Michael Anagnos, Teacher of Helen Keller, Director of Perkins Institute

Michael Anagnos 

The take-away here is Michael ran the Perkins Institute and married Samuel Howe’s daughter. He was Helen Keller’s teacher during the plagiarism scandal which made him break all ties.

Michael ran the day-to-day operations at the Perkins Institute for the deafblind. Howe picked him up in Crete on his return visit to provide relief for the war effort. He was hired to be Howes secretary and personal tutor to Howes children. It didn’t take long till Michael was married to Julia Romana Howe, Samuel Gridley and Julia Ward’s daughter, becoming Samuel’s son-in-law. 

[* all of this article is normie history and therefore trash, I wrote it with incomplete information and the whole thing must be redone. I only included it to show that even in Normieville the stories dont add up. Ancient Greece shares its past with Rome; the piles of ruins were given a fake history slapped on, there was no Independence Revolution, there was a Great Reset.]

Wiki claims he was the son of a poor shepherd in Greece. In the very first paragraph we run into problems where it says he was permitted to go to school by the Ottomans bc the region paid a special tax to the sultan so that the soldiers didn’t come to his area. I call bullshit, how are the shepherd class going to afford special tax to the sultan? The area he was from is the Zagori region, one of several places officially recognized as autonomous by the Ottoman Empire bc this is where the elite merchant class were based, they enjoyed special benefits called Surutia.

The merchants became the ruling class and the area was quite prosperous. No, he was not a peasant shepherd, his name is Anagnostopoulos, which translates to ‘reader of the community’, the reading is of a religious context. The simple act of reading is considered a distinction and Greek clergy were even paid by the Ottomans. If you break his name down farther the prefix ana means anew or upward, and gnos meaning knowledge. The office/name also goes back to the Byzantine era. 

This elite merchant class were called Phanariot’s, they were based in Constantinople since the Byzantine /Roman Empire, since Constantinople was a thriving port city this translates into Maritime Admiralty. 

Supposedly Anagnos went to school at the University of Athens, the first 3 yrs he studied philosophy and foreign languages, then 4 more years of law school. After graduation however he took a job as editor of a newspaper. The name Ethnophylax is listed in a few articles that mirror each other word for word but if you keyword search for Athen’s newspaper Ethnophylax in the main search engine nothing comes up. Nothing. I don’t think it was quite kind of newspaper you are being led to believe. He was another instance of media propagandist during war time. He went to school for 7 yrs and didn’t use any of his subjects. 

The next part according to wiki isn’t very clear. It says he took an active role in the dethronement of King Otto of Bavaria using ‘Freemasonry and Giuseppe Garibaldi and one of his sons.’

The problem I have is Greece was not a country to even exist till the war for independence started in 1821. They had no king. Greeks considered themselves a religion more than a nation, a series of island independent nations. How did they announce a national presence and immediately go to a king from Bavaria that was installed by an act in London? Well, bc the revolution itself was sponsored by Prussia, Britain, and France against Islam/the Turks/Ottomans. The Greek Island we know today were independent nation-states back in the day. They united under the banner of Greece to restore the byzantine Empire, the Magali Idea. 

Garibaldi is intentionally inserted for a reason. A prominent figure in a whole dif set of Independence revolutions around the whole. All these Independence declarations are not being fought or funded by the people themselves. Each is an extension of the war between the old bloodlines, i.e., House of Burbon, House of Hapsburg, House of Wittelsbach… A lot of these countries change hands all the time but keep the same name as if it was an autonomous entity all along. In a larger scale the Greek Revolution was a continuation of the Crusades against Islam. One of the objects for war was title of Holy Roman Emperor.  

[All these splinter cells are false leads, the groups are inserted into a fake history to intentionally connect every single one to each other. Dont you think it’s a litlle odd that every single battle and inner circle on the entire planet can trace its way back to every other similar group throughout the entirety of history? Wouldn’t it make more sense if there was only one group that oversaw everything and compartmentalized itself for camouflage?]

Of course the article would mention freemasonry. Mainstream sources scrub any reference to freemasonry as to make researching it difficult. It appears this time it was added for what? It’s like product placement right. Garibaldi was a Knight of the Crusades so he was a mason by default by way of the Templars. De facto. The Crusades were fought by the mystery schools by whatever name doesn’t matter so they have to put it in the open. There are several articles that parrot each other so who knows how much is really true but it seems like he had position enough to just make his own version of masonry and anything he did was officiated after the fact.  

