The Public Education System as the State Indoctrination Center

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The children are always the targets, thats why the public education model chosen was specifically chosen to mproduce obedient citizens, smart enough to push the buttons but too dumb to ask why.

Horace Mann  

Horace Mann (Horus-Man) was from another self-contained merchant family around Boston. The standard background check shows his family of course also goes in a straight line to arriving in America during the mid 1630’s.

Graduated from Brown,

There was no Colonial Era, people. The Colonial period is all about binding-contract word-spell magick, Legalese is not English. Land grabs from false deeds, wills, trusts… These people insert fictional entities into a fake timeline to present themselves as overseers of generational wealth, authority, high-status. Thats what the Colonial Era is, the farther one goes back into the timeline there is a direct correlation to their birth-right status.

This time from Kent. His family has always been in the education arena, that’s why he was assigned his position. In fact, not just any education but public systems. His direct descendant is scripted in as teacher at Dedlam Public school from 1667-’72. Dedham is the very first tax funded public school in the country.

Samuel Man was the teacher/minister for the aristocrats of the time and area I’m sure you’ve already guessed what that ties him into… He was ordained by Judge Sewell, that right, the presiding judge of the famed Salem Witch Trials… So, it’s an indirect connection. You should know by now it is another manufactured event brought to you by the same families.

 Pro railroad, got the state behind expansion, RR promotion was his entry into poly-ticks and spent his whole pre-education career toward their advancement. Paying it up front. The RR was a big project, everyone had to do their part in the collaboration. He is accountable for the railroads becoming privatized, the RR inside guy. The RR story is building up, it’ll make a good you when someone finally gets it organized, everyone involved is on the same level. Mann had power of the state and interests of private financial backers. 

[Funny when I wrote that 2 years ago I had no idea how true it was. The RR is a relic left over from before the Reset and Repopulation] 

Second to his rr position he is credited with founding the first state-controlled hospital for the mentally ill after he successfully convinced legislators for funding. He was instrumental in opening Worchester lunatic asylum and served as director of board of trustees. This would connect him with the early Board of charities. While it was before the time of Franklin Sanborne. Sanborne was an educator and at a private school in concord. The children of Horace Mann were among the initial pupils. Along with those of Emerson, Hawthorne, and Jon Brown, yes, that Jon Brown that Sanborne and Howe would later finance his false flag slave revolt. This is all the early 1820’s, this is before Butler and the predecessor to his Tewksbury charge.  

Irish migrants are especially noted for disliking him (Jesuit/freemason sentiment toward Catholics?) but Anne Sullivan, a social justice warrior, would let that slide being her cover story as Irish immigrant. But yet it is said when she first arrived at Arthur Keller’s plantation, she berated the poor old man on his position of slavery. There is a connection between the railroad construction, the Irish immigrants, the state-run asylums and schools. The Irish did the work for the RR’s and left behind the sick and child, which was the states responsibility to provide care for. Essentially, he is cleaning up his own mess, swept it under the rug more like it he involved in all areas so nothing gets out 

In the late 1830’s his mission changed. The freemasons had a stated objective to establish ‘a national department of public education headed by a secretary appointed as a member of the president’s cabinet’. With Masonry being a vessel, we can trace this back even farther. In ‘34 the Gen Court granted half the money from 1812 war reparations to go to state schools.  The decision was announced to establish a centralized network of local authority centers in each town using the spoils of war.  Horace was chosen by his freemason handlers as the figurehead to organize this network. Anything he needed was granted.  His new mission changes from RR advocate to education ‘reform’. 

HM is considered the father of modern public-school-as-indoctrination-camp method. The leading authority in education reform state offices and titles were created to give him more authority in the states name. He was the education reformer but reform is another code word for takeover. Everything Mann could ‘reform’ he was given control of. the Board of Education was founded specifically for him to move forward with his long-term goals. He was the first secretary of the first BOE in the country. His system protected the merchant class, each school was given local authority and infiltrated the individual home.

Traveling at his own expense but with the protection and authority to he learned from European models at Paris, Germany, and Prussia. (Yes, he was in the same countries as Howe at the same time, doing similar work. Howe is said to have to these places to learn from surgery and medical schools, Mann is said to have been there studying the schools themselves and the system as a whole.) Which he brought back to implement reform in America. Mann led the charge in education reform. Reformer is another code word, add it to merchant, abolitionist, humanitarian, transcendentalist, philanthropist…, the theme is still the same today in the social justice movement and early feminist. He was also brother-in-law to Hawthorne and good friends with Sam Howe. Mann was Howes contact in the state house and was responsible for funds granted to Howe for his blind school/spy academy. His sugar daddy…

I could find no evidence of course this is speculation but from the patterns I see they had more than just a professional courtesy toward each other if you know what I mean. They both hid under the guise of education. Mann and his wife traveled through Prussia together on Sammy and Julia’s honeymoon, remember? The one where Howe wrote all the gay lover letters to the soon-to-be governor or congressman or whoever, Charles Sumner, of the fake caning attack.

