoiled rich kids from aristocratic families. Many went on to become politicians and wrote all the legislation for the newly formed state and was hugely involved with drafting the constitution itself. Two members refused to sign the piece when the time came, one citing ‘odious features and the other expressed concern ‘the constitution would only result in a monarchy or tyrannical aristocracy’. The first guy caved after he was appointed gov of Va, the second stood his ground. One member that stands out is named john Marshall and was a high-ranking judge that declined an unsaid ‘mission to France’ offered to him by Prez Washington himself but accepted an unspecified ‘special mission to France’ offered him by Prez Adams. Marshall was the judge presiding over the Aaron Burr trial. It would worthwhile to take a closure look at the Burr trial. *Apon first glance it would seem Burr, if staying consistent with the rest of reality that says everything these ppl do is a lie, is quite the uber spook. Two things remembered is Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel which he was never charged and Burr trial for treason which he was acquitted. There is also the Manhattan Well Murder case where the body of a quaker woman was found in a well that was owned by Burr’s well company that acted as a laundering front. Burr merits a closer examination but not today. 

[So this is just a bunch of colonial rhetoric, its just chatter, like a soap opera. This IS the way history says it happened, that the entire era is scripted this seems to be clearer why everything just fits so nice and neat in a linear timeline. This still took alot research to put it all together in one place, whitch had not been done so much as I could find. (Thats Compartmentalization) Burr might be a real person I seem to remember him skipping town to go down to New Orleans till things cooled off, it wasnt advertised as suspicious but thats what makes it important, the details that go by unrecognized instead of what is parroted in every single article. Repetition means bullshit]

Let’s go back to Elisha Parmele. He was the one the organized the Yale and Harvard chapters. He was set up to go to yale but changed his mind at the last minute and choose Harvard instead. studied in Chaldean Aramaic and Syriac languages. Semitic. He says he was in Virginia for health reasons. He went thru the initiation ritual, but it doesn’t say when or where. I peg him as the go between. Initiated at Harvard or Yale but down in VA on spook business. His-story says he was back and forth as his health deteriorated over the next four years till he died on his way to Va. I think he just got reassigned, we know him as a different character. Like Anne Sullivan who just appear with no background. The first in the Parmelee line in the New World was John P. in the early 1630’s that helped to settle Guilford and signed the Plantation Covenant, Covenant is a religious based term- Calvinist Puritan. He has an interesting story involving another covenant signer William Plaine. Plaine was executed (hanged) by the state in 1646 for two counts of sodomy and teaching youths how to masturbate ‘above 100 times’. Parmele married his widow Anne till she died and then he married Anne and Williams daughter, his step daughter, Hannah. The Plaine case has received a lot of attn by the LGBT community and Plaine himself is a symbol for gay rights. 

[See, told ya they would hold him up today for some kind of false idol, well maybe not him exactly but his decendents are just as fake and Parmele is only one in a long line of similar characters, everyone in his family seems to have some star celebrity role… Even the villians. This might have been inserted BY the lgbt community in like 1997 or something, did you ever think about that? Maybe the document was “discovered in an attic before demolition of the house” as we have found happens quite frequently.]

I think the group was well established before 1776, if they were the ones that wrote the constitution that kind of thing doesn’t just come out in a few months, they had been working on all the paperwork for a long time, using students and universities as a cover and couldn’t admit of their existence till after the declaration had been announced. Much of the buildup to the revolution was happening to close to the other university center of operations to be safe, W&M was the farthest away and would provide the best cover. There were already chapters at the other schools since inception being they are all part of the university grid and they didn’t have to announce themselves till W&M shut down, they could just appear as new chapters but had in fact been there the whole time. All the secrecy openly dies out in 1831 and they stuck with their devotion to intellectual endeavors and not secret political ones. 

Among the members of Phi Beta Kappa are Henry Kissinger, Nelson and John Rockefeller, George and Jeb Bush, ex Prez Clinton, FDR, Carter, Wilson and news commentator Tow Brokaw, and 7 of 9 current Justices of the Supreme Court. When members start to cross over into the Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission this suggests to me they are still in fact keeping secrets. 

[my entry point was John Macy, while he was working on the Helen Keller Project at Harvard, he wrote the book which had Helen Kellers name on it as her own.]

 The story goes that he was introduced to HK through a mutual friend who thought the two would get along. Macy became smitten a short time later to the much older Sullivan and the two were wed in 1904. They all lived together for a time but the marriage didn’t last so they separated in less than a decade. Sullivan wouldn’t get John a divorce. John died an alcoholic. 

John Macy was famous enough by his own rite as a literary critic and editor. The thing I don’t like is both of those are based on other people’s works. A literary critic doesn’t write anything and an editor just corrects what they say is how a paper should be written. He is credited for doing much of Kellers first book in 1903 but how much is left unsaid. He would’ve also done the contractual work with publishers. 


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