Exactly how Anagnos was recruited by Howe is impossible to know, the info online is just a few articles with the same information. Making things harder to discern is that the official biography is written by Franklin Sanborn himself so you can trust that as far as you can throw it, along with all his other bios, he wrote one for the whole cast just about; Howe, John brown, Thoreau, Emerson to name a few. Every person he is associated with must be examined, esp the historical persons like Harriet Tubman. Usually agents of this caliber are born into it. The info we do have points in this direction, the location of his birth, that takes us back to the Phanariot/merchant ruling class.  

There was a Phanariot organization called Filiki Eteria, they met in secret and their stated mission was the overthrow of Turkish rule (Ottoman Empire) in Greece. The Megali Idea, to revive the Byzantine Empire. They were mainly the younger members of the Greek branch of the byzantine merchant class but included several rulers from different countries and religious sects. The ‘Society of Friends’ is admitted to be the instigators that brought on the Greek independent revolution in 1821. Filiki was modeled after similar European organizations like freemasonry and was started clandestinely by three men in Odessa. That’s present-day Ukraine but was the Russians back in the day. 

One of the three men that founded Filiki was also a member of the Carbonari. The Carbonari were another special interest off-shoot of Freemasons. They were instrumental in the July Revolution, the French Revolution 2.0, that’s the one that Howe coincidentally happened to be in town for. Prominent members included famous warlord Giuseppe Garibaldi, Lord Byron (a mentor of Howes), Lafayette (famous Mason of the American Rev), Napolean. The Carbonari are an off shoot of the Order of Illuminism (illuminati) started by Guiseppe Mazzini. Mazzini and his violent anarchist way brought neg attn to the lodge. He wrote letter to Albert pike expressing interest to create unconnected group to rule over freemasonry. Pike and Mazzini create the Palladian Rite, a Luciferian cult without clear leadership. Pike also helped create paramilitary group Knights of the Gloden Circle, whose first task was the formation of a network of guerilla training camps in central America. Garibaldi was also connected to both Illuminati and the places of KGC operations. The Knights would later become under the direction of Pike the Ku Klux Klan. All these groups are circles within circles. Trying to figure out which body is responsible for which incident is like trying to track down Anne Sullivans nonexistent siblings.  

[*Garibaldi’s association with a group that contains more phantom icons than factual people suggests he too is not of flesh and bone but exists by word of mouth and ink on paper]

Interestingly, a charter member also listed on the Carbonari Ministry of Truthwiki page is a Anagnostopoulos, so it would indicate Michael wasn’t recruited but was born in just like all the rest. 

Mikey supposedly did a 6-month stint for printing something in his paper that the admins didn’t approve of, this led to his falling out of the paper altogether and he resigned. What is known is that on one of Howes visits to Crete the two meet and Anagnos is brought back to America under the guise of secretary and private tutor. Accompanying Sammy is his daughter Julia Romana Howe, she and Anagnos would in short time become married. This means Samuel is now Michael’s father-in-law. 

Michael is given more and more authority over Perkins over time until the passing of Sammy, at which time he becomes the full-time director. 

*See Also Mikey at 1900 world fair 

Franklin Benjamin Sanborn 

 was a key figure in the reformation movement that swept America in the run up to the civil war and the rest of the century that followed. He held several positions in the Board of Charity from secretary to chairman and filed complaints to three dif governors before Butler picked him up. An abolitionist that is remembered as one of the ‘secret six’ that helped orchestrate a slave revolt in Harpers Ferry by taking over a US arsenal, dubbed the John Brown Raid.  His family also traces back to 1632 ancestor LT John Sanborn of the General Court, so he was no different than the rest of them, coming from an old-world family with a military background. One article I came across claims for a 20-dollar fee he would file any complaint you wanted. Sanborn was also educated at Exeter, graduated from Harvard, courted and refused by the daughter of fellow abolitionist, transcendentalist, and freemason Ralph Waldo Emerson and is buried at the famous Sleepy Hollow cemetery. The title of abolitionist is a code for freemason.  Transcendentalism is a thinly veiled front for masonry. Be on alert for any person claiming to be from either camp. We see similar echos in today’s society with the social justice movement. The people pushing Black Lives Matter for political reasons funded by ‘philanthropists’

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