[This is all public education, Ministry of Truth, trivia. There was no Prussia]

The Prussian Model  

Before the Prussian model was implimented by Mann in American schools were usually focused on applicable knowledge. Self-reliance. This was the opposite of what was required by a group of ppl dedicated to world domination. Education was handled largely by the church which was losing power as government picks up the slack. Mann viewed the State as the religion of society and the schools were the churches. The freemasons are quite proud of their being behind the free public school system. Transfer of information. Communication. Intelligence. Masons are allowed to take credit but they are but a vehicle. 

Before state funds were dedicated money was had from private donors and special interest groups so he had to compete with all the big-name places, Brown and Harvard…and most schools the pupils lived there, they are contained, with their own farms and everything.  This means the school had to teach whatever the financière, wanted, much like the bought and paid for R&D at universities today wanted Many normal schools later became community colleges and state universities. now with the state providing the service via tax dollars and war profits it can teach what’s in the best interest of the state. Creating a free day school for the public is a must need. It’s the embodiment of Intelligence, what is and is not taught. To infiltrate the home and family, little Billy gets indoctrinated for 6 hours all day by freemason agents to go back to the farm and spread it to the parents and siblings. Got towns to sign on by means of rewarding cooperative behavior. It’s called bribery in simple terms. It’s still coercion whether you use rewards or taxes as the vessel. The ‘voluntary appropriations’ fund of Mann’s raised 50.000$ in one year but the money still would’ve been there if the ‘volunteers’ had been fined or feed or taxed. 

 Mann created a group of so called ‘Normal’ schools. Teaching teachers how to teach. This ensures masonic values can be instilled even if the teacher is not a mason, but usually they were. Teacher training camps are always a cesspool of spooks so take note when you come across this situation.  

The schools for pupils are known as ‘Common’ schools. Common schools traditionally had the policy for ‘qualifying every individual’, this is the forerunner to ‘no child left behind’. Nothing new under the sun.   

This Normal/Common schooling method is used as a world model on a larger scale. Howe and Mann toured Europe on their honeymoons together. I put forth the whole marriage, thus honeymoon was false and this was an extended recon mission. All these self-validated authority figures are traveling to Europe to study teaching methods not for the benefit of the pupil but for the benefit of the state. Now the state had its own pulpit in the form of public education it needed to learn the best way to utilize it and the chosen method was the Prussian system. 

Prussians took their school serious, esp. after defeated by Napoleon the school was seen as the way to militarize the person at childhood. A totalitarian authoritarian elitist country formed from lands conquered by Crusaders. There are many great articles covering this in depth, I will try to hit a few bullet points: 

  1. The primary purpose is to control what is read, not how to read. 
  2. Make compulsory attendance laws. (Illegal not to go) 
  3. Teacher colleges 
  4. Age based grade and curriculum 
  5. Standardized tests. 
  6. Qualify every citizen (no child left behind)
  7. Mandatory kindergarten 
  8. State agencies forced federal directives in local establishments 
  9. State, not the parent, had ultimate authority over the child 
  10. Potential teachers were screened by the state 
  11. Focus on memorization skills, not thinking or discerning. 

                The set up was designed to produce: 

                1. Obedient soldiers 
                2. Obedient workers 
                3. Trained subordinate clerks 
                4. Trained subordinate civil servants 
                5. Uniformity of thought, word, and deed.


