Great Railroad Conspiracy of Central Michigan 1850


[I came accross this while researching John Macy’s background, Macy was a central character in Helen Kellers Harvard years. Macy comes from one of the families that founded Nantucket.

Besides that this event has more to do with the lack of railroad and its infrastructure being in ruins. Its a cover for the Reset and Repopulation of America. Detroit is an Old World artifact bc of its position on the Great Lakes, its railroad system was in need of repairs so this scripted event was used to expalin away the destruction and get new stuff. There is no record anywhere ever of construction, only repairing a pre-existing system with some modifications and new lengths added. ]

That Oliver Macys bio admits he went to work for the Michigan County Railroad in Detroit in the late 1850’s is saying a lot to the few people that understand its significance. The MCRR had just come out of a precedent setting case in which a group of locals took action against the Railroad syndicate over their refusal to pay for livestock run over by the train, while this is too far astray from our story line it would serve well to one day be revisited with a critical eye. While this is an interesting case to pull apart other than providing a backdrop for the childhood John Albert Macy was born into, I can’t justify expending an amount of energy on this case. The first railroad was owned by the state of Michigan. The syndicate members in the capitol bankrupted the state in order to sell the railroad so they could buy it back from themselves as a private business. This was the birth of the Michigan Central Railroad.  Basically, the RS burnt down their own station, faked the death of the main agitator, and locked up the real opposition. Business as usual

Heres the official cover story:

  • The leading characters were all of the New England families that arrived during the Great Cryptojew Infiltration of the 1630’s. Conspirators, lawyers, the judge was a Pratt, the investors, the politicians… All from wealthy new England merchant families. This is reason enough for me to know how the whole thing played out 
  • The media frenzy was used fear porn and manipulation tactics to justify increased police forces curfews and travel restrictions. Victimized the railroad which all of a sudden, the focus was not on all the livestock being killed that owner still weren’t getting compensated for. 
  • Used to round up real potential threats to the RS. Mixed in with the actors from the families were all the leading antirailroad movement. At the end half were set free and half were sentenced to hard labor. Real opposition was removed. 
  • The man charged with the actual arson of the depot, coincidentally the same guy that ran the counterfeit and prostitution ring conveniently died before trial. The ringleader of the conspirators also died before trial was over, creating a martyr i.e., false idol. He had been there years in advance laying the groundwork. 
  • Trial itself was a mockery. Sure, the RS had unlimited resources, money and influence. The investors and bankers and lawyers of the RS are also the judges and governors and congressmen of the territory. Venue changes, rights violated. The supposed deaths of several accused while in custody. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. The defense attn. was jew Sen. Seward imported from NYC; a real lawyer would’ve had the whole thing thrown out. Seward’s involvement is a flag in itself as he was supposedly attacked by a Booth co-conspirator the night of Lincolns staged assassination. 
  • Fire seemed to be an Modus Operandi. of MCRR. There were several fires in the 1850’s aside from the arson. These fires were written up as accidents but there are no accidents dealing with these groups 
  • Change of venue was allowed, A syndicate member was also a member of the House of Reps. He created a brand-new law just to make it possible for the trial to be moved to the right jurisdiction where the show was to be held. The defense attorney agreed to the move, even though the original jurisdiction was favorable 
  • The RR admitted to using a paid informant network of spies and double agents who admitted they didn’t know what side they were working for all the time. This intelligence network supposedly also happened to uncover a counterfeit and prostitution ring by coincidence. (There was an awful amount of money being thrown around to people not used to folding money, it was as fake as the trial. 
  • Set the stage for a much larger production later. This was contained in one state. The post-war antirailroad movement and Granger laws were a few years later and involved multiple states. This was the runner up. That’s another pattern we identified with the Bridgman/Keller and Witches of Hampton/Salem witch trials. A smaller production is played out before the grand finale’ 
  • The first news stories are not consistent. With each other or with the official court documents. 
  • Public resentment caused the syndicate to pardon some of the innocent, and even pay restitution money for time and trouble. They admit this was to quell outcry and prevent more antirail sentiment, which was still heavy bc they had still avoided paying for the livestock killed by trains, then any sense of moral duty. 
  • The ringleader is memorialized in statue. Marble instead of bronze this time but close enough. 

One last thing the incident did was co-opt the term ‘Railroad Conspiracy’. Algorithms ensure all traffic trying to research the real bad guys head on with a direct phrase are brought to this case. This is no coincidence. I would cite this as another example of the Satanic Laws of Inversion. The closest you get to truth is the media manipulating public opinion first they’re on the side of vigilantes the little guys fighting against corporate monopoly, then they switch to a lynch mob herd mentality, finally they admit the term is upside down, however they still spin it. Saying the arson was perpetrated by the overseers of the spy network and blamed on people held in personal grudge in order to collect reward money. I am the first one to declare the entire charade was put on by the Michigan central rail cartel at the highest level. They made every move from the beginning and planned it out in advance long enough to have set up a local cell of spooks that were considered locals. 

This is the backstory on why Oliver was the first Macy to leave Nantucket in 200 years. That’s why I included it, not bc its interesting and should have its own light, but it’s another piece of the puzzle. When the Macy clan arrived in Detroit, the dust had settled and changes were underway, at least in the public eye. The case was in 1851, Macy arrived in 57. Laws were changed and the monopoly was broken up. At least in the public eye. Now that we have a proper intro, we can see the role Macy played in the HKP. 

His bio says he was reared by modest standards and entered Harvard on a partial scholarship. Sure, I bet the son of an officer of the railroad company with roots in the whale oil industry grew up in a modest household. 

 Macy didn’t stay that far from home for very long. He supposedly completed public high school in Malden Massachusetts and to continued his education immediately thereafter by enrolling in Harvard. By the time Sullivan and Keller come along in 1901 he is posing as an instructor.  Macy would be married to the much older Anne Sullivan in 1905 but it was not to last. Not that it was ever genuine to begin with, Macy was also a literary critic and ‘edited’ the first book attributed to Keller. This would make him the main script writer. A handler of sorts to the pair. 

As top literary agent he was editor-in-chief of the university paper Harvard Advocate. Of course, bc every 20-year-old on scholarship gets the opportunity to manage the Spook Central U school newsletter. Other achievements worthy of note include his managing satire mag Harvard Lampoon and acceptance into fraternity Phi Beta Kappa. 

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