A Brief History of Commerical Whaling. Basque


The Basque were the old-world whaling culture dating back before time was recorded. It would be wrong to say they had a monopoly on commercial whaling. They were the only ones that could still whale after the Great Reset, which wasn’t that long ago as modern historians tell you what to believe. They sustainably hunted whales since before their own records started. One whale evert two or 3 years per port was enough to keep the trade alive. Commerical whaling is distinct from just some primitive fish hunting coastal tribe thing. I mean whaling as an industry, a raw product that baleen called whale bone was boiled manufactured into everything we use plastics for today and the oil was refined into lamp oil and candles were unmatched by anything on the market even today. The earliest document I could find was an invoice to an abbey for 250 casks of oil in 670AD. The Basques admitted it was ancient even at that time. And so it was for thousands of years. Nobody knows exactly when the very first ‘quaker’ got the idea in his head to parasitize the Basque and whaling industry but a chain of events started showing its head around the turn of the 17th century. It was the oil of its day, his-story books tell you it was profit that drove the whaling industry but more than likely it would be controlled for the power it held over people more than the money. People were happy existing for all that time so they had to be manipulated to create the demand to pump the industrial revolution. Furthermore, this is evidence of a pre-Flood nemesis as the series of events that leads to modern experience today can be traced back to the industrial revolution, which required oil. These groups were already formed and targeting the only available oil form of the time and pushing for the ‘advancements’ when there wasn’t much natural demand for them. The whales were hunted almost to extinction like a sacrifice. It seems suspect the arrival of ‘rock’ oil on the scene happened just at the time when whale populations were on the cusp of extinction. This coincidence could be another point in side of antediluvian evil. They knew the rock oil was there the whole time and just held out till the end. There is a myth that the discovery of rock oil saved the whales, what rock oil did was fuel the whaling ships that killed off the remaining populations. Rockefeller was a whale oilman before rock oil. I don’t buy the lucky snake oil salesman bio. He had knowledge from Before. 

The first signs indicating when the Basque, who had been whalers for thousands of years all of a sudden in the 15oos start to increase their range and travel farther and longer and to new parts of the Earth. There is some speculation about what actually drove the outward expansion, the earliest references to a commercial industrial processing camp are located in the artic islands of Labrador and New Foundland in the late 1500’s. This part of the world had been frequented by numerous countries before so the Basque were not explorers and didn’t claim any discovery rights. They show up for a few decades and leave just as abruptly. This part of the world was already inhabited by another people with a strong whaling background which died out at the same time the Europeans started coming in. There are several groups of people all basically spoken of interchangeably, the Thule, Eskimo, Inuit, Innu, and Dorset people. These were efficient whalers that brought their skills east from the Bering Strait. The Indigenous whalers and the Europeans didn’t get along. There are Jesuit records going back to the 1580’s that speak of attacks and piracy on the Basque by the natives. The casual mention of a Jesuit presence made the hair on my arms stand up; they could only be there for a limited few reasons. Officially the Jesuit order was started in 1540 by Ignatius Loyola. There is no continuity of the Jesuit presence this early in the game, reports and timelines vary widely, not that the Jesuits are known for their transparency and record keeping. I first thought it would be slavers. In less than a decade after its formation they had their own colonies in Brazil and were using the Brazilian Indians as slaves, naturally it would be suspect that in contemporary times and also relating to native people one could expect the context to be similar as well. Another quite plausible possibility is the natives were protecting their own fishing grounds from foreign invaders. Eliminate the competition. This is a very niche subject and there is next to nothing formally written historically, I knew there had to be a connection if I kept digging, finally my persistence paid off when I learned that Ignatius himself was born of a Basque nobleman! That’s when it clicked. Loyola used the Basque bc he was one of them, that’s how he even knew it was a thing. A Basque nobleman Spanish conversos knew not only the monetary value of whale stuffs but also the power which a small number of people could hold over a majority population. Loyola tricked, coerced, employed, whatever it took to get the commercial community to teach them the tricks of the trade. The whaling industry was parasitized from the Basque by the Jesuits from one of their own. History says they ventured out all y themselves but probs they were only the teachers. The Basque techniques were the industry standard and every country, primarily Dutch and English adopted their practices, the best being taught by a countryman first hand. In every instance the teacher was cast aside after the knowledge gained like so many thousands of carcasses that clogged the north Atlantic. 

Aside from the Quakers yet to arrive on the scene and the Vikings, whose history I believe has been completely manufactured, the primary competitors are the Dutch merchants of Amsterdam and their English counterparts. There were lesser countries like Germany. France and Spain were there too but they were Basque countries. The main factor separating the major players from the minor was the merchant class. By merchant I mean jew. Open or Conversos.  