                  The Prussian themselves were heavily influenced by a man named Pestalozzi. Pestalozzi co-founded the Zurich lodge of the Illuminati. The Illuminati and Scottish Rite were fractal extensions that claimed lineage back to Atlantis through Thoth/Hermes. Knights Templar, Jesuits, Sabbatean-Frankism. Don’t confuse yourself trying to differentiate, they are all feathers on the same bird. All ‘potential’ threats to keep you looking over your shoulder while the NWO has already installed itself. The stated objective is world domination. The Illuminati gave themselves a fake history and were pushed by minister-politicians like the Morse family as fear mongering and the next potential threat. “The New World Order is at your doorstep…”

                  Each special Interest group works toward the common cause in their own way. Pestalozzi’s is education. He devises the method used around the world best suited for rearing citizens of the New World Order. His role was no less important than the guerrilla fighters perpetrating all the violence across the world. This man focused on the poor and claimed the ability to shape them to ‘accept all the efforts of their peculiar class’. Focused on art and music as a means to distract and pacify to prevent class warfare, keep them happy without arousing the want for social change. In Horace Mann’s 7th report his chapter on the music classes of Prussia echoes Pestalozzi’s system. The Prussians militarized Pestalozzi’s peaceful ignorant subjugation. Literacy not all important, not much more than what’s necessary to perform industrial skills.

                  He oversaw his own agriculture/industrial commune populated by male orphan children. Later the State provided orphans to him.  Pestalozzi’s ideas were first brought to the states by the Quakers in 1808. Mann was the regional director for this worldwide system.  It was the Post-Reset centralized authority

                  This is the school system they were in Europe studying.  It is too far outside the scope of this investigation to include a backdrop in Prussia that led to this system to begin with but I will pause to note this is the (one) revolution that Howe funded and was detained in. Then it is also worth mentioning that backdrop includes France, which is another place Howe was closely involved in revolutions. Mann never expressed an interest in Deaf education until he returned from his extended recon mission with Howe. He wrote his Seventh Annual Report from the Board of Education vehemently advocating oralism. He never showed an interest in Deaf education after this. I put forth he did this at behest of Howe, Howe already had Perkins school for blind, soon he would add his School for Idiotic and Feeble Minded. What better place to cover an intelligence network than a school for feeble minded idiots? The 7th report was clearly a promo for Howe but for whatever reason he lost the bid to Clarke. What it did do was get the state involved (that was the intent). Fired the opening Oralist salvo. 

                  James Clarke 

                  Fake Colonial Normie Timeline Bullshit Narrative Alert!!! I wrote this years ago and while it is not true in reality it is true similarly to how currency gets its value. This is part of the Secret History of the Deafblind Community material. You’ll have to check the archives for better context.

                  I tried to keep my distance from Clarke but since he beat out Howe for the deaf market, I feel we need some explanation. The most popular answer you’ll find on our dumbed down and censored internet is that he was a generous philanthropist, that he left grant money to be used for education in his will. Scrolling down the wiki page we see he was born in 1609 and immigrated to New England in the early 1630’s. He is listed as a Baptist minister and founded the colony of Rhode Island. In those days religious authority was the only authority. The separation of church and state is an illusion, the state becomes the church. 

                  Clarke is a very popular name. Most of Geni has two separate John Clarkes that were from the same year and location, both have a brother named Thomas Clark. TC was the pilot for The Mayflower. Yeah, that one. Whether our James is brothers with the pilot I can’t be for sure but it is quite plausible. Sarah Fuller, who got her start at Clarke school also had a direct descendant on the Mayflower. How many ‘coincidences’ have we seen so far where the relatives of the same families are still in bed together pulling off these world changing events centuries apart? It almost has to be brother Thomas the pilot by default. “yeoman’ is even listed as James’ occupation on his page although he was a respected minister and physician when he arrives at the age of 28.  

                  Details regarding most of Clarke’s deeds and backstory are disputed, so let’s not waste any energy sorting through that mess and cut right to the action scene. Whatever source you want to quote from is up to your own discretion but all agree he had the proper bloodlines to hold the ear of Kings and eventually King Charles II granted his request to start an official colony and Rhode Island got its royal seal in 1663. The Rhode Island charter was drafted by Clarke himself. What do you think was the price of this? A regular person can’t just address the king, and of the few ppl that can how many do you think actually get what they came for? 

                  King Charles II was heavily in debt from his father and chartered what is called the ‘restoration colonies’. Each colony was more like a corporation. In fact, VA and MA charters were granted to corporations only and the only govt oversight was stockbroker meetings. PA was given to Quaker William Penn as payment for debt owed by Charles I. 

                  Cryptojew Clarke was Phoenician Navies man in the new World, helping lay the groundwork for the long-term plans being carried out still to this day. It is even said in his bios he acted as agent of his new colony in absentia doing all the clerical work from England. Much like the first crypto George Keller coming to the States and doing the same. These two ppl have the same interests and common goals. They founded a new land with no laws or oversight so their first task was providing the framework for which such a system would flourish. In fact this foundational work started when Crypto Columbus ‘discovered’ America, his voyage started 4 days after the Expulsion Act of 1492 and they were looking for a new home. 

                  Among his associates we find George Fox, founder of the Quaker movement. Intelligence families have always hidden behind religion. The Quakers are one of the clearest examples and it is this connection that eventually led me to the conclusion Rhode Island was chartered by cryptojews in the royal court to serve interests of their own kind. Rhode Island harbored Quakers after the other colonies expelled them, so much so bordering colonies threatened a trade embargo if they didn’t change their position. King Charles II had to step in eventually and officially order MA to stop persecuting Quakers. His story says Charles intervened bc he sided against the puritans that executed his father. In reality the Puritans and the quakers are both still jews, who Charles II just readmitted into England, of course he would help out in the colonies as well. 

                  Quakers wouldn’t intermarry outside their own and would only conduct business with other ‘friends’. Many instances public decisions were made quakers would move in their own favor even if it was detriment to the community. Passive nonmilitary allowed natives to slaughter and pillage unchecked. Used their own court system. 

                  Clarke used freedom of religion as a front for jew business. While officially the first synagogue in America didn’t open till 1763 the crypto lines have been hiding in plain sight for centuries.  Coincidentally the first offical synagogue in America opened in Newport RI. The place founded by Clarke to begin with. 

                  King Charles II was responsible for enabling the jewish readmission act of 1656. I guess it wasn’t a hard decision after his father was executed by paid jewish agents. Oliver Cromwell initiated the readmission unofficially due to general popular opinion. Cromwell writes to Jewish 1%er Manasseh Ben Israel through his bitch Ebenezer Pratt: 

                   Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam, 16th June 1647: 
                  — “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” — 
                  To Oliver Cromwell From Ebenezer Pratt, 12th July 1647: 
                  — “Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape: His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.” — 

                  This is how England was compromised and Charles I was set-up. This is the context of how the jews were admitted back into England. George Fox the founding Quaker father was also a regular correspondent of Ben Israel’s. Both utilized the printing press, which is a primitive form of controlled mainstream media… Communication. This connection is supporting evidence Rhode Island was founded as a colony of spooks.  

                  Now that you’ve had a brief introduction to Jimmy Clark you can see why its fishy his name would come up now, after two hundred years, attached to the field of education. As we learned earlier the first two colony charters of Plymouth and Virgina were granted to merchant groups and governed by shareholders and stockbrokers were known simply as the London Company. Considering this I find no surprize in the fact Clarks trust fund which granted the money to start the School for the Deaf is controlled in modern times by Bank of America. 

                  At 350 years old Americas oldest educational trust was left for “for the education of children from time to time, forever.’’ The Prussian system had yet to be developed but this would ensure when the chosen method had arrived this foundational step was already in place. The money would always be available for whatever indoctrination program chosen to be used at the state’s discretion. That it is overseen by bank of America is convenient. The money is illusionary anyway, they can print as much as they need and who’s going to challenge it? BoA gets credit for being charitable, it’s a win-win. 

                   His story says Clarke school was founded in 1867 by Brahmin family Gardiner Hubbard (L. Ron scientology?) after a childhood illness made their daughter Mabel blind, they used trust fund monies to start the first oralist school.  

                  As it turns out these Hubbard’s are related to L. Ron through adoption claim todays descendent. That would support my claim that these Inheritor class ‘dead babies’ are not dead at all but are just relocated and spring back up in history under a new name and background.  The part I found most curious is they are directly related to Elizabeth Hubbard, yet again connecting us to the Salem Witch Project. Elizabeth was one of the girls starting the initial accusations. 

                  Rogers graduated from Prussian ‘normal’ school in 1851 and took work in several schools till ‘63 when she took her first deaf student for private instruction… so we are told. In 1866 she and a Mary S. Byam founded an oralist school for the deaf simply called Chelmsford School. Later in ‘67 the school was moved to Northampton and renamed Clarke school for the Deaf. Rogers was taken as the first principal and AGB first came on as teacher in ‘71.  

                  Find-a-grave listing also gives us Gardner Hubbard’s mother was a… wait for it… Perkins. That’s right. Due to centuries of inbreeding Joanna Hubbard was also niece of slaver/opium druglord Thomas. Not some distant relation either. I mean like he was her father’s brother… That would also mean she is connected to the Salem Show twice over since we already established Perkins was connected through Mary Bradbury who was sentenced to death as a witch but somehow managed to avoid execution. So, Perkins school for blind is connected to Clarke school for deaf, just not in the way you’d be led to think.