Shortly after the beginning if the 1600’s things started ramping up even more. The English had their merchant conglomerate the Muscovy Company based out of London which was a general shipping company and precursor to East India Company and the like. Muscovy was the world’s first joint stockholders’ company and was in the hands of Venetian merchant slaver pirate Sabastian Cabot. Cabot and his Genovese father Giovanna Caboto claimed Newfoundland and Labrador for the crown in part as a mapmaker much earlier. (Think Columbus, which was also from Genoa and ‘discovered’ the US a year or two earlier. There is much evidence of his foreknowledge and secret maps.) so he would’ve already been familiarized with territory The MC sent a few ships to the Spitzenberger whaling grounds in 1611. First, they had an agent named Jonas Poole travel to Spitzenberger and hire multiple Basque harpooners and processors. They didn’t fare so well. 

 In 1612 the Dutch merchants in Amsterdam responded and became the dominant force, establishing what has been called the first alliance, a union, and guild devoted completely to whaling but in reality, it was a cartel called the Noorsde Compagnie. The Dutch also used Basque whalers to lead the system until they had sufficient knowledge to do it themselves.  The whaling crews had naval warship protection and it was not unlike the wars fought over oil-rich countries today. 

My point is this is the beginning of the end, after millennia of a sustainable whaling industry we find parasitic cryptojewish bloodlines controlling the illusion of competition which very quickly brought it to extinction levels, and both sides completely dependent on Basque knowledge. 

The Dutch merchant command center was located in Amsterdam. Hello? Half the pilgrims on the Mayflower were merchants from Holland. They commented on potential whaling profits before they even made landfall. Of course, they knew where they were going and why. 

In one sense the English won the whaling wars in the long run. Or at least the proxy wars since cryptojew military intelligence were the head of the Dutch, English, Muscovy company, and Quaker fronts, just like they still are to this day. They were going to win regardless of what the his-story books say. They had been laying the ground work for decades build a new world, without any real change in the status quo.  

It is completely plausible a new whaling capital right near the center of action would be born along with the development of a seemingly new country. 

Commercial whaling in the colonial US kicked off in Long Island around 1650 by two men. John Cooper and John Ogden, both from the MC experienced in Basque tradition learned from whaling at Spitzenberger. The normie history says commercial whaling in Nantucket didn’t get rolling until 1690. They don’t get the Basque influence directly from the people. The Long Island man chose to propel Nantucket into the whaling capitol was Quaker Ichabod Paddock. Paddock is one of those fucking superspooks that even if I found 5 bios none of them would be similar… Except one legend is repeated in all of them, with varying details but the story goes something like this, the whaling team battle it out with Crooked Jaw the whale. Frustrated bc their harpoons are bouncing off the whale Icky dives into the water knife within teeth and enters his belly. Within the belly he finds either a witch or a mermaid playing cards with the devil. Paddock is the prize the Succubus wins and he is seduced. He returns to his shipmates later and comes back to Crooked Jaw every day until his wife replaces his harpoon tip with a silver tip.  

That’s a classic spook calling card. Quakers, sex, the devil, gambling, witchcraft… This is the guy his-story has chosen to bring prosperity to Nantucket. Nantucket had already been whaling commercially, this was just a formality to have one of their own at the helm. A name and a face. A company tee-shirt like bezos or fuckerburg. There are other legends of men getting swallowed by whales from Hercules and Jonah to Pinocchio. Each of these stories are variations of the same allegory of initiation and Paddocks probly as well has a much deeper or esoteric meaning but we will leave that for a later date. 

Can you guess by the name his generational legacy he left to America? His brother is directly father to son relation to the Vegas Shooter, Steven Paddock. If you go to Stevens Geni page and direct father line all the way back to the Plymouth colony in the 1630’s of course. Not some distance 7 times removed relation. I mean his father’s brother by blood. There is about a dozen Paddocks all with Capt. title. This is another sign of Phoenician navy intelligence. 

While we’re on the subject of spook family hoaxes from Nantucket I would like to toss in the whaleship Essex for examination. The first indication before you even know the rest that it stinks like old fish guts is that is a major motion picture. The spellcasters in Hollywood always pay tribute to their own works.  

I will keep this in a single paragraph bc I fear we have already ventured to far from our intended target however since this directly involves the Macy clan, I feel it is relevant under character analysis, maybe even RICO act. 

[I wrote this some time ago as part of the Nantucket Founders are modern day powerhouse bloodlines, this was before I reached the ultimate conclusions that Colonial America is fake. Now this article provides a showcase example of how people and groups insert themselves in order to establish a fake narrative with them cast as central figures. The two subjects I have been following are the Macy and the Hussey lines, both founding families of nantucket.

I say now with confidence and innerstanding that the whale populations were not fished to the brink of extinction in a century or two, there was none to start with, just like there were no herds of buffalo in the West, sure to some degree there was both but not like the public education system and Hollywood spellcasters has led you to believe]

Here is an article about the history of Basque whaling published by the Alcoholics Anonymous World Meeting that was held there recently. You wanna know why one would promote the other and how they are related?, Bc the AA movement is a psychological warfare org and part of the Psychedlic Industrial Complex. The founder was involved in the LSD movement as an operative in close with adrenochrome junkie Aldous Huxley and ‘doctor’ adrenochrome scientist Abram Hoffer (Hoffman)

Their sigils give them away everytime.

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